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To understand Syria’s civil war you must go back to 661 AD.

August 29, 2013

Muhammad died in 632. Two rivals were chosen as Caliph and Imam by the first generation believers, Abu Baker, a close friend of the prophet as the first Caliph and Ali, Muhammad’s cousin and son-in-law as the first Imam. Ali was assassinated in 661 AD which started the bitter historical feud between Sunnis and Shia to this day. In Syria, 20% are Shia Alawites and 80% are Sunnis. Assad is a Shia. If he loses the civil war his 20% Shia Syrians will be in danger of a massacre. If Assad wins, the Sunnis will be oppressed, have no voice and some will die. No one knows 100% if Assad used the Chemical weapons on the Sunnis, only 99% that he did, but that is not the ultimate issue here. The West doesn’t understand that the feud between the Sunnis and the Shia in Syria is fundamental – no group will give in to the other without being defeated in battle! Here is the solution:

To avoid more civilian deaths, especially innocent women and children, Syria should be temporarily divided into Shia and Sunni autonomous zones (like in Cyprus) for 5 years or untill they learn to relate as Syrians while things quiet down. That will give the UN, the people and western powers time to build a democracy so people can live in peace and prosperity. Would that happen? Probably not, you see, politicians have many misconceptions about human relationships and are too lazy to think straight. Their value system is off from the moment they get selected or elected or appoint themselves!

The medical mouth.

August 13, 2013

The mouth is a lot more than just a mouth. Think psychology. start with the lips. It takes seven days to show symptoms of a sever cold after kissing her lips. One patient said, ‘but I couldn’t resist them, so passionate in red lipstick. She parted them just a bit to show her white beautiful teeth, she put her hand gently on my neck playing with my hair. I went crazy. I landed the French kisses one after another like a machine gun.” The lipstick was gone.

But that’s not the end of the story about the mouth. Your teeth can tell your general health. You lose calcium and it shows in and on your teeth. You age not gracefully and it shows in your “chip” teeth. You don’t brush right and the dentist gets rich. You do it all wrong and the denturist gets rich. I could go on and on with ‘stuff’ that you all know about, but the reason I am writing this piece is because I kissed my beautiful wife and got her severe cold.

How in heaven did I get rid of the cold in 24 hours and prevented it from leaving my sinuses and landing in my throat? My medical mouth went to work. I ate my concoction ( chia in hot water) but that wasn’t it. I put a spoonful of calcium ascorbate in my mouth, added water and gurgled for a minute until it dissolved. Then I swallowed it with lots of water. I did it twice a day. I dropped a drop of Oregano oil in my medical mouth and let stay there and sting. The saliva went to work. After 2 minutes I swallowed the whole thing and drank some water. I did that 5 times during the day, about every 3 hours. I ate rice for obvious reasons. That was it, my medical mouth did a great job, then the next day it talked a lot. i am not great on the lips like my wife is, but I know my health stuff better than most folks. The next morning I felt like a million bucks again. Thank you God for giving me consciousness. Use yours!


August 12, 2013

I run weight control programs in a hospital, clinics and a school and never had a problem recommending high quality eggs as nutritional food. Today, it seems that the egg had become a controversial issue, as every thing else that used to be clear. Well, when you have 9 billion people on earth, you’d find at least 1000 nutritionists against the egg! Even air has become controversial. I am here today to straighten out the egg!

The nutritional value and taste of an egg is sensitive to what the chicken eats and how it lives. Saving a dollar on cheap commercially raised eggs may be costly in health later. Your chicken should eat leftover food and yard growing greens and roam around looking for insects and worms. Its cancer fighting Omega 3 will rise, its cancer promoting Omega 6 will fall and its cholesterol will have less LDL  and more HDL. The egg will supply more variety of vitamins than any other single food, and will even lower hunger. Having said all that, knowing the poor nature of humans following instructions, let me suggest that you choose an egg with a high level of Omega 3, well cooked and no more than one a day. I scramble my egg, add 2 table spoons of water, a little salt, and fried in olive oil for 10-15 minutes on very low fire. Delicious.

Reduce overeating! That’s it!

