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Israel at the crossroad of history.

April 25, 2016

Please don’t ignore the mood in Israel, the issue that ought to be addressed concerns the shift in Israeli society from left to right. That current leadership is much more right-wing than any of leaderships in the past is an undeniable fact. The question is whether this is a right-wing leadership merely inclined to conservatism and laissez-faire economics, or a right-wing leadership with radical inclinations, whether in religious-messianic terms or secular-fascist ones?

Israel celebrated its national independence is 1948 with a wave of eastern European socialist Jews immigrating in droves. The country started as a socialist state, in part because the left was in charge of “Aliya” and discouraged “right wingers” from immigrating to Israel. In the first Knesset, Labor (Mapai) got 40 Knesset members (KM) under the leadership of Prime minister David Ben Guion (Hagana) and the Zionists (Herut) got 14 KM’s under the leadership of Menachem Begin (Etsel). The right-wing got a “break” in 1991 with the immigration of 1.5 million Russian Jews to Israel, (mostly right wingers) and Arab harassment of Jews which turned left-wing Jews to the right. By the beginning of the 21st century 70% of Israeli have become right wingers. (If you want to understand the fundamental behavioral differences between the left and the right browse my blogs).

The third phase is beginning soon. That phase will start with the next election. Bennett expect to get 20 KM’s and Lieberman expect to get 15 KM, to a total of 35 classical right-wing Knesset members (They will have to relay on a reduced Likud to form a nationalist government). With such a government the losers will be Gaza, Israeli Arabs, Iran, the EU, ultra orthodox Jews, the UN, and the left everywhere. The winners will be Israeli State, the CIA, IDF, FBI, Mossad, Jews who live next to Arab borders, military technology, officers moral and pay, Jews who live in Judea and Samaria, Ariel municipality, Christian Arabs, and right-wing democratic Governments (Czech Republic, Hungary).

The answer to the question in the first paragraph is: The right-wing leadership of Israel after the next election is predicted to be a marriage between religious-messianism with secular right-wing conservatism? The window of opportunity for peace in the short is closing fast. The window of opportunity for peace in the long run is opening slowly!!

Meet the hybrids: They kept extinct human DNA alive in us.

April 24, 2016

We are all hybrids of alien males mating with fair complexion Neanderthal females who lived in caves of Abyssinian rocks in the earth region of the Atlas mountains of Morocco 30,000 years ago. The results are that about 3% of modern human DNA comes from the Neanderthal out of these matings, while about 30% of ancient (early generations) human DNA came from that Neanderthal, including the Aboriginal people of Australia whose brain capacity before mixing with the Cro Mignon was about 200 cc smaller than the brain size of modern humans. Scientists traced the human male Y-Chromosome to an unknown source that did not come from the Neanderthal! (it is not speculative anymore that the unknown source was of alien origin, but it is still speculative whether the three aliens that formed Mount Olympus (Zeus, Poseidon and Pluto) came from the habitable 26 ECM planet B in the Zeta Reticuli system or planet B in the Alpha Centauri system. Science also found out that human’s circadian motion is 25 ECM hours, not the 24 ECM hours that it is on Earth, as is the case with all other earth’s mammals!

I believe that I am one of the hybrids alluded to in the story the titles this posting. I was not interviewed by the two authors of the book. They interviewed others for this book that is mentioned in the  New Scientist magazine. I have no idea how the authors selected the interviewees but unfortunately I wasn’t one of them. Therefore, I doubt the authenticity of the book. I just saw this title mentioned in the NS magazine and I got intrigued because I consider myself as one of the key people on earth who had researched the fringe background of the Cro Mignon and the remnant DNA of human-Neanderthal mating, as part of my lectures on parapsychology meeting astrobiology and metaphysics in my unusual college class in California in the 80tis (I was a college professor of psychology and parapsychology there for 27 years).

About the Title of my posting picked up from the internet, I object to the statement that “…they kept extinct human DNA alive in us.” This get to the realm of speculation and I am also free to express mine. I believe that the three humanoids (Entered Greek Mythology later as Zeus, Poseidon and Pluto) were actually sent to Earth 30,000 years ago not to keep extinct human DNA alive in us as the article says but to create our incredible species (The Cro Magnon) by mating with Neanderthal woman. You see, anthropology can attest that the Neanderthal was the only evolution line that Earth could produce. Earth was not able to get us to the next level in evolution without “help.” We needed a “divine intervention” or what you would call “Alien seeding.”

2 reasons why a democrat in the White House this time will be worse for the world!

April 22, 2016

The first reason why a democrat should not be in the White House at this time is the destruction of Manifest Destiny (MD), which started with the Obama presidency. The U.S. is the only country on this earth that can lead the world to peace. MD is woven into the fabric of the American dream, like Tikun Olam is woven into the fabric of Israel’s destiny. Without these 2 countries leading the world to peace these 2 countries will fall out of grace and you will suffer economically, socially and militarily. Let me give you an example from my family:  The Kinarthy family’s MD has always been to produce MD’s, PhD’s, JD’s and other educated people and live well for peace and love. What’s your family’s MD ?

The second reason why a democrat should not be in the White house this time is the destruction of Distinct Boundaries (DB) which started with the Obama presidency copying the borderless European Union. The U.S. is the only country in the world that can lead the world to peace by showing all nations how important it is to have borders between nations or states for peaceful neighborhoods. DB is woven into the fabric of the American Dream like Tikun Olam is woven into the fabric of Israel, 2 pivotal nations that right now don’t respect their own borders. Let me give you my example again:  The Kinarthy family DB rule has always been to keep out of the family intruders and trouble makers and other problematic people. What’s your family’s DB ? Are you keeping out from living with your family all the problematic individuals?

