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“I managed to become more assertive without being perceived as arrogant by others.”

June 25, 2014

A woman said to her counselor, “I managed to become more assertive without being perceived as arrogant by others.” Think about it for a minute. Is it possible? I have been an assertive psychologist for 40 years and I haven’t been able to achieve what that woman said she achieved. May be she acquired a perceived imaginary assertiveness (PIA), not real assertiveness. When I crossed the red line and became really an assertive person I acquired the label of the arrogant professor. My closest colleagues, friends, business associates and family members criticized me for doing seances, hypnotizing for past lives and telling students that Newton stole the calculus formula from Leibnitz and ridiculed him for discovering – God! Many of my students were saying, Dr. Kinarthy, he thinks that he know everything.’  The woman getting the counseling above is probably more assertive than she was before the counseling sessions began but she is not really assertive.

Mohammad Ali said he was the greatest boxer in the world years before he won the heavy title in the arena. Are you arrogant if you claim to know yourself or your future? Are you aware of your great knowledge and think you are gifted? I love my so-called arrogance, I help people become great too by giving them answers to questions no one else that I know can give! For example, do you know why 1000 psychiatrists threw eggs at Dr. Freud in a convention in Vienna in 1890? Why was innocent Luigi arrested in 1860 for bringing a tomato to the US? What was wrong with the thinking of Adam Smith? What’s wrong today with the thinking of Obama? Does it have to do with ignorance of psychology? Does he reward bad behaviors around the world without knowing it? Is he stupid? I answer questions others can’t answer: How many units of consciousness constitute an average soul in science? What is God’s body made of? Do you remain 100% yourself  if you lose your legs and 2 arms in a car accident and think you are somebody else? Is an obese person has an obese mind, brain, both? There are millions of questions that professionals can’t answer but I can. Am I arrogant or perfect? I bought Apple, Google, IBM and Facebook years ago for cheap, Am I arrogant to say that I am a gifted investor? Are you perfect if you know the flaws and weaknesses you posses? (the answer is YES). Woman, if your relationship with a man doesn’t work, do you know it has nothing to do with what you two are doing together? Did you know that most of the important decisions in your life you do without enough thinking? In short, if you are called arrogant, laugh it off if you know that you really have the knowledge and skills that you claim to have! Go brag about it, it’s OK. And, about being assertive to the hilt with others, always remember when you feel nervous talking with your boss or other people that the probability is there that they would have sunk the Titanic while you were building the ark.

Why did the referee overlooked the penalty kick?

June 20, 2014

The referee of the game today between Costa Rica and Italy saw/did not see the Italian defender near the goal line pushing hard the Costa Rica striker just before the striker tried to kick the ball toward the Italian net. The camera showed that it should have been a penalty kick for Costa Rica. The referee ignored it. Why? The question is if he didn’t see the violation he should not be an international referee. He should go back to training in secondary league for 2 years. I think that the chances are very small that he didn’t see the violation. He is after all a qualified referee for international matches. The only question remains then is why he ignored the violation? That is where I come in as a psychologist. The answer is conscious and subconscious FIFA politics. You see, Italy has power in FIFA, Costa Rica does not. Why? The reason is that Italy has been a world champion 4 times and has influenced and voted in officials. Costa Rica never had a chance to have any political power in FIFA. CR is a nobody politically. Whistling for a penalty kick against Italy when the score was 0:0 may have been bad for the referee’s career, especially if later some officials looking at the film would disagree about the penalty kick. Ignoring the justified penalty kick was better for the referee’s career (the act may have been subconscious if the referee was an honest fellow). Costa Rica protested for 5 minutes vehemently and then played hard and scored a goal within 1 minute (out of anger). You see the psychology of it? If you are a coach you can galvanize your team through anger 10 times more effectively than through flag or nationality! Anger doubles the motivation to kick harder, run faster, pass less and attack relentlessly. Costa Rica won the game 1:0. Anger brought out the last juice of their skill of playing. Check it out in the background of their coach. His training method is probably superior to other coaches in the world cup tournament. I run another blog on Wall street CEO’s, sport coaches are like business CEO’s, 99% of them are good garden variety coaches coaching better than themselves professional players, but only once in a while you get a Steven Jobs or a Zuckerberg in the field . I don’t even know his name, but the coach of the Costa Rica team may be a Jobs or a Zuckerberg! Good luck, Senior!

