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Thank you to everyone…

October 7, 2011

I am taking a leave of absence for two months from my blog  “The peaceful revolution,”  to let all visitors to this blog understand that I will spend my retirement time not to promote your products but only to guide visitors to improve health, happiness and wealth. Lately, as my blog becomes popular, many visitors to this blog only try to promote their products. Please, you have many blogs to do that and I wish you success, but please stay off my blog. DO YOU HAVE A QUESTION THAT MAY HELP YOU IMPROVE YOUR RELATIONSHIPS OR HAPPINESS, HEALTH AND WEALTH?

I will return in two months to see what you wrote. If I get questions that relate to specific postings, I will open this source of information again. This blog is different from anything else on the web!!!!! Please don’t send accolades. Send questions. Make sure I recognize your posting as a question immediately. Thank you. We live in trying times and most of you could use my special knowledge as a maverick college professor of psychology, parapsychologist, investor, scientist and writer to improve your country and life. Take care. Get serious. See yah when I get back.