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Can education save the world?

September 30, 2010

The article “Can teacher evaluation save the world?” by teacher Diane McNally appeared in Times Colonist, Commentary (A13), September 30, 2010. It was a reaction to Los Angeles school authorities “daring to look at teacher ratings” to evaluate student performance. As a psychologist and California educator for 40 years, now retired in Victoria, BC, I can assure you that this periodic reappearance of a desire to improve our public schools is much ado about nothing, as Shakespeare would say. We have been there, we have done it; we have tried merit pay, merit competence, teacher skill development programs, student survey of teacher performance, even the hard to measure variable “the rest of the student’s life has some importance,” as Diane McNally puts it. May be the time has come to think differently about the subject since most of us educators believe that the right education will save the world as Dr. Jean Piaget, the father of European Education ones pronounced!

About my postings, my readers know by now that I tell it like it is. I am not politically correct. I will not tell you what you like to hear. I will tell you the naked truth as is:

1. COSTS: Education that can save the world cannot be expensive. If it costs an arm and a leg, it is not good education. It is a disguised political game. Got it!  Education that makes a difference in the world isn’t about costs! It is about mediocre educators trying to retain political power by those who function well within the corrupt system.

2. CLASS SIZE: Education that can save the world cannot be about class size. If class size is small or large, it is not related to good or bad education.  Pushing for small size classes appeals to ignorant parents and politically motivated unions. Again, mediocre educators try to please parents instead of showing that they do a good job of teaching.

3. TEACHER EVALUATION: Education that can save the world cannot be about teacher evaluation. No test or person can evaluate the effectiveness of a teacher in an unbiased way. As an educator who hired teachers I was required by the board of education to ask applicants irrelevant questions that looked good politically. The more power evaluators have the more corrupted they will become. If you are a fantastic teacher, it reflects badly on the performance of mediocre teachers. Blend in! Most educators blend in for their own good. Teacher evaluation as it is today is a win-win situation for teachers, boards, parents and politicians. It is a losing same for students because mediocre teachers are hired. They act politically correct.

4. THE SOLUTION: Education that can save the world cannot be political. It cannot be about money, class size or teacher evaluation. It must be about teacher training and personality. If you read my books, postings on the Young World Conference in London, and other events, and my responses to inquirers on my blogs, Google, Facebook and Twitter, you will see the C-MOR concept appearing many times. C-MOR is the Piagetian-Skinnerian-Pavlovian way to train teachers. Dr. Piaget’s cognitive learning, Dr. Skinner’s Behavioral living or Dr. Pavlov emotional conditioning is a new world order rejected by a corrupt old world order. Can teacher evaluation save the world? I am sorry, Diane McNally, the answer is No. Let the good times roll.

5. Next time I will talk to you about something important alluded to in McNally’s article. If you are in the Media and you want to quote me please wait until my next segment on the cost and benefit of special education.

The psychology behind UFOs!

September 29, 2010

As a college professor of psychology and parapsychology in California I have had an entertaining blog about UFOs and other paranormal phenomena for years, but that blog isn’t the place to explain the psychology behind UFOs to serious people who follow my serious blogs about how to make money or improve relationships.

Here are the facts about the  UFO phenomenon and the politics that spin them, ones and for all!

I  cite my credentials so you will take what I say seriously. As a parapsychologist I have communicated over the years with Astronomer-physicist Stanton Friedman, psychic Uri Geller and Noetic Science author Jeremy Mishlove, among others. Studying the subject of UFOs for 26 years, I have had  “Blue-Book” experts, military, ex-military and nonmilitary as guest speakers in my college classes. I want you to keep an open mind because what I am going to say next is not “politically correct”!

1. Almost 100% of all the UFO pictures and the stories that go with them are either identifiable air phenomena or are concocted by people who want attention, find clever ways to make money, and feel powerful fooling the public.  Only two unidentified flying saucers came throughout history from outer space, but they were identified by various means. Stanton Friedman studied the one that landed in Rosewall, New Mexico in 1947. He thinks that it came from Zeta Reticuli and I think that it came from alpha Centauri. An earlier UFO that landed in the Azores during Neanderthal time  30,000 years ago can be studied only indirectly through Greek mythology, the Old Testament, esoteric books on the antediluvian world, and psychic readings by Edgar Cayce.