Iraq In the Shadow of 911!

June 19, 2014

Knowledge of Islam is lacking in the White House. The PhD’s in political science that Obama hired to guide his decisions don’t understand that both the Sunnis and the Shia hate the Americans, not just the Sunnis who perpetrated 911. Arabs in general are jealous of American power, success story, high standard of living. It is a raw pure extreme cultural envy. 911 was an attempt to damage the evidence of jealousy, American business success model, plain and simple. Having said that here is the mistake those Obama’s PhD’s made: They assumed that because it was the Sunnis that attacked 911 the US should support the Shia. Bush went and killed Saddam Hussein the evil Sunni from Tikrit and destroyed his Sunni city that administered the dictatorship in Iraq (Tikrit today is again the leader of the rebellion against the Shia, like 40 years ago!). Obama continued to support the Shia in Iraq against the evil Sunnis who killed the 3000 Americans in New York. You see, 911 set the tone for American support for Al Maliki the Shia dictator.  No matter the fact that he destroyed the Sunnis in Iraq Obama liked him and invited him to the White House. Aside from 911 the Sunnis are not more evil than the Shia toward America – but 911 set the tone. Bagdad today lives in the shadow of 911 waiting for American planes to drop bombs on the advancing Sunnis.

Obama, you need psychology PhD’s, not political science PhD’s in the White House. A much better policy would be to divide Iraq for 10 years into 3 autonomous federal zones: Sunni, Shia and Kurds. These guys need time to learn to share power. Obama, your idea of forcing these 3 groups to share power now will fail and lead to more bloodshed. Enough is enough. Hire new PhD’s this time in Sociology. People who have a history of animosity cannot just sit down and make peace because an American arrogant prez. said so. I call it stupid idealism. You sent Kerry to make peace between Israel and the Arabs and it made things worse. When are you going to learn that the Sunnis and the Shia in Iraq will not suddenly love each other because some not-very-smart American president asked them to. If you bomb the Sunnis because Al Maliki asked you to stop them the Sunnis will hate American even more. In Islam, no foreigner can take sides with impunity!

Here are the psychological FACTS how Obama screwed up Iraq!

June 19, 2014

Obama brought the American troops back from Iraq in 2011 like he promised on his first election day in 2008. He will bring the American troops back from Afghanistan in 2015 like he promised on his second election day in 2012. Obama will be considered a “good” president for 8 years because he kept his promises. Don’t hold him to it, he did not promise that Iraq will stay a peaceful Shia dictatorship “democracy.” He knew it won’t but he didn’t care. He got elected. He did not promise that Saddam’s Sunnis from Tikrit will not join ISIS and run Bagdad and kill Al Maliki. They will try. He did not promise that the Taliban will not take over Afghanistan when the American leave. They will. Let us be clear. Obama kept his promises. He brought the troops back. He is not stupid. He knew that the Sunnis will come back in both places. He knows right this moment that the Taliban will come back to Kabul. Obama cares only that he got elected twice on promises that he kept. He knew that the American voters believed in his leadership that Iraq and Afghanistan were prepared by Obama for great democracy with American blood. CEO Obama deserved our stupid votes of gratitude. He accomplished his mission (like Bush did). He keeps his promises, doesn’t he? It’s like you bought a million shares in HIS company, the US, and they are worthless now. You lost your self-respect but kept your gullibility. Will you vote Republican in 2016? Hell no, they are worse. You will vote for Hilary Clinton for president because she will make the next generation of stupid promises to pacify Iraq and Afghanistan in 2016 and you will believe her like you believed Obama.  She won’t do right, but her looks, sex and eloquence will prevail as if she did – while millions will continue to die around the world because of our votes (I don’t vote for jerks). After all you want your vote for these 2 jerks to count for more than death and destruction around the world. Listen voters, you made your decisions wrong when it counts, something akin to what Dr. Kahneman the Nobel price winner calls System 1 heuristic error (feeling right when you vote). I don’t want you to just suffer untill one day you get it. Get it now! Buy Kahneman’s book this week. System 2 is the only way to make correct life and death decisions. Americans die on foreign battlefields and in domestic hospital beds because the American people elect jerks for presidents and appoint medical school doctors not well-trained to make the right decisions. At least I hope you made the right decisions in your life when you married and invested your money. If not,  get Kahneman’s book this week. Time to move to the right!

