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Psychoanalysis of voters: Hillary vs. Trump for “Mama” vs. “Papa.”

September 28, 2016

2016 voters analysis show that about 55% of white voters vote for Trump, about 45% vote for Hillary, about 10% of black voters vote for Trump and 90% vote for Hillary and about 25% of Latin voters vote for Trump while 75% vote for Hillary. Why? Hillary promises to be a “big mama” while Trump does not promise to be a “big papa.” Minority voters are more prone to be dependent personalities than white voters. They were not raised as children to emphasize independence and achievement. Their hope as dependent adults is to have Hillary at the helm as a “mama” president and give out free tuition education and government jobs. Minorities accept the terrible cost of dependency. They seem to fail to understand that a “Mama” leader will keep them children to satisfy white men paternalism. Sure, Papa Trump is better for minorities’ growth and independence but he acts wobbly and they worry about voting for him. The verdict is clear, if Hillary becomes president the US will lose its bill of rights and constitutional spirit forever. It will become like a second rate EU country dependent on the “village” for its income from savings accounts. Hillary is not a product of American freedom and prosperity. Most of her decisions for 30 years were socialist, not capitalist. As a black or Latin voter you need to think twice before you decide that to stay dependent and not be as successful as you could be is the best you can get. This is not all you can get our of life. Vote for Trump despite of him being an idiot as a politician. He can make America great but his personality will never be great. He will not make America feel secure. But, for God’s sake, it’s better to have stupid Papa T than phony Mama H at the helm. Don’t you think so?

The nature of the human mind.

September 26, 2016

The nature of the human mind is to doubt 9 out of 10 good decisions that you make that would bring good results, “Oh boy, am I surprised but I am pleased.”  The nature of the human mind is to feel certain that your decision was right 9 out of 10 times before your decision brough poor result, “Oh well, I am not surprised, I didn’t think enough about what I was doing, sorry.”

Examples our of millions: If you are Christian and you vote for Trump and he gets in you’d probably say, “Oh boy, I am surprised twice. He is also doing well as president for my church and my business…but I still have doubt about his style of leadership, it’s scary.” If you are a Jew you are certain to vote for Hillary. She gets in and you’d probably say, “Nine times out of ten we Jews make poor political decisions and we suffer the results. I should have voted for Trump regardless of his unspeakable style because as president he said that he would secure Jerusalem for my people, oh well, forget the Passover “Next year in Jerusalem,” my leftist views are more important.

If you are socratic in your mind you reflect, you’d probably make 9 out 10 decisions in your life that work. For you to vote for Trump this time would be easy. Trump earned his money by building sky scrapers, Hillary earned her money by taxing you and “stealing’ your cash legally. I know I am harsh but just think of: The government take your hard-earned money and spend it on projects and entitlements that Hillary and Obama – not you – think are good for you! They play ‘Mama” with your growth and maturity. Do they think you are a child that need help or do they think that you are a person that could use a reasonable loan at low-interest to get started? Caveat Emptor!

Who will win the debate on Monday, September 26, 2016?

September 25, 2016

100 million American will watch the debate between Hillary and Donald, a world record. This is more spectators that will watch Monday night football! Let’s analyse together who will win the debate on purely psychological principles:

At this point Hillary poll is 42% to Donald’s 39%, who will prevail?

Hillary has got to win or else… she lived in the White House for 8 years with her charming dude. She liked the place very much but not the company. She wanted to be as powerful as her husband Bill, but for that she had to get hungry for power. She waited around, first as Senator from New York, then as Secretary of State. Then in 2008 she ran against Obama and lost. This Monday her motivation to win the debate with T is not 100%, it may be 1000% to keep her self-esteem and because she fears that Christie as Attorney General for Trump will send her to jail! She’s got to win or else…

Trump, on the other hand,  if he wins, great, he believes he will make America great, if not he will go and play golf for free in Scotland. His motivation to win at most may be 80%, his perform is not a “do or die” like hers. He has plans to do many things in life, 4 kids, many grandkids at 70, tons of money, private 757 jet, trump has got it made either way…

There is a psychological law that says, “When you want something too badly chances are that you won’t get it.” We have all experience that when the committee said after the interview, “We will let you know.”  The 100 million people who can give Hillary the presidency will look at her behavior on stage tomorrow and if they find that she is too “hungry,” for the WH sandwich, ready to “Kidnap” the presidency like it was food to eat or air to breath for her, they won’t give it to her. They will become too scared to open the candy store for a “sweet tooth” kid with Saudi money. To make them give it to her, I say,  “Hillary, play it cool for your own sake or you won’t get the power….

