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Is culture everything?

August 11, 2012

The Olympics are coming to an end. The democratic USA culture with 300 million people dominates the life of Americans with freedom of self expression and big monetary rewards for  desirable expressions. The US athletes won about 100 medals (1medal=3m). The organized and centralized Chinese culture with 1.3 billion people dominates the life of the Chinese people with love for the motherland and personal accolade for desirable achievements but little monetary rewards. Chinese athletes won about 90 medals (1medal=14m). The disorganized Indian culture dominates the life of 1.1 billion Indians with love for peace of mind and the hereafter. India won 2 medals (1medal=550m). Wonderful egalitarian easy going outdoor oriented Canadian culture with 30 million people dominates the life of Canadians with strong freedom of expression but almost no nationalistic financial reward or accolade for achievements. Canada won about 20 medals (1medal=1.5m).  To all the other countries participating in the 2012 Olympics I would say: Look at the number of medals your culture has produced in the 2012 Olympics and guess, (1) Your national pride, (2) Government support, (3) importance of standard of living, (4) cultural organization or chaos, and (5) level of personal satisfaction in living. As with all sociological analyses, this one will be ignored by “loser” cultures blaming “winner” cultures of exploitation of athletic resources.

I would give a “losing” culture one generation (25 years) of good education (yourself and your children) rather than “picking” on other people to become a winning culture. go for it!

Game theories: American Chess versus Chinese Weiqi, who will win?

June 12, 2011

Understanding the difference will give you the extra power (edge) that you need to win in your Relationships,  whether it is money that you seek, sex, love, respect, military victory, territory, peace or winning elections.  First, you have to accept that all situations in life are win-lose situations. Compromise is a temporary state when one feels that he cannot yet win!  Second, you have to accept that there are only 2 ways to win: Replace your opponent or weaken him enough till he is no longer a threat and you are not concerned anymore.

Chess is an American game where you confront and replace your opponent. Checkmate is when you replace your opponent’s king with your king. Weiqi is a Chinese game where you don’t confront or replace your adversary. Victory is achieved when you weaken your opponent’s king and make him subservient to your king. In life, these 2 strategies are “sugar-coated” with rhetoric (Obama) to such an extent that the average person (or leader) can’t discern the strategy and can’t take advantage of his insight!

In the long run, the future belong to China unless the West switches games (it will not). The Chinese derive their Weiqi approach from Taoism, the Wu (without) Wei (effort) translated into Tai Chi Chuan (the effortless action of Zen). Weiqi is a deceptive quantum mechanics game of minute basic undercurrent steps, persistent, small, appear unthreatening, etc. The Chinese won’t need confrontations with the US,  just to slowly own US finance, Africa’s natural resources, Europe’s consumption, Australia’s natural resources and Asia’s economies. India is not a threat economically or militarily by nature of its slow peaceful society.

In the short run the future belongs to America as long as its military is able to confront and replace adversaries in its worldly chess game, whether it was Hitler or Osama, it is Gaddafi, or it will be Ahmadinejad. I will bet on America as long as it has the skill to replace kings!  I will not bet on Europe, Israel, or the Middle-East countries because these players refuse or can’t replace bad kings (Arab Spring is overvalued). These countries never even heard of the fabulous Chinese Weiqi game!

How to create full employment in the US with good wages!

November 2, 2010

Now that you decided not to vote today as I have asked you until we get better candidates running, I will tell you how to find the right candidate. Here is what your candidates what they should run on in order to create full employment in the US with good wages:

1. Keep skilled and super-skilled labor in the US. Let the Chinese have our cheap labor, the unskilled and semi-skilled. We can’t compete with the third world on cheap labor. Be nice to them, poor people need to eat.

2. Buy cheap raw materials from others and concentrate on making the highest quality end products and services in the US. We can win in competition over finished products with China and India. A good example of it is the fact that the new US cars already are the most good looking and  comfortable to ride in the world and are already equipped with XM radio and state of the art electronic communication and navigation equipment. All you need now is to demonstrate that they are the most reliable in the world (don’t do it with commercials, dummy, do it with repairs statistics).

3. Improve American education to prevent educated foreigners from coming here to get our super-skilled jobs. The dude you vote for must come up with a plan to revamp American education. Don’t vote for her/him if they think the system is fine, need more of your money to do the job, etc.

4. Vote only for candidates who can cite  5 great ways government can stimulate producers to produce and consumers to buy – American.

5. Vote only for candidates who can cite 5 bad behaviors for the economy of a company’s management and 5 good behaviors for the economy of a company’s management.

6. Vote for candidates who are willing to vote to establish 2 commissions:  To study how the German and Japanese auto industries copied the Americans since 1960 and came up with better cars in the 21st century, and how the Chinese are doing it right now.

