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Maine vs. Ebola patient, what’s the solution?

October 30, 2014

TODAY: An American nurse who cared for Ebola patients in Sierra Leone is quarantined in Maine by governor Paul LePage. She threatens to sue. The doctors say she was tested for Ebola twice and does not have the virus. The community is nervous, though,  there is no trust. Let us solve the problem that CNN can’t solve because they are nincompoopy. Here you have 5 jurisdictions, 1) The government, 2) The courts, 3) The doctors, 4) The patient, 5) President Obama (weird president, always injects himself in local controversies. This community organizer in him make things worse), and 6) The public.

 The solution: Governor Paul LePage has the authority to quarantine the nurse at her home untill there is 100% evidence that the public is safe from getting Ebola from her if she is let go. It isn’t Obama’s decision, it isn’t a judge’s decision, it isn’t the patient’s decision. It is the doctors’ decision to certify the patient as 100% free of Ebola. Because the doctors are the key players here the doctors will have to put their career on the line; They will lose their license to practice medicine in Maine and end in prison for 10 years if anyone in Maine gets Ebola from the nurse after she is released, no ends or buts about it. But here is the problem: if the nurse is out and someone in Maine does get Ebola you can’t prove that he got it from the nurse, you can only assume it. Therefor, this solution does not work. The only solution left is: quarantine the nurse for a few days to calm the nerves of the community. Meantime, have the doctors check out the nurse throughly to make sure she has no Ebola, certify it and let her go. If somehow someone in Maine does get Ebola, arrest the certifying doctors, indict them and let them have their day in court. The government will lose the case but the governor will be reelected, the community will feel calm, the nurse will be free and Medicine winning its day in court will be trusted again. Thank you.

Aging: physical, chronological, social, psychological and behavioral.

October 30, 2014

I am not tooting my own horn about my looks, although it may smell that way to the suspicious reader. My goal in this posting is to get you reinvigorated in your later years. I am 78, I finally reached my goal to look about 50 (see picture). I had a major spine surgery and a nurse in the hall looked at me walking with help and asked my wife, ‘Is that your father ?’ I turned my head and retorted angrily, ‘No, I’m her grandfather.” With a new life style I think that perception won’t happen again. Now I also have the energy of a 40-year-old, feel 45, think deep like a  70-year-old, and behave between 35 and 90. I walk a lot but I can’t top my best friend Max who is 90 and did 40 push ups without much effort.

Chronological aging is how old you are. I was born in 1936, no ends or buts about it, I am old chronologically, but it is just a number if you can avoid labels; I am not old! I am young! I am experienced, Maximilian said. Biological age is how old you really are. It is your body talking, little to do with time, that is just your chronological age. My doctor checked me out and said “You are about 60 in body health,” That means that I have a long life ahead of me despite 2 cancers and a spinal cancer tumor surgery. I take the right supplements, do the right exercise, relax the right way, and I live to eat, as the Chinese would say. I eat well. Having a wife who is 55 and looks 35 helps. My behavior today appears younger than my behavior when I was 50, almost 30 years ago! How? Thanks to my ability to awake my consciousness, a skill many psychologists have. In business I am much more succesful than before I retired in 1998, I’d say my writing and thinking powers are about age 70, cashing in on a life time of acquiring knowledge and practicing. My social life is great, I have friends who are 25 but I usually hold back commenting on what they say. They remind me how poor and unaware I was at 30. 35 is considered in psychology the Becoming One’s Own Man (BOOM phenomenon) time. Now, energy I have plenty but I must say that I can’t duplicate my physical strength of youth, after all I fought 2 cancers to win and although I won it sapped some of my strength. I think I am only 60 in that domain.

The message that I wanted to give you today about aging is, forget about chronological aging, take care of your body as it is a gift from nature that can always stay younger and more cherished than when it was given to you. That is the easy part. The difficult part is to train your mind to think, feel and behave at least 20 years younger than you are. Have plenty of money because your planned and invested and it helps to have a young wife…or ask the “older” wife if she is willing to act younger. After all, Shakespeare said that life is a stage! Enjoy the joy!

Why I won’t participate in debates with leftists.

