The most “politically incorrect” statement that I will ever make as a psychologist!

As all my listeners know I have a dream life, I have it all, but what you don’t know is that on my way up in America I was a high-school drop out in Israel, I ran away from home in Tel-Aviv, a bum in L.A. till 35! I tell you all this to encourage you – if I could make it big so can you! As my lucky listener, throughout my blogging you got some awesome guidance, great rules of conduct from a well-known psychologist from California – free! But now I will tell you my secret that will help your self-confidence a lot. Follow this rule and your self-esteem will soar. My psychological secret is definitely not “politically correct” to say in public. I have never said it before and I probably shouldn’t say it now – but I want to help you like Werner’s EST helped me.

Did you know that most people you meet are dummies? You look at the conditions they live in and their relationships and you know it’s true, no excuses! Most people you meet are jerks, messing up the world around them – no excuses!  You know that what I am saying is true, and that includes you and used to include me. Look at your friends or relatives, they always miss something in life, don’t they? The “big fish” always gets away, the business isn’t moving, the job “sucks” or is gone, the kids misbehave, the vacation was less fun than you expected, the list of disappointments in your life goes on and on till you die. The number of personal disappointments is as great as the number of shanty towns on this Earth, as upsetting as a visit to the homeless in Calcutta, as dangerous as a walk in the mine fields of Cambodia or Laos or Vietnam. So you say: What’s you point, doc?

The point is that in most of your associations with various individuals in your life you are really dealing – with losers that sometimes only look like winners! Jerks! You are interacting with dummies and you still don’t feel self-confidence?? What’s the matter with you? Wake up! You have relationships with people who you can easily know how to do things better than they do – just about everything, anything, the whole darned two balls of wax! So, stop selling yourself short, stop acting weak, meek, or submissive. It isn’t difficult at all to feel smarter than most people you meet, just look at how they do things!!!! Don’t tell them, though. Keep it to yourself, this truth is designed only to get you off your submissiveness or false deference to other people. The reason that I am telling you this incredibly “politically incorrect” truth is that I want you to be like me, to assert yourself, get a high self-esteem, confidence. Don’t act as if you are better than they are, that is not the point, the point is to feel being in charge and do better because when they are in charge things don’t get done well, that is the point. Now, feeling great is not enough, you have to learn to do things well. Follow my blogs with diligence, dedication, and good memorizing. I am your “guru” in India, I am your mentor is America, I am your friend in the world. Remember, to gain self-confidence, when you meet people think how much they mess up their relationships, health, wealth and happiness, and you WILL feel more self-confidence around these people. Study hard and the day will come that you can become a leader that makes things happen and not someone on the receiving line who makes the world we live is as it is today, the jerks!


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3 Responses to “The most “politically incorrect” statement that I will ever make as a psychologist!”

  1. marriagecoach1 Says:

    So many people will still not take your advice. Sad huh?

    Blessings on you and yours
    John Wilder

    • drkinarthy Says:

      Dear John,
      You are the only one responding out of the 10 “visitors” on the first day of this posting. You are right, “sad huh?” Thank God I don’t make a living from this and my relationships work!

  2. 乳膠床墊 Says:

    Gonna follow your fitness and bodybuilding advice to be #1 in the world!! MOVE OVER JAY CUTLER!!!!

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