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What can the US do to help war torn countries? Create 10 years sunctuary States!

May 9, 2017

You and I watch a lot of TV lately because 8 years of Obama at the US helm has created failed states and war-torn countries where children suffer and die. So far, no one seem to have the answer how to bring peace and prosperity that works. Let me as a psychologist who taught “conflict resolution” try:

First of all, whether you like my answer or not, every reader must realize a few things, 1) Obama and all the other leaders selected or elected or self-appointed were never trained well enough to make the right decisions and solve big national war-peace problems. Obama, Netanyahu, Trump, Abbas, Assad, Putin, Kim Jun Un, Clinton or any other person could not possibly analyse world situations enough to know how to bring peace., 2) To bring peace and prosperity to a place that never had one requires a few special rules, a) Stop discussing “blame,” it endless, saps your energy and does not a thing except feel anger, fear and righteousness, b) Stop forcing enemies to cooperate or live together, fake peace is not the answer, c) Don’t send money to the combatants or their NGO’s, it perpetuates the conflict and people die, d) Don’t have peace conferences, they will end bad anyway, and e) You can defeat a country in a protracted war and set up democracy. You did that In Nazi Germany and imperial Japan, but it was too costly, although it worked. 3) The perfect answer is right in front of your eyes! At home! But to realize that, you have to know that the best parents (US or UN or EU) will send 2 rowdy kids that fight bad, each to his room for the rest of the day and enforce new rules of behavior for a month! That’s the answer!!


An invitation to a lecture on cancer

April 19, 2017

I was diagnosed with prostate cancer in 2002. I started hormone therapy and photon radiation treatment at the Victoria cancer clinic and proton radiation at Loma Linda hospital in California.  Within two years I started a non-profit website; the Victoria Cancer Resource Centre ( and a blog:  “The Peaceful Revolution.” In 2011 my prostate cancer spread and I found out that I also had bone cancer in the spine. The oncologists scheduled me for chemotherapy. I refused.  I started writing a case study and developed my own system of cancer treatment. I read a great book, Fighting Cancer by Dr. Robert Gorter, a  successful immunotherapy. I flew to Cologne, Germany every year for immunotherapy in his clinic. The prostate cancer was in remission by 2015 and the bone cancer tumor was removed by surgery in Victoria in 2012. I was put on Abiraterone Acetate. I finished my case study and presented my success research in Germany; Kinarthy E. “Fundamental Shift In Cancer Management Program.”  The  International Society for the Systems Sciences.” (ISSS). Berlin Symposium, August 2-7, 2015. Today is April 2017 and all my MRI’s show that I am cured of cancer. So, I am presenting my second research paper, Systemic Cancer Treatment Excellence, at the Hellenic Society for Systemic Studies (HSSS), Symposium, University of Sparta, June 2-3, 2017. You are all invited to my lecture on cancer! Let’s fight cancer together.



How I reduced my blood pressure.

March 26, 2017

I am not qualified to give advice on blood pressure as a psychologist, may be as a nurse, but probably not. So, I will only tell you what I did tonight to lower the BP and it worked to reduce it from 180/120 to 120/80 and get rid of my tension headache in one hour. I took my blood pressure an hour ago. It was 178/115. I exercise breathing deep and relaxing for half an hour. I took 25 mg Metoprolol from my family doctor and 81 mg coated Aspirin. I took a very warm shower for half and hour and completed my breathing exercise for the other half. My BP is now 120/80 and I am somewhat surprised how easy it was to lower it to normal. I know that I have to do a lot more to regulate my BP, but for tonight that is what I did so I don’t have to go to Emergency Room in the hospital at 10 PM. Again, I was a bit surprised how easy it was to lower my BP with a hot shower. I welcome responses. Eli

Today is the vote on Trumpcare.

