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BP oil spill is a symptom of what’s wrong with our generation.

May 30, 2010

No, my analysis isn’t the garden variety of bull…that you like to watch.  My observation is a classic social psychology pilot study. I watched CNN coverage of the oil spill for a random day. I found out that only 15% of the time CNN reported on direct efforts to stem the flow of oil. Guess what the other 85% of reporting time was about? You guessed it… interesting “stuff” that didn’t do diddle  shit for the Earth but kept your neighbors watching and sending in their bull…emails (sure kept the commercials coming). I crave for the day that 15% of programming would be “soap” and 85% substance.

We need a new educational system before it is too late. People should get excited over scientific discoveries and achievements more than over what a celebrity said on Facebook about the oil spill. That would be the day that oil spills won’t happen or get stemmed in an hour!

Learning to fix things that go wrong is a function of what Americans like to watch on TV, it forms attitude: The “soap opera” created around events versus the  “Yank’s ingenuity” of fixing problems. We have changed for the worse as a culture. Are we heading towards a culture designed Armageddon? Let’s stop watching CNN unless they report 85% of the time how to solve problems!

Most of my “action” postings don’t get responses and most of my “soapy” stuff does, I will feel encouraged if this posting will – for the sake of our mother Earth.

Accept that Obama’s response to the BP oil spill is classic American response!

May 27, 2010

The oil spill in the gulf of Mexico has now become the biggest oil spill in the history of the United States. Please understand that Obama’s inadequate handling of the situation is a post-Teddy Roosevelt classic American response to disasters. Our culture has become a global wimp!

It started with 2800 Marines who perished at Pearl Harbor when Imperial Japan attacked in 1941 believing correctly that the Teddy Roosevelt’s 1903 era of assertiveness was gone from the American culture.  Today, Americans give the impression that they are willing to pay TOO MUCH for peace. That is why we have disasters. Psychologically, when the strong acts like a wimp it backfires! If it wasn’t for the Nazis attacking us, we would have probably forgiven the Japanese for Pearl Harbor. We have forgiven the Hizbullah for killing 250 Marines in Lebanon. We have forgiven Bin Laden for killing 3000 Americans in New York. We are ‘nice’ to BP for the mess in the Gulf. We forgive Bill Clinton for disarming the US for 10 years. We forgive Bush for weak responses to aggression against the US. We forgive Obama for supporting a regime in Afghanistan that allows child prostitution. So far, we have forgiven anyone who hurt Americans, and we have supported anyone who hurt their people.

The voters elect those of us who are “politically correct” nice guys who hide well that they really don’t care about people. Congress is full of these people.  If Teddy Roosevelt run for president today, he would lose big time, not withstanding the likelihood that he would have handled the BP oil spill more assertively than Obama did. We are our worse enemies when we vote for a nice social personality for president instead of a powerful, no-nonsense assertive leader!

BP oil spill exposes Obama’s weakness as a leader!

May 25, 2010

A strong president will veto any company request for drilling for oil underwater unless oil spills are proven scientifically unlikely and if they do occur, the technology available to stop the oil leak has been proven to work right away.

Obama only said “drill baby, drill” and the people lost their livelihood with a “spill baby, spill.” Why didn’t he take charge? I am writing a book on Obama’s 10 personality weaknesses, the major of which is that Obama being so socially likable personality finds it very difficult to oppose strong CEOs, i.e., take command, make demands, or order them to obey him or else! The British Petroleum CEO recognized Obama’s weakness in leadership and took complete British command in handling an oil leak on American soil, may be even trying to salvage an expensive BP platform instead of just plugging the hole!

Here is what should have been done from the very beginning: The drill hole should have been smaller to be more manageable. BP would have made less money pumping out less oil per hour but it would have been more under control.  A plan should have been in place ready on the first day of the leak to insert a smaller diameter tube into the leak hole as far as it would go and inject in material (mud, clay, cement, foam, etc.) that would harden in water and plug the hole.

For the first time in his presidency, Obama’s approval rating is below 50%. People still like him but they question his leadership in protecting their livelihood. If he doesn’t learn how to get tough with CEOs who need restraining, he would not be reelected in 2012!