August 12, 2013

There are nine ways to skin a cat, or fatten it….just wanted to get your serious attention! After being a weight control expert for 40 years, let me tell you what to start with:

1. Eat fish…. then fish…. then fish, it lowers your hunger a lot.

2. Eat fiber grains, whole grain, they help too.

3. Drink lots of water to feel full.

4. Supplement with an egg, pasta, beans and the right attitude.

5. Stay away like the plague from all baked goodies.

6. And remember this: Eating fatty food increases hunger!

Simple enough, now go for it and get slim, especially if you do it for your dude or gal! And, don’t forget to add the dreadful vegis when your will power kicks in once  a year..

Dr. k.

Gay rights in Russia.

August 11, 2013

The people in the West tell us that Russian law is discriminatory against gays organizing themselves into a minority political movement. That is true! So what? What is not true is that Russia is anti gay. I doesn’t take brains to know the difference, but most people in the west – don’t. Why? Because Obama took the issue to the extreme in order to get elected. An American child who wants to be raised by a mother and a father can’t do so if his gay father marries another man. In Russia he can! As a gay person in Russia you are free to do your own thing as long as you don’t organize as a political movement. What’s wrong with that? I know other political movements in history that shouldn’t have been organized. Political sexuality is as corrupt as any other political movement, why do you need it?. Sexual behavior as a political movement will one day backfire.  Love does not fit as a political movement. The Russian got it and so should you. The fact that the Russian society resists your attempt to force it to be like us and accept “gay parades” or “gay marriages” doesn’t make that society anti-gay, it makes it gay neutral as it should be. Keep your American ego or values to yourself and let other cultures be as they wish to be as long as they don’t discriminate against gays as individuals!

Is a cup of coffee in the morning more than a cup of coffee?

August 8, 2013

I am a psychologist so if I have a joyous anticipation for something mundane that is stronger than I think it should be – I check it out. Well, it’s the cup of coffee that I am thinking of making myself when I am done with this posting. Dr. Kahneman, the Nobel Price winner (2002) found out that a dime found by his students on the copying-machine made them report great happiness on a questionnaire! I am my own case study right now. Just thinking about making my great cup of coffee makes me feel joy! …and I am not overweight or craving…just wait till I sit in my office chair and drink it. We humans are crazy if you look at this inner behavior objectively, this inner joy over a cup of coffee or finding a dime on a copying machine, but we are not crazy. Besides, as a psychologist, what’s important to me is to create many small experiences so I can have joy throughout the day. Now I will go and make myself the cup of joy. How wonderful and ridiculous it is. Have a great day and don’t forget your tea, dude.

What is perfection?

August 4, 2013

I met this nice fellow at the hospital support group meeting in 2008. I decided to mention in my book a few characters I met during the years fighting cancer to victory. George was a C-Personality.  George as a cancer patient was the implosive type who “attached” himself silently to our “clique” of three patients. George hardly said a word in two years of meetings! When I became cancer-free and he was still struggling to survive, he looked at me sheepishly and uttered.

“Do you have a “secret” for recovery from cancer, Mr. Eli?”

“I have a few, George. They are kind of “hidden” in my website,,”

“Can you share your best “secret” with me, I have been watching you. I want to improve my chances of survivor.”

“George, you have to become perfect to survive cancer.”

He seemed kind of shuttered. ” How do you do that?”

“Very simple, George, you replace the false definition of “perfection” that appears in almost all dictionaries with the true definition of the word and follow it diligently in your behavior.”

“OK, Eli, What do you think perfection is?”

“You are perfect when you are aware of the ins and outs of your cancer situation.”

“Is that means that being perfect is not the absence of cancer?”

“That is correct, George, the social definition of perfection as the absence of problems harms a lot of people. It’s incorrect. The Universe is full of imperfections by any cultural definition, yet it is perfect. Are you aware of it?”

“I am not sure. I have a to think about it. This is the longest conversation that I have had ever had with anyone since my diagnosis.”

“Good luck, George, there are a few Webster definitions about health, wealth and happiness that need to be replaced in your life before you can create cancer-free great life!