March 24, 2017

Trump will probably win the “Yes” vote by one or two votes today. It’s in his book, “The Art of the Deal.” I voted for him and I don’t regret it – yet? I had cancer and I was scheduled for chemotherapy. I went to Germany instead and paid for private immunotherapy. Today I am cured of 2 Stage IV cancers. What if I couldn’t afford to pay for my immunotherapy there? I’d be probably dead because my California teacher insurance or my Canada wife insurance probably wouldn’t cover immunotherapy because immunotherapy is natural-holistic, too fancy to be covered by insurance companies in most countries (The 10% Rule). The democrats and the republicans in Congress do not have a clue or a clause in their today’s Trumpcare bill that should say, “This bill provides the best treatment available for cancer patients at the best price possible.” If they wrote that into the bill I would be surprised. Politicians by definition are not capable of passing any A+ bill.

Plan B says, “Pass the Trumpcare and get to work on improving it by 2020.”  If that is what Trump is aiming to do, then my vote for him was not wasted. I have to think and care about all the people who do not have the money to pay for immunotherapy in Germany. You see, the US treasury owes 20 trillion dollars debt because of Obama’s Socialism bug for 8 years and Bush Iraq bug for his 8 years. A quarter of the 20 trillion bucks could have given us the best Trumpcare in the world – wishful thinking! The US Constitution doesn’t guarantee an A+ CEO for the country. Trump is better than Bush and Obama but he is not the best. The best never run for office, who likes to deal with C+ colleagues who can’t come up with at least a B+ Bill?

Repeal and replace Obamacare.

March 24, 2017

I wrote this posting in half an hour, to show you that any member of Congress must be able to sit down and write a framework for a Medical System, compare it with others and within a month you’d have the best medical coverage in the world. First, repeal Obamacare, that is easy. The republicans in congress have the majority. Can be done tomorrow! “Replace” is another matter, replace by what? What they need to do they are not doing, therefore, they need to set up a subcommittee of ten doctors, insurance agents, etc. who think outside the box. Let’s say they got those. Now, they sit down in a room and will make rules;

  1. Completeness and specialization: Every private or public medical system in the world that wants to compete and qualify to provide healthcare for Americans must open facilities in the United States, register as American, describe the date it will begin serving, the supervisory set up, the standard of products and the quality of services: where are the facilities, equipment, pharmacies, drugs, other products and supplies, who are the qualified patients, practitioners, staff, teatments and costs, diagnoses, prognosis, R and D, hospitals, clinics, etc.
  2. US Government approval: Every medical system, private or public that want to provide medical services in the United States must be tested and approved by the appropriate agencies of the USG. The contract must include strict standards, trial period and severe penalties for fraud.
  3. Every American must file a federal tax return: Every year by law. The tax return will include a provision for a 5% Medical Insurance Tax (MIT) collected from the net total income regardless of the kind of income the individual got.
  4. All medical systems competing must be able to insure and serve all medical therapeutic conditions. Nontherapeutic medical treatments are not covered, prohibitive costs of drugs or costly catastrophic procedures are not covered.
  5. Existing clinics and hospitals must accept all patients who paid a fee and carry the new National identity Medical Credit Card (NIMCC). Americans must choose a family doctor who accept patients.
  6. All people who do not carry a NIMCC card will be arrested and deported! American citizens who do not carry the card by 1-1- 2020 will be heavily fined! Make America great again.

Israel and the United States: How the Left is trying to destroy these 2 great democracies.

March 15, 2017

If you browse in my previous postings you’d find one where I analyse the true foundations of left and right thinking. If you find the article you’d discover there  the number one fundamental difference between a left thinking personality and a right thinking personality. It is the ideas of withering of the state, by Carl Marx.  Originally, this lofty goal of the left came from Das Capital, a stupid book by Carl Marx where the end of the world is a prediction of doom.  Marx says, “Because Capitalistic States exploit the workers,  the good news for your future is that humanity will wither these bad states.”  The historical process according to Marx is done slowly, first the weakening of boundaries between States, than the melting of all  boundaries:

