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It takes a psychologist to handle this “crap.” Send this posting to the WH.

October 9, 2017

“The most recent accusation came from Republican Senator Bob Corker, who told The New York Times that Trump was placing the American nation on the path to World War Three.”

Let’s analyze the situation:

Will North Korea and Iran nuke the US if they could?  Will North Korea and Iran form an axis against the UK and the US like Germany and Japan did in 1940? Did the last 3 US presidents who ignored North Korea and Iran developing nuclear weapons to threaten the US for the last 30 years were wrong? Should president Trump deal with North Korea and Iran the opposite of the way president Obama did? Are you as an American voter willing to vote and decide what Trump should do about North Korea and Iran based on Senator Bob Corker’s assessment of the situation? Is Trump leading the US into World War Three? Would you let Trump continue with his ways of trying to save the United States?

I your answer is “Yes” to all these questions, are you willing to participate in a plebiscite to decide what Trump should do? Leaving the decision what to do to the majority of Americans is right because if there is a war they will have to fight it – not Trump.

Is Bannon an Antisemite?

August 21, 2017

“Bannon is apparently personally offended by the suggestion he is antisemitic, and often cites his support for Israel as evidence to the contrary. He lobbied hard to relocate the US embassy in Israel from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem.”  I chose this quote from the internet as a classical case of misidentified attitude, worse, a classical case of fake news, worse, a classical case of fascism of the left!

As a psychologist and an Israeli I am more than qualified to tell you that Bannon is loved in Israel and has done a lot for the country. His accusers are not bad people but they practice character assassination without being aware of being bad global ideologues. This is a psychological case of blind  borderline values disorder when you base baseless opinion of a person on your liberal upbringing than on facts about him 30 years later! Yes, Bannon has done for Israel 10 times more good things than he has done for American Jews, so what? That fact does not make him anti-Jewish, or antisemitic or even anti-left. He works for Israeli values of strength and nationalism (and so do I as an Israeli), not withstanding his dislike (and mine) for the political paternalist Globalist values of the 3 WH Jewish staffers, this makes him a strongly pro Israel and anti liberal but not antisemitic at all.

I hope my posting clears up for you the values about what is a human that builds vs. a confused human that destroys (inadvertently). Bannon is a fine conservative who speaks his mind because he believes in free speech at Berkeley University based on  the first amendment of the US Constitution, a fine document about freedom and liberty, not freedom to prevent right-winger from speaking at Universities. Fascism of the left is not “better” than fascism of the right. This century has just as much trouble as the last century!!!!

Why I left?

August 19, 2017

“Between 1948 and 2015, approximately 720,000 Israeli citizens have left the country and never returned.” I saw this quote in an on-line article. I was shocked. I didn’t know the number of “Yordim” was so high. As a Jew I feel that I owe it to my fellow Jews and Israelis an explanation why I left. I left in 1960 at the optimistic age 24 after I failed to get into a university and my parents were doing well economically in New York and California. Looking back now at age 81, I realize that my decision to leave lead to a wonderful life in Canada and – in Tel Aviv! I spend summers in beautiful Canada and winters in sunny Tel Aviv.

I don’t really want to get into politics but a Jewish friend of mine asked me the other day if I feel guilty leaving Israel for the US in 1960 and not contributing a hell of a lot to the “miracle” of Israel’s growth and development after 1961. My answer is no! I do contribute. I plant trees in Israel. I spend a lot of money there every winter when I visit. I enjoy the country. I am more relaxed than if I stayed in 1961. I get along great with family and friends in Israel because I don’t spend too much time with them! (Maximum 3 months a year). And, above all, I don’t get frustrated with the terrible Israeli politics! I am not too concern with it, I live in Canada! Too much politics can sicken anybody. You see, my family in Israel were “vatikim.” We followed Jabotinsky, Begin, Herut and now “Bait Yehudi” and the Likud. We did not like what Ben-Gurion did to Menahem Begin. We thought Mapai and labor represented poor national values. We believed that the left was anti-prosperity and defence and made the daily life of Israelis poor and not rewarding. The reason we come to visit Israel every winter nowadays is not the cold Canadian winter, it is the better Israel’s political climate, Mapai is gone, Labor shranked, Begin became a prime minister (brought peace) and Netanyahu is not perfect but he is a better PM of Israel than all past leftist PM’s combined. We are getting close to peace and prosperity with our hostile neighbours, even some of my old leftist relatives and friends are becoming more individualistic, less collectivistic, more investing, less saving, more nationalistic, less internationalist, more really helping poor people rather than putting them on welfare (terrible paternalism), so they can look good to the world and finally, Israelis are becoming more fun-loving than staying Dov Yosef ideologues. I love Israel. I think between 2015 and 2082 more Israelis and Jews will return than leave.