As a footnote I must add that you should never ask me to run for office or draft me to run for office because I could never be elected. I operate too much outside the political “box.” As a psychologist, the only attempt that I have ever made to run for office was in 1978 in California and ended with disaster. I was shouted down by both republicans and democrats in my congressional district meeting before I even had a chance to file papers. Look for a candidate who will do what I suggest and act more humble than I do. As a professor I tend to lecture to voters. you need someone that can act sweet and humble like Bill Clinton but make a difference like Teddy Roosevelt.

The panda and her feuding twins.

October 18, 2010

Hey, you know who I mean by P, and there is the grown up twin, SK, that P admires, likes to do business with, and uses as a rep to make friends in the neighborhood, but then there is this dummy twin-born holding his brother’s Achilles heel, that twin is a disgrace to his mother in the neighborhood , always getting in trouble and embarrassing her. Why doesn’t P send NK to rehab? Good question, maybe because NK looks like mommy Panda with his red sickle stripes on white fur and a star around the eyes. Well, you guessed it, the P is C, the NK is North K and the SK is South K. Are you confused? I am sure not, after all NK is well-known, proudly wearing a suicide belt while his smarter brother is churning out cars, appliances and TVs. China loves both North Korea and South Korea, but I think one of these days mom will get sick and tired of its unruly twin boy and send him to rehab. There will be a celebration in the neighborhood 🙂

This posting was triggered by the fact that South Korea and China are in the news this week as the strongest trading partners in Asia, to illustrate the findings in psychological research that economic necessity makes for strange bed (bad) fellows. Hey, let’s make this posting even more interesting. Who is the democratic strategist (male) in Washington happily married to a republican strategist (female)? Can you think of a few more strange bed fellows?

The psychology behind 911 and Mumbai.

October 16, 2010

That’s the problem, there is no psychology behind 911 and Mumbai.  All the analyses of what caused terrorists to commit the 911 and Mumbai bombings to date are conventional and appear rational to the FBI, CIA, to average Americans and to “trained” investigators. Just about all the attempts to analyse intelligence data to predict and prevent such events appear reasonable to the FBI, CIA, the public and professional investigators. Analysing causes, predicting events and preventing disasters is the domain of psychologists, but none was ever asked to help! What is going on is an exercise in futility within the context of conventional thinking. It is pathetic because it shows that government is so rigid that it refuses to get out of the “box” even when thousands of people die!  Fighting terror is not a common sense operation, but they think it is! Fighting terror requires different psychological thinking that even most psychologists  do not posses! Research in China concluded (happily) that US military authorities functioning within the American culture have always failed to identify the one person out of ten that can make a difference in difficult operations! Getting out of the “box” means being allowed to function in the way that works rather than in the way that looks right because it conforms to expected standards, logical, acceptable, or commonsense, a freedom American culture allows only under duress or desperation. Any investigator who would do the correct analysis of 911 or Mumbai right now will be “sacked,” laughed at, ridiculed, dismissed or ignored. For that reason you will never find that one psychologist out of ten who would do the correct analysis of 911 and Mumbai!

The truth about Religion, Ethnicity and Culture!

September 28, 2010

When a person achieves a distinction great enough for his name to be mentioned on TV and in the news media, should his/her religion, culture or ethnicity be mentioned alongside his/her achievement? Those of you who say “Yes” assume correctly that no person is an island, that the person achieved his distinction not only as an individual by also through influence from his religion, culture and ethnicity. Psychologically speaking that is always the case, except may be in the case of Tarzan who lived in the jungle, but even he deep inside had British colonial influence.

Psychology and economics have known for a long time since commerce on this planet started 10,000 years ago, that in every religion, culture and ethnic group there are individuals that make great contributions to humanity, albeit in different areas, be it in art, science, foods, clothing, technology, songs, dances, rituals, civil management, inventions, space explorations and governance. But, we usually hear the bad things, “Catholic priests molest children,” “Muslims are terrorists,” “American Indians live in reservations only,” Chinese are communists,” “Watch for German militarism coming back,” or  “India is dirty.” The time has come to scrap those prejudices and to start news reports about individual achievements emphasizing the positive influences that comes out of religions, cultures and ethnicities. They enrich our lives, diversify quality products and services, and advance human civilization. Diversity is wonderful and it is time for us to appreciate one another’s background so the best in man will show up front and the worse will recede into oblivion!

The great “Walmart Syndrome”!

August 28, 2010

I invented the “Wal-Mart Syndrome” this morning for you to consolidate your understanding of a wonderful new market phenomenon – a new pricing system for products and services in the world today. I want you to take advantage of it and save tons of money. Any poor person can start living in the middle-class by reading my “stuff.” All the old bets about pricing of commodities were off 10 years ago when China entered the market place with cheap, cheap, cheap labour. Adam Smith, the father of Capitalism writes in his famous book the Wealth of Nations, “Labour, therefore, it appears evidently, is the only universal, as well as the only accurate measure of value, or the only standard by which we can compare the values of different commodities at all times and at all places.” (Oxford World’s Classics, page 43).

