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What causes the gridlock in Washington?

October 8, 2013

You know that I always tell the truth in this blog regardless of consequences because I am wealthy and I don’t need side income. Abraham Maslow, the father of the school of psychology called Humanistic Psychology and the creator of the self-actualization pyramid said, “Your vote is only as good as your culture let you act.” The American culture doesn’t educate you to vote for the candidate with the highest governing values for the people, although our leaders are better behaved than the leaders in most other countries. In fact, to vote based on values might be unconstitutional! When I was a professor of psychology on a hiring committee, we got a directive from Sacramento stating that we cannot ask candidates value questions or personal questions. Once we interviewed a candidate for a position of assistant professor of psychology who it was clear to me considered female students inferior to male students. I was not allowed to ask him any questions about personal values as if the personality of the instructor has no effect on students and is irrelevant to teaching in public schools. The same cultural directive you get when you enter the voting booth, “Don’t consider the personal values of the candidate you are electing to office.” (I never voted, went into business with or chose as friends negative people. I had too many in my family). You the voter created the gridlock in Washington that is affecting your life but it not your fault, only your responsibility (You are not taught in school about the huge difference between these two words either). Do you want a better life? Next election you will have to pull yourself up with your own bootstraps. You will have to ask the candidate before you decide who to vote for the simple question, “Is Obamacare gives you the best medical care for the buck”? If the congressman says “Yes, but I didn’t vote for it” he is plain stupid. If he says, “No, but I voted for it” through him out. If he says “No, and I didn’t vote for it” elect him again. Do you want a better life? Start looking for candidates that can answer the question “Please explain to me how Obamacare violate the cost/benefit rule”? Vote for him if can describe the answer well, and if enough of you do that, the next congress will get you a health care program that covers everyone at a reasonable cost!


Law of Instrument and Law of Culture.

April 27, 2013

The ideas of Abraham Maslow the father of humanistic psychology are not as threatening to human culture as Freud’s ideas, but are threatening enough for schools not to really teach them. I am writing this blog posting waking up my pet dream that you might change your voting pattern in the next election and vote for representatives committed to the security of Americans more than they are committed to great explanations when the FBI and the CIA fail to protect us in New York city or Boston. Here is a psychological insight: Maslow’s 1966 Law of Instrument says, “If the only tool you have is a hammer, you see everything as a nail.”  Terrorists are not nails, they use nails. The FBI and CIA are not trained how to use psychology of terrorism instruments. That is a fact that cost lives! Worse than that, in the Law of Culture Maslow says, “Without extensive training you will do only what your culture let you do.” The American culture is not designed to know how to fight terror. To do that, you need to train agents to use thinking out of the box. As I said at the beginning of this posting, would my pet dream for you to vote differently be fulfilled? The answer is No. Take a good example from the Second Amendment. Even when children die, you will not ban assault weapons. Think about Maslow. How nice is would be to take his two Laws seriously!

Know what the 3 branches of government can do for you!

September 16, 2010

Drop me a line if you do. Chances are that you don’t! In 27 years of college teaching I haven’t met a student or a professor who did! I don’t think Congress knows the historical responsibilities of the 3 branches of government! Ask the president and you will probably get politicobabble (a concept I coined to describe all political speeches). Many young people today don’t even know that we have 3 independent branches of government designed to distribute and balance powers! As a psychologist I believe that 99% of the people don’t associate their problems in living with that fact!

The information is in my politically incorrect blogs and guidebooks that I wrote to help get your lives almost trouble-free. You will probably never get to read my “stuff” because it is not endorsed by celebrities or is on the New York Times best seller list. But, I will educate you if you promise me to adopt the information and use it to evaluate who to vote for in November. I am trying to create a miracle. If all the voters read this posting, they will know who to vote for in November, so by next year you will have a new congress –  you can’t imagine how many fabulous paying jobs and trouble-free mortgages will be created, or else…

All the information that I give you next comes from the greatest thinkers in history. You can find it all on Google. i am only the catalyst: The 3 branches of government are the Executive, legislative and Judicial:

Executive: The responsibility of the elected (some appointed) leaders in the White House is to execute the laws passed  by Congress. The president is required to do it through regulatory agencies and executive orders. He doesn’t! The last one didn’t! You suffer!  Presidents are supposed to be guided by a national creed, “The responsibility of the president is to protect the country and its people!  The borders of the United States will be sealed to invaders, infiltrators, people and cargo that violate the laws of entrée into the United States, while protecting the legal free flow of people and cargo into the United States. People who are harmed by others or by nature while living legally in the United will be compensated by the government.” The White House doesn’t follow it! You sufferr!”