I am back! I need your responses to continue!

August 17, 2017

Dear friends,

I am back. I do not apologize to you my followers for being absent and not posting. I was busy. I spoke at UCLA and at universities in Spain, Italy, Germany and Greece. In Spain and Italy I spoke about behavioural economy, how to create jobs (few professors listened). In Germany and Greece I spoke about my cancer, how to cure it with the Gorter Model (more professors listened. Done). It should be obvious to all by now that my views and values lead to more successful decision making than the views or values of some “experts” in the fields of economics and medicine! I have been called arrogant. I am not more arrogant than Dr. Daniel kahneman who teaches us in ThinkingFast and Slow (Double Day, Canada, 2011) how to make better decisions!

I need your responses to continue. I came as an immigrant from Israel in 1960 to fine tune myself. I was a high school drop-out, had no money and didn’t speak English when I arrived in New York. Next month I will be 81 and I had a great life in Canada, Texas and California. I took advantage of the USA’s manifest destiny and I benefited from it’s constitution and the educational and employment opportunity it provides immigrants. I have a smart and beautiful Canadian wife who is a leader in her community. I have 4 grown up kids (2 in the US and 2 in Canada), a beautiful house in Canada that won awards, a PhD from USC in California and about 20 close smart and creative friends around the world that know how to have fun. I cured my prostate and bone cancer (4 MRI’s, no tumor).

My blogs and website are designed to help individuals, families, communities and governments make decisions that work: Let’s talk about what is in this blog: If you understand and accept the truth of many postings in this blog, you’d be able to solve many of your interpersonal problems and sharpen your useful views. Let’s take the situation in Charlottesville: There were a few side events there, but by far the main event was 2-3 extreme right groups fought 2-3 extreme left groups while the police didn’t stop the carnage, a job they were paid to do! And the news media, they took sides and spread fake news, neither the police or the news media were objective in their behaviour which aggravated the physical and psychological carnage! The extreme right tried to present themselves as moderate homogenized patriotic Americans (Which they are not because they do not support the American constitutional rule of law) and the extreme left tried to present themselves as the people, compassionate moderate diversified globalistic Americans (Which they are not because they do not support the American constitutional rule of law either). Think, if the fascist right takes over (small chance) you get to live in a Nazi Germany again and if the fascist left takes over (big chance) you get to live in Stalin’s Soviet Union Gulag!

The issue is: Should society remove a symbol that offend a changed community? The best answer is NO! If you transfer the statue of Confederate general Robert E. Lee from a public display to a museum because he was a slave owner, you’d have to remove the statue of George Washington also. He was a slave owner too. Museums are not well visited. A society that denies exposure to it’s bad past is doomed to repeat it according to Socrates: life unexamined is not worth living! The worse answer is YES! That is why I stated above that there is a bigger chance that American society is moving toward a disctatorship of the fascist left than it is moving toward a dictatorship of the fascist right. History always tries to create a balance of evil! Caveat emptor!

The Compromise: If you said NO or YES to the issue I presented, the best alternative acceptable answer is a constitutional amendment that says, “Any US community that wants to remove a symbol that the majority in the community consider unacceptable the community must build a museum of acceptable and unacceptable statues or symbols and require all schools in the community to visit the museum and take value classes in American history!




