The truth about Religion, Ethnicity and Culture!

When a person achieves a distinction great enough for his name to be mentioned on TV and in the news media, should his/her religion, culture or ethnicity be mentioned alongside his/her achievement? Those of you who say “Yes” assume correctly that no person is an island, that the person achieved his distinction not only as an individual by also through influence from his religion, culture and ethnicity. Psychologically speaking that is always the case, except may be in the case of Tarzan who lived in the jungle, but even he deep inside had British colonial influence.

Psychology and economics have known for a long time since commerce on this planet started 10,000 years ago, that in every religion, culture and ethnic group there are individuals that make great contributions to humanity, albeit in different areas, be it in art, science, foods, clothing, technology, songs, dances, rituals, civil management, inventions, space explorations and governance. But, we usually hear the bad things, “Catholic priests molest children,” “Muslims are terrorists,” “American Indians live in reservations only,” Chinese are communists,” “Watch for German militarism coming back,” or  “India is dirty.” The time has come to scrap those prejudices and to start news reports about individual achievements emphasizing the positive influences that comes out of religions, cultures and ethnicities. They enrich our lives, diversify quality products and services, and advance human civilization. Diversity is wonderful and it is time for us to appreciate one another’s background so the best in man will show up front and the worse will recede into oblivion!


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2 Responses to “The truth about Religion, Ethnicity and Culture!”

  1. Jon Kinarthy Says:

    I disagree. The negatives that come out of religion come BECAUSE of religion, but the good that comes from religion comes from people. The great art, songs, technology, civil management that exist, they would exist, albeit in different forms, without religion.

    Religion doesn’t create great people, it constrains them with rules. To those who would say “we wouldn’t have The Sistine Chapel without religion”, I say, “but what greater works could the artists come up with if he hadn’t been told what to paint?”

    • drkinarthy Says:

      Thank you for your comment. Religions do have periods in their process of evolution when they stimulate wars and spread misery among peoples, Judaism early, Christianity in the middle ages and Islam now. That is what I am trying to change. There is something good in religion, culture and ethnicity that needs to come out more often than it does.

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