Shana Tova: Follow my blogs to health, wealth and happiness!

Today is the birthday of the second of the two very caring live-in care givers from Nepal that I hired for my 21-year-old disabled son. I take all 6 people who live in my 6,500 s/f home in the woods to town for a fancy dinner at a French-Cuban restaurant with original South American wall paintings and exotic atmosphere. Today, my stock investing doubled in a year. Today, my cancer is in total remission. Today I celebrate 28 years of perfect second marriage. Today I plan a vacation to Israel and California. Today is the first day of the rest of the life of this immigrant who spoke no English when he arrived in New york with $100 in his pocket in 1961. I bless and renew my wonderful life every day. How do I do it? More importantly, can you achieve the good life by following my blogs?

The answer is a qualified “Yes” if you can read, discover, understand, write down and follow the unchanging rules described in more than 77 postings on my Psychology of Investing blog. “Yes” if you can incorporate these unchanging rules into a new “life Style” for yourself. “Yes” if you can get  the “flavor” of how people feel about what they read in my blogs by reading their 46+ comments. As you can see, I am not popular, but what I blog for you works! And, “Yes” if you can incorporate into your new “life style” the ideas presented in 137 postings (and 124 responses) on my Peaceful Revolution blog.

There are 2 kinds of visitors to sources of information on the Internet, those that follow ideas because of a person and those that follow ideas because of the ideas. 10% of the visitors follow my ideas because they discovered who I am, believe in my knowledge and learn to trust and respect me, and 90% of the visitors follow my ideas because they “surf” the WWW and find ideas from 1000 other blogs.  They follow commonsense ideas, not “gurus.” Well, here is more ideas that work for the “lucky” 10% !

This time it is about wealth: Let’s say you stopped putting money into an IRA in 1990 to get a Fed tax deduction, and decided to put your max of $4,000 per year into a smart Roth IRA instead. Capish? Let’s say that you put all your Roth IRAs for the next 20 years into AAPL. Do you know that today you will be sitting on more than $5,000,000.00 tax-free! You didn’t diversify like they told you. You didn’t keep your money liquid like they told you. You didn’t buy Mining companies with your Roth IRA like they told you. You bought a piece of Steven Jobs! I know, it is not politically correct to tell you, but did you know that Warren Buffett didn’t think diversifying assets is necessary if you are smart! Did you know that keeping your money liquid is good for the economy – not for you as an investor. The list of misguided rules is as long as history! You now know why you always get less in life than what you expect or deserve to get.

Think about it, my blogs do not sell you anything that is not in libraries and I don’t make a penny if you follow my blogs or not, the gain is all yours, the only reason I want you to type “Dr. Elior Kinarthy” on Google and start following my ideas is that I care about you as a fellow human being who finds life difficult and in return makes the lives of others difficult. I want back the good planet as God intended it to be! Type my name on Google and get to work on a better “life Style” for yourself.  As Jack Rosenberg from Philadelphia once said, “I know that you know that I love you, What I want you to know is that I know you love me.”


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10 Responses to “Shana Tova: Follow my blogs to health, wealth and happiness!”

  1. roth ira contribution limits 2009 Says:

    I could see that you are a guru at your area! I am starting a site soon, and your information will be very valuable for me.. Thanks for all your support and wishing you all the success in your business.

    • drkinarthy Says:

      Good luck to you on your ROTH IRA blog. Yes, you can call me a guru in my area and you are welcome to use my knowledge in behavioral economics to help people invest for retirement. Make sure that they understand the cardinal rule about Roth IRA: The $5,000 you need to start a Roth IRA can come only from your work, salary, not from loans or investments. Start your Roth IRA when you are young as soon as you get a job that pays $5,000 (I assume that you read my book and you know the rules about borrowing money). Now, in your blog you give people options where to invest their Roth IRA. It’s OK for security but not for profits. One can have security and profits only if they master my Roth IRA rules! You said I was a guru, I guess I am. Good luck with your new blog.

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