2. The increased preoccupation by the media (humanity) with UFOs lately is a result of fear as to what will happen to earth in 2012 when all the heavenly bodies between the Milky Way’s Galactic core and Earth line up. If a third real UFO lands on earth at that time it may be as a response to a cataclysmic event on earth (similar to the 1947 UFO landing in New Mexico at the start of the Atomic age).

3. Government cover-up and conspiracy theories are mostly  “zeitgeist.” The mood of the time is to believe in government cover-up rather than realize our own culpability why UFO being don’t reveal themselves to us. Furthermore, conspiracy theories are more exciting to read than for us to do a mia culpa about our behavior toward strangers. These humans from outer space have analysed our TV shows and came to the conclusion that if a UFO landed on the White House lawn, its cosmonauts would be crucified. According to cultural anthropology we humans are a 6-year-old savage kid on the phylogenetic scale.

4. I will respond on the UFO subject only to serious comments on the mia culpa question.

Feeling lost? Get your spirit back!

September 28, 2010

I just went through  my many postings to see if  I needed to change any – none! They are all uplifting, informing, guiding, although not all are exciting to read, some are “light,” others “heavy,” but all are great to read if you feel lost! We all feel lost at times, we wanted something and didn’t get it, we got something we didn’t want, we don’t know how to go about the situation we are in, our relationship, job, it all boils down to feeling lost about something. May be the time has come for you to have a mentor, and since that is what I have done in my career as a psychologist – mentor young people, here I am, ready for you too. Start by reading all my postings in my 2 blogs, take notes and start living for something great than yourself – your spirit! You are great! You are smart! You are happy! You are successful! You are healthy! Don’t take less than that and miracles will start happening in your life if you emphasize the positive – your spirit! Feeling lost? You just got it back! Don’t let your mind fight who you really are – a great  human soul! Start achieving again!!

The truth about Religion, Ethnicity and Culture!

September 28, 2010

When a person achieves a distinction great enough for his name to be mentioned on TV and in the news media, should his/her religion, culture or ethnicity be mentioned alongside his/her achievement? Those of you who say “Yes” assume correctly that no person is an island, that the person achieved his distinction not only as an individual by also through influence from his religion, culture and ethnicity. Psychologically speaking that is always the case, except may be in the case of Tarzan who lived in the jungle, but even he deep inside had British colonial influence.

Psychology and economics have known for a long time since commerce on this planet started 10,000 years ago, that in every religion, culture and ethnic group there are individuals that make great contributions to humanity, albeit in different areas, be it in art, science, foods, clothing, technology, songs, dances, rituals, civil management, inventions, space explorations and governance. But, we usually hear the bad things, “Catholic priests molest children,” “Muslims are terrorists,” “American Indians live in reservations only,” Chinese are communists,” “Watch for German militarism coming back,” or  “India is dirty.” The time has come to scrap those prejudices and to start news reports about individual achievements emphasizing the positive influences that comes out of religions, cultures and ethnicities. They enrich our lives, diversify quality products and services, and advance human civilization. Diversity is wonderful and it is time for us to appreciate one another’s background so the best in man will show up front and the worse will recede into oblivion!

Tea Party’s Senate candidate Christine O’Donnell denies Evolution!

September 26, 2010

Why is that incredible psychological news? Why? I want you, my dear reader, ones and for all, to get it! I want you to get something that can liberate you from the forces within you that hold you back! I want you to understand that your relationships don’t work when you react to the nonsense of what people say as if it needs a response because they said something that is not true! Got it??? I want you finally to get what the greatest minds in human history (Jesus, Buddha, Descartes, Freud, Allport, Skinner, etc.) said about the human mind functions independent of reality. Got it? Warning! If you didn’t get it profoundly enough, the rest of your life will be the same as it has been! You will continue to react to nonsense in your own relationships. You have got to get it that what Christine O’Donnell said comes from her belief system, not from science or reality! You have got to get it that if you argue with people about their beliefs, you are so stupid that Psychology has no word to describe your gullibility!

A young thief in counseling once said to me, “Dr. Kinarthy, my dad was a good father. He was a burglar in Beverly Hills, He taught me how to enter homes through small windows when I was a kid. I was proud of my great skill. My dad always said as I was growing up that our style of burglary was noble, “brings food to our table and that it is an honest occupation.”

I was a psychologist, yet I was stupid enough to challenge, “Son, think hard, is burglary a crime or really an honest profession?”

“An honest profession, Sir, it brought food to our table.”

