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The naked girl and her sister from the Yellow marble planet.

December 26, 2010

I give permission to one of the dearest people in my life who is writing a documentary to include in her book this 2 stories how I used “participation therapy.” Once upon a time I was asked by Dr. W.B. to conduct separate therapy sessions with a 22-year-old female patient who was hallucinating (Schizophrenic), and a 19-year-old female patient who was taking her clothes off in public (exhibitionist). I decided to use “participation therapy,” a method that was against the protocol and is shun upon by most psychologists for cultural reasons.  I was let go shortly after using that forbidden technique in the half-way-house.

In “Participation Therapy” the therapist enters the patient’s world by accepting his behavior and exits his world with him only when the patient decides.  I love to do this kind of therapy because it really helps people return to normal reality while the brain’s hormonal balance is being restored with medication.

Her soft handshake felt warm and dry, “Doctor, I am really from the yellow marble planet, I swear.” I knew right away that her moron previous therapist tried to reason with her. “I know, Mary, that is why he is not coming back.” She looked at me and took a deep breath of relief, “Do you believe me?” I offered her tea, “Yes, I do, tell me about your home planet,” I said with enthusiasm, not a bit of acting in me, I really wanted to know what life was like on another planet. Experience and imagination are gifts to man from God. Needless to say, 3 weeks later she said, “Doc, I hate to disappoint you. I was born and raised in Inglewood, California.” That was when I was asked not to do “participation therapy” again, because, as they put it “The good ending does not justify the bad means”!

In the case of Angela, she took off her gown as soon as she entered the counseling room, scanning my face for a reaction (By protocol I was supposed to bring to her another gown. There were 10 different ones on the rack). “Please sit down, Angela.”  She stood there staring in disbelief, “Aren’t you suppose to turn you head away and walk toward me with another gown, like the other therapists do?” I ignored her statement masquerading as a question, “Please sit down.” “I will not.” “As you wish.”  On the third session she kept her gown on.” The next day I was dismissed from the case, never to return to the facility. The last I heard was that Angela started taking her clothes off again in therapy sessions.

Is there a moral to my 2 stories? i don’t know. There is a hint how therapeutic it would be to let people be not themselves sometimes. Well, actually, on a second thought, there is a moral to the story and I think it is, “You can’t be yourself without sometimes being not yourself, or as I told a mother once “You got to let the boy scream so he can become quiet, or, you got to let the baby cry himself to sleep, or you got to let him be bad before he can be good, and so on.  You know something? You are probably doomed if you can’t learn when!

The psychology of oral hygiene!

December 25, 2010

Oral hygiene is a simple behavior that looks complex and a cavity preventing behavior that looks less important than it is. I am sure that all of you have the right equipment: a good toothbrush, toothpaste, floss and mouthwash, but your behavior doesn’t match your equipment. Theoretically, if your oral hygiene behavior had been perfect, you wouldn’t have to “suffer” on your dentist’s chair until you are old and your teeth lose whiteness and start chipping. You lose calcium because of lack of exercise and the correct behavior of taking the right amount of vitamin D (I believe that you almost always take less than you should). And, what about the correct form of calcium in the climate where you live?Perfect  flossing over the years is not enough. Rinsing with a good mouthwash for 30 seconds every morning and evening followed by rinsing with 5-6 pH water can help (I believe that most people rinse less than 10 seconds that doesn’t kill bacteria). And what about rinsing with astringent water afterwards?.

Try a new behavior of oral hygiene, you might like the results!

Understanding the psychology of – water!

