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May 5, 2016

The “big bang” happened 40 billion years ago. Earth was born 5 billion years ago. What came out at the point of Singularity is a flow of love energy, including sexual love energy. This fact is well documented. The two forms of love energy that came out at the point of singularity each had their own consciousness with its own veracity (truth) and purposiveness (mission). Dr. Leibnitz (1648 AD), the founder of mathematic calculus called these units of consciousness Monads. The Monads formed what Dr. Hawking called “Strings.”  Strings coalesce to form “Higgs particles” or photons that became neutrinos or what parapsychologists call “psitrons.” (cognitive units).  Low Monads are newly self formed and they start their life being subsumed into matter by the Higgs’ particles as catalyst. Most of the “low Monads” float in the universal space as “dark Matter” which is a misnomer. Old Monads (recycled) stay in a pure state. Humans exist only in some planets seeded by aliens. A small portion of old Monads enter the human brain frontal lobe through the pineal gland and the Ley lines and form the soul or the “God portion within.” Your ability to love and communicate with your soul determine your happiness, health and wealth. God is being “born” with each new Universe every 100 billion years. As soon as this truth about the soul is known and accepted planet earth would be a great planet to live on. Meantime, any person who loves his inner consciousness will be transformed!




January 21, 2016

This month has been a period of discoveries for me that are indescribably. You know that I am a retired parapsychologist which means that I know about metaphysics, spirituality, psychic phenomena, Edgar Cayce, the effect of meditation, alternative reality, the paranormal and the astrophysics, all of these from a scientific perspective.

My Rabbi from Seattle stay with us the weekend. He was to speak at the University about Jewish beliefs about the afterlife. Did I attend the lecture? No, I am not interested in what great religious people of all faiths conjured up about the heavens. I am not that primitive. I am a researcher, not a conjurer of “stuff.” Someone asked me, “Do you believe in God?” I said, “No, I have a relationship with Her.” Ah? I know it’s a weird answer. Why can’t I have a relationship with God? Just a belief, yak, I want more than that!? Well, it’s just not real enough to believe – you got to get into the circle. When God comes to visit me I interact with Him through signs and PK movements, I don’t just have a belief and say foolishly, “Hey, you are just the unknown, EinSof” I’d rather die if that is all I can get from God – a priest or Rabbi’s belief. And, I don’t think that God would like it either. I studied God scientifically for 30 years, like doctors can study me. God is made of Monads which are units of consciousness discovered in 1648 by Leibnitz who the church hated more than they hated Galileo! Do you want to get the benefits of a relationship with God? Stop insulting Him with your stupid beliefs.

Do you want the real thing? First, you have to become 100% authentic, I mean, stop the crap that looks good. Then, you have to recognize a system of signal, those from your environment and those from God, they are different signs! Look around in the room, find the signal from God to you among all the signals in the room, and finally you have to connect the dots. That is how I got to speak in Berlin a few months ago how I cured my cancer. I connected the dots. Why am I telling you all that? I am telling you all that so the people around me reading this who are trying to tell me about God, stop! They will be embarrassed by their ignorance! For God’s sake try to have a relationship with God before you try to tell people about Him. And, his name is Yehoshua, not Joshua, but a rose by any other name is still a rose, so you may call Him Jesus, the Messiah, Lord, Elohim, the way, Tau, El or your personal savior. Get going with your knowledge, don’t be left behind in 2016, the year of the Lord in a Bahgavad Gita way!

The big bang is not a theory.

June 1, 2014

I taught parapsychology in college for 27 years. I was recommended as a parapsychologist expert by 2 college presidents. I think that I have some knowledge of the relationship between Singularity and Spirituality, don’t you? But, you have to keep an open mind, not because the topic is difficult to understand or accept but because it involves God. According to Piaget’s rreversibility universes come and go, called the big bang and the big crunch. The big bang occurred when Monads (units of consciousness discovered by Wilhelm Gottfried Leibnitz the inventor of mathematical calculus in 1648) exploded, coalescing into Higgs bosons.  About 15% were Bound Monads, becoming galaxies, 80% became dark matter called Low Monads in parapsychology, and 5% become Spirits (called Free Monads according to Dr. Mishlove, an associate of Edgar Mitchell, the astronaut head of Noetic science foundation). God, scientifically speaking, is the sum total of all the Monads, awesome universal consciousness!! Your body, mind and brain are made of Bound  Monads. Your Soul is made of Free Monads.

