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Trump want to replace “Obamacare” with “Trumpcare”?

October 27, 2016

What is “Trumpcare”? We know what “Obamacare” is: Premiums go up, service goes down, in places where there is only one care provider costs become prohibitive and care is poor. The future of Obamacare under Hillary Clinton as president is bleak. Why? Because Hillary and Obama are left-winger socialists like the leaders in the European Union (EU). They don’t see competition as important to raising the standard of living of people. They like big government to dictate to people their reality of penalty rates for not obeying orders and accepting high premium rates. Hillary is paternalistic and globalists (Their village will raise your child) and her government will double down on bureaucracy and power, run by her satisfied socialist friends.

“Trumpcare” is not advertised enough because Trump is stupid not to play smart politics during a crossroad election, so I will say it for him. “Trumpcare” will open up the field of health care to competition between a great health package offer negotiated by a Trump’s administration (contracted providers package, CPP) and what’s provided by the private care industry. You will have a choice to mark “Americacare” on your tax return, pay a small premium automatically, and get excellent contracted medical services at cheap cost – like in Canada. Or, you will have a choice to mark “Clintoncare” on your tax return and get promises of an improved “Obamacare.” Someone on Hillary’s election team said the other day that “The American voters are stupid,” Well, in 10 days you will have a chance to show Hillary that the American voters are not stupid but smart. They knows the difference between “Obamacare” and Americacare.” Socialism didn’t work in the European Union and will not work in America. Bless our unique Constitution! The leftists tried to kill competition at the turn of the last century during the time of Teddy Roosevelt’s presidency (1910) and failed. They will also fail now at the turn of the 21st century! Bye, bye Bernie, Hillary, Obama, Bill and Carter, your leftist ideology has made the life of Americans poor and unhealthy. Bring back the competition.  Time to make America great again!

Kelly vs. Gingrich on her statement “If Trump is a sexual predator.”

October 27, 2016

Trump said repeatedly that the Media was biased against him and may cost him the presidency. Let’s find out if it’s possibly true? I selected one statement about Trump by anchorwoman Magen Kelly from right-wing Fox News, out of about a million statements from left-wing CNN, ABC, NBC, CBS, etc. I selected Magen’s statement aired on Fox News today because people have said that Fox News would be the least biased against a right-wing nominee for president. And, if Fox News turned out to be biased against Trump, the left-wing news stations would certainly be totally biased and devastating to Trump’s presidency.

If you say that a million statements like Kelly’s to Gingrich about Trump will definitely reduce the number of women voters and some men voters for Trump, you are absolutely right. It already happened.  If you say that some of these voters were going to vote for Trump because his program for the future of the US  was better than Hillary’s program, you are right again. And, if you say that Magen Kelly’s statement was one of the many unethical utterances that undermined Trump’s presidency chances, you are dead right!

Ladies and gentlemen, as a psychologist I can assure you  that psychologically speaking… in the mind of the average voter who was listening to Kelly today the word “if” was deleted instantly from  Kelly’s statement. The average voted heard  her saying “Trump is a sexual predator,” not as saying “If Trump was a sexual predator.”  Some women voters who had painful sexual experiences in their past would really repress the “if” word that Kelley based her news reporting on. The Media bias against Trump is psychological more than a left-wing conspiracy. That is why 99% of the leftist editors and reporters don’t see their devastating bias against Trump (They also hurt themselves in the process of personal decision makings). Kelly was not aware that she gave ten women who accused a great family man, who probably raised nicer kids than they did, enormous power to shape the presidency! Ten women who wanted a moment of fame will indirectly decide who the judges on the Supreme Court will be – socialist or capitalist!

Shame on you Magen Kelley for exercising the power to influence voters with impunity and show lack of fair judgment, sensitivity or understanding how should sexual matters be aired on the News. Anyone who thinks that Trump might be a sexual predator, even 1%, need his/her head examined. Bragging about sexual matters by males (and some females) in a show business context is as far from “sexual predation” as Hillary Clinton is from planet Venus!


“Women For Peace” and “Women Of the Wall;” what’s the difference?

October 19, 2016

Women For Peace (WFP): They said they were absolutely not political. Well, judge for yourself:  “We are a very democratic country,” they said. “And the problem is that if you look around at the people supporting this demonstration, you don’t see [religious people] who belong to the right-wing parties, and they are setting the political tone in Israel.”

The demonstrators were vilifying the “war loving” PM. They were shouting negative slogans in front of his home in Jerusalem. These leftist group despise the “right-winger” prime minister Benyamin Netanyahu. These people collect money all over the world to fight Netanyahu’s Likud, Bennett’s Bait Yehudi and Lieberman’s Israel Shelanu party. Again, they say, “but we are not political.” In my opinion, this group is a subversive NGO, not  really working for true peace.

Women Of the Wall (WOW): They demonstrated in front of the Welling Wall for equal access to the Wall by the Orthodox, Conservative and Reform Congregations. They carried Torah scrolls which the orthodox guards confiscated.

