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To all my visitors: I am going on a month vacation. See you in January 2015

December 6, 2014

I never forget you, guys. I know some of you are becoming regular visitors to my blogs and websites. You are the smart ones who realize that with me you will always get the information you need as is, simplified, summarized and ready to use. This posting is just a good-bye for a month, but because society is in pain nowadays, I will add, don’t forget that “Behavior is controlled by its consequences,” don’t do negative things expecting positive outcomes, it’s stupid, be smart, you are my visitor!

Dr. Elior K.

Here is why you never have enough money, health and love!

December 4, 2014

Yes, I will tell you the truth, may be cite the studies and swear by my profession that life works better when you focus your energies on behavioral truth, so what? If you are a racist, forget it if you think it is easy to change your belief because I say the truth is really simple or a shrink you don’t know tells you about it. I wish you would change because I care and I want to see you have more money, health and love. Well, we shall see:

*A young black man kicks a white police officer who shoots him dead on the spot. Is it racism or a behavioral disorder?

*A young white man kicks a black police officer who shoots him dead on the spot. Is it racism or a behavioral disorder?

*A son puts his 92-year-old mother in an old age home and she is abused by a staff member, is it ageism or a behavioral disorder by the staff member taking advantage of a weak person?

*You are a CEO of a company and you hired or promoted 4 men to executive positions, is it sexism or a preference for certain behavioral skills?

*You are a wife and you start avoiding the company of your  nice husband, is it marital-ism, love-ism, sex-ism or you have a behavioral disorder?

If you see racism, sexism, ageism, marital-ism or all the other isms in your relationships it will hold you back from having enough money, health and love. Time to change to Behaviorism. Behavior is much more truthful than belief. Focusing on a behavior advances a person much better than expressing an attitude!