Tracy, I have always enjoyed communicating with you, you are a great soul, a beautiful human being, in and out. Thanks for the compliment. My picture is the way I look today at 74. I had prostate cancer 10 years ago and I created a program to cure myself (no one in Medicine is interested to hear about it). About David Anderson’s World Genesis Foundation, first, thank you for introducing me to Dr. Anderson and his good work for the youth of the world. Good to hear that your daughter is a part of the effort to help children and youth. A spark was ignited in my mind last year at the London youth of the world conference when the rep from the country of Island email me asking what I thought should be the PRACTICAL next steps after the “creative but not creating” speeches by Desmond Tutu and Coffee Anan. I posted many responses to that question on my blogs under, “C-MOR” and got “cold feet” when serious communication never materialize. Tracy, I came to the conclusion that all REAL efforts to heal this world are political “lip service.” About Contingency Management Of Resources (C-MOR), I am writing my 3rd book, what else can I do. I will not lend my time to mere sociopolitical activities in the name of humanity. Dear Tracy, since you asked me about “Our world of ET,” it is no different from all the other worlds great people like Edgar Mitchell and David Anderson are involved in, there is no light at the end of the tunnel, as if men will do their own thing while history and evolution will decide our future. I know humans can take charge by adopting C-MOR but that means serious business of change that no one is interested in! Well, a miracle is possible, who knows, I might get a call one day from ET himself. In closing, let me illustrate to you an example of what I mean. In Genesis 5:6 is says that Adam lived 930 earth years! Did you know that he was able to live that long because he was a “Nephil” (a cross between an alien and a Neanderthal). Recently, a skeleton of a few “Nephilim” (Genesis 6:4) was unearthed in Greece (they were over 10 feet tall). CNN DIDN’T REPORT IT. Tracy, people don’t want to investigate reality because it makes them feel very uncomfortable, real sad! That is why UFO beings don’t want to communicate with us! Namaste.


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