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May 31, 2011

Yes, that is what the father of Buddhism said about the human mind. Add to that the sayings by the father of Psychoanalysis, Freud, “The mind is the beast in the cellar,” or Aristotle, the great philosopher,  “The mind is the genie in your head,” or Gordon Allport, the great psychologist, “The mind is functionally independent of you,” or the Bible, “The mind always calculates,” or the myriad of other statements about the human mind such as “The disowned Self, the mind that can do anything it wants,’ and you get the picture: YOUR MIND GENERATES ALL THE DECISIONS IN YOUR LIFE, AND THOSE DECISIONS THAT DON’T WORK YOU BLAME –  ON YOURSELF OR OTHERS. YOUR  MIND  CAN RUIN YOUR LIFE AND GET AWAY WITH IT. IF ANYONE EVER DID TO YOU WHAT YOUR MIND DOES TO YOU, YOU WILL DISAVOW YOURSELF FROM THAT PERSON!

Now, the irony of that truth above is that it is so easy to change for the better, to become more wealthy, healthy and happy. Forget Neuro-linguistic Programing (NLP), counseling, psychotherapy, confession, all programs to change the mind. All you need to do is SAY AND DO GOOD THINGS NO MATTER WHAT’S IN YOUR HEAD! You see, there is no way you can change your negative thoughts and feelings except by contrary verbal or nonverbal action! There is no other way.

I am a 75-year-old retired psychologist. Thirty years ago I decided to quit smoking. How did I do it? I changed what I was saying to people, my behavior changed, not my cravings. The cravings disappeared after a week when my MIND realized that I chose to “lie in the service of the truth” as Dr. Brunner, the great psychologist would call it. On the first day without a cigaret, a fried asked me, “Would you like a cigaret?” I said, “No, I have no craving for a cigaret, no desire to smoke, in fact I can’t even smell the smoke in the room anymore.” A week later I said, “Quitting smoking is the easiest thing to do in life.” Everyone turned to look at me (you know the look) because they didn’t know that I was “lying in the service of the truth.” Only my MIND knew that I finally decided to pick up the only psychological tool that is always stronger than the MIND – lying in the service of the truth! My mind changed and became my ally!

I have given you today the most powerful psychological tool to change your life, make more money, have better health and happiness. Remember, what you say can change your life. Telling the truth if its negative will ruin your life (you’ll always wonder but you’ll never know why things don’t work for you). Go for lying but do it the correct way, not your mind’s way. Be careful, your mind will try to take over the process and slay the truth that Buddha just gave you through me. Good luck!

The origin of the Cro-Magnon.

May 25, 2011

I read with alarm the conclusions of five researchers about the relationship between the Neanderthal and humans (Cro-Magnon).  This serious message by Dr. Kinarthy is directed to Dr. Tom higham, University of Oxford, England, Dr. Chris Leon Zollikofer, Univesity of Zurich, Dr. Rom Pinchasi, University College Cork in Ireland, Biologist Clive Finlayson of Gibraltar museum and Dr. john Hawks, University of Wisconsin in Madison. Gentlemen, you are searching the wrong evolutionary tree for the origin of man!

1. The Neanderthal is the only evolutionary aboriginal descendent that can be traced back through straight evolution without having to invoke the mysterious “missing link.”

2. The “missing link” is too short a period to be an evolutionary period since the transition from Neanderthal to Cro-Magnon was completed within approximately 20,000 years!

3. I have the scientific evidence of what really happened to the Neanderthal that gave birth to the human specie. Releasing the information to the public would be counterproductive because it is against the zeitgeist, therefore I will divulge it privately ( to any scientist-researcher who can identify themselves.

4. Let me “wet your scientific appetite” about the evolutionary truth by giving you a hint: Research in my profession demonstrated that the Cro-Magnon’s biological clock is not 24 hours. Humans are the only species on earth that function outside the circadian rhythm of mother earth! Email me, I’ll put you on the right track.

This one is for Canadians!

May 14, 2011

I am an American who lives in your wonderful country. You just elected Harper as prime minister and gave him a majority mandate in parliament to govern effectively, but it is not enough. He is the best of the bunch of leaders you selected, but it is not enough. You need to continuously feed him new ideas, otherwise, the limited thoughts he has in his head is all you’ll get. Sure, he has better ideas than the liberals or the NDP guys, but it is your job as a citizen to make his improve over them and himself, and Harper is the kind of guy who listens to better ideas because he is the least ideologically incline of the 3 choices you had in last month election.

Why is this one for Canadians? Because your Gasoline price per liter is approaching $1.50. If you exchange that $1.50 CAN south of the border, you’ll get $1.59 US. You can fill your tank in the US and save close to half the cost in Canada!

Read the newspapers. Harper is arranging for oil executives to see him. He will lash out at them in his effective civilized low-key soothing voice. After a low-key argument where they will “pass the buck” to the Saudis not pumping enough oil affecting speculation, middle-men, supply and demand and market conditions, all legitimate politico-babble, the nice oil executives will promise the Canadian public that they will do their best to stop or at least slow down the rise in oil price. They will never come down to the price at the American pump, but they will never the less be appreciated by the Canadian public.