My dear reader, I want you to stop correcting people when they make outrageous statements! Stop being stupid yourself! Get it from the greatest minds in history who said that if your success (food on your table) comes from believing something that is absolutely not true, you will still believe that it is the noble truth! Tea Party Senate candidate Christine O’Donnell denial of Evolution should not get incredulous looks! Don’t raise your eye brows when you hear people speak nonsense, just don’t vote for them!

Who should you vote for in November?

So far no one, my friend!

(…but great solutions are coming soon. Stay tuned).


September 24, 2010

Tracy, I have always enjoyed communicating with you, you are a great soul, a beautiful human being, in and out. Thanks for the compliment. My picture is the way I look today at 74. I had prostate cancer 10 years ago and I created a program to cure myself (no one in Medicine is interested to hear about it). About David Anderson’s World Genesis Foundation, first, thank you for introducing me to Dr. Anderson and his good work for the youth of the world. Good to hear that your daughter is a part of the effort to help children and youth. A spark was ignited in my mind last year at the London youth of the world conference when the rep from the country of Island email me asking what I thought should be the PRACTICAL next steps after the “creative but not creating” speeches by Desmond Tutu and Coffee Anan. I posted many responses to that question on my blogs under, “C-MOR” and got “cold feet” when serious communication never materialize. Tracy, I came to the conclusion that all REAL efforts to heal this world are political “lip service.” About Contingency Management Of Resources (C-MOR), I am writing my 3rd book, what else can I do. I will not lend my time to mere sociopolitical activities in the name of humanity. Dear Tracy, since you asked me about “Our world of ET,” it is no different from all the other worlds great people like Edgar Mitchell and David Anderson are involved in, there is no light at the end of the tunnel, as if men will do their own thing while history and evolution will decide our future. I know humans can take charge by adopting C-MOR but that means serious business of change that no one is interested in! Well, a miracle is possible, who knows, I might get a call one day from ET himself. In closing, let me illustrate to you an example of what I mean. In Genesis 5:6 is says that Adam lived 930 earth years! Did you know that he was able to live that long because he was a “Nephil” (a cross between an alien and a Neanderthal). Recently, a skeleton of a few “Nephilim” (Genesis 6:4) was unearthed in Greece (they were over 10 feet tall). CNN DIDN’T REPORT IT. Tracy, people don’t want to investigate reality because it makes them feel very uncomfortable, real sad! That is why UFO beings don’t want to communicate with us! Namaste.

The most “politically incorrect” statement that I will ever make as a psychologist!

September 22, 2010

As all my listeners know I have a dream life, I have it all, but what you don’t know is that on my way up in America I was a high-school drop out in Israel, I ran away from home in Tel-Aviv, a bum in L.A. till 35! I tell you all this to encourage you – if I could make it big so can you! As my lucky listener, throughout my blogging you got some awesome guidance, great rules of conduct from a well-known psychologist from California – free! But now I will tell you my secret that will help your self-confidence a lot. Follow this rule and your self-esteem will soar. My psychological secret is definitely not “politically correct” to say in public. I have never said it before and I probably shouldn’t say it now – but I want to help you like Werner’s EST helped me.

Did you know that most people you meet are dummies? You look at the conditions they live in and their relationships and you know it’s true, no excuses! Most people you meet are jerks, messing up the world around them – no excuses!  You know that what I am saying is true, and that includes you and used to include me. Look at your friends or relatives, they always miss something in life, don’t they? The “big fish” always gets away, the business isn’t moving, the job “sucks” or is gone, the kids misbehave, the vacation was less fun than you expected, the list of disappointments in your life goes on and on till you die. The number of personal disappointments is as great as the number of shanty towns on this Earth, as upsetting as a visit to the homeless in Calcutta, as dangerous as a walk in the mine fields of Cambodia or Laos or Vietnam. So you say: What’s you point, doc?