December 13, 2010

What are you talking about?  someone asked, “Does water behave?”  Well, how do you answer a question from a lay person that only a few water scientists can answer, and probably none of the behavioral scientists? It may be as hard as explaining computers to Moses. Let me start by saying that water that is very wet is proactive in your body more than water that is not so wet. Does that help? If it doesn’t help, let me put it in a less confusing way without getting into the complicated chemistry of water: Water is a behaving molecule that is attracted (valance) to other water molecules and functions the best in your body when it joins a group (form a cluster) – the idea is not that much different from you or me who behave best when we are with our wonderful family of 4 to 6 relatives if they act like us. Some Japanese water scientists call a small family of 4-6 water molecules, “original water,” like “original family.” Here is the bad news: Your tap water is a family too big to behave well together, made up of 10-12 water molecules, thus a gallon of tap water has less water clusters than a gallon of “original water.”  You do not experience the water as less wet but with less water surface it is less wet! Tap water is bulky and cannot flow easily into small tissue areas such as tiny cells and miniscule pathways between individual cells. Impurities in small corners in your body cannot be flushed or swept out and you get sick. That already happened to most of us. We are not as healthy throughout your life as we could have been had we drank only “original water.” We die before your time and many of us don’t ever realize it.

“Can we make tap water behave like “original water,” someone asked. “Yes, my friend,” I said, “for pennies per day, that is, if you can convince Moses that what you say is true.” People stare. They are not convinced. There are just too many claims – not to turn skeptic about them. You see, our educational system will never teach this “stuff.” It’s the top 10% that is taboo to teach that I mention in my book. Moses will argue with you to death about computers “doing all that stuff” if you brought it up in class, so what’s the point?. The moral of my story is: Don’t wait for leaders to suggest the right thing. Do it yourself!

Information for Holiday travel.

December 12, 2010

I booked a trip to Europe and paid for it. It came to my attention that nowadays having a paid ticket for a flight does not guarantee you the flight! I was told that an airline can bump you off the flight and put you on Standby if it made a mistake and overbooked the flight. You have to pay for their mistake!

I accepted the travel agent’s suggestion to reserve the seats on the plane for an extra $60 for my peace of mind. Things aren’t anymore the way they used to be. In the past if you bought a service or a product you got it the way you bought it. Nowadays you have to pay extra to get it the way you bought it. One way to fight back is to fly only airlines that guarantee you the flight you booked and paid for, rain or shine. Please search for those airlines and let everyone know. Thanks!

Gautama Buddha: “The mind is the slayer of the truth” (450 BC).

December 11, 2010

This posting was triggered by my wife who said an hour ago, “Parents complimented me today for being a good swimming instructor for their kids. I know that I am good but I don’t feel it.” My antenna as a psychologist popped up. “It’s natural,” I said, “not to feel it. Most human beings know that they can do things well but don’t feel that they can do them that well.” Excited, I excused myself and rushed to my Blog to try to enlighten those of you out there who posses a terrible thinking fallacy that you are your mind!  You are not! The mind is the “slayer of the truth.”

But it is not that simple.

This discovery by Gautama Buddha 25 centuries ago sprouted many versions of it by psychologists today. You can probably find them all on Google if you type Freud’s “The mind is the beast in the cellar,” or a host of other titles by psychologists who “accuse” the mind as acting independent of you, not in your interests, disowning your Self, or being so powerful that it can do “anything it wants to do.” The psychological consensus of Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Silva Mind Control, Erhard Seminar Training and other programs is that if you can tame your mind and make it your “friend” together you will have an opportunity to become happy, wealthy and healthy.

Who was that enlightened Buddha that discovered this profound truth about the human mind that is denied to this day by most human cultures or religions?  Gautama the “awakened one” was born in Nepal around 500 BC to a king and a queen of the Shakaya people of Nepal who believed 1000 years before Judaism that “no man should have more than one wife”!

Mary was a PhD candidate in Psychology when she came for counseling after her divorce from Jim. “My marriage to Jim should have lasted forever,” she said, “I thought we were compatible. I even made a list of pluses and minuses before I married him.” On the third session it became clear to me that her mind was involved in the decision to marry Jim no less than her heart.

Woh do you blame for your divorce?”

“Myself,” she said.