October 29, 2014

I belong to a political group that meets every other Sunday. One of my friends whom I respect in the group suggested to invite a leftist activist to debate his views on antisemitism and Jewish affairs. I will not be attending. In our group we have left leaning and right leaning individuals. I am sure people will enjoy the debate because it will be lively. This issue of willingness to debate people with opposing views to yours is big. I am a teacher, not a debater. Most people, including teachers, not only not exclude themselves from debates but really look forward to debate opposing views. Sisyphus would be delighted. There is probably a minority that won’t debate right-wing individuals. There is probably even a smaller minority that won’t debate left wingers. I am one. In general, there are very smart individuals, not just psychologists, who won’t discuss hot issues with wifes, husbands, co-workers, strangers, friends or what have you. I feel important enough to say, “Let me teach you the fact rather than to say let’s debate the issue.”  Here is why I won’t debate a leftist unless…

…unless I decide to do it for fun, to poking the other person, step on their toes (which I enjoy doing), earn brawny points with my other friends or play psychological games with their mind because I don’t like them or I think they hold dangerous views to the community. I won’t debate leftists, liberals, socialists, anarchists, communists, fascists, fanatics, etc. Actually, as a teacher I like to teach people good values, how to build not destroy, and you can’t teach a leftist anything! They are so rigid in their attitude that I rather debate a wall about the color of paint it should have than a leftist about human rights! They can’t see that they are hurting human rights, equality, love, respect, the economy, democracy, and the very values they profess to cherish. Liberals epitomize the dictum, The road to hell is paved with good intentions! I won’t say that all of them have a borderline personality disorder (BPD) called delusional but some do. Why debate someone about antisemitism and get frustrated because they can’t see that they exhibit such an attitude? Wouldn’t you rather go for coffee with a friend who shares your positive views of the world? I do. I will not give people I don’t like publicity, air time, audience and all the attention they need to grow more regressive and entrenched while thinking that they are progressive. I may seem harsh to you but that is the way I feel. I don’t participate in debates with leftists. I don’t like feeling frustrated and wasting my time unless I get paid for my services as a psychologist.

EBOLA: What’s being a left winger or a right winger got to do with it? Telling it like it is!

October 26, 2014

There is a beginning of a panic in New York city (NYC) because the public doesn’t trust the Mayor and medical authorities who tend to minimize the seriousness of Ebola. A responsible nurse from Texas with a fever after treating Mr. Duncan who died from Ebola called the Center for disease Control (CDC) and asked, “Can I fly?” What she meant was, “What is the chance that a passenger  on a commercial flight to New York sitting next to me  be 100% safe from getting Ebola? This issue is interesting to me as a psychologist because a right-wing CDC doctor would have probably said, “I would suggest that you don’t fly for 21 days.” The answer by the left-wing doctor who answered the phone was (that’s what happened), “Yes, you can fly.” The difference in answers have to do with left-right political orientations of minds! A right-wing doctor tends to be more concerned with public safety while a left-wing doctor is primarily concerned with the public civil rights. He identifies most likely with “Doctors without Borders” (DWB) the humanitarian American group of doctors who went to West Africa to fight Ebola and brought the disease back home. The left thinking is, “If you get Ebola in Africa come home to America and the generous American people will foot the bill for your rehab and if a few get infected and die, that is the collateral damage we pay as Americans for helping a world that doesn’t care about you.” (Jews have a similar attitude). The Right wing Doctor (he never joins DWB) would say, “If you go to save lives in Africa or the world and come back with Ebola, don’t expect the American people to foot the bill (you will have to pay the hospital and doctor bills) and you can be sued if someone gets Ebola and dies because of you! What you have here is two personality orientations of left and right personalities in medicine (you thought the split was only in politics?). The right is 100% Nationalistic American, the left is 50% internationalist and 50% American, the right motto is helping people to help themselves is best, the left likes taking care of people (paternalistic), The right hates other people to spend or take care of their money, the left loves it. Example in investing: Right wing people manage their own portfolios (buy individual shares,) left wing people buy Mutual funds. The leftist parent will internalize blaming herself if the kid turns bad, “What did I do wrong?”. The rightist parent will externalize, saying, “The darned public school, violent videos, TV and Hollywood movies…you can’t dial a child.”  The left will minimize a problem, the right will maximise it. The left will find something good in the bad, the right will never do that. The leftist keeps minorities staying minorities, the rightist forces them to integrate into society or ship them back to where they came from. The left is more antisemitic than the right, but it’s funny, before WWII it was the opposite. The left believes in the supreme court and Judiciary, the right believes in Congress and laws passed by the people, the left is rigid and dogmatic pretending they are flexible, the right is flexible pretending they are tough (remember Reagan). The left welcomes Ebola to the country to be treated, the right would seal the border. The left likes to take care of immigrants who don’t want to integrate, the right forces them to integrate or sends them back. And , in my profession leftist psychologists like to treat the patient’s mind endlessly and rightist psychologists like to treat the client’s behavior temporarily. I’d leave it to you imagination where I stand and what type of treatment I like to dispense to clients.