Trump can win this debate for the simple reason that he (and the blacks he wants to represent) have nothing to lose. He can play it hot in the debate but she can’t afford to be too emotional. It’s funny, Bill’s VP showed that he didn’t care enough to win so he lost to Bush, Hillary tomorrow may show that she care to win too much so she may lose to Trump.

American elections are fun. Enjoy the American experience, the best fight in the world’s arena is coming. The tickets are free, the best seat in the home is yours. Get your partner and the beer and if it’s boring switch channel to football!!!!!!!!!

The Riots must stop at the WH. Nationalism is not a curse word!

September 23, 2016

Police officers killing black people, black people killing police officers, if you think that Obama didn’t cause some of it by keeping young black people unemployed and uneducated and by inflaming their emotions by his longing “quips” think again, a black president who had dreams of helping poor black but did no action for black people! Can you imagine, the most powerful black leader on earth, if he only cared, he had the opportunity to encourage and give support to young black people to enroll in the 50,000 tuition free community colleges spread all over America issuing 1 year and 2 years certificates in anything from hair stylist to dental assistant to mechanic to paralegal, well-paying occupations, society would have been better off after his 8 years of Obama in the WH. Did his values encouraged killing and rioting inadvertently? You decide. A vote for Hillary’s decision-making skills is a vote to continue this mess for minorities not sharing in the American prosperity. You think that you will face bad 4 years with Trump? No way! Forgive Trump his stupidities, but he is strong and he may do better than she would be for you as a minority American. How about a White House Conference to smooth racial relations with incentives aimed to harmonize human beings and give them good reasons to cooperate? Vote Trump for a new chance.

I was an immigrant. The US gave me everything as an immigrant in 1960. I now live on the beach at 80+ and my heart “bleeds” for a new generation of Americans who behave like kids looking for “mama” trying to get “goodies” from Uncle Sam in exchange for their God given freedom! Yes, you will survive your dependencies, but so what? Wouldn’t it be better to be independent? Grow up, get training, get a decent job, make a family and go picnicking?  You don’t have to be an immigrant to realize that the land of opportunity is still available for all.  Do what Socrates did and gave his life for it. Go to school, dude, you can make it big even in today’s United States. Let the Clinton’s retire.  I am speaking from the heart. This couple has done enough damage to this globalism world with their slogan “It takes (an uneducated backward) village to raise a child.” Enough global slogans, enough, let’s make the American nation great again together.

The essence of Shabat!

September 15, 2016

Last week, Deri told the haredi radio station Radio Kol Hai that the haredi parties “understand we don’t live in a halachic state, we haven’t yet got to Messianic times, and we haven’t reached that ideal situation when everyone in the Jewish people understands the essence of Shabbat.” This quote from the Jerusalem Post today shows how ill-informed Deri is about the difference between the Torah’s Shabbat and the Talmud’s Shabbat.  Go back and read word by word how Moshe’s description of Jewish behavior on the Shabbat in the Torah should be. God created the Shabbat as a day of rest enforced by God and not man and not as a day for zealots to confront and disrupt the life of Israeli commuters. The Shabbat in the Torah is to be loved and not forced upon the people who commute. The Shabbat is a day of rest and joy and not a tool for political confrontation. God said that those who defile the Shabbat will pay the price that He/She decide and not Deri. Be careful in interpreting what defiling the Shabbat means. Go home and rest and leave alone those who want to commute on the Shabbat to watch a soccer game, gulf or work for a living so others can rest on the Shabbat in peace and security. Do not disrupt the economy in the name of God. Do not turn the Shabbat into an autocratic issue. Love your Torah, man!