On my way home I tried to apply what Buddha said – to myself. Who was responsible for the mistake of buying GM shares last year?  My mind was responsible: it was clearly a fallacy of thinking! It will not happen again! Why did Mary blame herself for the divorce? Do psychologists also blame themselves when something they do doesn’t work? How can the mind get away with slaying the truth that all bad ideas come from its thinking? I found the answers in the Bhagavad Gita (page 492-3, plate 23).


A must read for all the visitors to my blogs or websites!

December 8, 2010

Hi visitors,

I am 74, retired, but I will continue to inform people with the best knowledge how to be happy, healthy and wealthy, as I have done all my life. The only difference is that instead of teaching 30,000 students over the years in classrooms, I will teach millions through the Net!

Recently, the volume of responses that I am getting from you is increasing and I do not have the time to respond to each one of you as I would like to do because I love people. I will continue to respond only to those of you who ask aquestion related to a posting (30%) and who make a comment regarding a posting (50%). I will respond only to your messages in English (90%) unless I can detect a few words in your language that I can understand. I will absolutely not respond to writings that I don’t understand or do not apply to my work as a psychologist or parapsychologist.

My presence on the Internet is strictly a labor of love for humanity (I don’t care if that sounds Korney). My goal is to educate people to improve their relationships –  the way relationships were intended to be before religion and culture messed them up. I believe only in the positive aspects of religion and culture, i.e., getting together to create happy feelings and getting together to give support when feelings are sad .


Psychological analysis: The Wikileaks dilemma.

December 7, 2010

Mr. Julian Assange runs a nonprofit website organization that floods the media with original documents of a sensitive nature, information obtained from low-level intelligence officers in the United States government and elsewhere. The obtaining of some documents classified as “secret” by the government is illegal because it can compromise clandestine operations, but not all. The government claims that releasing the information to the public compromises national security.

The psychological issue is: Does the public has the right to know all information in its original form? The answer is No. The public does not have the right to know sensitive information that may hurt the – public (nation). Self preservation is a natural law! Does the public has the right to see all the original sensitive documents that are reported and interpreted in the Media by biased editors and news organizations trying to sway public opinion? Yes. The Media in a democracy is free, but not honest. The Media in China is not free and not honest. Wikileaks and other internet organizations can force the Media all over the world to at least become honest if not free! The public has the right to know what leaders say that may affect individuals and the public. it is crucial to national security in a democratic country that the media becomes honest. Lincoln said, “You can’t fool all the people all the time.”

The psychological solution: Congress must appoint a bipartisan commission, 5 Democrats and 5 Republicans to determine the small number documents that should be classified as Top Secret, whose leaking will be punishable by law. We, the people, must make sure that documents that embarrass immature leaders with big mouths are not classified as Top Secret!

Dedicated to a brave new world.

December 7, 2010

The world is a village. It’s a small world. I am in Canada. A German fellow just commented that he likes my psychology blog. Here is a posting that will make more good people like my blog. To make you listen, first you have to understand that I don’t make money from my blog or get anything from spending my time doing it except that I have a wish to spread my revolutionary ideas all over the world. Earth was created by God for peace and prosperity for all its inhabitants!

Here is how to start the peaceful revolution:

Never react if people attack you verbally but beat the shit out of them if they attack you physically, and that applies to family, possessions or nation! You have to right to defend yourself physically. Good examples of responses to people who attack you verbally are: “How are you today?” “I hope you have a better day tomorrow.” “You have the right to say what you believe.” “Would you like a cup of coffee to wake up?” “How about it, buddy?” “Is that your friend standing next to you?” “By the way, you have dandruff.”  There are 10 million wonderful ways to respond to a verbal criticism;  one of the best ones is not to respond at all, and one of the worse ones is to respond directly to the verbal criticism. Never say “Why did you say that?” Now, about the physical attack, don’t make a mistake, a stare is not physical, it’s visual. A push is physical, blocking you path is physical, etc. Get it right or don’t play at all, there is not much room here for mistakes, and oh, yes, don’t kick ass unless you know how to do it without getting yourself hurt. Go to Japan and learn Karate’, or something like that!