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September 24, 2013

I posted on gay marriage last week  and got wonderful comments about “my wisdom.” well, I am a 77 yo “shrink” with years of experience, but this issue about something more difficult to accept than gay marriage  – safe abortion – taxes my wisdom. There is no good answer here, but only the least of all evils.

With appropriate counseling, certain personalities can recover quickly from the emotional pain of terminating a pregnancy.  For these strong personalities I can accept safe abortion the first trimester in cases of rape, young age, incest, severe malformation, extreme poverty, no father, and no family support for the girl or the woman. Three months is enough time to decide, the fetus is tiny, not kicking yet and the emotional attachment is just beginning. Any safe abortion on the second trimester is accepted only in rare medical cases, and in the third semester to me abortion is unacceptable unless one likes a terrible guilt, sin feeling and a messy life!  There are a few situations in life where a decision-making with no risk is available, abortion in the first trimester is one of them, as long as it is done right.

Cancer and mental illness: The liberating secret!

September 18, 2013

You don’t have to have cancer to benefit from my insight about how cancer and mental illness are related. No, it isn’t at all what you think! You can have 10 PhD’s and you still won’t get it, so relax and listen. By the way, you don’t have to have a so-called mental illness either to benefit from my insight. Here is the liberating truth: cancer is a minor health problem if not metastasized, so say all the oncologists… and mental illness does not exist so say many psychologists including top guns such as Dr. Thomas Szasz and Dr. R. D. Laing. No, no, I don’t want you to leave and go back to your societal deception believing the opposite. Let me explain first:  Mental illness is a minor health problem , like cancer, if not expressed in behavior. If you love and work and think you can still be mentally ill because of weird behavior, take a psychology course. Hold a job and keep a boyfriend and you will be fine. And if you are not fine, have a doctor check your brain chemistry or “software,” not looking for a “mental illness.” And about cancer, if the tumor couldn’t metastasize, it will be like a benign tumor, just take it our, not even all of it. So, we are scared of cancer and mental illness only because the person and the tumor are behaving!  They refuse to be quiet! If you have these two problems, get a boyfriend, get a job, take CYP 17 or other appropriate enzymes and have a liberating party. I know, my story is a dramatic simplification of a bad situation. Well, it is, and your job is to benefit from the information anyway, and if I know that you got it the way it is, I’ll be happy for you!

CNN interviews people with no solutions!

September 18, 2013

Innocent people are dying on army and navy bases at the hand of deranged gunmen and not one CNN commentator had a solution. What’s the matter with the experts, didn’t you ever take an intro. psy. 101  in college? I have a PhD but that is not why I know the answer what to do to stop the killing on military bases. This is a simple answer. Let’s see, you are in my college class. You are an oil student from a rich foreign country studying engineering in the US. You happened to be in Dr. Kinarthy’s class. You have to get an “A” for your education to continue to be sponsored by your government. You offer $10,000 to a local student who seem to know the subject matter of psychology. He refused to help you copy by moving his answer sheet a few inches closer to your chair in the back of the classroom. You think, “He doesn’t care about money,” But you know better. On the first day of class you heard the teacher warn the students about cheating or helping cheaters. Any student who helps another student cheat on an exam will get an automatic “F” in the class, and the case will be sent to his government and advertise in all the universities, and he may also be sued and have to pay the college expenses accrued from the case. In 20 years of teaching foreign or domestic students I had no cheating in my classes!

It is obvious to you by now that if the government arrests every person who gave a clearance to a person who murdered civilians on a military base, the clearance givers will think twice about giving clearances to suspects. Being accountable for your decision to give a clearance to someone who kills is not an issue for debate!!

Beware of internet buying, why?

September 16, 2013

…because it violates the most sacred rule of the relationship between retailers and consumers. I got a feeling that you weren’t 100% impressed by my statement – to understand a rule that Dr. skinner discovered in 1940 and is actually number one law of nature is impressive. The problem with humans is that if you would get the most important rule of psychology from God himself it would have more impact on your life than if you got the number one law of nature from a mere human like me. Well, try to absorb it in any way, it will do you a lot of good. This guy on the internet complaint that he paid for 3 bottles of Cambogia Garcinia and they charged his for 5! He got two less bottles by mail and the sales lady was not nice to him when he called the company. Ladies and gentlemen, never pay the full price for anything before you get it, no matter what they say, capish! I know, some of you are not getting what I say, the nice people, those that get the short end of the stick in life and think that they didn’t cause it. It goes against nature for retailers to pay as much attention to you after a sale is completed as before the sale started, capish!

I am a psychologist. I spoke on various aspects the psychology of economics at UCLA (2011), Valencia (2012) and will speak at Rome (2014). My papers will appear in the proceedings of the institutions were I spoke. Follow my blogs to your own satisfaction. This posting is important. Let me stimulate you a bit. Did you know that your love relationship, money situation and health will improve ones you master the above. Let me repeat it is a different way. Think about what  happens in your life with him or her after love-making. Yes, that’s right, it’s not as pleasant or pleasurable as before. You can now pinpoint specifically to what you said or did that turned him/her off. Don’t do it again! Do you want to have a relationship with that woman/man in your life or do you want to have a relationship with the stupid genie in your head? Your love life is by far more important than the genie in your head…said a great philosopher 2400 years ago (Aristotle).