What I give you here is only the mini skeleton of the truth how or why the Universe was created. If you want to know the rest you’d have to ask questions. For example, doe’s God talks only to your Soul’s free Monads? Doe’s God listen to your mind too? How many free Monad ares in your Soul? (About 10 to the power of 27 exponentially). What behavior of yours does’ God responds to 100%? Your love of Him or your worship of Him? Did we have a Universe before this one? Yes. How long does’ a Universe cycle last (70 billion years). How old are we? 35 billion years. Keep asking…



Stop screwing up the Monad!

August 16, 2012

I had a feeling that since the American physicist Dr. Leon M Lederman described Higgs Boson as a “God particle,” every Dick Tom and Harry in Science would hitch a ride on the new bridge between “Science” and “Religion.” I surfed to Google and sure enough I found the start of an intellectual mess.  Monadology and a host of other “stuff” sprang like mushrooms after rain  to carry the “experts” unknowingly light years away from Dr. Wilhelm, Gottfried Leibnitz discovery of the Monad as a cosmic unit of consciousness!.

Dr. Lederman was the director of the Fermi National Accelerator in Batavia, Illinois when he earned the Nobel price in Physics in 1988 for his work on the Neutrino (a neutron particle). He coined the term “God’s particle” to describe the Higgs Boson. If he studied  the size difference between the Higgs Boson (proton particle, physical matter)) and the Monad  (consciousness particle), he would have know that a true “God particle” is a few sextillion times smaller.

Forget Monadology and the other “mushrooming” theories about the Monad and let’s walk to the original source. The Monad is a unit of consciousness that preexisted the “Big Bang” according to Leibnitz, Metaphysics and Parapsychology. The Monad is a spiritual particle if you want to use that term. Monads exist in two qualities, all have self-veracity and purpose. High Monads are the older and flow freely in the universe as Spirits between and within physical particles. What you call Soul is an area in your Frontal Lobe in your brain with meridians to your Pineal gland (Descartes) full with High Monads that give you mental consciousness (animals have only sensory consciousness). Bound Monads are the younger Monads and are subsumed in physical matter (your body, planets, stars, what is “freed” when a person dies).

I salute you if you understood what  I wrote. If you can keep an open mind about this very advanced knowledge, I salute you twice. Living in the year 2012 with knowledge from the 22nd century would not be easy on your social life or perceived academic integrity.

The distance from Higgs Boson to God’s particle!

August 1, 2012

My background is Science, Psychology and Parapsychology. I think it would  be supportive of me to enlighten you with my knowledge about the universe we live in. Some of you reading these lines may think of me as arrogant. I welcome your point of view. All authentic perceptions of another person are valid from the position of the perceiver. Someone once said to me “Go to hell.” I responded, “Lead the way, you are the expert on that road map.” The enlightened ones will use my knowledge to start forming a more loving, authentic and useful relationship with God.  Keep your wonderful religious beliefs as they are – based on faith.  They are beautiful to the beholder. We all live with two identities: as believers we recreate the world to fit our beliefs and as scientists we observe the world trying to live in the Bahagavad Gita way, “as is,” in the truth.

Start your journey to Truth from the mirror at home: Most of you see a body you accept but would like to improve, let’s hope all the sounds you hear you like, all your odours are pleasant smells, you touch without pain and taste without indulgence. Now, look inside the body and watch your organs doing their nature’s assigned job with a smile. Get a microscope and zero in on  a cell. Watch how its nucleus divides and study its biochemical structure. Take out a molecule and enlarge it under an electron microscope. Zero in on a hydrogen atom, not only because you want to simplify Quantum Mechanics for better understanding, but also because having an atom in the palm of your hand with one electron orbiting one proton bring you the closest to – Higgs Boson!

