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Joe Biden: I want to eat the cake and have it too, if Hillary is not that hungry!

October 21, 2015

He announced an hour ago standing proud in the White House garden next to president Obama on his right and his wife Jill on his left that he is not running for president of the United States but insinuated that he would take the job if offered . Psychologically, what he is saying is, “I want to be president but first I don’t want to mess it up for my friend Hillary Clinton in case she is winning the race against Trump, but if she is not winning in the major polls next year I am available to fight the “evil” Donald.”  Second, psychologically, he is saying,  “I am tired at 73 to face another big fight for the WH, I lost all my tries before and I am afraid take on more losses. ” But mostly, Joe Biden wants to eat the WH cake (he is a bit jealous of Barak Obama’s success) and have it too. By making a ‘presidential’ speech from the Rose Garden he is opening a possibility for a ‘draft Joe’, that way he might become president without hurting his friend Hillary if she is losing, without burdening his family with tough campaigning while staying lazy on the sideline and still becoming president by – default.

Personally, as a psychologist, I can say that Joe Biden is smart if he assumes that his “coolness” could withstand the onslaught of Donald Trump during a final debate better than Hillary Clinton’s “fragility” could, if she had to face Trump. It is a fair assumption, but the results of any debate between Trump and Clinton or Biden depends on no hold bar  – Trump. Can he keep thinking big and kick ass? So far, he is not a gentle Ross Pero phenomenon, Trump is up in the polls from the beginning and with Black surgeon Carson on his right and latino Cruz on his left, he can bake the cake and have it too in the White House dining room!


Darrell Issa for president!

October 31, 2013

I wrote a book in 2011 on Obama and your money. In my book, “The Psychology of Investing during the Obama Years,” on page 16 I wrote “Is Obama a true Messiah or the Antichrist? Please take the question symbolically. On page 16 I wrote, “Jesus entered Jerusalem on a white ass.” Today, November 1, 2013, I can answer my symbolic question, “The antichrist entered the White House on the vote of confidence of many asses.” By the time he leaves in 2016  he would have caused enough damage to the economy, status of the United States in to the world and to the world itself that may not be reversible. In 1916 we will need a person that can clean up the mess economically, politically and personally. That man is Darrell Issa, the incredible congressman from California.

What is his chance of winning in 2016? Zero. Why do I say that? Because the American people have demonstrated time and again that they vote for nincompoop dudes (Obama, Bush 1, Bush 2, Clinton, Ford, Nixon, etc.). Then, why do I write this piece? Well, I write it just in case it triggers in you a movement. You know, some of you may decide to take me seriously. A lot of people did when I was a moderator for the Foreign Policy Association in a California College years ago! Take care.


September 8, 2012

Yes, these are the only two choices you have in November. Yes, I know, most of you will vote for Obama. That’s because you didn’t read my books the psychology of investing during the chaotic Obama years that came out last year and the psychology of investing: how to play the game and win that came out the first year of the Obama presidency. Some of you will vote for Romney – for the same reason. You didn’t read my two books. Listen, you are smart, you know that I am not trying to sell books. Most well-known American psychologists have plenty of money. Then why am I promoting my books? The ideas, my friend, the simple ideas how to renew America that neither Obama nor Romney would ever think about… not because they are stupid, not at all, politicians who get to run for president are not stupid. Then, are the people who voters for them stupid? No. They are uninformed. They read the wrong books and listen to – CNN! What are some of my great ideas?

I will give you one, a big one: I taught psychology at Rio Hondo College in Whittier, California for 26 years. I know the ins and outs of community college education. I got my start as an immigrant in 1964 at Los Angeles Community College, then UCLA and Finally USC. Let me tell you, dude, if you don’t have enough money or you have a lousy job or you are unemployed, get your butt on the bus and ride to your nearest community college. Walk in to the  counseling office and financial aid. Take an occupational preference test. You do it right now and do it right and you may become a millionaire around BOOM age – becoming your own man! If you are a female student, call the department of education and ask them to change BOOM to BOOP – becoming your own person! Get going, man or woman, get going. Now, what has this got to do with Obama or Romney? Read my books to find out that the job of a president when unemployment is high because jobs are shifted overseas is to set up a White House Educational Commission (WHEC) to study how to train or retrain the unemployed in new trade skills, high-tech and entrepreneurial skills. Obama didn’t do that and Romney doesn’t even know what I am talking about. Well, go vote on November 3rd. One way or another the American dream will continue to be a reality for immigrants like me, but, what a shame, it could have been a reality for every one. I truly care about you.

On a second thought, I’m not sure the American dream could be a reality for everyone. Dr. Abraham Maslow, the great social psychologist, points out in my psychology textbook that people who strongly identify with their culture can “rise only as high as their culture let them rise.” I know, I make you think about heavy stuff. Enjoy! You deserve the best. If you are poor, get your butt on the bus and… (you know the rest)!

Know what the 3 branches of government can do for you!

September 16, 2010

Drop me a line if you do. Chances are that you don’t! In 27 years of college teaching I haven’t met a student or a professor who did! I don’t think Congress knows the historical responsibilities of the 3 branches of government! Ask the president and you will probably get politicobabble (a concept I coined to describe all political speeches). Many young people today don’t even know that we have 3 independent branches of government designed to distribute and balance powers! As a psychologist I believe that 99% of the people don’t associate their problems in living with that fact!

The information is in my politically incorrect blogs and guidebooks that I wrote to help get your lives almost trouble-free. You will probably never get to read my “stuff” because it is not endorsed by celebrities or is on the New York Times best seller list. But, I will educate you if you promise me to adopt the information and use it to evaluate who to vote for in November. I am trying to create a miracle. If all the voters read this posting, they will know who to vote for in November, so by next year you will have a new congress –  you can’t imagine how many fabulous paying jobs and trouble-free mortgages will be created, or else…

All the information that I give you next comes from the greatest thinkers in history. You can find it all on Google. i am only the catalyst: The 3 branches of government are the Executive, legislative and Judicial:

Executive: The responsibility of the elected (some appointed) leaders in the White House is to execute the laws passed  by Congress. The president is required to do it through regulatory agencies and executive orders. He doesn’t! The last one didn’t! You suffer!  Presidents are supposed to be guided by a national creed, “The responsibility of the president is to protect the country and its people!  The borders of the United States will be sealed to invaders, infiltrators, people and cargo that violate the laws of entrée into the United States, while protecting the legal free flow of people and cargo into the United States. People who are harmed by others or by nature while living legally in the United will be compensated by the government.” The White House doesn’t follow it! You sufferr!”

Legislative: The responsibility of the elected members of Congress is to pass laws that determine borders, protect the country from outside invaders, protect Americans from harm by other Americans or the environment inside the country, and regulate the economy in such a way that all Americans have jobs, access to health care and excellent free education. You elect them! They don’t do it! You suffer!

Judicial: The responsibility of this appointed body (It is unconstitutional to elect judges because they become political, yet the majority of the judges in the country are elected!). is to determine if the laws passed by Congress or the action of the president are constitutional. Most judges do not judge laws and acts based on their constitutionality. They judge laws and acts based on the Judges’ liberal or conservative values – while denying that it is so! You lose!

All in all, now you know why your life is difficult and you know what to do about it. The question is: Are you going to vote your knowledge (brain) in November of your heart (feeling)? Please vote your new knowledge, I want everyone to be happy!