Last week I shopped for good-looking shoes. I found a pair for $129 in a department store I will not name, a comparable pair for $39 at Payless and a beautiful pair for $18 at Wal-Mart, all made in China! My friend said, “No way, 18 bucks?” I said, “Yes, and how do you like my pants?” “Yes, I know, don’t tell me, you paid $29.95.” “No,” I said, “I paid $5 for the pants.” He looked at me with a big puzzle on his face, “But you have a lot of money, why shop at Wal-Mart?” “Well, buddy,” I spin, “I watch Clark Howard a lot and the savings “bug” got into me.”

I wanted to illustrate that Adam Smith was correct about China but not about you! China is becoming a wealthy nation because of cheap labour. You will not! You can become a wealthy person because of cheap pricing, something that didn’t enter “logical” Adam Smith’s equation – buying commodities that cost less than the cost of making them! This Wal-Mart Syndrome phenomenon will not last forever, so cash in on it while it lasts and shop in Wal-Mart (China will raise prices as soon as it completes the economic cycle of creating a wealthy nation). Don’t be one of the misguided individuals demonstrating against Wal-mart, who were convinced by disguised special interest political groups to kick Wal-Mart out-of-town. Be smart, shop for less. By the way, my “Wal-Mart syndrome” concept applies to everything you buy in the world for more than 50% discount. In my life it is everything (eg., I stayed in a 5 star hotel in Tel-Aviv for $100 per night!). Get smart! Enjoy life!

For Alisha in the car financing business.

August 17, 2010

Thank you for following me on Twitter but I don’t respond on Twitter. I find its content and structure frivolous and limiting. You ask for ideas how to expand your business. Start with Chinese psychology. They discovered in 1952 during their cultural revolution that only 1 out of 10 people is equipped with the right personality to lead for significant success and change. They call him (fewer women) “pivot person,” while the other 9 are called “orbiters.” they struggle and struggle until they drop, living for the mere hope of doing better one day. Go to Google and study that issue. Remember an important lesson from the Chinese who say that Business in the West usually chooses an “orbiter” – to lead!

Alisha, do an experiment: Have your accomplice or two disguised in a room to report to you who is a “pivot person.” Get all your employees, relatives, friends, associates, on-line assistants, potential workers, anybody, at least 10 people in a room together and say, “I’ll be back soon.” But, be back an hour or so late. Your accomplices will discover and report to you that there were only 1 or 2 individuals in the room that organized something, or went to find you, or created a group game or a workshop. The “orbiters” complained that you were late to return, watched TV, some called you names (absent-minded, work too hard, irresponsible, forgot us, don’t care enough, etc.). Find the “pivots” to help run you business, it will take off like a rocket to Mars!! You know, the Sky is the Limits!!

Your education: China versus Google!

March 26, 2010

Whether you want to face it or not, in the short run China will win against Google because China intend on building a stable society and doesn’t need disruption, but in the long run google will return because freedom is marching on all over the world. The internet is changing the world as we know it. Knowledge and fun become more important to people than politics when a country is stable and people have decent jobs.

We are destined for a lot of pain and destruction in the process of birth of a new order. Google’s Page and Brim do not understand that China must limit Western freedom and influence for now. A complete freedom to disseminate Western information in China, will undermine the building of a prosperous and peaceful Chinese civilization. There will be enough disruptive elements entering Chinese minds that will sap the energy of the Chinese people away from economic development into political discourse vows worse than the health care debate violence in the US Congress, with its peaceful traditions going back 200 years!. On the other hand, without Google later on China will be behind in advancing ‘good’ knowledge, democracy and freedom of choice.

My suggestion to both  China and Google is to compromise, get together and decide on what should be censured for 10 years and what should not. I know Google refuses to do that because Brim and Page do not have empathy for China’s dilemma, only for Google’s. You can’t have a billion people each picking up from Google “filth” they like,  starting to do their own thing. OK, Chinese society will not collapse but China’s progress will slow down. Google, with all its brilliance, has not adjusted to each country’s situation as it moves in to disseminate knowledge. The only areas where Google should not give in is in the areas of human rights.

Human Rights in the developing world is different from human rights in the developed world. What should be human rights in a changing society like China? The right to be free of gender discrimination, not the right to meddle in transsexual identity problems. The right to be free of racial discrimination, not the right to know about racial aspirations, ethnic separation, and demographic political freedoms. The right to be free of “filth,” not the “right” to have to handle in Chinese homes via Google all the filth that is also on the internet. China does not need internet violence, pornography, animal and human cruelty, child abuse, ridicule and satire of political leaders, the glorification of crimes, in other words, half the internet should be evoked out of China. Compromise will happen the moment China and Google understand how to separate short-term benefits from long-term solutions.

Please, my readers, time to get sophisticated and serious about understanding the world we live in. Ask yourself, if you were planet Earth, would you be happy to host most of the people you know? You know the answer!