The point is that in most of your associations with various individuals in your life you are really dealing – with losers that sometimes only look like winners! Jerks! You are interacting with dummies and you still don’t feel self-confidence?? What’s the matter with you? Wake up! You have relationships with people who you can easily know how to do things better than they do – just about everything, anything, the whole darned two balls of wax! So, stop selling yourself short, stop acting weak, meek, or submissive. It isn’t difficult at all to feel smarter than most people you meet, just look at how they do things!!!! Don’t tell them, though. Keep it to yourself, this truth is designed only to get you off your submissiveness or false deference to other people. The reason that I am telling you this incredibly “politically incorrect” truth is that I want you to be like me, to assert yourself, get a high self-esteem, confidence. Don’t act as if you are better than they are, that is not the point, the point is to feel being in charge and do better because when they are in charge things don’t get done well, that is the point. Now, feeling great is not enough, you have to learn to do things well. Follow my blogs with diligence, dedication, and good memorizing. I am your “guru” in India, I am your mentor is America, I am your friend in the world. Remember, to gain self-confidence, when you meet people think how much they mess up their relationships, health, wealth and happiness, and you WILL feel more self-confidence around these people. Study hard and the day will come that you can become a leader that makes things happen and not someone on the receiving line who makes the world we live is as it is today, the jerks!

Shana Tova: Follow my blogs to health, wealth and happiness!

September 20, 2010

Today is the birthday of the second of the two very caring live-in care givers from Nepal that I hired for my 21-year-old disabled son. I take all 6 people who live in my 6,500 s/f home in the woods to town for a fancy dinner at a French-Cuban restaurant with original South American wall paintings and exotic atmosphere. Today, my stock investing doubled in a year. Today, my cancer is in total remission. Today I celebrate 28 years of perfect second marriage. Today I plan a vacation to Israel and California. Today is the first day of the rest of the life of this immigrant who spoke no English when he arrived in New york with $100 in his pocket in 1961. I bless and renew my wonderful life every day. How do I do it? More importantly, can you achieve the good life by following my blogs?

The answer is a qualified “Yes” if you can read, discover, understand, write down and follow the unchanging rules described in more than 77 postings on my Psychology of Investing blog. “Yes” if you can incorporate these unchanging rules into a new “life Style” for yourself. “Yes” if you can get  the “flavor” of how people feel about what they read in my blogs by reading their 46+ comments. As you can see, I am not popular, but what I blog for you works! And, “Yes” if you can incorporate into your new “life style” the ideas presented in 137 postings (and 124 responses) on my Peaceful Revolution blog.

There are 2 kinds of visitors to sources of information on the Internet, those that follow ideas because of a person and those that follow ideas because of the ideas. 10% of the visitors follow my ideas because they discovered who I am, believe in my knowledge and learn to trust and respect me, and 90% of the visitors follow my ideas because they “surf” the WWW and find ideas from 1000 other blogs.  They follow commonsense ideas, not “gurus.” Well, here is more ideas that work for the “lucky” 10% !

This time it is about wealth: Let’s say you stopped putting money into an IRA in 1990 to get a Fed tax deduction, and decided to put your max of $4,000 per year into a smart Roth IRA instead. Capish? Let’s say that you put all your Roth IRAs for the next 20 years into AAPL. Do you know that today you will be sitting on more than $5,000,000.00 tax-free! You didn’t diversify like they told you. You didn’t keep your money liquid like they told you. You didn’t buy Mining companies with your Roth IRA like they told you. You bought a piece of Steven Jobs! I know, it is not politically correct to tell you, but did you know that Warren Buffett didn’t think diversifying assets is necessary if you are smart! Did you know that keeping your money liquid is good for the economy – not for you as an investor. The list of misguided rules is as long as history! You now know why you always get less in life than what you expect or deserve to get.

Think about it, my blogs do not sell you anything that is not in libraries and I don’t make a penny if you follow my blogs or not, the gain is all yours, the only reason I want you to type “Dr. Elior Kinarthy” on Google and start following my ideas is that I care about you as a fellow human being who finds life difficult and in return makes the lives of others difficult. I want back the good planet as God intended it to be! Type my name on Google and get to work on a better “life Style” for yourself.  As Jack Rosenberg from Philadelphia once said, “I know that you know that I love you, What I want you to know is that I know you love me.”

Know what the 3 branches of government can do for you!

September 16, 2010

Drop me a line if you do. Chances are that you don’t! In 27 years of college teaching I haven’t met a student or a professor who did! I don’t think Congress knows the historical responsibilities of the 3 branches of government! Ask the president and you will probably get politicobabble (a concept I coined to describe all political speeches). Many young people today don’t even know that we have 3 independent branches of government designed to distribute and balance powers! As a psychologist I believe that 99% of the people don’t associate their problems in living with that fact!

