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The real reason nations fight nations!

September 28, 2014

Forget what the Darwinians tell you that war is a form of the “survival of the fittest.” Forget what the economists tell you that war is a fight for resources. Forget what they all tell you except the Sociologists, although their reasons we have wars are a bit more sophisticated. Nations fight nations because they were artificially created. After the first and second world wars the victorious French and British governments appointed jerks (uneducated and unqualified low IQ politicians) to commissions to decide on a whim how to divide the world into countries. Boundaries were decided on the basis of the personal preferences of powerful commission members (Sykes, Picot, Clemenceau, Wilson, Churchill, Atlee, Bevin, others). These individuals had no idea what the word ethnic affiliation meant, Sunni affinity, Shia loyalty, Jewish aspiration, Arab tenacity, cultural imperatives, social cohesiveness, political beliefs, economic conditions, natural resources, all they could think of was how to settle political favors by one group to another after two awful wars.

Nationalism, designed to prevent wars (a fence makes for good neighbors) became a maligned word after Hitler. Let’s bring it back. Nationalism  is a powerful belief a person has that his country (born or adopted) represent his emotional and social identity. Nationalism is a cultural attachment to one’s homeland, its values, norms, mores, language, ethnicity, national religion, expected behaviors economically, politically and internationally. Nationalism is a willingness to fight for your country without reservation when threatened by others.

Something happened in 1939 that defines our unjustified bad attitude toward Nationalism, our basic identity without which we are prone to fight each other on the battle field more than in the sports area. Germany took Nationalism to the bad extreme. Nazi means National Socialism and in a survey in 39 the Germans scored 5 on the Likert scale in favor of Nationalism. Then Hitler lost the war and the last survey in 1997 the Germans scored 1.37, the lowest score on Nationalism of all the nations on earth! Today, if you are a right-winger nationalist like me you are called a fascist. Take away these 2 fundamental evils that cause wars (artificial boundaries of countries and anti Nationalism and you prevent Armageddon wars. The solution is to give each ethnic group within a country in every country an ethnic nationalist identity (States, provinces, etc.). Promote nationalism. You can erase wars within less than a generation!

Is the rise of ISIS something you should be concerned about?

September 27, 2014

Yes, you should be concerned if you live in new York City or Chicago, it’s like being in the worse storm in a 100 years and you suddenly realize that your boat skipper is only a boasting speaker! Professor of Islamic Civilization Raphael Israeli says that Obama has a false perception of Islam that may prolong the fight with ISIS as a Sunni movement. America is threatened. Islam is not a peaceful religion as Obama claims, says professor Israeli. ISIS barbarism is a Sunni Islamic phenomenon since 638 AD. ISIS has a politically elected Caliphate and as such has always bloodied the spiritually inherited Imamate of the Shia. Sunni hate for the Shia is greater than their hate for the Jews, he says.

There are fifteen Sunnis for every Shia person in the world. Sunnis are more prone to becoming suicide bombers than the Shia do. So far, many more Sunnis have become suicide bombers and their targets tended to be civilians and random. Not believing any of these religious and cultural differences between the 2 groups, Obama may not know how to use US resources to protect Americans. Obama is delusional about Islam as Bush and Clinton were. We are in for a bloody long haul.

I will not be surprised if this fight between radical Islam and America is the beginning of world war three. If that is the case, Obama as a triggering leader will follow in the footsteps of the other 2 Democrats in the White House (Wilson and Roosevelt) who started world war 1 and 2. And, this is not just my opinion, Authoritarian leaders, even in your group or family,  tend to test the resolve of democrats (perceived as weaker personalities) than republicans. Do you want peace in the world, elect a Teddy Roosevelt again and again and again.

NFL: Psychology tells it like it is!

September 20, 2014

Black football players who reach the top of the NFL possess a rare combination of success in Nature;  superb aggression with awesome skills of sublimation. Saying it in a sociobiology would be “their high Testosterone level matches their mental sublimation skills,” a formula that is required for winning football games at the top of the national league. Here the rational meets the national meets the natural!

But here is the problem. Some marry the wrong women.

A Muslim woman will rarely say no to her husband when he wants sex. She is afraid to say no or she knows that success in football goes well with sexual release. An American women psyche is more complicated. She has to feel “right” about the act. She is ready for sex only when she feels love for her husband, but especially if she feels respected – or wants a baby. The man, on the other hand, feels, “I make 50 million dollars which enables me to marry a beautiful and sexy woman and I am entitled to have sex with her any time I want except when she doesn’t feel good physically.” There you go, psychology tells it like it is!

All psychologists would say that domestic violence has no place in marriage, you bet, but some psychologists would say that feeling love is the solution, respect, right conditions, etc. It’s like saying, “watch the Cialis or Viagra commercials.” I say it is an unrealistic approach with aggressive football players who say, “When I’m hot I’m hot.” The solution here is in the hand of the wife – sometimes literally, sometimes figuratively. I assume it can be  simple, a wife of a man who makes 20 million dollars this year should put out more effort in the relationship than a wife of an unemployed bum. Sure, you must resist rape or even a too aggressive approach from your husband football player, but respond positively to a “quick” romance. The solution to this NFL problem is in the verbal behavior of the wife and the husband and not in the mind or either if they want the good life that comes with fame and 50 million bucks!

Why Ray Rice hit his wife?

September 17, 2014

In most cases of aggression a man physical assault on his woman is a reaction to being refused sex he believes he is “entitled” to, or she is spending too much of “his” money without permission. In the case of successful football players like Ray Rice the number of cases is a bit higher because football is an aggressive profession and successful black football players have more of it in general. I don’t know the circumstances or psychological reasons why Ray Rice hit his woman, but I would like men to tame themselves more and women to avoid triggering the reaction.

Men with a strong libido should be more selective who they marry because most women have a  low libido.  Many divorces happen because of sex and money disagreements, but in most marriages the solution is not a divorce but a life of pretending to be happy (quiet desperation). The husband and the wife settle down to a “soap opera” relationship.  He takes a secret lover and becomes anxious when she snooped around and she becomes depressed from lack of a healthy sex life. Kids are usually born at this low point in the relationship when the parents need something important to share or communicate about, or be a buffer. Psychology calls it indirect relationship or third party relation.

Ray Rice and his wife may choose a good life together if they go for behavioral counseling (1 in 16 do). The goal of BC is to reach a compromise agreement: for him to treat her with love and respect in exchange for better sex and for her to spend his money more wisely, if that is the case here. Behavioral counseling is the simplest counseling there is: behavior is controlled by its consequences, that is it! and if you learn to do it well all negative emotions get deleted from the brain in time.