American parody in the WH.

June 9, 2014

The behavior of most American presidents deserve to be called an admirable parody, a highly intelligent joke perpetrated on the American people! It’s a spoof, unreal, ridiculous, a make-belief CEO act in a WH that goes public every 4 years on IPO day. The last 6 Presidents were especially nincompoop warriors that the voters liked because they talked tough and hid their weaknesses as leaders. The first wimp was a horse named Ronald Reagan, the actor. RR may be a Rolls Royce in England but here RR was a pinto from California.  Hizbullah murdered 250 American marines in Beirut and this pinto said, “This wasn’t nice to do, guys, I sent help to your country and you killed my guys.” Then he came up with a good wimpy solution. Reagan retaliated by withdrawing all American forces from Lebanon within a week after the bombing of the marine barracks! Don’t get me wrong, withdrawing troops is a courageous act as compared to what president Carter did when the Iranians kidnapped 500 Americans in Tehran – nothing for 3 years and then sent one untrained rescue helicopter that crashed in the Iranian dessert!

Well, by now Americans has become a wimp in the eyes of the world so Saddam the king of Irak conquered his neighbor Kuwait without fear.  He was wrong. Bush senior, the new American president was not a wimp for a change. He liked his Kuwaiti toy so he conquered Kuwait back from Saddam. I won’t punish the king, he said “cause I got my toy back.”  Then, while these two kids were fighting over the Kuwaiti toy, Clinton became president. People said, hey  new prez please do better than your clownish predecessors, so Clinton decided to be nice to terrorists, may be they’ll change their bad behavior. He ignored the 20 Sunni flight terrorists who were training on American soil for 911. People loved Clinton who was a sweet fellow who couldn’t resist even a blow job, let alone facing mean guys. Then came Bush Junior who finished his father’s job and conquered another toy for dad. He handed  Irak to Shia terrorists while Sunni terrorists were killing 3000 Americans in NY on 911. I’ll get them he promised the American people, like a good cowboy should and he opened a worthy front in the Afghan desert where the Sunnis terrorists came from. Then he retired satisfied to Texas satisfied with starting 2 justified wars. The new president Obama seized the opportunity to look as good as his predecessors and get reelected. He brought the troops back from Irak and gave the bloody country to Shia terrorists. Great, now Sunni Afghanistan hugged Pakistan and Shia Irak hugged Iran. The neighborhood stopped selling oil to uncle Sam and burnet the flag, a thank you to American generous stupidity. Obama was delighted to have the Afghanistan war last from 2001 till 2015 for no reason! 14 glorious years of killings. I am just like my predecessors, a good president, he said to his aides. Next year the terrorists will take over Afghanistan, no one will blame Obama, in fact the American people will elect Hilary Clinton president as an appreciation for being nice folks who bring folks home.. Hilary, please don’t start a war in the Middle East in 2017, though, please. Sometimes I wonder who the world loves more, Canada who never starts wars or America that always start wars. I guess the global village doesn’t get it that damn American Presidents always try to save the world from itself!