Behavioral Medicine: A must read to get rid of the Ebola epidemic!

October 17, 2014

In 1980 I realized as a psychology professor at Rio Hondo College in California and a weight control expert that I could do a better job for my students, clients, and patients if I emphasized behavior over the clinical approach. Within a new years I became a behavioral psychologist. In 1998 I realized as a retired behavioral psychologist that I had a passion for the new branch of economics called behavioral economics whose “father” was Dr. Daniel Kahneman, a behavioral psychologist who received the Nobel Price in Economics in 2002 against the recommendations of classical economics professors who dominated the field. I became a behavioral economist in practice by presenting my studies at UCLA, the University of Valencia in Spain and the University of Rome. I started 2 websites; and I also started 2 blogs; and But, for the life of me I didn’t think of starting a website called behavioral medicine.

In 2002 I started a website called in order to handle 2 cancers: prostate cancer and bone cancer that were behaving bad in my body. Today, 2014,  I am cured of both cancers. Looking back at the process of curing myself, I can say that I have unknowingly used behavioral medicine to cure my cancers.

This evening I saw hope in the air, CNN interviewed a behavioral solutions specialist (BSS) to shed light (give insight) on how to handle the Ebola epidemic the behavioral way. Based on my experience with changing classical psychology to behavioral psychology, classical economics to behavioral economics and in 2002 unknowingly classical medicine to behavioral medicine. I believe that using the behavioral approach in medicine the Ebola virus will lose 100%! But, I must warn everyone, so far, watching CNN and the BBC it appears that all the speakers are classic health care workers who seem to know something about the behavior or the Ebola virus but very little about their own behaviour!!

Is EBOLA a moral issue?

October 16, 2014

Two weeks ago I was an early blogger to point out the serious threat of Ebola. EBOLA will come to the U.S. and Canada and spread because Obama and Harper will not stop Ebola patients from entering the U.S. or Canada because these two leaders believe that to stop Ebola patients at the border and send them back to be treated elsewhere is not a moral behavior.  Let us discuss Ebola as a moral issue because in medicine there is a neglected branch called Spiritual Medicine. Can we assume that the doctors and nurses who went to West Africa to help sick Africans and got Ebola are caring people? Yes. Can we assume that when they came back to the U.S. and inadvertently infected people on airplanes and in hospitals that they were not moral enough or at least not responsible health workers? Yes. Can we assume that if Obama and Harper didn’t let them in and they died elsewhere that the majority of Americans and Canadians would condemn this two leaders as cold-hearted and uncaring rather than as great leaders? Probably. Can we assume that if Mr. Duncan, the Ebola patient who died in Dallas said, “I have Ebola and I am not flying from Liberia to the U.S. to infect innocent people and be a financial burden on the American tax payer,” no one would even know he existed if he died back in in Liberia, or think of him as a hero – which he would definitely be if he stayed away in order to protect Americans! My questions are: Are we really moral people in our decision-making? As doctors and nurses, are we really moral people to go to other countries, die from Ebola and render your kids at home without a parent? I know it is tough to ask these questions but I will if no one else will. Enough with political correctness! The nurse had a fever and she called the Center for Disease Control (CDC) and was told that for her to fly is OK! Do you think that the CDC person who told her so should have his day in court or at least be fired? I do, so am I vindictive? Where do you draw the line in the West on national permissiveness? When thousands of our soldiers die in useless wars because of uninformed politicians making heuristic political decisions? When Obama or Harper let Ebola patients in that would infect millions? Where would you draw the moral line? Did we forget that governments were formed years ago to protect the community? There is an election for a new Congress coming next month in November, do you think the voters are scared enough of Ebola and ISIS to do a better job in electing more caring and intelligent representatives this time?

