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The American culture will kill again!

November 28, 2009

The old west was conquered by simple folks moving west in wagon trains on familiar trails. The Indians found out the trails and ambushed the settlers. The raids took their toll but the settlers did not retreat and the west was won. Today, it is in our ‘blood’ as Americans in Iraq or Afghanistan to pack simple soldiers into military ‘convoys’ mocking our cultural tendency to move on ambush prone roads. The terrorists find out our convoy ‘trails’ and ambush our soldiers. The raids take their toll (most of our casualties in Iraq or Afghanistan die in convoys), but our military (culture) would not change their tactics. It is not in our cultural ‘blood’ to move single vehicles, on interchangeable roads, packed with well-trained, anti-terror, camouflaged commandos, ready for mopping action. Our culture is used to raiders taking their toll!

Dr. Abraham Maslow, the great psychologist once said, “You are only as good as your culture let you be.”  Add that to what the other great psychologist, Dr. Freud,  said once about our lack of insight as to our cultural tendencies, and you can rest ‘assured’ that not only President Obama will send more ‘simple soldiers’ to  war, but the road side bombs and suicide bombers will continue to take their toll on our ‘simple’ soldiers. It isn’t in our cultural tradition to train feared ‘Rambos.’ We disdain from ‘circling the wagons.’ The old west was won with blood, sweat and mother’s tears,  not revolutionary thinking!

America, time to change.

Heart Attack, psychology, resuscitation!

November 26, 2009

You would think that a heart attack or recovery from a hear attack is strictly a medical event – but it’s not. I was a nurse and a psychologist before I retired in 1998. My most celebrated case was a  25  year old horse trainer whose healthy heart stopped pumping blood in his hospital bed  and no immediate resuscitation by experts could revive him.

When Rob was 9, he played with his father’s handgun that he found under his dad’s bed. The gun went off, and by a freak accident the boy lost his penis (I was tempted to use  the vulgar term  that rhymes with ‘freak’ but out of respect I didn’t, even though it happened 35 years ago). It turned out that out of Dr. Freud’s ‘Sublimation’ and  ‘Reaction Formation’ process Rob became a body builder and married a horse trainer. He came to the hospital at 25  for the sixth ‘penal graft.’ He died 2 days after being told by the surgery team that a penal graft would never work for him. His wife left the room.

The resuscitation of Rob was better than textbook! They tried an electric shock, chest pressure (100 times per minute, 110 times per minute, than 120, 130 times per minute), to no avail. From my recollection, they even tried to stimulate his heart with a couple of neurotransmitters,  nothing worked!

Without offending Catholics or others, I wonder if Rob was a priest, was older, or had a different sexual orientation, would he recover from the heart attack?  As a psychologist, my guess is as good as yours.  People would probably like to know what you think?

Dr Eli

Dance with Depression!

November 21, 2009

I’m a psychologist with so much experience, you wouldn’t believe it, the last 40 years it has been almost all different from how mainstream psychologists think. I am more like Thomas Szasz and R.D. Laing who claimed that depression was not a mental illness. Depression is a natural phenomenon, a reaction to boredom and pre-occupation with small talk. Depression is normal, a reaction to changed hormonal balance. The other day I felt depressed. I didn’t really care to analyse it. I bought a BOSE music player, stuck my iPOD in it, and danced with my Depression. I am 73, it was awesome, better than dancing with wolves, almost as good as dancing with my pretty young wife!

Skeptics be gone: The Thinking Revolution.

November 21, 2009

Human progress is attributed to the revolutionary thinking of only 100 key men in history, but the ‘snail’ pace of human progress is attributed to the vehement intellectual resistance of traditional thinking – a million skeptics in positions of authority backed up by a billion skeptics in the streets.

In 1999 I lectured on the validity of psychic phenomena to members of the Skeptics Club at Simon Fraser University in British Columbia. I was alone. Last night, my ‘intellectual’ loneliness fell into perspective when I watched the skeptics of old, doubting Charles Darwin 1865 research on the evolution of species as a natural phenomena.  His book ‘On the Origin of Species’ almost died in infancy because of skeptics in the Church of England and it’s Royal Societies. I want to acknowledge and salute the independent thinkers that helped Charles Darwin advance the truth of evolution against the stupidity of distinguished skeptic scholars: Darwin supporters were John Stevens Henslow, Charles Lyell, Joseph Dalton Hooker, and Thomas Henry Huxley.

