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Senator Rubio, don’t run for president before you call me

February 24, 2015

Senator, your answer to the man in the town hall meeting about illegal immigration shows that you are an honest man but you could use a psychological adviser. You said, “You can’t send 12 million illegal immigrants back to their countries.”  That is true, Senator, but it is not the smartest thing to say in a town hall meeting. If I were your campaign psychological adviser I would want you to say to the questioner, “Sir, to get our country to function best, people who break the law will have their day in court under my administration, sir, when an issue is law breaking the answer is not political, it’s legal. Now, these illegal immigrants may have families, so it’s also a human problem. the job of government is not to spend tax payers money on infiltrators but to speed up the processing of  people who broke the law in the most humane way possible. Thank you for your question.”

If Mario Rubio could learn to answer questions  based on legal and humane principles, he may have a chance to become president of the US  because all the other contestants are garden variety politicians, especially Hillary Clinton!

Is Japanese tea better for you than Chinese tea?

February 1, 2015

The reason I can come up with catchy titles is probably because I was a psychological consultant to the National Enquirer for ten years and as a bleeding heart psychologist I always wanted to help people live better lives. Last month I came back from Germany cancer free and I am hot to trot!. Dr. Robert Gorter, that genius Dutch Immunologist who saved my life said before I left, “Try Matcha too,” after he gave me a bag of Moroccan Ginger powder (read my last posting). Sure, I trust his knowledge (read the 10% rule) but I still did my own research on Matcha. I like getting excited over discoveries that others ignore. Here it a quick review: Matcha is a winner. You know, when those things happen I always ask why I didn’t think about Matcha  myself or why I didn’t think about it before? Well, Orson Wells said it once in a commercial, ” An apple will never ripe before its time,” I found out that Matcha has more natural Theanine than any other tea (don’t take the supplement). Research in Japan found out that Matcha (must be taken the right way, read, read, read about it before you do). It may lower BP, LDL, Cholesterol, possible cancer, stroke and heart problems. No wonder the Japanese love their Macha tea ceremonies, now you know why! It lowers Serotonin and dopamine and makes you biologically relax with no stress, feeling good. My God, it even increase your Alpha Waves! To my readers: I assume that you are smart enough to understand how to take Match. You can’t  just start drinking Matcha for a week and then ask, “How come I don’t feel any difference? Matcha must be a part of your “Japanese” new life style. One day you may thank me, but nothing revolutionary different will happen in your life unless you start reading ALL my postings and doing the works!!! I may be an arrogant knowledgable dude, but I care a lot about all the other dudes on this great planet. unless you change you will always feel that the good life is just around the corner. One day I may post a title for a book called  The Great deception but I hate to do it because it is so negative…but so true about our lives!