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“I will slaughter every single blonde s**t I see,” said Eliott Rodger.

May 31, 2014

This 22-year-old good-looking man filmed a chilling short personal YouTube video expressing his extreme jealousy at men who are successful at having sex with pretty blonds. Also, he showed his extreme anger (hate) at the blond girls who chose to sleep with less good-looking men than he was. apparently, still a virgin at 22 because of his hostile attitude toward woman and a being a loner harbouring extreme envy at men, Eliott decided to go to counseling for a decade, a psychological practice that has no track record in preventing the development of an attitude of a mass murderer. His chief psychiatrist said, “I am sorry, but it is impossible for psychiatry to predict a murderous behavior.”  A panel of “experts” assembled by CNN concurred, discussing theories and reasoning about Eliott’s motives and sanity. Why would a young man without a police record go and purchase guns and murder 6 young men his age and a young woman and then take his own life?

You can already see  what is wrong with our mental health system. Here the professionals really sunk the Titanic of life and death. Do you want to understand why? Do you want to be the lucky one in your relationships? Go to my postings on jealousy and mental health, starting with why Caine murdered his only brother Able in Genesis. I want you to get it quickly. It is an easy one and can help you in your relationships. Jealousy is the reason behind every bad behavior, yes, behind every bad behavior. The psychiatrist can’t understand it, the psychologist doubt my statement, and CNN can’t get it either, my God, if you (billions) can’t get it either there is no hope for  creating wholesome satisfying human relationships!!! (more…)

Peaceful revolution in understanding where we came from.

May 29, 2014


How to Speak Neanderthal (Sean Roberts, DanDedin and Scott Moisik, New Scientist, May 17, 2014) adds nothing to the understanding of Neanderthal speech, but it distract from the understanding of  Cro-Magnon appearance. “Modern Humans who came from Africa to Asia and Europe about 70,000 years ago, would have encountered their evolutionary cousins the Neanderthal for the first time.” (p 40).

Not true! First, modern humans have a name, they are called the Cro-Magnon and there is no scientific evidence that CM existed 70,000 years ago. The only intelligent pre-human species that existed at that time was a breed of light fur Neanderthal that lived in Europe and carved better Abyssinian spears than the dark fur Neanderthals who lived in the Middle East and elsewhere on the planet. They were not our evolutionary cousins as the article assumes but were one of our 2 genetic parents! The Neans were homo erectus hominoids. Anthropologists discovered their graves in the Neanderthal region of Western Germany. They didn’t come from Africa. They evolved in Europe and the Middle East over a million years. The term missing link applies to the question, How did the Neanderthal turned into  the Cro Magnon between 30,000 and 20,000 BC?

Around 30,000 years ago, a small group of unknown males with a 1600 cc brain capacity appeared around the Atlas Mountains (Greek legend identifies them as the 3 Titan inhabitants of Olympus) and started mating with choice Neanderthal females in Spain and Portugal, thus starting a 10,000 years of mini evolution of a Cro Magnon species. By the years 20,000 BC there were groups of humans on earth with different degrees of Neanderthal genes creating human diversity. That is how we evolved.

Today, the mitochondria DNA of our mother is identical to the mitochondria DNA of a female Neanderthal, but the Y of the XY chromosome of our father is not identical to the Y chromosome of the Neanderthal Male. Our Male Y Chromosome is halved and may have come from any of the 3 mysterious males that mated originally with Neanderthal females near Gibraltar. The Greeks called them the original inhabitants of Mount Olympus. I call them The Aliens because through their genes they gave humans a 25 hours circadian motion instead of the usual 24 hours CM humans were suppose to have in nature. (more…)

Liberal versus Conservatives: Can you learn to do business with them?

May 26, 2014

I drove home from my Sunday meeting of my social group at a community center. These are my friends; lawyers, community activists, businessmen, physicians, house wives, nurses, leftists, rightists, Jews, Christians, Atheists, immigrants, Canadians, Americans, Russians, visitors on the fly. Michael questioned whether it was useful to discuss liberal, conservative, Leftist, Rightist, etc. Someone asked me, the only psychologist in the group, to clarify the popular terminology. What can we learn from using these words correctly?