I need you encouragement against modern skeptics that are gathering dark clouds above my Neo-Darwinism hypothesis that the Cro-Magnon is a hybrid species. My study of the evolution of the Cro-Magnon as an inter-stellar species has been ridiculed for 25 years.  I cannot find one geneticist, biologist, astronomer, physicist, physiologist, or even a parapsychologist who would be willing to do the study with me! My last call to the University of Victoria where I live wasn’t even returned.

Chapter 11 is a rip off of the small investor.

November 18, 2009

I  own 5000 worthless GM common shares:  GM  declared bankruptcy (Chapter 11) and was reorganized. My GM shares lose their value while GM is back in operation assembling its car models again. The moral of the story is political: You voted for politicians that gave your money away – dummy!  Congress never legislated protection for the middle class investor when a company declares Chapter 11. Your money is taken away and is  added to the bailout money that is given to the ‘fat cats’ who don’t need it!

This scenario is a ‘legal robbery’ called in Wall Street a ‘legitimate risk’ taking for the average investor.

Body language analysis – get insightful!

November 14, 2009

Read my Obama-Netanyahu body language analysis. Understanding CEO Obama will help you invest wisely. Read my books. Get going with the best life I can help you achieve. Drelior.

Obama’s body language.

November 14, 2009

With the encouragement of those of you who love true knowledge without ‘spinning,’ I opened a line of communication from my posting on Facebook to my blog “” I intend to make this blog the most maverick on earth.

My second maverick book, “The Psychology of Investing During the Obama Years” will be out in 2010. Is Obama good for your money? One major way to find out about a CEO is to learn body language. Download Obama-Netanyahu Table Photo. Learn to analyze the picture and apply it to your relationships:  The meeting place; Obama selected the White House private dining roon for the meeting, implies Obama intends to enhance psychological control over a difficult conversation with a prime minister of Israel, through hospitality. The large table; Obama intends to reduce familiarity and intimacy. Obama wants to discourage perceptions of intimacy with a prime minister who is considered powerful but is disliked around the world.  Kidney shape table (hugger); Obama wants Netanyahu to feel secure, not pressured. Food; relaxes the atmosphere during the interaction, increases the influence of the one who provided the food.  Field dependency-independency; a meeting that ‘buffer’ sensitive issues with a general conversation, a setup that Obama likes; socially amicable, psychologically comfortable and politically challenging. Seated bodies ‘slanted’ forward; Netanyahu more emphatic, Obama listening. The Israeli prime minister scores here. Hands on table; Netanyahu more relax, hides his intensity with hands ‘closure.’ Obama’s hands are open, social, receptive, on his turf. listening. Seating positions; confrontational, may increase political disagreements. The psychology of the meeting; ‘strange bedfellows. The ‘winner,‘; no distinct winner, but with more meetings Netanyahu may acquire a slight edge due to lower status, higher  knowledge and more experience.


You know me by now, no spin, no bull… as is. My books can give you amazing insights! Get the edge!

Mind healing.

November 8, 2009

A major path to healing is to have one way verbal conversations with you mind, as if your mind is your servant.

Then, in time, drop the “as if” when you realize your mind “is” your servant, after realizing that your mind hid that fact from you since age 5.

Racial profiling!

November 6, 2009

I was once stationed at Fort Hood, Texas. I was sitting in a coffee shop in Kileen, the town nearby, when a Medic from Alabama joined me at the table.  A conversation ensued due to my foreign accent.

“Where are you from?” He asked.

“Israel,” I said.

“Are you Jewish?”


“Are you rich?” He asked.

“Are you kidding? I am a soldier.”

“You will be!”

“Why do you say that?”

“Jews always find a way to make a lot of money.”

“Can I ask you something?” I said.

“Go ahead.”

“Do Blacks always find a way to stay poor?”

“You mother  f.. right, ” he said. He was black.

Racial profiling is a psychological overgeneralization of expectations that had lead to pogroms, ‘linchings,’ witch hunts, and genocide throughout history. Any profiling, except the profiling of behaviors, is bigoted, plain wrong, false, hurtful, stupid, and not because there are rich Blacks and poor Jews too. The fact is that all profiling, on all bases, except behavior, puts the ‘cart before the horse.’  With that combination of transportation you can’t get anywhere in life. You want to get it right – reverse your position. Put the horse before the cart. (to be continued).

The Economic Revolution!

November 3, 2009

Part of the Peaceful Revolution is the Economic Revolution. It is all in my 2 books. You read them, do the exercises. take my workshops where offered,  and you will add the psychological skills you need for security and B.L.A.S.H. The economic revolution means that not only you know how to make big money, but also that smart crooks cannot cheat you out of your wealth.