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What was Jesus real name? What really happened?

December 26, 2015

There are 2 versions of the life of the messiah, one is a false story and the other is what happened. The false story is what most people believe and what happened is considered absurd and impossible to accept. He was raised by his father Josef with carpenter skills but became a young not ordained renegade Rabbi, his real name was known as Yehoshua ben Yosef and after he was crucified in 33 AD, the Greeks decided to call him Jesus Christ. Today, the story of JC is a beautiful fantasy, half the Baptists call him Joshua son of David because the Torah says that all Messiah’s come from King David on from the Tribe of Judah the lion. The orthodox Jews in Jerusalem today call him Yeshu Hanotzri. His story is the most psychologically inspiring repentent story ever told (good for humanity’s future). I love Christmas, Easter and wouldn’t change a thing, but the truth makes me free to worship the real Yehoshua Haivri. What happened was that in the year 22 AD this spiritual carpenter from around Tveria who had followers because of his healing powers married a young woman from the town of Migdal, a quiet place a mile from the Sea of Galili near the Jordan river. They had a son named Itzhak who died in 77 AD at age 52, about 45 years after his father was crucified as “The false Messiah of the Jews.” The accusers were the corrupted high Temple priest and the cruel Roman governor of Judea. A 100 years later some Jews acknowledged Yehoshua as the Messiah they had missed and started a place of worship as they thought he would have wanted it. By 200 AD that new church became corrupted. Back in 100 AD half a million Jews in Jerusalem were still looking for a sign from heaven, suddenly claimed to find their “true” messiah in a local charismatic Rabbi named Bar Kosiba who led them to battle against Rome to die at the hands of the Romans, half a million dead, all the Jews left after the destruction of the second Temple in 70 AD, disappeared from the holy land by 150 AD, although Mohammed tried to force those exiled who migrated to Mecca and Medina return to Jerusalem in 650 AD. They refused and were massacred. Jews started coming en mass back to Zion in 1948 AD on the day Avraham Avinu was born in Mesopotamia in the 1948 on the Jewish calendar! A bit Numerology won’t hurt.

A CNN apocalyptic debate in Las Vega, expect a Guinness book of world record tonight!

December 15, 2015

An apocalyptic debate in 2 hours in Las Vegas: The peony republican debaters with their tunnel vision will gang on Trump. Let’s get it clear, America lives in a slum neighborhood with gangs fighting each other how best to destroy the Tag Mahala (White House). Envy of America and stupidity of reasoning rules the socialist gangs. Slum dwellers who believe in austerity don’t want to learn from the rich inventor-investor dynamic dude who lives in their neighborhood, the dummy Demos want his money to “distribute the wealth.”

I decided that after the Paris massacre, the San Bernardino killings and the LA schools shut down this morning, let alone 911 and Pearl Harbor, that it is clear to me that America is worth defending and that the Japanese, German, Al qaeda and ISIS wanted the rich and powerful WH for themselves. The Japanese and Germans, no more a problem, FDR the democrat took care of that albeit hesitantly. The problem now is apocalyptic, we need a Teddy Roosevelt in the WH, nice cousins would not do anymore. The democrats just wait too long before they act (Wilson, FDR, etc.) and cost democracies too many lives.

I usually don’t comment on a political debate 2 hours before my posting (at 3 PM western time) ,2 hours from now! Wow, the political brains are out with an average IQ of 100, stifled by a politically correct disease.  But you can imagine that I think this one in Las Vegas is a Philadelphia  constitutional convention, trying to elect a later-day Saint George Washington to fix it all. When you watch this last debate of 1776, I mean 2015, focus on who gives clear, cool, short general answers and who is running around his bush with details of doomsday, Kick ass good buy any candidate who appeal to your fears. focus on those that appeal to your anger, “World, leave America alone, live and let live!”

Scientific and objective response to articles circulating about the demise of Israel!

December 15, 2015

The title of our political meeting soon will be, Where would Israel be in 50 years? Is it valid and reliable topic to discuss by everyone? I will not explain the difference between validity and reliability and other scientific terms in this posting – please educate yourself on your computer.  The probability can be obtained by using probability theory. The theory says that on the average about 90% of the variance of truth can be obtained by a thought experiment based on reality (Einstein did that), a process that can be achieved by about 10% of the people, usually individuals that can make 4 times more successful decisions in life than others. So far so good? The thought experiment can generate the 4 required variables each covering about 25% of the variance of predictability. So far so good?  Now, let’s get to work:

  1. Factor 1: Israel has an atomic bomb. If Israel know how to handle that deference, its 25%, if not, it’s less. I won’t tell you what my thought experiment found out but it’s more than 10%
  2. Factor 2: Israel’s government policies in Israel and in the world is a factor. Policies of the Right have more deference than policies of the Left. I won’t tell you what my thought experiment found out, but the surprising psychological fact that the Right studies the consequences of their behavior more than the Left does, the difference is more than 20%.
  3. Factor 3: Israel has a strong economy. The fact that they could manufacture or buy any kind of weapon they need would have given them 25% for this factor, but after a thought analysis they got only 15% for poor management of the defence of the country.
  4. Attitude of nationalism: Israel attitude of nationalism is 5%. To analyse this low attitude I looked at 3 anchor states: Israel 100% nationalism in 1948 and Russia 100% nationalism in 1994 and the US 100% in 1776. All 3 states have become less nationalistic and more Internationalist, Israel at 50% (12.5% on the scale), Russia 90% and the US 25%).
  5. Calculation: 10% +20% + 15% + 12.5% = 57.5%. The probability that Israel will survive is higher than average.  The error variance of this probability because of God, the Bible, history, miracles, etc cannot be assessed but my feeling is that Israel will over come its difficulties as the Israeli people become stronger. Peace comes in history to the strong. For example, America won, Japan and Germany have peace and prosperity. Good luck, dudes!