EBOLA: What is it and why now?

October 14, 2014

I am 78, in 1998 I thought that I’d retire and go sailing but like my experience when I was teaching psychology to students (and now to people through my blogs), I face a new audience all over the world who want to know the truth about what’s happening that they aren’t getting from CNN, BBC, AMA, UN and various governments.

This is ridiculous but the nurse in Texas got Ebola because she didn’t know geography when Mr. Dunkin told her that he just arrived from Liberia in West Africa and had a fever, I bet you she didn’t know where Liberia was. She couldn’t connect the dots. You see, in high school they don’t teach you geography. I’d bet you that if Mr. Dunkin said that he just came from Belgium it would have made no difference to the nurse either…they don’t teach history of Europe in American high school either. As an educator I can assure you that much of the stuff your kids learn in high school won’t make your kids grow up to be able to avoid Ebola, poverty or a life of quite desperation!

What is Ebola? Ebola is a short strand of criminal RNA (like half a bad DNA) looking for a normal RNA to fuse with and start making  a poison protein. The virus lives in African bats in their saliva, poop and the soil they walk on until it finds an opportunity to jump into a human who works or  walks in the woods, eat the bat or let the bat eat the crops or kills the bat without burying the carcass, or even give the darn thing to their kids to play with as pets. Who know what uneducated people do to harm themselves! The important thing for you to know is that as soon as the Ebola RNA find a matching partner (even an RNA in a vegetable plant!), the pair star multiplying like crazy, almost any RNA would do, they spread in and out in ways you can’t even imagine, one DNA infected and you are done, one molecule of sweat, one tiny CO2 breath of Mr. Dunkin toward the 70 hospital workers, and the authorities, their job is only to make the public feel not alarmed! I said a month ago quarantine the USA, I said a week ago quarantine Canada. No one listened. A modern bubonic plague is here, you, my readers, you are on your own, prove that you are a good reader of my blog, make sure you learn how to protect yourself! You are on your own!

Obama vs. Baghdadi II

October 11, 2014

The reason I have a sequel to Obama vs. Baghdadi I is that CNN a few minutes ago asked the question, “Will Baghdad fall to ISIS? I have the answer that the CNN panel could not agree on – Yes, it will happen, but not soon, it is not that simple and besides I want my reader to get the bigger psychological picture:

Listen and judge for yourself looking at your own relationships, in any situation, big or small, or in any argument in life on any subject you can always identify a more cautious and a less cautious person – 2 different views, 2 different attitudes! Human personalities are like a car, you look at a situation and you either speed up or slow down,  become the accelerator (let’s do it!) or you become the breaks (hold your horses, dude). For example, I retired to beautiful Canada as a psychologist from California in 1998 and saw the juicy apple orchards and got hooked! I wanted to buy 10 acres of an apple orchard in the Okanagan and my wife said absolutely No. I was the accelerator and she was the breaks, thank God, because today I would be stuck with rotten apples and no time to do what I really love to do which is write this stuff in my blogs and websites! Are you an accelerator or the breaks? Look at your attitude. If you are alarmed and believe that ISIS and Ebola will accelerate their spread for now your are the speed pedal in the car called life, if you believe that we will soon find  a way to stop Ebola and ISIS or at least slow them down you are the breaks!

I am the accelerator about both. About ISIS I am the accelerator (They will capture Baghdad eventually) because Obama has no strategy how to stop Baghdadi  and his goons while they do have a strategy how to get Baghdad with its billions in the banks and weapons in the armories. Their strategy: They practice attacking and taking over small towns, then medium and finally they go for the big fish. Obama has no strategy, he is just reactive, just bombing and bombing  and then reactively putting boots on the ground when ISIS gets to Baghdad. He is a reactive dude, not a planner. But, at the end of the day, it’s like with the Nazis, they accelerated, then slowed down and finally stopped (usually when that happens you get the next president in the WH). About Ebola, it’s the same thing, the USA is an overly overly permissive society (OOPS! is an important concept for you to remember), If Obama ordered that “All flights from countries with Ebola are allowed only to land in the airport, fuel and fly back,” demonstrators will riot or a permissive federal judge somewhere in the US will nullify the presidential order using the 14th amendment to the Constitution! Ebola cannot be stopped at the border because the American people are mostly the breaks in the car, they slow down thinking. They don’t think that Ebola or ISIS are unstoppable for a few years, “it’s not that bad,” they probably say!