Mr. Harper, there is a better way to lower gasoline price in Canada, making almost everyone happy, including the oil executives because a healthy competition brings out the best thinking in CEOs (off course, the NDP and the Liberals will attack it as an American Intellectual invasion). Steve, the Canadian public gave you the majority in parliament: PASS AN OIL ANTI-TRUST LAW THAT OIL COMPANIES OPERATING IN CANADA, OIL TRADERS, AND GAS STATION OWNERS ARE NOT ALLOWED TO FIX PRICES, THAT’S ALL! Any two oil company that sells crude at the same price will be fined. Any two middlemen that buy and then sell oil at the same price will be investigated. Any two gas stations at the same intersection that sell gas at a fix price (as it is today) will have to pay a fine. Mr. Harper, set up a committee to analyse the tax structure as it applies to oil companies, including a possible cap on earnings, fed and local taxes applied, oil quality, additives, the whole business. They WILL listen, reprimand is not enough. Good luck!

THINK: You can lose weight!

May 12, 2011

Here is how:

1. Think about the food you eat before you eat it, and during. Bringing consciousness to your meal will strengthen your resistance to foods you know you should put away.

2. Think about the calories in the food you are ready to take in but don’t count them, just thinking about them will enable you to put away a few high calorie pieces.

3. Think about the water you drank before you Jog and feel an urge to pee or “poo” in the middle of jogging, a kilometer distance from home.  You’ll feel an urge to speed up your pace of jogging to the aerobic range (170-age+10, eg., I’m 75, for me it’s 170-75=95+10+105, thus my aerobic range of heart beat is 95-105. perfect for half an hour daily or at least every other day).

4. Grade yourself daily (in the evening) on your daily exercise and calorie intake: B and B is a good grade, B and A is great, A and B is great, A and A is your goal. Many of you will start from D and D, don’t be discouraged. You will get better in time because you WILL BE THINKING how much you love yourself, – YOU is all you’ve got!

5. Think about the above  and follow my suggestions.  I am a weight reducing expert. In fact, I am probably the only psychologist whose book ‘Psychological Aspects of Weight Control” was mentioned on Google without ever being published! (it was rejected in the last-minute by my publisher as “Too conventional, adding no new information.”). Enjoy!

Could 911 be prevented?

May 6, 2011

Yes and no. Let’s find out. Send me your Yes or No answer to the following out of the box hypothetical situation:

“President Bush issues an executive order on January 20, 2001 that requires all the people within the US  to swear loyalty to the US Constitution on their Bible, have a behavioral profile certified by trained psychologists, get psychological testing for criminal tendencies, carry on them a high-tech picture ID and show it on demand to police officers, traffic cops, FBI agents, airline agents, flight schools, financial institutions, trucking companies, insurance companies, medical companies, oil companies, nuclear facilities and government employers.” Osama Bin Laden hears about it and delays the 911 attack till Bush is out of office.

Question 1: Would you vote for Bush’s reelection as president in 2004? _____. Probably not. Would the American people vote for Bush’s reelection as president in 2004?_____. Probably not.

Question 2: Would those who lost loved ones on 911 vote for Bush’s reelection as president in 2004? Probably not.

Conclusion: Bush would save 3000 American lives in 2001 – and be defeated for reelection in 2004!  Needless to say, voters would call Bush a “Fascist” and defeat him in 2004 because the American people hate to show IDs to anyone! Osama Bin Laden orders the 911 attach in 2005 right after Kerry is elected president and Bush is defeated. 3000 Americans die. Could 911 be prevented?  Yes, but to prevent big problems in your life takes courage, wisdom, foresight and the willingness to look bad to good people.


May 2, 2011

As you thread your way through life as the Obama campaign picks up momentum in the coming elections in the United States, you will discuss with your friends, relatives and co-workers the implications to the world of Obama killing Osama. I don’t want you to just talk about this momentous event. I want you to talk intelligently about it along the following probably outcomes:

1. The probability that Obama will be reelected as president of the United States in 2012 has doubled. He will not be perceived anymore as a commander-in-chief who prefers counterinsurgency over counterterrorism, as Bush was. The Pentagon lost, the CIA won. Donald Trump who wrote a book  Think big and Kick Ass will have a hard time defeating Obama. Running for president of the United States shows already that he thinks big, and you have seen what some perceive as his mean-spirited ass kicking skill on TV – but you ain’t seen nothing yet – The 2012 election will be the “War of the Political Titans” as the psychological impact of Obama triumph over Osama fades away.

2. Forgive the poor analogy, but when John Wooden left the scene when I was a student at UCLA, the Bruins couldn’t win another national championship with a succession of basket ball coaches. An ace leader, whether evil of good, is not replaceable. If the attempted assassination of Hitler succeeded, WW2 would have ended sooner than 1945. Here is what will happen:  Al Qaeda will get smaller, lose momentum, shrink in recruiting success, but increase in radicalism. Many splinter units will perpetrate many more small but vicious attacks on Western target. The year 2012 will see the beginning of a “War of the Political, Economic, Military, Media, Internet, and terror Titans” as the clash of civilizations intensify before it subsides and peace comes to the world with democracy.

3. It is going to get worse before it gets better, contrary to wishful thinking of CNN. The birth trauma of a more free, peaceful and prosperous civilization is upon us. Welcome to the Armageddon process!