This topic may not be the most exciting reading for my visitors, but it is important and would certainly be enlightening. It would improve your understanding of the political, religious, economic and cultural world around you. Look around, watch people how they make decisions, taking risks whether it involves thinking, feeling, behaving, voting, making love, waging war, investing, anything, it always show up in your life coming from the Left, the Right or the Center.

The first step in your sophistication is to identify them as individuals and learn to do business with them. Start with a family member, friend, co-worker or classmate. These are the familiar strangers in your life, easier to diagnose. For example, uncle Suzuki lives in Tokyo. He wants Japan to absorb more immigrants, become a multicultural society, free to dress Arab, African, European, any way you like to dress. He strongly believes in Socialism, multiculturalism, internationalism and loves his paternalistic attitude toward minorities. “We need an affirmative action in Japan like we have in the US for Blacks and Chicano and we need a strong welfare system like we have in Sweden, he says. I don’t like Japanese capitalism and nationalism in my country. They should accept foreigners in my country a lot more than they do. They should be like the British, bringing in everyone. I love Hilary Clinton who says, this world is a village. The Russians who live in Ukraine should settle down to being a good minority. The country will take care of them.

His friend Carl from Stockholm wants Sweden to lower taxes and be more nationalistic, close the border to illegal immigration, have a dress code requiring people to not cover their faces in public and move people from the welfare system to job training. Carl’s main complaint is that Sweden is too paternalistic and international.

Who is liberal, Suzuki or Carl?___________

Is being a liberal or a conservative a personality trait or a political orientation?_______

Overall, what’s better for your country, to have more conservative or to have more liberals?_______

Changing mood with appropriate music and behavior.

May 11, 2014

The music is called Klezmer music. It originated in poor Jewish shtetls in Poland where Jews were pogromed by antisemitic neighbors. This music is so happy you’d feel like dancing in your car on the way to the dentist or meeting your ex. Get a CD put it in and start moving your legs, arms, lips, flex muscles, let’s do it. I find the best behavior to produce during the music is to force a smile, but here is the problem – your mind. Most people think that their mind is them and feel very reluctant to smile without mental permission, and your mind won’t give you such a permission unless you already feel happy. Sure, you can exercise your God-given consciousness and force a smile 100 times during an average trip to the dentist… which would stimulate a good change in brain chemistry and make smiling feel more natural on the drilling chair, but I am afraid that most people won’t do it because they’d feel silly and confused, it’s called low self-esteem and dissonant in psychology (check out Festinger)!

Why do I feel happy most of the time, apart from loving to listen to Klezmer music? When I feel happy I act happy naturally and when I don’t feel happy I act happy consciously by forcing a smile on my face (with sounds too). My mind hates it but I love it (guess who is in charge in my head?). I can’t lose. My purpose in life is to be me, like a chameleon, different, outrageous, funny, free, loving, successful, colorful, klezmerised! My deep secret is that I love to pretend all kinds of things. Pantomime therapy, wow! That is the beauty of being a psychologist. You are not stuck in Klezmerland, “lying in the service of happiness is a greater bliss than being ignorant.” Dr. Bruner said it better, “Lying in the service of the truth is virtue.” You know what is the difference between me and my patients? They believe in crap that doesn’t work and I believe in crap that works. For example, driving to the mall to meet my wife for lunch while listening to Klezmer music and smiling, making a lot of noise like a crazy husband in love! Wow! Life is good (LG), like the South Koreans say!

Lowering blood pressure with appropriate behavior!