Take two protons and collide them in a 27 miles circular Collider. Imagine what would have happened if you collided two cars at the speed of light? You wouldn’t have cars, you’d have tiny particles. The protons disintegrated into Bosons, Quarks, Leptons and a bunch of other subatomic particles. You are a physicist. You study the Higgs Boson and find out that it is about a sextillion of a millimeter in size and it’s job is to create mass for the atom. You get excited because you know that mass (physical universe, your body, etc.) matters to your life. You get even more  excited because a famous physicist jumped the gun and called the Higgs Boson a particle of God.

That is where I come in to clean up the beginning of a mess in Physics moving too fast on the road map to understanding Singularity. The distance from Higgs Boson to a God’s particle is much longer than the distance from a tiny cell to a huge body. Here is the road map: Start reducing the Higgs Boson by a factor of 1 over 270 zeros to get to Strings (theory). Strings are open and closed loops made of free and bound Monads. Monads are units of consciousness studied in Parapsychology (Leibnitz, 1675) (I have been a college professor of parapsychology for 25 years). Monads have self-veracity, purposive life and free will. Monads are the real particles of God, not the Higgs Boson. Free Monads live in your Pineal gland and frontal lobe. They constitute what you call the soul. Bound Monads are conscious constituents of matter. low bound monads are related to dark matter and have something to do with gravity. The important thing for you is to try to be on good terms with your soul and especially consciousness. Don’t get overwhelmed by this information. Have a good life. Wow, this one was a tough one for me to write. God bless!

Stephan Hawking’s new book The Grand Design.”

September 7, 2010

As a professor of parapsychology for 20 years, teaching Metaphysics as related to theoretical physics, the paranormal, astronomy, astrology and exobiology, I make it my job to simplify for my readers the understanding of complex discoveries by great scientists.

This is the 21st Century. Don’t be another “dummy,” be smart. Stephan Hawking in his new book The Grand Design says that “The Universe can and will create itself from nothing,” thus denying the need for God as a Creator. A couple of thousand “dummies” have already reacted to Hawking’s statement in a similar fashion to the thousand previous “dummies” that had reacted to Nietzsche’s statement “God is Dead.”  Get the true picture and get smart:

Stephan Hawking is the greatest theoretical physicist today. He discovered String Theory and its eleven dimensions (time, space, gravity, structures, etc.). He calculated mathematically that a “Black Hole” emits radiation, thus demonstrating that the content of a black hole contains residual energy structures (Negative Entropy). Matter disintegrates into photon pairs (light), one beams up to the “Event Horizon” (the light ring around a black hole) while the other is crushed further in on its way to Singularity, disintegrating into more than a sextillion Energy particles he called Strings! Hawking believes that when “positive Entropy” increases in the black Hole to the point of Randomness, all information prior to Strings is lost and science cannot proceed its investigation to Singularity!

The mistake that Stephan Hawking makes is his assumption that all information is lost in the black hole. True, without prior information, there can be no Creator. A creator must have a blueprint from which to create. Einstein said that “God doesn’t play dice with the universe”  precisely to make that point. He asserted that information, including imagination, is epiphenomenal (above and beyond matter), thus cannot be annihilated like matter. If information can be annihilated, as Stephan Hawking believes, no “Big Bang” and an unfolding Universe can occur. The Universe can and will create itself from nothing only if the Universe is the hidden God!

Stephan Hawking is recognized as a 20th Century genius physicist who expanded Physics to understand Strings, but there was another genius, Wilhelm Leibnitz who was recognized (and forgotten) as a 17th Century genius mathematician (he invented calculus) who discovered Monads the building blocks of Strings. I made that connection for you so you can understand what existed before the “Big Bang.” One String is made of at least sextillion Monads. In scientific investigation God is the Grand Monad (in religion God is something else). I lectured on the nature of the Monad in college for 26 years, the fact that it makes no difference to “dummies” is the sad part of being human on planet Earth today!

