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Is behavior therapy or insight-oriented therapy more effective?

May 20, 2013
Dr. Kinarthy: The problem is: “How does someone realize that their behavior is “maladaptive” except by self-consciousness? But that is precisely what the behaviorists deny is possible. Behaviorism is committed–as a “first principle,” as an ultimate assumption, as a fundamental premise–that self-consciousness is impossible; that all behavior is a response to external stimuli, to stimulus-response mechanisms. Reflexive thinking doesn’t even enter into it for classical behaviorism.Also, it’s not so much a matter of getting excited about “talking” and l “listening” but of hearing and empathizing. Of getting “within” the “soul” and distress of the other. That’s where it all has to start. To help by first understanding what the other wants help with.Notice 2 Comments above:Gabrielle Chorney: “Insight is needed to understand and adjust behavior.” First self-conscious insight: then the effort to alter behavior!

Again, Gullian Solomon: “…it seems that the that the important thing is that the insight comes from the patient” and not the contractual goals that the therapist devises in his/her “treatment plan” for the patient. That’s precisely the problem. As a profession, we turn the “patient” into a passive subject to be worked on by thinking we know best what is good for them.

By Ben Mijuskovic

Dear Ben Mijuskovic. Let me respond to your email through my blog in a public way in the form of making comments. Agreement between professionals about this issue can help or hinder progress not only in therapy but is human relations as a whole. You may or may not accept my comments as true, but to me that form of response is best when an issue is intractable:

1. Have you heard of the fallacy called “begging the question”? Forcing a dichotomy between behavior and insight is logical but not ethical or scientific. I should stop responding right here but I will continue for the sake of helping your knowledge get rid of bias. A more ethical, truthful and scientific question would be: Are behavior therapy and insight therapy in conflict about effectiveness? The answer is NO!

2. Behavior is not maladaptive because you or DSM 5 say so. You don’t get to play God as a therapist. Behavior is maladaptive when a person behaves in such a way that he can’t hold a job or carry on an honest relationship. Classical behaviorism is like classical economics, it’s a dead horse (end) that died last century. You can advance in the profession by studying behavioral psychology for the 21st century.

3. The rest of your comments are much ado about nothing, a discussion that is more useful for therapists than for patients. Now, that I have convinced you fellows of nothing, have a good day. I hope that I didn’t  offend you, but you think in the box too much. Go out into the fresh air and take your patients with you.


The Law of Enhanced Permeation Effect (LEPE)

May 18, 2013

The IRS appears to have targeted republicans. We all reject discrimination of the basis of political orientation. I decided to post the law of enhanced permeation (LEPE) so you will understand the phenomenon and stop living expecting an unbiased world. LEPE does not apply only to understanding the permeability of systemic disease, as we are told. LEPE is also the unconscious process of  enhanced permeability of presidential biases (with the enhanced bias of the anti-republican media). In fact, let me be clear with all of you, the naive and the not so naive: LEPE is everywhere. It has gone underground (became subtle) because of the sophistication of educated people who try to be objective, but it is still  kicking and breathing subliminally below the threshold of human awareness. You may thought of it as racism, but it’s not. The beauty of it is that you can be as aware of it as I am and learn how to work with it in your life and not be battered. You will recognise the phenomenon when it hits you! Is it a form of unfair discrimination? No. Is it a form of sexism? Is it a form of any kind of ism? No. Then what is it? No, it’s not egoism. I said it’s not a form of any ism. LEPF is your unconscious tendency to express your composite  upbringing as the truth from God. LEPF is blindness cascading down from mom, dad or other powerful people with powerful beliefs as the truth given to you by a supreme authority. Yes, Freud talked about it a lot but no one listens. He said, the child is the father of the man. All the wars in the world are caused by LEPE, even who you marry, fight with and divorce, who you love, kill, heal or nurture. All your friends.  LEPE is literally all the subtle influences that permeate down from them into your skull… from those who held the power in your life. Please don’t screw up what I just said. Research in behavioral psychology has demonstrated time and again that you follow and form your personality by modeling after the powerful people in your life (the leaders) and ignore the likable ones (those that show love to you and play with you). The republicans did it but you didn’t catch them. The democrats did it and you caught them. Sure, you will never avoid hiring partial IRS officials, because you can’t check out the fanatics in their up bringing, so what’s the point? Actually, there is one.  The point is that if congress becomes  powerful and punitive with this generation of IRS officials, the next generation of IRS people won’t be so biased in their behavior. They will keep it all inside. Like you do when you are at work and a stern boss is around, the higher your income the less they know your big biases, whatever they are! This letter to you was written from my heart. Read it again when you make a decision that seems distant from the facts!

What happen in Libya? Fear, miscommunication and denial – American traits!

May 10, 2013

President Obama will not be impeached by Congress for appointing incompetent Hilary Clinton Secretary of State. Why not? Because regardless of her callousness in rejecting requests for extra protection for the US embassador in Libya (a friend of Hillary) during the planned terrorist attach on the compound, and refusing to call the attack a planned terrorist attack calling it instead a spontaneous mob action, the latest poll shows that the majority of the democrats think that she would make a great president! What’s going on? Are the American people live in denial? Well, it’s not that simple. President Obama told secretary Clinton to make statements to the press that would diffuse Islamic aggression against the west by mischaracterization it. His strong fear of war wanted to keep the peace almost at any price till the last moment when he would be forced to act. This line of presidential thinking goes all the way back to Roosevelt who tolerated German abuses for more than 2 years and enter WWII only after Pearl Harbor attack by the Japanese in 1941. Tolerating abuse for the sake of peace is an American tradition adopted from the Brits. Hilary is toxic but she may be elected president in 2016. Obama told her to misidentified (reduce the significant) the Attackers in Libya. She told Rice in the UN to call it an angry Libyan spontaneous response to American bombing. Republican now want to impeach Obama for not protecting the American embassy in Tripoli. What they don’t understand is that extreme fear of escalation is an American trait, that miscommunication between the FBI, CIA and the White House is an American turf trait as real as apple pie, aggravated by another trait I call don’t rock the boat for your own good. Authorities hate whistle blowers, they would bite the hand that feed them information!! Listen, in the thirties you lived in denial about the inevitability of second world war. Today, as the adage goes, history repeats itself, you live in the illusion that somehow third world war between the Infidels and the Barbarians somehow won’t happen. Sure, at the end American always win, but at a greatest cost of lives for the delayed responses. Chamberlain was a bloody misguided dude, not that much different from Hilary or Bill. I say people who make very risky decisions shouldn’t be in government. Yet, the American people may elect Hilary in 2016, God forbids. I know some psychologists who would label leaderless leaders the Innocent murderers!