Are views of self defence that different by left morality and by right morality?

December 9, 2015

Let’s compare 2 countries, English moral thinking is usually leftist and Israeli moral thinking is usually rightist. English laws regarding murder is more protective of the human rights of the attacker than of the human rights of the victim. In reality, in England a person who tries to kill another person will probably be shot in the leg or be subdued by passerbys or by a cop and then get a light sentence. If he succeeds in killing another person, he’d have his day in count with a “nice” English jury and get a leftist “forgiving” sentence because of the murderer’ difficult upbringing circumstances (this is called in psychology the Freudian Left perception).  That judgement would consider poverty, discrimination, etc to “adjust” the sentence. In short, England has a judicial system based of evolving humanist-socialist culture.

The Israel judicial culture evolved to the right of center, in part because of repeated wars with the Arabs, but mostly because the Jewish Torah tend to favor what is considered by scholars in the 21st century a right-wing orientation. The Torah says, “Hakam lehargecha, hashkem veharago.” The Jewish Torah permeates the depth of the life of Israelis whether they deny it or not. It’s deep in their unconscious. Simply said, the Brits shoot assailants with knives in the leg and the Israelis shoot assailants with knives in the head. That is why I wrote this posting as a public service for you to think about morality and decide who is right. The Jewish Torah quoted above says “Be vigilant and faster and kill them first, those who try to kill you.” Basically, is this the universal law of self-defence? British law is the universal belief of Christianity, give the Romans your other cheek. You choose. The left likes the British law, the right likes the Israeli law. Who is right? I don’t know, all I know is who has the better chance of survival? Darwin had his say in England. Are the Israelis “overreacting” to Palestinian stabbings? Are the Brits suicidal? Who is smart and who is stupid? Who is more moral? If you look at history, it pays off to be powerful. You got money, you got respect, says Trump. Is he right? I don’t know what to tell you. You decide what is right and wrong, the left thinking or the right thinking???


Trump: The senator from Arizona is not a national hero of the United States!

December 9, 2015

Hero Meaning in the Cambridge English Dictionary:
A person who is admired for having done something very brave or having achieved something.

This issue is lingering in the election media so to help you decide whether Trump fights “politically correct” people, fight for honesty in public, demean a national hero or just use John McCain for political spot. Is the senator who was a prisoner of war for 4 years when his fighter plane was shot down over Vietnam a national hero? Trump said,  “McCain was shot down, is that heroic?” I ask you for your  true answer: Is the senator admired for having flown a fighter jet over Viet Nam? Is the senator a hero for being captured by the enemy and held in jail and may be tortured for 4 years?

For what ever it is worth my opinion is that john was a brave man, an American patriot and a survivalist – but not a hero. What do you think? Is Trump right? (more…)

Jan Gerson: Why Trump will win! An entertainment piece of journalism!

December 8, 2015

Today is Perle Harbour  day, the weather is gloomy and I am bored. Suddenly I read Jan Gerson the reporter in the Post: “I’d suggest that Donald Trump is not a fascist. He’s an entertainer.” I am glad I bought the Post paper a minute ago, usually I buy the Time-Communist newspaper but that paper does not appear on Mondays. My second choice was The National Post, I’m glad I did. This is Monday, December 7, 2015 a few hours ago. Page A10 of the National Post of Canada, it’s becoming a duzzy day today after all, an article on Zuckerberg giving away 45 billion dollars to charity, the national budget or the GDP of half the world! And, then this article by Gerson about Trump winning the presidency of the US, an even greater off the mark thing than giving away 45 billion dollars to others to spend on their pet projects. The world is going mad. I love it. I hate boredom. I sat this morning with my beautiful wife at “Vanilla,’ my favorite coffee shop and I had not a single moment of boredom on a rainy day (it’d now 4 PM). I’m not going to tell you what’s in the article. The purpose of my posting is entertainment, not comedy of the absurd. I bet with friends a few months ago that Trudeau and Trump would win – one won and one to go. Why do I do it? I once won on a long shut horse (100/1) at Santa Anita (he won) and I got that feeling again. Besides, the coffee conversation at the Marina on Thursdays started getting boring (no more). Every decent idiot wants Trump to lose, may be that is why he is winning. “I worry about America if he Wins,” one said. “I worried more about America when Obama won,’ I said. You see, I am always contrarian, it’s the best way to be when the world is falling apart and everyone is pointing their finger at the wrong  culprit, “It’s Putin’s fault,” another idiot declared. Well, enough entertainment, Time to get serious, stock your basement with food cans, a microwave and a double bed, Hillary Clinton is coming to town with her brilliant Lewinsky’s Bill! Reversing rolls is America is so good for this stupid world trying to find itself, a schizophrenic patient once told me at Norwalk Hospital, so. Sh..t, may be we need Trump crazy medicine after all, to ship all the drug addicts to the billion clinics near the border of Mexico! Wake up, it’s the election, stupid voters!