What do Byron, Schopenhauer and Leibnitz have in common?

April 3, 2010

The weekend was great getting together over latte’ and shooting the breeze until I couldn’t take it anymore. Everyone was shooting their mouth about God, the human mind and what are souls made of.  Shooting the breeze was one thing but shooting the mouth was another. I asked, “Guys, what’s the soul really is made of?” and the bullshit began, people were shooting themselves in the foot with all kinds of beliefs.

What’s the matter with humans that they talk incessantly about “things” that they don’t really know about? I felt like a computer salesman trying to sell a laptop to cavemen 10,000 years ago. “Hey guys, Descartes (1700) discovered the soul when he said, cogito ergo sum. There is a sublime conduit of consciousness particles (sub-strings) descending from space through the pineal gland to the frontal lobe.’  The soul ‘particles’ don’t have mass, They are units of consciousness about the size of 1/10 to the power of 170 of the Atom, or about a thousand sextillion particles altogether. About a quarter are bound in physical matter, about half in dark matter and the rest are free Monads (discovered by Leibnitz, 1648).

They looked at me like I was a nut case, either not understanding what I was talking about or thinking that I am joking. I really didn’t tease anyone when I said, “The mind is a sophisticated calculator, software,  that’s it.” But, the greatest laugh I received was when I said, “Your body is not a part of who you are. If you lost an arm you’d still be 100% you and here too! The English poet Lord Byron said, “Truth is stranger than fiction.” Arthur Schopenhauer, the German philosopher (1800) said, “You will laugh when you hear the truth for the first time.” I think I made a mistake talking about mind, body, or soul in public. People don’t want to know who they really are. God help us all!

Can humans have a relationship with God?

March 3, 2010

You have a relationship with God, whether you like it or not. Like your relationship with your parents, God is an entity in your brain that your relationship with is “mutually exclusive.” I have a perfect life. I got up this morning and decided to go “channel surfing” for a topic that would enlighten my listeners, or at least revive your self-image, and bingo, “Joy TV” paid programming pops up. Faisal says, “You have a relationship with God.” I listen, but I hear the same old stuff about having faith, etc. I thought, “God deserves better than that,” so here is the scientific truth:

The so-called “dark matter” in the Universe is made of what some scientists call “Free Monads.” Your brain has at least 10 to the power of 27 concentration of Free Monads in the Pineal gland (serotonin and melatonin area) and the Frontal Lobe (frontal lobotomy causes a severe loss of consciousness). A Free Monad is a unit of conscious energy with its own veracity and purposiveness that preexisted the Universe. When you focus your thoughts and feelings inwardly toward your consciousness, you WILL experience a profound feeling, a glimpse of your relationship with the God within (soul), and the God without (spirit), IF the aggregate of pure Monads in your pineal gland and frontal lobe (Cortex), or in cosmic space, approve of the way you live your life (peace, love, respect for nature, creatures, people, etc.). A person who can become genuine and authentic WILL acquire a profound relationship with God. Your life becomes amazing – everything improves!

No scientist that has ever researched what God’s energy particles are, has ever put this information on the Internet as far as I know. I just felt deeply this morning that the time has come to introduce God to the educated among you as a real entity, that Universal Consciousness that really exists. Imagine, 1648: Sir Newton steals Calculus from Dr. Leibnitz, the mathematical genius who discovers God’s particles and calls God the “Grand Monad.” Newton says, “I hate this man.” I hope you keep an open mind, tune inward tonight, and think about God as the entity in your brain that provides your awareness (cogito ergo sum).  And, your life becomes amazing when you also learn to appreciate those Monads that are ‘bound into Matter,’ those Monads that have given up their spiritual freedom so you can have a physical universe.

I know it’s hard to move on beyond the wonders of religion, but if you accept (behaviorally) the above information, and you become an authentic human being, you will have a relationship with God that goes beyond assumptions, a relationship that goes all the way back to the purpose of creation. Good luck! I care!