We should really rename my posting today, “Obama vs. Baghdadi and Obama vs. Ebola” and in both cases the American people will suffer untill they shed off their (OOPS!) and the “car-breaks” attitude. You can’t expect an accelerated thinking from the greatest country on earth right now!

Why we have Ebola, Gaza, Aids/HIV, ISIS, wars, Obama, Hunger, Bush, Rape, Johnson, and what to do about it?

October 8, 2014

Scientists always researching how to find the grand theory of everything (GTE). They use factor analysis (FA) where they throw data into the supercomputer,  do a Regression Analysis (RA), find the 4-5 main variables, then do a final FA and find the one thing that causes it all. Here is the one thing that causes all the problems in  the world: How we make decisions, the decision-making process in our minds, always looking at the question in the head to do the thing or not to do the thing, to buy it or not to buy it, to marry him or not to mary him, to take the job or not to take the job, to go to school or not, and which school, to leave home or to stay another year, to buy the care, home, dress, idea, yes or no, now or later????????????????????? Dr. Daniel Kahneman got the Nobel Price in 2002 for writing the book Fast Thinking, Slow Thinking, to tackle the issue scientifically: How Do We Make the Wrong Decisions? How do we? And more importantly, how do we switch to making the right decisions, no more hunger, war, AIDS, Ebola, ISIS, OBAMA, Bush, Johnson!!!!!!!

The answer is simple, when you see people destroying things, don’t support them, when you see people building things, support them. When Ebola patients come to your country/ home show compassion but don’t let them in because you need to protect your children, when ISIS begins to recruit and kill find out why they do it and address the injustice (bombing won’t stop ISIS), when you decide to end your marriage find out if there is a better way, when you decide to invest in a company, find out if your decision is the best, and so on. There is nothing in your life that is more important than to make decisions that bring you success, happiness, health and wealth. Doing the process of decision-making right is worth every Penney you spent, every minute you used and every thought and feeling you analysed. I don’t know what else I could say, maybe if you feel very passionate about taking on what you think or feel is evil think twice about your decisions! Make sure that the facts show that it is evil and not just something in you comes up that way. Remember, decision-making ends in verbal and nonverbal behavior. It isn’t so much the decision that matter, it’s what you say and what you do afterwards. The world is a mess right now, so you know that Obama’s decisions since 2008 were not supportive of peace and prosperity in the world. Hilary Clinton was a part of it as Secretary of State so don’t vote for her in 2016 for president and continue the wrong decision-making process. The world can only take that much before the Universe realizes that earth needs another Noah’s flood! Be careful!

The question: Who will win the fight between Obama and Baghdadi?

October 2, 2014

The answer: Baghdadi will win the fight.

Why: Because Obama thinks the fight is physical and Baghdadi knows the fight is psychological.

How is it psychological? Every day Baghdadi instil a motivation to run away fast (extreme fear of beheading) in every American, Iraqi or Syrian fighter facing ISIS men… just looking at them.  Baghdadi knows that his troops are safe of being beheaded as a retaliation. If an Iraqi General captured 10 ISIS fighters and beheaded them, the Americans will have a feat… invoking the 14th Amendment to the Constitution for the next 10 years in various courts costing millions to the American tax payers, and 20 NGO’s will be galvanized to go to court against the US government as an accomplice with the Iraqi general who will end locked up in a cell next to Milosevic from Serbia.

The solution: Replace the bombing with A+ trained commando units from every country involved and send them to face the ISIS fighters. This is not boots on the ground. But, wait a minute, there is a problem here… beware of your ability to train the commandos. I’d give the American commando trainers a C- in this area.  Why? Because…well,  they forgot to supply the commando units with ISIS flags and uniforms…among 100 other important things they forgot!

The predicted outcome in 2017: Good bye Obama, your thinking could have used Ginkgo Biloba. Hello new president, take the brain stimulants if you are not like Teddy!