May 10, 2014

I was at a party and my cousin Arni’s best friend asked, “What’s your blood pressure, Elior?” I said, “It used to be high but now it’s around 120/80.” “How did you lower your blood pressure?” he asked. “No problem,” I responded, “First you learn to breathe deep 9 time per minute 5 times a day (watch the video from MCC cancer clinic in Germany for a demonstration on my website, then you force yourself to swim twice a week for an hour, then you walk on a thread mill (4 miles per hour speed at 2.5 elevation) for 15 minutes and finally you eat organic (I grow a fabulous garden to nibble on). I didn’t meet my cousin’s friend again since the party. I hope he listened and I hope his blood pressure is back to normal. A high blood pressure can damage your kidney and give you a stroke. Be good to yourself. You deserved the best.

How do you screen immigrants to reduce risk to citizens?

May 5, 2014

This story just came in from Israel via the internet: A recently arrived 49-year-old Jewish immigrant from the USA has a minor argument in a coffee shop with a 48-year-old local resident. He leaves to get a knife and comes back and stubs the local stranger 15 times. I quoted Suzi Orman in my book The Psychology of Investment as one of the best solver of money problems in America today. She agrees. I will say now that I consider myself as one of the best solvers of immigration problems in American today.

People belive that you cannot screen immigrants good enough to keep the bad ones out! The truth is that you can. People say, “But it will cost an arm and a leg to find the bad ones and keep them out.” The truth is that it won’t. People believe that the process will never be fair. The truth is that nothing in politics is fair anyway. The process must be run by me or a qualified psychology group to be fair.

“Love and work” research had demonstrated repeatedly in the last century that and individuals who can “love and work” will be “safe” and productive in their new society (criterion validity). The government does not need to give expensive psychological tests to immigrants, and besides, many may not speak English well enough to understand the tests and reduce bias. What immigration authorities need to receive from the applicant before he/she arrives at our shores is a certified document of history of work and verified history of 1:1 loving and supportive relationships. That is the beauty of social science findings. Anyone who can love and work will be a good citizen whether a husband, wife, parent,employee, employer, poor, rich or in-between!

Go for it you uneducated immigration officials! Clean the mess, save money and pain for everyone.

Ukraine: My dad came from there.

May 4, 2014

My family from Kiev were rich Jewish merchants. Many came to America after repeated pogroms in Ukraine. You can find many successful Kolchinsky people in American cities today. Yaakov was my grandfather. He employed 30 garment workers in Kiev. My father David was 14 when they left Ukraine in 1922. They told me as I was growing up me that Ukrainians hate Jews and that’s why they left Kiev. My dad used to say “Ukrainians revere their historical leader Kamelnitzky who murdered Jews with the zeal of the Nazis.” My dad passed away in 1991. He used to say, “Any country that would kill its Jews will suffer the consequences of a culture preoccupied with hate of minorities instead of being occupied with building a just and vibrant society.”  I live in Canada today, a flourishing country with very little antisemitism. I read about  the Ukrainians still killing each other in 2014 instead of building an economy. I wonder if my father was right in what he believed? Why did Kamelnitzky have to murder Jewish children? Why did Ukrainians erect a statue for him on a horse in Kiev as if he was a good man hero? You know, readers, I feel lucky that the Kolchinsky clan were driven out of the Ukraine by antisemitism? I live in Canada. Ukrainian generals tortured strangers who lived peacefully in their midst  for a 1000 years! Something is wrong. I really don’t fully understand why Ukraine suffers so much.  I wish them peace. As a social psychologist, I wish they realize that Ukrainian nationalism should be nurtured to benefit all the Ukrainian people: Ukrainian, Russian, Jew, Tartar and others. Nationalism, yes, nationalism, that is what’s missing there, the sense that Ukrainians can come in different colors, religions and ethnicities and still be 100% Ukrainians. I still feel some affinity for the country of my grandfather Yaakov. Kolchinsky, the Kiev clan, why did you have to kick them out because they were successful Jews? Jealousy? They were good for your economy. My grandfather employed 30 people who lost their jobs. No wonder the economy is still struggling in the Ukraine. Please, shed off your hate for each other, get productive and live in peace! You need to learn to believe more in God and less in your version of Him!