In the US and Israel the left is active in smashing of boundaries of all kinds, let’s examine a few, 1) The US Marines under Obama accepted women into fighting units disregarding the fact that a woman and a man in a tank in the middle of a tank battle or in training is detrimental to battle communication and focus on victory. Obama, instead, will be happy with borderless mixing of  sexes for good free sex hollywood style – in a tank!  Things that shouldn’t mix today because of nature – mix anyway in bathrooms, tanks, Boardrooms, kitchens, space shuttles and operating rooms – as patients! A tank becomes a bedroom, million mixing like this and the world becomes an amoeba trying to find its skin and fix that (as the 4 star general implied)!  You, the future Hillary voter, will then ask, “Where did I go wrong, honey, sweet, are you my opposite sex partner aren’t you?’ The answer is “You went wrong, honey dude, in the ballot box, too many Bill and Hillary dudes.” But apparently to Obama and the Israeli leftist generals it is what they want – no borders!!  It is now happening all over Europe, Israel and the USA. The democrats in Congress want to integrate women into the armed forces even more! In Israel it is even worse. 90% of all the generals of the army are leftists and they recently decided that girl  draftees can “men” battle tanks and kill others without hesitation just as easily as men! (not true). The borders of Israel and the US are porous, most terrorists can sneak in through easily (They already killed many innocent people).  The leftists in both parliaments love countries without borders. It leads closer to Marx’s dream ideas. Both governments support “Doctors without borders” taking chances with more spread of disease around (viruses don’t like borders either) the world. The examples of borderless living are many. Hollywood’s movies are mostly fancy borderless propaganda (HFBP); Mixing everything!!! Men are women or half-women, animals and humans are interchangeable in face and body on TV, anthropomorphism is king of the left! (I had a stupid patient once who claimed that his dog had feelings like he did!) The chaos of identities is growing, never mind that God has created defined cells, humans are now mixing every biological entity. Between hollywood and liberals soon you will have a global amoeba looking for its skin!!

Back to the Marine testimony in Congress about the abuse of the naked female Marine phenomena. A 4 star Marine general was so frustrated with liberal senators that he repeated, ‘We’ll fix it, ma’am, senator, we’ll fix it, ma’am.”  Well, everyone knew that he won’t fix it! He couldn’t fix it unless Freud was wrong and sex was less powerful than sharing a tank! The senator (male and female) has to fix it because they started it by supporting a democratic bill in congress to mix men and women in combat units. The answer is in the hands of legislators the voters elected in both countries: you want hell of a life without borders, vote for liberals, socialists, democrats, NDP, labor, Pelosi, Herzog, Obama, Hillary, Bill and the rest of the leftists. Soon abortion will be fine act, sex – no age limit, Mexico – no border, drugs – fine, etc. and squatters will be welcome in your home and apartment (it’s already a ordenance in Irvine, California)! By 2036 I’ll be a 100, may be by then some democrats will vote republican – to fix borders!

The Riots must stop at the WH. Nationalism is not a curse word!

September 23, 2016

Police officers killing black people, black people killing police officers, if you think that Obama didn’t cause some of it by keeping young black people unemployed and uneducated and by inflaming their emotions by his longing “quips” think again, a black president who had dreams of helping poor black but did no action for black people! Can you imagine, the most powerful black leader on earth, if he only cared, he had the opportunity to encourage and give support to young black people to enroll in the 50,000 tuition free community colleges spread all over America issuing 1 year and 2 years certificates in anything from hair stylist to dental assistant to mechanic to paralegal, well-paying occupations, society would have been better off after his 8 years of Obama in the WH. Did his values encouraged killing and rioting inadvertently? You decide. A vote for Hillary’s decision-making skills is a vote to continue this mess for minorities not sharing in the American prosperity. You think that you will face bad 4 years with Trump? No way! Forgive Trump his stupidities, but he is strong and he may do better than she would be for you as a minority American. How about a White House Conference to smooth racial relations with incentives aimed to harmonize human beings and give them good reasons to cooperate? Vote Trump for a new chance.

I was an immigrant. The US gave me everything as an immigrant in 1960. I now live on the beach at 80+ and my heart “bleeds” for a new generation of Americans who behave like kids looking for “mama” trying to get “goodies” from Uncle Sam in exchange for their God given freedom! Yes, you will survive your dependencies, but so what? Wouldn’t it be better to be independent? Grow up, get training, get a decent job, make a family and go picnicking?  You don’t have to be an immigrant to realize that the land of opportunity is still available for all.  Do what Socrates did and gave his life for it. Go to school, dude, you can make it big even in today’s United States. Let the Clinton’s retire.  I am speaking from the heart. This couple has done enough damage to this globalism world with their slogan “It takes (an uneducated backward) village to raise a child.” Enough global slogans, enough, let’s make the American nation great again together.