What can the US do to help war torn countries? Create 10 years sunctuary States!

May 9, 2017

You and I watch a lot of TV lately because 8 years of Obama at the US helm has created failed states and war-torn countries where children suffer and die. So far, no one seem to have the answer how to bring peace and prosperity that works. Let me as a psychologist who taught “conflict resolution” try:

First of all, whether you like my answer or not, every reader must realize a few things, 1) Obama and all the other leaders selected or elected or self-appointed were never trained well enough to make the right decisions and solve big national war-peace problems. Obama, Netanyahu, Trump, Abbas, Assad, Putin, Kim Jun Un, Clinton or any other person could not possibly analyse world situations enough to know how to bring peace., 2) To bring peace and prosperity to a place that never had one requires a few special rules, a) Stop discussing “blame,” it endless, saps your energy and does not a thing except feel anger, fear and righteousness, b) Stop forcing enemies to cooperate or live together, fake peace is not the answer, c) Don’t send money to the combatants or their NGO’s, it perpetuates the conflict and people die, d) Don’t have peace conferences, they will end bad anyway, and e) You can defeat a country in a protracted war and set up democracy. You did that In Nazi Germany and imperial Japan, but it was too costly, although it worked. 3) The perfect answer is right in front of your eyes! At home! But to realize that, you have to know that the best parents (US or UN or EU) will send 2 rowdy kids that fight bad, each to his room for the rest of the day and enforce new rules of behavior for a month! That’s the answer!!


Psychological analysis: How strong is the psychological motivation for a Two-States solution

March 15, 2017

US president have invested 40 years and billions of tax payer dollars to help create a Palestinian democratic state to live in peace alongside the State of Israel. They all failed. Trump saw the failure signs all over recent history and decided not to try a Two States Solution (TSS) and behave like an ideot, like previous blind presidents. Then something happened – Trump fell into the LH pit!  This week he gave Abbas $250,000,000.00 to start a new TSS and a promise to try the Two States Solution for the last time. Why? Well, a president like Trump that won the election against all odds thinks that he can solve the problem in the middle east against all odds. Wrong! The Vegas odds of winning the presidency were 1/3 against Trump, the Cosmic odds of successful Two States Solution (TSS) is 1/infinity, against Trump! It is much less than zero! Why?

Let’s start from the beginning:

In 1948 the probability of TSS success was 50%, the Jews accepted a TSS and the Arabs did not. In 1967 the Jews won more territory from the Arabs. The probability of success became 0%. The Arabs wanted now the TSS that was there in 1966. Time marched. Before the 2016 election the probability of TSS success was again 50% when the Jews accepted a TSS of 1968. The Arabs now wanted a TSS of 1948! The Jews said no to all TSS’s. Israel got a right-wing government.  They feel strong enough to say no to the Arabs – but not to Trump. He wanted to have the last word about Judea and Samaria, the last try to try the last TSS try! Poor Trump, got caught in the stink web! The man  won all his battles except this TSS one. Poor Trump, he doesn’t know it yet!!! It may cost him the second term as president in 2020! Well, he has got  Jewish advisers, can someone in the WH tell him that the Arabs will never accept a Jewish state in “their midst” of “their” area of the world? They can’t, it says in the Quran that they should rule the world – except Israel, but they “forgot” about that Sura that would dissolve the last TSS!

Thus, TSS has no solution. The Hindu Veda calls it the Bahagavad Gita! What is is and what isn’t isn’t. The Italians call it “Key Sera Sera.” Let’s name the La Brea Pits in California where dinosaurs sank throughout history the Palestine pits where US presidents sank throughout history!


Israel and the United States: How the Left is trying to destroy these 2 great democracies.

