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Stop screwing up the Monad!

August 16, 2012

I had a feeling that since the American physicist Dr. Leon M Lederman described Higgs Boson as a “God particle,” every Dick Tom and Harry in Science would hitch a ride on the new bridge between “Science” and “Religion.” I surfed to Google and sure enough I found the start of an intellectual mess.  Monadology and a host of other “stuff” sprang like mushrooms after rain  to carry the “experts” unknowingly light years away from Dr. Wilhelm, Gottfried Leibnitz discovery of the Monad as a cosmic unit of consciousness!.

Dr. Lederman was the director of the Fermi National Accelerator in Batavia, Illinois when he earned the Nobel price in Physics in 1988 for his work on the Neutrino (a neutron particle). He coined the term “God’s particle” to describe the Higgs Boson. If he studied  the size difference between the Higgs Boson (proton particle, physical matter)) and the Monad  (consciousness particle), he would have know that a true “God particle” is a few sextillion times smaller.

Forget Monadology and the other “mushrooming” theories about the Monad and let’s walk to the original source. The Monad is a unit of consciousness that preexisted the “Big Bang” according to Leibnitz, Metaphysics and Parapsychology. The Monad is a spiritual particle if you want to use that term. Monads exist in two qualities, all have self-veracity and purpose. High Monads are the older and flow freely in the universe as Spirits between and within physical particles. What you call Soul is an area in your Frontal Lobe in your brain with meridians to your Pineal gland (Descartes) full with High Monads that give you mental consciousness (animals have only sensory consciousness). Bound Monads are the younger Monads and are subsumed in physical matter (your body, planets, stars, what is “freed” when a person dies).

I salute you if you understood what  I wrote. If you can keep an open mind about this very advanced knowledge, I salute you twice. Living in the year 2012 with knowledge from the 22nd century would not be easy on your social life or perceived academic integrity.

Soul mates marry for a life of happiness!

August 14, 2012

I am a behavioural psychologist. I taught a college accredited parapsychology research course at Rio Hondo College in California for 25 years, one of the few transferable 3 units courses on the paranormal ever taught in  higher education. Most individuals don’t marry their soul mates. After lecture one day Mary came to my office with a question, “Dr. Kinarthy, what do I have to do to find my soul mate?” Other students were interested but couldn’t cross the line from “material I have to study for a test” to “psychic stuff that I can use to help me live better.”

“Mary, do you date?” “Yes.” “Can you act?” “Yes.” “Have you been married before?” “Yes.” “When did you split?” “May 3, 1987.” “Do you date again?” “Yes.” “Good, when you go on a date inadvertently ask your date what he/she did or felt on that day.” The one who says “I was very happy, but I didn’t exactly know why,” may be your soul mate.” “You have to practice it a few times. One student had a bad car accident on September 9, 1996. One of his dates in 1998 cried for no apparent reason when he mentioned that date without the story!” Most of my married students didn’t marry their intended partner and tended to feel that something was missing in their relationships. The theory is simple: An intended soul mate you didn’t meet yet may feel significantly good or bad when something good or bad happens to you before you met. Go for the search and let me know what you discovered!.

Pearl Harbor attack linked to Japan Earthquake!

March 15, 2011

What he did is mean to link the two.  Alec Sulkin from Family Guy Animated Comedy said it and he apologized for ” Joking.”  As a human being who loves and admires the Japanese people I pray for their full recovery from the earthquake disaster. As a psychologist and parapsychologist for 30 years, with tons of credentials, I will take this opportunity to educate people about “forces” in the universe we live in that can save lives in the future.

My job is to explain “linkage” phenomena, not to condone them. My job is to explain phenomena in order to alert people to its future effect in their lives. My job is to help prevent disasters. The psychological and parapsychological link between the past of an individual or a nation and their future is well-studied by psychologists, psychoanalysts and parapsychologists. If you care to understand this phenomena, it’s all over my writings in the last 30 years.

Psychology: A systemic change will occur in a person or a nation that goes through a life changing experience. That systemic change will make the organism more susceptible to a recurrence of a similar systemic changes in the future. The probability of a similar experience increases. The vulnerability to certain influences increases. Subtle energy configurations within and without a system have been reformatted in that direction. In the future, as humanity advances in understanding high technology energy fields, you will take more seriously present measurements of these universal forces. Today, you don’t. 100 years ago, when Dr. Freud and Dr. Jung explained personal and collective unconscious influences they alluded to the fact that any big event will  imprint itself on the mind (Today, we know that “imprinting’ is organically similar to the hardware in your computer and regular experiences are similar to your Software!).  They also said that with deeper awareness you can prevent future problems linked to those events!

