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Impasse in a relationship – then what?

July 29, 2010

A relationship is a framework for activities together. A relationship is a set of rules of conduct that 2 people agree upon. A relationship is a context. Let’s say 2 people don’t talk to each other. Do they still have a relationship? Yes, a relationship is a context, not a content. Let’s say they do nothing together. Do they still have a relationship? Yes, but who cares to have a frame without a picture in it. I suppose you keep the fame to put a picture in it one day. Let’s face it: The only way you can get rid of a bad relationship is by changing the rules of that relationship. A classic example is a divorce. A separation is an impasse in the relationship, a permanent disagreement on the rules. New rules may or may not replace the old rules. The hope is always that the replacing rules work better than the old rules because they are positive in nature and promote happiness.

The main rule is to leave the past alone. You will be able to improve the rules of your new relationships if you engage your consciousness, spirituality, self-awareness, free-will, and so on. It can be done with a conscious effort. Dealing with the past is much more difficult.

The first step in healing your body is easy to do!

July 24, 2010

I typed my name in Google and found an old article in the National Enquirer that mentioned my book on weight control. The book was never published because editors told me it was not unique enough to compete successfully against zillion other books on nutrition and weight control. That “rejection” stimulated my independent thinking. Today, 30 year later, I am so maverick a thinker that you won’t find in my writings anything that is not unique! Retired at 74, all my ideas are unconventional and they work like magic.

This morning, as I was doing every morning in the last twenty-five years, I microwaved  2 spoonfuls of self-ground brown flax seeds in half a cup of water for one minute. I drank the concoction when it cooled off. Why do I share this “secret” with you? Simple, it can be the first step you take in healing your body and it is easy to do. Hey, if you stop injesting substances that harm your body, I will tell you more of my nutritional “secrets.” Why would I do that? Well,  I am one of the few psychologists that you would ever meet in life who genuinely care about my home planet!

How to vote in November for a better America!

July 23, 2010

100 days to the mid-term election and the healthy shift is from voting for a party to voting for an individual representative. Here are the questions to ask your candidate:

1. Please describe your proactive plan to lower unemployment in the US below the traditional 6%.

2. Please describe your proactive plan to eliminate all subprime mortgages and replace them with normal mortgages.

3. Please describe your proactive plan to prevent the rise in unemployment in the future.

4. Please describe your proactive plan to prevent banks from issuing subprime mortgages in the future.

5. Please describe your proactive plan to lower the death of American military personnel in Iraq and Afghanistan to no more than 20% of the present level.

6. Please estimate the real outcome of leaving Iraq and Afghanistan on Obama’s terms and schedule.

It is better for you not to vote at all than to vote for a candidate that can’t answer these questions to your satisfaction. Let’s hope that you don’t suffer again by the way you vote! This is your most important mid-term election ever.

Six reasons women have sex!

July 3, 2010

Guess why the blogs of this psychologist are becoming popular? You got it, I tell it like it is, no spin, no politically correct bullshit, no sugar-coated half-truths, and no false but popular notions, just the facts, the  “Bhagavad Gita” way!

Here are the six reasons women have sex:

1. A natural instinct: Sex for women is genetically connected with having a baby, and the idea creates a sense of justification.  Woman after child-bearing years are not as receptive to having sex as when they were young and newly wed.

2. Cultural conditioning: A woman tend to be receptive to a suitable man’s sexual advances if she perceive a chance for love.

3. Physical state: Naturally, women  are physically weaker than men, and tend to give in to assertive men who are bigger, stronger, socially skilful and – persistent.

4. Age and the pill: Young women, before marriage or the arrival of kids and responsibilities, seek out friendships and social fun. They tend to send signals to men they find attractive to “exchange sex” for fun, parties, and the possibility of their own sexual orgasm – which frequently doesn’t happen for biological reasons.

5. Power play: Women tend to make themselves available sexually to powerful men, men in authority, wealthy men, politicians, sports figures, movie stars, entertainers, so as to get some of the limelight of attention.

6. Falling in love: Some women are very attracted to men with good sense of humor that make them laugh, and appear to be devoid of an immediate desire for sex. Women hate sexual pressures.

There are many secondary reasons why women have sex, some of them have to do with the erroneous belief that sex will bring happiness, reduce loneliness, promote love, and it’s a form of self-expression. It may as well be so for the educated modern woman  if she is first and foremost responsible for her good life!

FIFA and Wall Street: The coach and the CEO are everything!

July 2, 2010

In my guidebook The Psychology of Investing, I wrote that Warren Buffett elevated the importance of a company’s CEO for your share earnings to a “Godly” level. I just watched the Netherland beat Brazil in soccer in South Africa, Brazil, mind you, Brazil, a team with the best individual players in the world lost in the quarter-final! Get it, Wall Street CEOs and Football CEOs (coaches) hold the secret to the success of their companies or teams. The coach of the Holland team is the most important variable in the victories of his team. He doesn’t let his players kick the ball back too often, play individually too much, pass the ball to the next player instead of ahead of him, play a passing game too close to the opponent’s goal line instead of kicking, and lose their “cool” when the referee makes the wrong call. I tell you, my friend, it’s hard to find great coaches or CEOs nowadays but when you find a Maradona, Buffett, Jobs, or the Google boys, you get wealthy and really enjoy the elegance of the game!