March 15, 2017

If you browse in my previous postings you’d find one where I analyse the true foundations of left and right thinking. If you find the article you’d discover there  the number one fundamental difference between a left thinking personality and a right thinking personality. It is the ideas of withering of the state, by Carl Marx.  Originally, this lofty goal of the left came from Das Capital, a stupid book by Carl Marx where the end of the world is a prediction of doom.  Marx says, “Because Capitalistic States exploit the workers,  the good news for your future is that humanity will wither these bad states.”  The historical process according to Marx is done slowly, first the weakening of boundaries between States, than the melting of all  boundaries:

In the US and Israel the left is active in smashing of boundaries of all kinds, let’s examine a few, 1) The US Marines under Obama accepted women into fighting units disregarding the fact that a woman and a man in a tank in the middle of a tank battle or in training is detrimental to battle communication and focus on victory. Obama, instead, will be happy with borderless mixing of  sexes for good free sex hollywood style – in a tank!  Things that shouldn’t mix today because of nature – mix anyway in bathrooms, tanks, Boardrooms, kitchens, space shuttles and operating rooms – as patients! A tank becomes a bedroom, million mixing like this and the world becomes an amoeba trying to find its skin and fix that (as the 4 star general implied)!  You, the future Hillary voter, will then ask, “Where did I go wrong, honey, sweet, are you my opposite sex partner aren’t you?’ The answer is “You went wrong, honey dude, in the ballot box, too many Bill and Hillary dudes.” But apparently to Obama and the Israeli leftist generals it is what they want – no borders!!  It is now happening all over Europe, Israel and the USA. The democrats in Congress want to integrate women into the armed forces even more! In Israel it is even worse. 90% of all the generals of the army are leftists and they recently decided that girl  draftees can “men” battle tanks and kill others without hesitation just as easily as men! (not true). The borders of Israel and the US are porous, most terrorists can sneak in through easily (They already killed many innocent people).  The leftists in both parliaments love countries without borders. It leads closer to Marx’s dream ideas. Both governments support “Doctors without borders” taking chances with more spread of disease around (viruses don’t like borders either) the world. The examples of borderless living are many. Hollywood’s movies are mostly fancy borderless propaganda (HFBP); Mixing everything!!! Men are women or half-women, animals and humans are interchangeable in face and body on TV, anthropomorphism is king of the left! (I had a stupid patient once who claimed that his dog had feelings like he did!) The chaos of identities is growing, never mind that God has created defined cells, humans are now mixing every biological entity. Between hollywood and liberals soon you will have a global amoeba looking for its skin!!

Back to the Marine testimony in Congress about the abuse of the naked female Marine phenomena. A 4 star Marine general was so frustrated with liberal senators that he repeated, ‘We’ll fix it, ma’am, senator, we’ll fix it, ma’am.”  Well, everyone knew that he won’t fix it! He couldn’t fix it unless Freud was wrong and sex was less powerful than sharing a tank! The senator (male and female) has to fix it because they started it by supporting a democratic bill in congress to mix men and women in combat units. The answer is in the hands of legislators the voters elected in both countries: you want hell of a life without borders, vote for liberals, socialists, democrats, NDP, labor, Pelosi, Herzog, Obama, Hillary, Bill and the rest of the leftists. Soon abortion will be fine act, sex – no age limit, Mexico – no border, drugs – fine, etc. and squatters will be welcome in your home and apartment (it’s already a ordenance in Irvine, California)! By 2036 I’ll be a 100, may be by then some democrats will vote republican – to fix borders!

Does this confrontation between Israel and the ICC pointing to the end of – the ICC?

December 15, 2016

“If the Knesset passes the settlements regulation bill, the International Criminal Court will go after Israelis and the Obama administration will let an anti-settlement resolution through at the UN, Prof. Alan Dershowitz says.”

As a Jew I have a lot of respect for Harvard’s professor of law Dershowich, as a psychologist I don’t.  Allan Dershowich thinking is left of center and as such he worry too much about the ICC reaction to Israel’s behavior. Even if the Knesset passes the settlements regulation bill and the ICC takes action, the ICC may lose its case against Israel for 3 reasons, 1) The Palestinians may not be able to provide the required deeds to the lands, 2) The international status of the lands is in “dispute,” not “occupied.’  No one is breaking international law by building a house in a “No Man’s Land,” and 3) Israel can ignore the ICC like it ignores the UN.