Between the community and the police!

December 7, 2015

Here is another view, as always my view is difference from others how conflict resolution should work, in fact how life should work. Most people think they know how conflict in a relationship should be fixed – by compromising or winning politically or financially (the rich and powerful get away with it). I think my view should be tested first before you decide. When a person gets killed by the police there are always 2 reports that no one from the other side take seriously: the report by the police and the report by the community (including the family of the individual or the group being attacked by the police, by-standers interview, videos obtained, etc.). The 2 versions end in a biased State or Federal court based on a colonial system (Old English). The process is costly and long. The verdict almost always shortchange someone, usually the innocent. It is not related REALLY to the founding fathers intention and most elected and appointed officials praise the judicial system as the best in the world. This is similar to a situation where a teacher praises a “C” student as the best in class because everyone else gets a “D” or an “F.”

Here is the an improvement in police Community relationship based on a new idea. Congress will select a permanent indictment committee (PIC) of 10 professional jurors. These individuals will earn a special PhD in Jurisprudence from an accredited American University. They will decide whether to indict police officers or even the police department or indict the community or individuals in the community by analysing the factual information in the 2 reports and testify in court under oath. The rate of fair trial will double. This will save money to the tax payers, expedite and shorten the court proceedings, indict the right people or groups and stifle all the stupid and frivolous objections by marginal lawyers and biased witnesses. Bingo, life works!

Gun control: Obama vs. Trump.

December 5, 2015

This morning Trump was asked about the massacre in the social services facility where 14 people died. He said, “Give them guns to protect themselves.” Obama said, “Absolutely not, No vigilantism. Trump said, “This is a war.” Obama said, “This is not a war. Climate change will kill more people, Island will disappear.”

Obviously, we have 2 clear views of life, those who fight to survive and winning is the goal, and those who believe that Obama knows best. He will take care of everything. I am definitely with Trump, I won’t let Obama decide anything for me. I decide everything in my life. I cannot be a democrat, I can hardly even be a republican. I am a maverick. Most of the rules I made a different. For example, my son suggested that I give some money to his mom, my ex-wife. I made sure that she knows I did. Most ex’s would keep such event quiet. I love my rules, they promote me. People say that I am arrogant and I – thank them! Of course I am not arrogant but I have a lot of respect for the stupidity of men, look at the world, at least they are trying to make it work. They don’t even know that Bremer caused ISIS. Trump has flaws, but Obama causes so much pain in the world with the way he thinks, he means well…and people are dying and they don’t get it! Let’s try Trump, Congress should pass a law, “People who work in institutions should be trained with guns, poor people, they just died because the “system’ didn’t understand Darwin!

Don’t miss these two wonderful simple acts to improve yourself!

December 4, 2015

I am not going to ‘steal’ the thunder from dentists but as a psychologist the area of behavior in dentistry is mine. Being a behavioral “shrink” for 30 years I can claim a piece of the action in many professions. I don’t toot my horn, folks, but I did a talk at the University of Berlin on the behavioral cancer (what is cancer afraid of?) and at the Universities of Rome, Valencia and UCLA on aspects of behavioral economics and the behavior of investing. This time it is about the behavior of brushing your teeth.

The germs that live in your mouth are incredibly adapted. They developed and mutated over millions of years to be able to handle all the assaults in their mouth environment. They specialized in day and night eating, sustaining hot and cold environments and various food with different nutritional values that we eat, even junk food. So, dentists developed the many countermeasure: Specialized toothpaste, glossy floss and brushing techniques – all to no avail. The germs were not defeated. We all have dental issues, unless…

…unless you keep in your mouth a good mouthwash for 60 seconds and swoosh. All the germs left in the mouth at midnight after brushing will die. Test yourself. Brash, floss and hold the mouthwash for 60 second, wash your mouth and go to sleep. In the morning you will feel no bad breath! All the germs have died. The food particles you couldn’t floss did not decay. No more bad taste, the morning yak in the mouth is gone forever. No tooth problems from now on!

Now, as a psychologist I can tell you that  people will argue with me about this posting, especially dentists, my response to their reaction typically an act of psychology. It is behavioral, I will go out and buy a few more bottles of the best mouthwash and smile in the mirror.

It’s late and I am tired, but the other act to improve yourself is food, so I can’t resist: After 30 years as a weight control expert, I suggest that you dedicate one day a week or one meal a day to pure Nature. For example, Instead of making a salad, put pieces of fruit and vegis on a large plate and nibble, a piece of avocado, cucumber, cherry tomato, even a slice of sweet persimmon, and 10 more fruit and nibble with consciousness. Do it right, what a growth experience for yourself! Think NATURE!