Legislative: The responsibility of the elected members of Congress is to pass laws that determine borders, protect the country from outside invaders, protect Americans from harm by other Americans or the environment inside the country, and regulate the economy in such a way that all Americans have jobs, access to health care and excellent free education. You elect them! They don’t do it! You suffer!

Judicial: The responsibility of this appointed body (It is unconstitutional to elect judges because they become political, yet the majority of the judges in the country are elected!). is to determine if the laws passed by Congress or the action of the president are constitutional. Most judges do not judge laws and acts based on their constitutionality. They judge laws and acts based on the Judges’ liberal or conservative values – while denying that it is so! You lose!

All in all, now you know why your life is difficult and you know what to do about it. The question is: Are you going to vote your knowledge (brain) in November of your heart (feeling)? Please vote your new knowledge, I want everyone to be happy!

The American people are on an environmental suicide mission!

June 25, 2010

British Petroleum get rewarded for their environmental carelessness. They are now drilling in Alaska, actually everywhere where there is oil off-shore. What is happening is that US laws protect BP and other polluters of our lives. Congress and successive administrations have legislated laws that protect people who damage our environment. The American people are on an environmental suicide mission by the way they vote for representatives who spend their money on drilling recklessly, wars and bailing out crooks on Wall Street.

Dear voters, this November is your first opportunity you have to send a message to Washington to stop hurting you. Don’t vote for any of the candidates or representatives listed on the ballots so far. None of them will make a difference. They just talk. The road to environmental hell is paved with their good intentions. Take responsibility for your votes. In our democracy the Alaskan environment is only as good as your vote. In our democracy, you are responsible for the 300 billion dollars wasted in Afghanistan so far. Please don’t vote in November unless your representatives come up with working plans how to solve our problems. Don’t take anyone’s word for it anymore. The environment is crying for you not to vote in November. Send a clear message to Washington.

Dr. Eli’s simple and amazing advice.

December 16, 2009

Last night I was watching well-fed congressmen and senators on CNN expressing lots of compassion for Americans who lost homes,  jobs and can’t pay the bills. They talked about the suffering of innocent kids, single moms, and the poor. Darwin was right. We live in a ‘survival of the fittest’ realm. These politicians will get reelected in the midst of an economic meltdown. I asked myself a big WHY? Then I  had the greatest revelation in my professional career as a psychologist, something simple that we all knew but didn’t pay attention to during election time.

We the people lost our distinction between lamentation and action.

We feel close to people who express that they care. We trust people who hug us and kiss our babies. We vote for people who show a force of personality and passion for the downtrodden. We follow those who make sound promises. We marry those who say ‘I love you.’ We hire those who know how to talk. Actually, we have lost the fine distinction between word and action. A journey may start with a single step, as they say, but we think it starts with a thousand words. We have been duped by ourselves,

Dr. Eli’s simple and amazing advice to you is to quadruple the number of times per day that you say to someone, “OK, I heard yah, but what are you going to do about it?” Knowing that your people have lost the distinction between word and action, you won’t immediately succeed:

“I am going to take care of it, don’t worry.”

“OK, but what action would you take to remedy the situation?”

“I will think about it.”

“That is not action.”

“Hey, lay off.”

Let’s face it, it won’t be easy to get anyone to force congressmen and senators to tell us what they will do about any crisis, we have got to do it with Dr. Eli’s insight and VOTE ONLY FOR POLITICIANS WHO TELL US WHAT THEY WILL DO (A PLAN OF ACTION) TO SOLVE A PROBLEM.

Let’s face it again, it won’t be easy for anyone to come up with an effective plan of action (EPA) to solve a problem. Hey, reader, you want to really improve your country, read my next posting; what’s an EPA?