Parapsychology: The “linking” phenomena appears to be a fundamental universal law. It has many names in different disciplines. It is called an “After shock,” (in Geology),  a “copy cat” (human behavior),  “subconscious tendency,” (Psychoanalysis),  “tissue sensitivity” (Medicine), “Conditioning” (Psychology), and what have you. A systemic change that occurs in a person or a nation that goes through a life changing experience tends to reappear in one form or another in the future, usually on a proximal anniversary period. As a psychological counselor I have helped people avoid a heart attack on the anniversary of their father’s –  heart attack! I have seen couples get divorced around the time their parents  – got divorced! Right now I will counsel Obama to be vigilant about traveling because both his brother and father died in traveling accidents! The Challenger space craft exploded in space. NASA should change the name of the space shuttle Atlantis to something less prone to –  disasters. Look, I have been ridiculed for writing about useful palmistry and other weird topics in the National Enquirer for years, so I will stop here. I don’t want to waste my time. My job is not to educate 20th century people about 21st century knowledge and understanding of “forces” in the universe. People won’t listen. My job is to tell Japan to proof-safe its nuclear reactors in the future more than any other nation except for Russia and the United States who had also developed nuclear disaster propensities!

Ladies and gentlemen, am I over your head? I know I leave many of you behind in my blogs, websites, magazine articles  and book writings, but I will never accept to be an ordinary writer, a “politically correct” dude. There are human lives at stake. Human welfare is at stake here. I want to leave you with a personal search. Examine a major event in your life or your nation’s life and take special precautions to prevent something similar in the future. Please, please, be a little more daring in your thinking. Become more “futuristic,” please. My dear cousin went on the Atkins diet 3 years before he died from a heart attack at the age my beloved uncle died from a – heart attack. Please take psychology and parapsychology seriously. I know you’d survive without my warnings, but you’d be better prepared for the events coming your way in the future if you listen. Live safely! Live happily! Prosper! Advance to the next stage! I care!

The psychology behind UFOs!

September 29, 2010

As a college professor of psychology and parapsychology in California I have had an entertaining blog about UFOs and other paranormal phenomena for years, but that blog isn’t the place to explain the psychology behind UFOs to serious people who follow my serious blogs about how to make money or improve relationships.

Here are the facts about the  UFO phenomenon and the politics that spin them, ones and for all!

I  cite my credentials so you will take what I say seriously. As a parapsychologist I have communicated over the years with Astronomer-physicist Stanton Friedman, psychic Uri Geller and Noetic Science author Jeremy Mishlove, among others. Studying the subject of UFOs for 26 years, I have had  “Blue-Book” experts, military, ex-military and nonmilitary as guest speakers in my college classes. I want you to keep an open mind because what I am going to say next is not “politically correct”!

1. Almost 100% of all the UFO pictures and the stories that go with them are either identifiable air phenomena or are concocted by people who want attention, find clever ways to make money, and feel powerful fooling the public.  Only two unidentified flying saucers came throughout history from outer space, but they were identified by various means. Stanton Friedman studied the one that landed in Rosewall, New Mexico in 1947. He thinks that it came from Zeta Reticuli and I think that it came from alpha Centauri. An earlier UFO that landed in the Azores during Neanderthal time  30,000 years ago can be studied only indirectly through Greek mythology, the Old Testament, esoteric books on the antediluvian world, and psychic readings by Edgar Cayce.

2. The increased preoccupation by the media (humanity) with UFOs lately is a result of fear as to what will happen to earth in 2012 when all the heavenly bodies between the Milky Way’s Galactic core and Earth line up. If a third real UFO lands on earth at that time it may be as a response to a cataclysmic event on earth (similar to the 1947 UFO landing in New Mexico at the start of the Atomic age).

3. Government cover-up and conspiracy theories are mostly  “zeitgeist.” The mood of the time is to believe in government cover-up rather than realize our own culpability why UFO being don’t reveal themselves to us. Furthermore, conspiracy theories are more exciting to read than for us to do a mia culpa about our behavior toward strangers. These humans from outer space have analysed our TV shows and came to the conclusion that if a UFO landed on the White House lawn, its cosmonauts would be crucified. According to cultural anthropology we humans are a 6-year-old savage kid on the phylogenetic scale.

4. I will respond on the UFO subject only to serious comments on the mia culpa question.

Stephan Hawking’s new book The Grand Design.”

September 7, 2010

As a professor of parapsychology for 20 years, teaching Metaphysics as related to theoretical physics, the paranormal, astronomy, astrology and exobiology, I make it my job to simplify for my readers the understanding of complex discoveries by great scientists.