There are more reasons why a democrat in the White House today will create poor examples of good living for us. Let me list a few more bad tendencies that the democratic party picked up under the “leadership” of president Obama:  Paternalism, Socialism,  Govermentalism, ignorance of psychological principles, careless spending of other people’s money, fear of fighting for one’s rights, denigrating of one’s country, over-socializing with strangers, making decisions in the short run and ignoring their consequences in the long run, and so one. I don’t think that you need me to list more reasons why a democrat today in the WH will continue Obama’s policies that are bad for you, for the U.S. and for the world. I am sure we would survive a Hillary’s presidency but I think that you and your family deserve more than just to survive. Start anew, set up your 2 new rules, your own boundary and manifest destiny. Ask what your country can do for you and what you can do for your country. Vote right!

The RNC is suicidal or stupid? What a choic!

April 18, 2016

I am sure you read the rebuff of Trump by most of the key self-appointed delegates who make up the RNC hierarchy. Do they realize that they are pushing Mr. T  to switch to an independent run for the White House in July that will destroy the chances of the Party nominee to win ???? Mr. T has a national movement and it is probable that in a 3-ways race HE MIGHT WIN!!!! Why? Many Hillary voters, Sanders voters, RNC voters and independents may Join the anger and vote for Trump. This election is exciting to me. I like drama and Trump, no matter what he does as president, would be by far better for America and better for the stupid world than Obama is (Obama made more bad decisions in 8 years than any previous president).  There are so many individuals in a positions of authority at the RNC who don’t understand psychology at all. That is not a problem by itself, the problem is that they think they do and don’t need to be Socratic to save us from a big war. The situation is like a wife (RNC) whose who is married to a popular man (Mr. T) who is leaving her in July after 7 years who is asking, “What did I do wrong that he is leaving?”

The answer is: You restricted him with too many rules!!! You kept him away from you and your friends!!! and above all, you didn’t consider the fact that he is popular with the girls who don’t make too many access rules!

Have a good day, RNC, it is not too late to play the game without suicidal tendencies. Trump is a very “shocking” dude. You need to worry unless your are stupid or suicidal.  You are acting as if it is not stupid to ignore his Ace Card (popularity) of independent run in this stupid poker game called the Presidency, I love it, it sure beats monopoly! I am not insinuating that it’s like a kids game…no, these are aaddolltts!


April 16, 2016

PD-L1 – Immunotherapy: Unleashing the body to fight cancer.
To many physician-researchers and scientists, finding a way to get the body’s immune system to attack cancer cells is a momentous achievement. And Dana-Farber researchers helped make it happen. To learn more, play the video and download the whitepaper.

Pictured above: Gordon Freeman, PhD, PD-L1 Scientist

Download the Whitepaper A Patient’s Story Share This
CTLA-4 – Immunotherapy
Attacking melanoma with checkpoint inhibitors.


IT ALREADY HAPPENED TEN YEARS AGO! I AM SORRY, GENTLEMEN, YOU ARE BEHIND THE TIMES, WAKE UP. The Cologne Medical Clinic (MCC) used immunotherapy to cure my 2 cancers Stage 4!  Type Dr. Elior Kinarthy on Google and watch it, plus my speech at Berlin.

Dr. Elior Kinarthy, Director VCRC (

How did the Y choromozone gone extinct without leaving any trace in modern humans?

April 14, 2016

Neanderthal genes have been found in our genomes, on X chromosomes, and have been linked to traits such as skin colour, fertility and even depression and addiction. Now, an analysis of a Y chromosome from a 49,000-year-old male Neanderthal found in El Sidrón, Spain, suggests the chromosome has gone extinct seemingly without leaving any trace in modern humans.

As a professor of parapsychology for 25 years I have tried to explain to my colleagues in anthropology and genetics that my hypothesis that there is a high probability that the Y-chromosome in modern human males comes from inter-breeding between alien males and earth’s Neanderthal female. An article in New Science leaves the explanation why modern human males have no traces of  Neanderthal Y-Chromosome genes to future centuries. I find it absurd that science has the data but today’s anthropology and genetics are unable to accept that I as a modern male my Y-chromosome may have come from an alien who lived on a habitable planet on Alpha Centaury!

There are 2 habitable B planets with a 26 earth hours day/night cycle (circadian), one is in Alpha Centaury star system as I mentioned and the other is in the Zeta reticuli system. A humanoid from there with an inner clock of 26 hours mating with a Neanderthal female with a inner circle of 24 hours will produce a male offspring with a 25 hours day/night circadian cycle. That male offspring will not have a Neanderthal Y-chromosome and will live by a 25 day/night cycle. That is us, why can’t we accept that our father is an alien hominoid?

What Trump is going to do?

April 4, 2016

When asked what a Trump presidency would mean for Israel, Senator Graham said: “If you can tell me what Trump is going to do, then you should write a book. One thing I can tell you about Donald Trump is that his foreign policy, to me, has been gibberish. To me, it is worse than Obama.”

You already know what this psychologist thinks about professional politicians. They are missing the top information you need to make decisions that work! Graham is not exception. His answer to the JP reporter about what Trump would do as president should have been:

  1. Based on the way Trump has handled his family of children from 3 wifes shows a superb ability to relate to people in difficult circumstances and have every one respect each other and have careers. This translates to great foreign relations, with respect for the chief and appreciation for his leadership in creating jobs for his family members. Countries that will not be accepted as a “family nation” will be hurt.
  2.  The way Trump makes tons of money translates to great deals for American workers. Countries that will not be part of the family of Trump nations will be more poor than today.
  3. Trump will say things that will make people afraid of him untill they realize that he barks more than bites. With experience as president t he will tame down and settle to an interesting presidency, not all good, but 10 times better than the competition.
  4. I like senator Graham but he can’t think outside the box.