US-Taliban Prisoner Swap: Bowe Bergdahl.

June 5, 2014

Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl was exchanged yesterday for 5 Taliban terror leaders after 5 years in captivity. Who was it worth for? Who benefited?  This posting will help you clarify your view about the swap of the American soldier. If you are a democrat (leftist) by personality you tend to see the exchange as a paternalistic humanitarian issue, get the commando “kid” back to his parents!  If you have a republican personality (Rightist) you tend to see the swap as a value and security issues, who got the best deal here? Will these 5 experienced terror leaders get a chance to kill Americans again? Will this swap cost American lives in the future? If you are a psychologist, your analysis is that the Taliban can gain control over who will be the next US president if they announce in November 2016 that one of the 5 released terror leaders was personally responsible for the killing Americans before the US elections. The democrats then lose the election to the republicans who can point the finger, “I told you so.” But, personally, I don’t think it will come up to that level of sophisticated warfare. I think in the short run President Obama will certainly score ‘swap” points with the American people. Will these brawny points be transferred to Hilary Clinton in 2016? Some probably will among democrats by personality. Israel swapped about 1000 Arab terrorists for each Israeli captive, what were the consequences? The released terrorists returned back to the business of murdering Israelis! Most Israeli voters still reelected those leaders who made the sloppy swap because the personality of most Israeli voters sees extra dead Jews as mere collateral damage. Do American voters see death by terror as collateral? Probably among the democrats, but not as much as the Jews who had collateral damage throughout their history.  All in all, the Bowe swap is good for Bowe, good for his family, good for the idea of no American soldier is left behind, good for Taliban propaganda, good for Taliban recapturing Afghanistan when the American leave in 2015, and above all, good for the democratic party and the election of Hilary Clinton as president in 2016. Harry Reed, the democrat leader of the Senate borrowed a phrase from Hilary when he said yesterday, “What does it matter” about Obama ignoring his own law when he signed 2 years ago requiring him to inform congress 30 days before he made such decisions . It is likely that saying “What does it matter” by both Hilary and Harry about life and death issues will com e to hunt them during future campaigning but at the end it isn’t circumstances that decide people’s votes but personality! Think!

Tiananmen Square is a lesson in psychology.

June 5, 2014

This posting isn’t in support of failed revolutions. The psychological lesson to learn from Tiananmen Square may not be exactly what you expect, TS was not an attempt to enhance human rights but an attempt to destroy China’s social and economic plan of progress in a name of an illusion about a better plan that didn’t exist! it’s a psychological lesson to be learned. The road to hell is paved with good intentions. The freedoms those hundred thousand Chinese folks demonstrated for in the Square in 1989 was not democracy but Yeltsin anarchy. They didn’t know it but the same kind of freedom the Bolsheviks proclaimed in 1922 – people’s democracy. It is the Freedom the Egyptians tried to achieve in deposing Mubarak and electing Morsi, it is the “freedom” the people who fight Assad are trying to get with blood.  Face it, You never achieve true freedom through a revolution, never. Real freedom is achievable only through an evolution. All revolutions on earth that succeeded become governments that failed. That is why the Chinese government didn’t let it happen at a cost of 200 dead. They cared more about the future of China than the TS demonstrators. Idealists cause chaos, not democracy, they get power and don’t know what to do with it. Don’t get fooled by slogans in Ukraine, China, Egypt or elsewhere. You can’t have true democracy without the people who would vote for a government that would get at least a B+ for running a country. That takes years of preparations. Most countries who aspire for democracy should first elect a strong man for 10 years to prepare the infrastructure for freedom; good schools, good economy, good departments of state, commerce, skills, peaceful minds, etc.  The Chinese government in 1989 had to kill 200 “dreamers” so 2 billion Chinese in 2014 would have a life. Yeltsin was democratic, but Putin is better for Russia. He is semi-democratically elected but his methods of governing are productive. Israel is an excessive democracy and look at the mess they have created. Too much freedom to do anything, including self-damage! Egypt has just elected General Sissi as a strong man, he will put the country to work, good for them! Revolutions are justified only if the people are starving and oppressed and they don’t have personal freedoms (not the freedoms to ridicule or hinder the government). Demonstrations are wrong if you demonstrate to have the freedom to hinder your country’s progress, burn the flag, ridicule the leaders. Bad behavior is not freedom, undermining your country in the name of absolute freedom to do everything, to screw yourself up, should not be protected in the streets. Tiananmen Square was not an attempt at gaining freedom but an attempt at undermining China’s progress (the demonstrators didn’t know it). Don’t go demonstrating against anything unless you have a better program!! The justified demonstration in the street should be against a specific official who has demonstrated incompetence. (Obamacare failed, foreign policy failed, many countries under his watch feel lost, people of the world are not better off after his 6 years in office, the US is weaker, and so on). Go, demonstrate peacefully against him, he deserves it!