Obama’s reaction is a different matter. If the Knesset passes the Settlements law after January 20, 2017 Obama can do nothing against Israel. He is gone and done as an Israel bashing president. If he uses his veto power before Israel passes the Settlements law, the large damage to his reputation and record and the democratic party in the US will be much greater than the damage to Israel by another hostile UN resolution. How do I know that Dershowich is a leftist? Leftists always overestimate the power of bad people or institutions! That is why Chamberlain wanted to make peace with Hitler so much. He didn’t think the Nazis could be defeated in 4 years! That is why Obama wanted the agreement with Iran so much. He thought the Ayatollah was strong. And, that is why the Knesset may not pass the settlements bill before January 20, 2017. The delegates think that Obama and Abbas are strong!

Political madness: Decision making by American Jews

December 6, 2016

“Even after eight years of President Barack Obama’s efforts to create daylight between Israel and the United States to appease the Iranians and other Arab countries, and despite the extraordinary support for Israel expressed by all sections of the Republican Party, Jews still tended to vote Democrat. This contrasted sharply with Anglo Jewry, whose members defected in droves from the British Labor Party when it became anti-Israeli/antisemitic under the leadership of Jeremy Corbyn.”

The title that I gave my posting this morning expresses very well my views of the political madness of American liberals. The quote from the internet about the British Jews who are switching their alliance from Labor to the Conservative as compared to American Jews who are not switching their alliance from the anti-semitic democrats to the pro-Israel republicans says it all. Liberal madness is a distortion of values afflicting naive Liberals. It is a character disorder that prevent people from making good decisions in political life. Looking at Jewish history in the last 2500 years I am afraid it’s possible that we have lost Israel twice, to the Assyrians and Romans because of liberal attitude. You see, liberals are people who never grew up. They may be 30 or even 50 but they think like kid, never taking responsibility for their defense, always relaying on others called “parental adults” to protect them!

American Jews, it is time to grow up, learn maturity from the fine decision-making process of British Jews. Lechaim!

Breitbart at “war” with Kellogg.

December 2, 2016

The top three stories leading Breitbart’s homepage on Thursday morning were about its declared war with Kellogg’s, including one entitled: “#DumpKelloggs: Far-Left Cereal Giant Kellogg’s Warns of ‘Racial Privilege.’”  Conservative right-winger Donald Trump was elected president of the United States. A “war” just started between Breitbart and Kellogg, the first fight between a right-wing White House elect and a most left-wing American company. Of all the millions of pieces of news that I could choose for my blog this morning, this one has a special meaning to me. You see, in the 70tis while a psychology major student at UCLA I went to dinner at my parents in LA. In a conversation around the dining table I said that I liked McGovern, Humphrey and Carter to lead the country, 3 democrats-socialists who were running for president. My dad, a Goldwater republican “lectured” to me how dishonest and corrupt and anti-American were the democrats. We had a fight and we didn’t see each other for the next 5 years! Today, at 80, after voting for Trump for president in 2016, I want to apologize to my dad, who died in 1991: “Dad, I am sorry for not realizing your wisdom in the 70tis. I can see already how much better for America are the republicans than the democrats.”

I support Breitbart over Kellogg any time. I stopped eating corn flakes for breakfast this morning. Kellogg is racist, not Breitbart and not Trump. I also want to thank Harvard’s attorney Dershowich for helping me realize something about racism. The democrats and socialist call everyone who disagree with them – racist!  They project their own racism on everyone on the right. Freud called it  “projecting on others your own unacceptable traits.” I have been called a racist and arrogant often during my career as a psychologist and a college professor. Thank you, dad, Dershowich and Breitbart for showing me who is the real racist – the democrats of Hillary Clinton, not the republicans of Donald Trump. I hope my posting helped you sharpen your own observation. If it doesn’t, I still forgive you. Who wants to be a hypocrite? I didn’t listen to my dad in  the 70tis!