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Ginger powder: The incredible psychological herb.

January 19, 2015

I am back from a month vacation, earth is beautiful. This morning I choose to resume writing in my peaceful revolution blog, which is the best blog in the world for health and happiness! (look at my credentials, it really is, I’m not joking!). I am introducing Ginger powder because you all have seen it as a root in the store and said “so what? I know it’s healthy.” I am introducing Ginger powder because that is what Dr. Robert Gorter the owner of the MCC in Cologne, Germany, gave me with a good-bye hug. I came to him and his stuff in October 2011 with 2 terminal cancers (prostate and bone, 6 months to live) and I am leaving with no tumor trace! (

I take a sip of alkaline (8.5 pH) water, add half a tea-spoon of Ginger powder, gargle a bit, swallow and drink half a glass of water, that’s it! I won’t tell you what this staff does for my physical health (that is incredible by itself), but because I am a psychologist I will tell you what Ginger does for my mind at age 78! I get up from a good night sleep energized, no trace of hypertension, no depression, headache, poor memory, mental stagnation, schizophrenic hallucinations, no¬†attention deficit disorder or a desire to overeat throughout the day. I just feel great.

This week I will tell you about the other 2 common powders that I take. I can easily live to be a 100! Now, do not expect miracles, I have a new life style and you may have to start one today if you want to feel fantastic when the time comes for you depending at what stage of health you are starting to take these common ingredients seriously. Starting to take ginger will be a tough start. Your mind will fight every better idea you come up with even better excuse!