June 1, 2014

An organized Islamic terrorist group planned an attacked on the American embassy in Benghazi, Libya. They killed the ambassador. Democrat Hilary Clinton representing democrat president Obama blamed the attack on an anti Moslem video circulating at that time as the trigger for that “spontaneous attack that killed 4 Americans.” The Republicans accused Hilary of being a secretary of state without insight about the enemy and critical situations. Hilary accused the Republicans of politicizing the murder of the ambassador. Benghazi will be an issue in Hilary Clinton’s campaign for president of the United States in 2016. What is the psychological issue here?

You wouldn’t believe it but democrats and republicans have different personalities. Democrats are liberal (most are leftist) and Republicans are conservative (most are rightist). Democrats tend to be peace-loving at any cost seeing their worse enemies as people you can calm down and reach and strike a deal with (Chamberlain was a democrat, Churchill was a republican), thus their attitude towards terror is “Benghazi is a collateral damage.” Republicans tend to be suspicious people seeing their worse adversaries as people you can’t calm down and reach without using force. You can strike a deal with them through strength rather than through compassion or understanding, thus their attitude toward terror is “It’s not a collateral damage, it’s war and we must try to win.” Who is better for America in this zero sum game? Neither.  Bush was a republican but he didn’t know how to win a war. Obama is a democrat but he doesn’t know how to deal with terrorists. A good president is a combination thereof. We had a few, TR for example.


The big bang is not a theory.

June 1, 2014

I taught parapsychology in college for 27 years. I was recommended as a parapsychologist expert by 2 college presidents. I think that I have some knowledge of the relationship between Singularity and Spirituality, don’t you? But, you have to keep an open mind, not because the topic is difficult to understand or accept but because it involves God. According to Piaget’s rreversibility universes come and go, called the big bang and the big crunch. The big bang occurred when Monads (units of consciousness discovered by Wilhelm Gottfried Leibnitz the inventor of mathematical calculus in 1648) exploded, coalescing into Higgs bosons.  About 15% were Bound Monads, becoming galaxies, 80% became dark matter called Low Monads in parapsychology, and 5% become Spirits (called Free Monads according to Dr. Mishlove, an associate of Edgar Mitchell, the astronaut head of Noetic science foundation). God, scientifically speaking, is the sum total of all the Monads, awesome universal consciousness!! Your body, mind and brain are made of Bound  Monads. Your Soul is made of Free Monads.

What I give you here is only the mini skeleton of the truth how or why the Universe was created. If you want to know the rest you’d have to ask questions. For example, doe’s God talks only to your Soul’s free Monads? Doe’s God listen to your mind too? How many free Monad ares in your Soul? (About 10 to the power of 27 exponentially). What behavior of yours does’ God responds to 100%? Your love of Him or your worship of Him? Did we have a Universe before this one? Yes. How long does’ a Universe cycle last (70 billion years). How old are we? 35 billion years. Keep asking…