By the way, this posting was written for the internet consumer, but it applies also to the internet retailer. The man in my posting who lost money and didn’t get his product will not buy again from that company. According to studies, If you, the retailer, do a less than an A or B job with 20% of your customers, you will be sooner not later out of business! Do you know who is a retailer on the way to be  wealth::  a seller of products or services who satisfy each customer a !00% and end satisfing 90% of his customers, capish?

How to dispose of Syria’s chemical weapons?

September 12, 2013

I thought my last two postings on Syria were enough to enlighten some of you who watch CNN too much, but based on reactive apathy may be not. As I once explained, most individuals you like and vote for who win elections, like Putin and Obama, or are appointed to office, like Kerry and Levrov, immediately shift from a mode of intelligent and perceptive behavior to a mode of office and position preservation. They want to look good taking no risk with their public, in other words, brownies gathering showmanship is the name of the game. In Syria this stand may lead to war because these leaders can’t think about what works and doesn’t work in extreme situations..

Take the pile of chemicals and dump it half a mile underground, it’s less a problem than disposing of nuclear waste. Dump the stuff in a small valley between 2 mountains or dig a large deep pit. Why can’t they do it in Syria? It is easy to do! You move all the toxic material into one pit place half a mile deep and cover it with earth. Syria has a lot o suitable f dumping places to choose from! Why can man land of the moon but he can’t dump toxic materials of earth in the safe way? Why? Politics is the answer, my friend, well, this time politics may get us all into a big war – too many crazy players! Is Biblical prophecy unfolding after all? Life is a mystery.

Have a great day before they start bombing each other big time, those mindful dudes!

American logic may lead to unexpected war.

September 11, 2013

I want you to walk in your neighborhood and ask people the following question:  If your neighbor walk his rabid dog in the evening and his dog poops on your children’s play ground, is it the duty of th dog owner to clean the poop or is it yours?  Let’s say that the dog owner doesn’t like the neighborhood or just don’t like to clean poisonous poop, then you have two options, !) The neighborhood gets together, clean the poop at your expense and hope that the dog owner don’t walk the dog again in your neighborhood, or that the dog die from his own rabies, (Obama’s solution), and 2) Force the dog owner to clean up his dog’s poop from now own and post a bond for $10,000.00 that will automatically be deposited in the sanitary department as a donation if two residents witness the dog owner not picking up his dog’s poop. Case solved.

Let’s translate this silly story to illustrate how distorted is the thinking of Obama and the American people when it comes to Syria.

Ask Obama how he would react as a neighbor in a global village if his neighbor, father Bashar Assad, violated a neighborhood law against chemical use and crosses a red line gassing his own children with poisonings chemical poop deposited uncollected by his rabid dog. The neighborhood has two options: 1) Get together and clean the poop for Assad and have the neighbors pay the bill (Obama’s solution), or tell Assad to clean up his own poop at his own expense by Tuesday or he has to pay a $10,000.00 fine and go to jail.

Here is what the US decided to do (based on Obama’s speech): Ask Assad to let American and other inspectors in to face the line of fire while trying to clean his poisoners poop and we will pay the cleaning cost. The moral issue of dying children by gas is so important to us that we are willing to endanger the lives of 1000 inspectors, pretend to trust the leader who gassed his own children and even trust the Russian neighbor who suggested it and doesn’t like us.

If you havent guessed yet how overly optimistic, narrow-minded, risky in his decision-making, miscalculating outcome and short-sighted Obama is you will recognize it in a few weeks when the war erupts.

Sorry, I wish I didn’t have to write this piece, but someone has to show simple solutions that work: Never break rule number one in your life: don’t clean the mess your child did in his room. Make his clean it or you will become the stupid police man of the global family!



American bombing of Syria.

September 11, 2013

The situation in Syria is a damn if you do and damn if you don’t:: Obama and the American people know that the US military has no viable plan for bombing the chemical factories in Syria without a fallout. You can’t eradicate all the chemical weapons by bombing some. Some will be overlooked and some deadly fumes will spread by the wind. Bashar Assad or Bashar’s officers can still use what’s left to cause a lot of harm to innocent women and children before he is defeated. The Russian plan for the UN security council to vote to get all the chemical weapons out of Syria so a Bashar underling or he himself can’t gas more Syrian children is great in theory and it can bring leaders together to uphold international laws on the use of chemical weapons. But, and there is always a big but when it comes to humans, I can’t say enough good things about the Russian plan in theory except that knowing human nature it will work ony if there is an imminent threat of a regime change and that is not possible because the world doesn’t accept the psychological concept of forceful military deterrence. The result will be that some chemical cans of Sarin gas will be removed and displayed as proof with much fanfare to hail the leaders involved so the people will worship Kerry, Putin (he will get the Nobel price) Obama (he already got it), etc. Six months later you have another gas attack and this time the bombing will be excusable and all hell will break loose before the beginning of real sunshine on the next day. Think! The road to hell is paved with good intention! Read my previous posting on Syria: The best plan is to separate Sunni areas from Shia areas for five years! I used to be moderator for the Foreign Policy Association but now I have no contacts to call. If you know someone in government tell them about this plan, help bring peace.