The information is in my politically incorrect blogs and guidebooks that I wrote to help get your lives almost trouble-free. You will probably never get to read my “stuff” because it is not endorsed by celebrities or is on the New York Times best seller list. But, I will educate you if you promise me to adopt the information and use it to evaluate who to vote for in November. I am trying to create a miracle. If all the voters read this posting, they will know who to vote for in November, so by next year you will have a new congress –  you can’t imagine how many fabulous paying jobs and trouble-free mortgages will be created, or else…

All the information that I give you next comes from the greatest thinkers in history. You can find it all on Google. i am only the catalyst: The 3 branches of government are the Executive, legislative and Judicial:

Executive: The responsibility of the elected (some appointed) leaders in the White House is to execute the laws passed  by Congress. The president is required to do it through regulatory agencies and executive orders. He doesn’t! The last one didn’t! You suffer!  Presidents are supposed to be guided by a national creed, “The responsibility of the president is to protect the country and its people!  The borders of the United States will be sealed to invaders, infiltrators, people and cargo that violate the laws of entrée into the United States, while protecting the legal free flow of people and cargo into the United States. People who are harmed by others or by nature while living legally in the United will be compensated by the government.” The White House doesn’t follow it! You sufferr!”

Legislative: The responsibility of the elected members of Congress is to pass laws that determine borders, protect the country from outside invaders, protect Americans from harm by other Americans or the environment inside the country, and regulate the economy in such a way that all Americans have jobs, access to health care and excellent free education. You elect them! They don’t do it! You suffer!

Judicial: The responsibility of this appointed body (It is unconstitutional to elect judges because they become political, yet the majority of the judges in the country are elected!). is to determine if the laws passed by Congress or the action of the president are constitutional. Most judges do not judge laws and acts based on their constitutionality. They judge laws and acts based on the Judges’ liberal or conservative values – while denying that it is so! You lose!

All in all, now you know why your life is difficult and you know what to do about it. The question is: Are you going to vote your knowledge (brain) in November of your heart (feeling)? Please vote your new knowledge, I want everyone to be happy!

Stephan Hawking’s new book The Grand Design.”

September 7, 2010

As a professor of parapsychology for 20 years, teaching Metaphysics as related to theoretical physics, the paranormal, astronomy, astrology and exobiology, I make it my job to simplify for my readers the understanding of complex discoveries by great scientists.

This is the 21st Century. Don’t be another “dummy,” be smart. Stephan Hawking in his new book The Grand Design says that “The Universe can and will create itself from nothing,” thus denying the need for God as a Creator. A couple of thousand “dummies” have already reacted to Hawking’s statement in a similar fashion to the thousand previous “dummies” that had reacted to Nietzsche’s statement “God is Dead.”  Get the true picture and get smart:

Stephan Hawking is the greatest theoretical physicist today. He discovered String Theory and its eleven dimensions (time, space, gravity, structures, etc.). He calculated mathematically that a “Black Hole” emits radiation, thus demonstrating that the content of a black hole contains residual energy structures (Negative Entropy). Matter disintegrates into photon pairs (light), one beams up to the “Event Horizon” (the light ring around a black hole) while the other is crushed further in on its way to Singularity, disintegrating into more than a sextillion Energy particles he called Strings! Hawking believes that when “positive Entropy” increases in the black Hole to the point of Randomness, all information prior to Strings is lost and science cannot proceed its investigation to Singularity!

The mistake that Stephan Hawking makes is his assumption that all information is lost in the black hole. True, without prior information, there can be no Creator. A creator must have a blueprint from which to create. Einstein said that “God doesn’t play dice with the universe”  precisely to make that point. He asserted that information, including imagination, is epiphenomenal (above and beyond matter), thus cannot be annihilated like matter. If information can be annihilated, as Stephan Hawking believes, no “Big Bang” and an unfolding Universe can occur. The Universe can and will create itself from nothing only if the Universe is the hidden God!

Stephan Hawking is recognized as a 20th Century genius physicist who expanded Physics to understand Strings, but there was another genius, Wilhelm Leibnitz who was recognized (and forgotten) as a 17th Century genius mathematician (he invented calculus) who discovered Monads the building blocks of Strings. I made that connection for you so you can understand what existed before the “Big Bang.” One String is made of at least sextillion Monads. In scientific investigation God is the Grand Monad (in religion God is something else). I lectured on the nature of the Monad in college for 26 years, the fact that it makes no difference to “dummies” is the sad part of being human on planet Earth today!