The essence of Shabat!

September 15, 2016

Last week, Deri told the haredi radio station Radio Kol Hai that the haredi parties “understand we don’t live in a halachic state, we haven’t yet got to Messianic times, and we haven’t reached that ideal situation when everyone in the Jewish people understands the essence of Shabbat.” This quote from the Jerusalem Post today shows how ill-informed Deri is about the difference between the Torah’s Shabbat and the Talmud’s Shabbat.  Go back and read word by word how Moshe’s description of Jewish behavior on the Shabbat in the Torah should be. God created the Shabbat as a day of rest enforced by God and not man and not as a day for zealots to confront and disrupt the life of Israeli commuters. The Shabbat in the Torah is to be loved and not forced upon the people who commute. The Shabbat is a day of rest and joy and not a tool for political confrontation. God said that those who defile the Shabbat will pay the price that He/She decide and not Deri. Be careful in interpreting what defiling the Shabbat means. Go home and rest and leave alone those who want to commute on the Shabbat to watch a soccer game, gulf or work for a living so others can rest on the Shabbat in peace and security. Do not disrupt the economy in the name of God. Do not turn the Shabbat into an autocratic issue. Love your Torah, man!

Being social alivens, being overly social kills.

August 22, 2016

My friend George was social and then he became very social and finally he was so popular that he couldn’t say, “no thanks,” to anything anymore.” He was social, had a sense of humor that the girls loved. He was trim and slim and the girls loved him more. He had it all, but as the saying goes, “Too much of a good thing is not a good thing.” When the cup runneth over it spills. George today is 60 and gone. I once caught him having three parties in one weekend. He laughed when I said, “It is not a good idea.” In each party George drank 4 glasses of mixed wine and 3 beers, not a good idea. Parties make you eat fast food and smoke, not a good idea. George was more popular than I was but he couldn’t say “No thanks” and I could. I am now 80. George was always invited to lunch and dinner by friends. He wasn’t hungry but you know, we all eat socially many times when we are popular but not hungry. Once, I heard that George had 3 dinners in one evening and slept with 3 girls in one weekend, why not order the richest food when you are poor and others pay?  Anyway, I just wanted to let you know, don’t be overly social, it’s not good for you. This quote is from the Torah, the best psychology text in the Universal university, “Kol Hamosif Gorea.”

Green onion fights colon cancer!

July 4, 2016

I had prostate cancer and a nasty spinal cord cancer tumor in 2011. I changed my life style in about a 100 ways by 2014.  Two treatments were major and 98 wer minor. The two major ways were dendritic cell immunization and hyperthermia. One of the minor ways were eating lots of green onions.

I bought a pouch of small green onion sidling at Wal-Mart, about a 100 in a pouch.  The cost was $2. I planted them in pots. Within 2 weeks I had plenty of fresh green onions to eat every day.  Some of the sidling became white onions, about an inch wide. I ate some of them too every day. In October 2011 I had a stage 4 terminal cancer. Today, 4 MRI’s and many comprehensive blood tests later show no cancer tumors. I spoke about my cancer cure at the University of Berlin (see it on Google).

What I share with you does not guarantee a cure for anything, not even an improvement, but I share the information because I care. What life style you choose to change or not is up to you. People select a life style based on how strong is their desire to live (Freud). In my case my desire to live was 100%, but I had other desired that were important, 1) I ate lots of green onions and I don’t have diarrhea anymore, 2) My fungus in my toes shrank, 3) My sleep got more peaceful, 4) I have less stress and more energy during the day. I am 80 and I look 60 and feel 40!

Oh, by the way, eating lots of green onions fight colon cancer! But, remember, changing a life style require doing more than just one or two major or minor things. Good luck.