This is the 21st Century. Don’t be another “dummy,” be smart. Stephan Hawking in his new book The Grand Design says that “The Universe can and will create itself from nothing,” thus denying the need for God as a Creator. A couple of thousand “dummies” have already reacted to Hawking’s statement in a similar fashion to the thousand previous “dummies” that had reacted to Nietzsche’s statement “God is Dead.”  Get the true picture and get smart:

Stephan Hawking is the greatest theoretical physicist today. He discovered String Theory and its eleven dimensions (time, space, gravity, structures, etc.). He calculated mathematically that a “Black Hole” emits radiation, thus demonstrating that the content of a black hole contains residual energy structures (Negative Entropy). Matter disintegrates into photon pairs (light), one beams up to the “Event Horizon” (the light ring around a black hole) while the other is crushed further in on its way to Singularity, disintegrating into more than a sextillion Energy particles he called Strings! Hawking believes that when “positive Entropy” increases in the black Hole to the point of Randomness, all information prior to Strings is lost and science cannot proceed its investigation to Singularity!

The mistake that Stephan Hawking makes is his assumption that all information is lost in the black hole. True, without prior information, there can be no Creator. A creator must have a blueprint from which to create. Einstein said that “God doesn’t play dice with the universe”  precisely to make that point. He asserted that information, including imagination, is epiphenomenal (above and beyond matter), thus cannot be annihilated like matter. If information can be annihilated, as Stephan Hawking believes, no “Big Bang” and an unfolding Universe can occur. The Universe can and will create itself from nothing only if the Universe is the hidden God!

Stephan Hawking is recognized as a 20th Century genius physicist who expanded Physics to understand Strings, but there was another genius, Wilhelm Leibnitz who was recognized (and forgotten) as a 17th Century genius mathematician (he invented calculus) who discovered Monads the building blocks of Strings. I made that connection for you so you can understand what existed before the “Big Bang.” One String is made of at least sextillion Monads. In scientific investigation God is the Grand Monad (in religion God is something else). I lectured on the nature of the Monad in college for 26 years, the fact that it makes no difference to “dummies” is the sad part of being human on planet Earth today!

My response to physicist Dr. Jon Kelly on Spirituality.

February 17, 2010

As a well-known Professor of Physics, your description of Spirituality is strictly within my domain of Psychology or Parapsychology – surprises me.   Our roles have been reversed. I have lectures on Spirituality for 25 years in the domain – of Physics!

Since the discovery of Neutrinos in Physics, called Psitrons in Parapsychology, spiritual energy has been identified. There is no more need to “explain” Spirituality as philosophical “stuff.”  The energy is in the heart of the Photon, lodged in our brain’s Frontal Lobe, with meridians to the Pineal Gland and elsewhere. The brain phenomenon called Spirituality is the only independent type of energy in our human system (there are 3 types). I have harnessed that energy. It is an amazing Force to work with. It has what we call ‘consciousness’ manifestation in lab experiments, just as predicted by Albert Einstein. The energy is ‘highly interactive’ and respond well to scientists who understand  what happens at the “point of singularity.” Physicists today are ‘lost’ without the help of Parapsychologists. A good place to start your spiritual re-education  is by reading Arthur M. Young, The Reflexive Universe.

Do you want to form an Internet Spirituality Group (ISG)? I am tired of the ‘spiritual’ definitions of Spirituality. The force is real energy particles, for Gods’ sake!


December 22, 2009

No, this is not a commercial. This is my spontaneous expression of confidence in WP.  As one of the best psychologists on planet Earth, naturally I seek out one of the best mediums of responding to your FAQs. Sure, I have a fine blog on blogspot for parapsychological FAQs, a spot on Facebook for potpourri explorations, an occasional chat on Twitter, and a memory of Myspace, but WordPress is in a league by itself: The best structured, easiest blog to use, the least restrictive, and loaded with creative feedback.

My psychological blog on Worpress will answer your questions how to improve your relationship with money or wealth, and a separate blog, The Peaceful Revolution, will respond to your FAQ about all other relationships, including health, happiness, politics, the environment, and even God, and I don’t mean the one people created in their cultural image. All my answers are generic, as is, no spin, no bull…, no politically correct crap, no ends or butts, just the Bhagavad Gita way!

I was a psychological consultant to the National Enquire magazine for 10 years. I like their style. Here is what’s coming soon on my Dr. Elior’s WordPress blog: Ten measurements of compatibility between a man and a woman. Take that simple test before you get married – it may be too late after. At any rate, whatever you do, keep your eyes upon the donut and not upon the hole – and let the good times  roll. 🙂