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July 24, 2012

Last night I watched “The Adjustment Bureau” a movie with Matt Damon and Emily Blunt. For my reader, I want you to watch the movie and let me know what you think – after you read my posting! The theme of the movie is that true love between a woman and a man is more powerful than career, war, politics, religion, faith, economics, science and everything else! Do you agree? The only thing that was missing in this movie (understandably) is empowerment. True love is always empowering. Sure, true love is rare but when you have that ideal opposite sex person with you forever you excel in everything! Any questions?

What about people who shoot people?

July 24, 2012

As a psychologist I wasn’t going to waste my time giving you the real solution to violence in America that I think behavioural psychologists know about, but an “expert” commentator on CNN just said, “Gun control won’t make a difference. An angry person intent on shooting people will find a way.”  The low-level discussion on CNN was about the 2nd Amendment to the US Constitution.  That did it to me because here are young people and kids dying in a theater and “experts” who would probably sink the Titanic – are giving you their mind-set stuff. Do me a favor. I care about dying kids, memorize the following:

People shoot people with guns, thus you have to know about weapons and  behaviors and never separate them.

About weapons you have to obey the 2nd Amendment to the US Constitution that allows a militia to carry arms to protect citizens against a government becoming an oppressive dictatorship. The role of Congress is to specify the kinds weapons allowed to be carried in order to meet the constitutional requirement. Congress never did that. The NRA would probably support such a law. Get your Congress to do that tomorrow or kick the jerks out the next election. Many weapons freely sold today in America are categorically outside the 2nd Amendment jurisdiction. Get to work!

About behaviour the issue is a bit more complex but still easily understood by most people. Know the following rules, (1) All weapons sold in the US must be registered with the FBI, (2) A background check of the individual must be done before the sale, (3) The number of forms the customer is required to fill out must be at least five, if not more, (4) The salesman must be trained to critically observe the behavior of the weapon purchaser, (5)  The background check must include behavioural profile and criminal record, (6) People in the business must be retrained to understand that educational level, poverty, wealth, race, age, sex, ethnicity, sexual orientation oe religion are not why people shoot people, (7) The only category where you will find the answer and the prevention is in Behaviour. People who may (not a sure thing) some day shoot people will manifest certain unacceptable behaviors throughout their lives, and (8) Two of these behaviours are paramount:  (a) They tend to behave too negatively in their relationships  and eventually lose or quit, and (b) They tend to have repeated trouble at work and sooner or later quit, get fired, go bankrupt, stop working and lose motivation to try again, and (9) The solution is to call the mayor!  A community should provide a nice room for people to gather, where a frustrated young person can walk in free, sit down, and join a free facilitation group called, “Learn to love and work the natural way.”

Are airplanes crashes inevitable?

July 12, 2012

As a psychologist I will underline some behavioural problems that airline companies and pilots may have. My posting today may save lives tomorrow if you are listening. Passenger jets will soon carry 1000 passengers each. The navigating instruments are getting more complicated. Governments and boards are not upgrading their supervision of airplane maintenance and hiring practices, not often enough (to save money). Boards must expand pilot training into psychology. Pilots and co-pilots must be matched on psychological profiles, personality and communication skills, e.g., a submissive co-pilot is dangerous to have on a plane. He may not correct a senior pilot error at a crucial moment. The more passengers a jet carries, the more years of experience a co-pilot should have. Pilot history and flight records should be taken more seriously –  examined before each new pilot assignment by an independent board. Average IQ pilots  should not be hired when there is pilot shortages. An average IQ pilot may have more problems in deciding when to switch to behavioral piloting from automatic piloting. I have 100 more new behavioural rules for flight safety but what I have listed in enough to alert you to the need for improvement in this area of living. Flying is different from any other area of living!

Airplane crashes are not inevitable, but they will continue to happen until new ideas are adopted, and not just new ideas but behavioural ones!

Time to Lose weight and stop smoking the behavioural way.

July 10, 2012

Most of my readers know me as the poor immigrant who made it big in the USA and retired to Canada to provide free guidance to the perplexed, but you don’t know that once I weighed 200 lbs and smoked between age 16 and 46. Sure, I wish I didn’t smoke for 30 years but as a psychologist since 1975 I don’t dwell on the past, even yesterday’s issues are already water under the bridge for me. I live happily ever after in the Here and Now. Here is my guidance to smokers and overweight people:

1. Drop everything trying to quit the puff or the fat, clean your mental slate completely. I give you permission to pretend to others that you are listening to the well wishers in your life. Follow my guiding rules:

2. Join or form the best social group you can have of genuine people who desire to quite smoking (or lose weight) the behavioral way only. During meetings avoid discussing self-esteem, weight programs, taxes on cigs, sins, etc. Please, people, stop producing a rich mental life (RML) about smoking or eating. Don’t count calories, check your weight or change cig brands. Stop it all. Get behavioral only!

3. Make sure you know what’s behavior and what’s not (deciding, feeling, planning, thinking, complaining is not behavior): Talking about a action is a good start, smiling is helpful, laugh, clap your hands, cry, hug, dance, walk, eat in moderation (smoke one outside if you strongly feel the urge), drink water, juice, if I have to tell you what’s not behavior you are already in trouble in your relationships.

4. Most important is to understand C-MOB or Contingency Management of Behaviors. Go to (The Peaceful Revolution) and (money) and study all my postings. You won’t find anything on the internet, books, or in classrooms as effective as what I have researched for 37 years! All my work in helping people lose weight in hospitals , clinics or schools in California for 30 years doesn’t come close to what I know now at age 76 retired. Cash in on the best life you can create for yourself. If you are a person who behave nice with others you deserve to move up a notch. You got it today!!