If you are Jewish or interested in Jewish affairs, know the distinction between the WFP and the WOW groups. By the way, it is good to know what all NGO’s stand for. These are relatively new nongovernmental organizations with political agendas (usually negative) who are growing all over the world like mushrooms after wars!

Our future: Hillary vs. Trump

October 14, 2016

To do a scientific analysis of the future performance of either one of these 2 candidates as president we have to create meaningful categories of information that we know will affect the daily life of the American people. The is one super category in its effect on our lives: it is Nationalism (Trump) vs. Globalism (Hillary). The Europeans are globalists while the Americans are Nationalists. With Globalism the US economy will be as ineffective as the economies of Spain, France and Germany. With Nationalism the US will be self-sufficient meaning free and prosper as intended by the Constitution. Strong borders (Trump) vs. weak borders (Hillary). With the Democrats in: crime, terrorism, social and ethnic chaos, pain and suffering will increase. Money: with Hillary taxes and the deficit will grow, with Trump taxes will shrink and so would the deficit. And finally, with Trump the world will respect America and stop fighting us and stealing from us, with Hillary in there will be more Americans and American ships  shot at all over the world. Four year with Hillary added to the 8 years with Obama the US will lose its leverage with the world completely. But, there is one good thing having Hillary in the White House, clean language in public by male officials covering up Hillary’s corruption with praise for women who deserve better than what Trump gave some of them.

My God, it’s interesting, now its Dr. Carson vs. Gov. Pence…

October 9, 2016

Let’s face it, most young males talk “dirty” in private like Trump did, it’s nothing if you ran for office in Denmark, it’s terrible if you ran for office in the sexually uptight US because women will not vote for you here even if you’d make a good leader! What Hillary did is much worse –  to compromise the US national security, give me a break!  But, now here is an opportunity for Trump:  A more interesting issue than sex has developed. Pence declined to support Trump because he doesn’t want women in Indiana to vote him out of the governorship. Dr. Carson still supports Trump 100%. I think that Trump should replace Pence as a VP with Dr. Carson! T should appoint Dr. Carson as VP designate to replace Pence. WOW! With changing his strategy this way he can defeat Hillary and her media manipulations. Trump is a good man, father and husband but he is “juvenile” jerk and will have to grow up in the seriousness of the WH, it’s not a TV show, man! We need him in the WH because of Hillary’s personality. Voters, give up your sexual norms for  this weird election season, a change for the sake of our future. I know it’s hard, but think about lefties judges in the supreme court, Oh my God…late term abortion, no protection for the weak fellows, etc. Many democrats have lost their trait of human empathy! They are still good in protecting dogs, though.

Still voting for Trump?

October 8, 2016

Americans are living between the rock and the hard place. Poor voters, what a choice for prez? If you vote for Hillary president we know that most of her decisions will come to hunt you. They will harm the economy and security of Americans all over the world, as she has done in the past. Her decisions in the White House may as well cause the final Armageddon war!

If you vote for Trump president most of his decisions will come to hunt the Chinese, UN, EU, OPEC, NATO, the DNC, the lefties, illegals, fascists, Islamists, abortionists and communists. I do not think that he would hurt women, gays or other minorities at all. You may hate him for his personality and bad taste because he has a foul language and doesn’t act presidential, but you will benefit from his smart decision-making ability.

At the end of the day of November 8 when you enter the booth you’d have 2 choices: To vote for the person that has the wrong personality but makes the right decisions or  vote for the person that has the right personality but makes the wrong decisions.

Life is not perfect, dude. Don’t suspend your wisdom!

Caine vs. Pence

October 5, 2016

I turned off the tube with disgust in the middle of the debate “show.” I said, “Thank you the Almighty that this VP debate that just ended was just a side-show in this election won by a broken norm and empty mores.  Caine, an aggressive impolite democratic VP salesman of empty promises won handily against a polite ‘sweet” republican VP Pence with values but without a skill to sell any in his political life. I was not happy that Caine was as good a salesman as Hillary had been. This pair is selling the American voters a “Lemon, a national program based on past failures that won’t fly. “Their product that you might call prosperity and security for the American people is a “lemon, it sounds good but doesn’t make lemonade.” I say that not because I am a republican but because I see a third 4 years rip off of the American people in the offing (the first two were Mama Obama’s plans). I felt I had to turn off the TV because Pence was too nice, polite,uninformed and didn’t fight back the interruptions from Caine, while Caine was full of an aggressive Hillary’s bogus plan and was able to sell it to the folks as if “your honkydory life is just around the corner, dude.”  Hillary had great bogus plan for every thing (ISIS is really scared!), from Brexit to the economy to security (she even knew where Aleppo was). The polls tomorrow will show that Caine won the debate because the American voters seem to believed all the nonsense – that Hillary will make a great president because she has a plan. Forget that she didn’t have a plan for the American people for 30 years, true, she didn’t hire a single person from the American people the last 30 years! Caine was still all talk about having great plans as if those plans implemented themselves. It seems that Hillary will become the president and the promises will not be fulfilled. I get the feeling that the democrats in 2016 will sell the American people a golden bag of beans worth 123.5 trillion dollars! while the Republicans who do have a better program for security and the economy are led by a smart businessman but stupid salesmen!