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February 27, 2014

My father’s side of the Kolchinsky clan were Ukrainian Jews for a thousand years. If my grandfather Yaakov didn’t immigrate to Palestine in 1922 I would be caught today at age 77 in the Ukrainian quagmire. So, you can understand the depth of my feeling wanting to help my ex-kinship people in trouble to find their roots (with roots you don’t have to struggle or pretend that you have achieved a good life).

The history of Ukraine is full of wars, mixed identities, territorial confusions and migrations, only second to the pain of the Jewish people. The chance for integration and peace under these circumstances is nil if you try to fix it the old way, i.e., take sides with Russian sphere of influence and economics or the European Union. Instead of an election in May the Ukrainian parliament should pass a law that allows Western and Eastern Ukraine to become federally independent from each other for ten years. Meantime, each independent entity will invite me to chair an educational convention that will structure a great K-12 system to emphasize cultural integration and skilled labor preparation.

You and I know that this will not happen. Therefor, pray that the Ukrainian people find a way to lessen their pain without. Good luck.

Gays. bisexuals, heterosexuals, homosexuals, lesbians!

February 22, 2014

Let’s solve the problem ones for all so people in Arizona and the other 49 states can go back to happy living. Sexual orientation is a personal behavior, not a political identity (Putin is right about that). If you enter a restaurant, sit at a table and start kissing and loving instead of ordering food, the owner of the restaurant has the right to ask you to leave or make you leave regardless of your sexual orientation. You are bad for business. The same thing in the gym, church or school (If you and your partner kiss twice and then eat, no one will ask you to leave, by the way). You see, the reason the Arizona law or the Russian law or God knows what’s the next law would be is upsetting is that most people can’t tell the difference between a behavior and an identity! Schools don’t teach it! Now, schools in Israel do teach it and that is why sexual profiling is prohibited in Israel while not behavioral profiling.

My suggestions to gays or heterosexual groups or couples in America, express most of your love for each other in private (heteros already do) and only a tittle bit in public, and no one will bother with you. The American people are very nice people. The only reason gays are unduly upset in the United States is that they have shifted their sexual behavior to the category of orientation, and then to the category of identity and now to the category of political identity. Gays and lesbians today have turned their acceptable sexual behavior into an unacceptable political behavior. They have created a zero-sum-game where there would eventually have to be a winner and a loser. You all know who will lose – together with a certain personal freedom!

The peaceful revolution!

February 15, 2014

I started this blog a few years ago after retiring as a successful psychologist with a goal to make a difference in the lives of millions of people. As a professor of psychology and parapsychology since 1973 I made a difference in the lives of 40,000 students and patients (ask them, it’s amazing the letters that I get). So, I thought I could enlightened the rest of you to make a difference in your lives. I expected to succeed but I didn’t! I should have because I came to the United States from Israel in 1960 to get education and I found out what life was all about. I did, but somehow the information ins’t reaching you! I cured two cancers, made a couple of millions “bucks,” married a beautiful, smart, loving and successful woman and sired 4 kids, but the rules of a successful life that I gathered didn’t impact on-line listeners as it had impacted my students! Sure, a trickle of visitors married right, improved their health and made money, but where are the rest of you? I asked around, “What am I doing wrong?’ No one had the answer. Then it downed on me reflecting what an insightful participant in one of the few workshops that I conducted said to me, “Dr. Kinarthy, you said that making great decisions with lower risk requires following a set of rules that people don’t believes in!”

OK, dudes, what I may be doing wrong is my assumption that Abraham Maslow, the great psychologist was right when he said, “You are only as good as your culture let you be.” Let’s test this hypothesis: The Chinese culture guides the Chinese people to “Live to eat.” (watch their joy in restaurants). They are not fat. The American culture guides Americans to “Eat to live.” They are fat. I am an American but I “Live to eat.” I love eating, I lick, I eat slow, I more jaws, small portions, everything on my plate goes in. I am not fat. Start the experiment: Say “I live to eat,” 100 times per day every day, start eating 3 times slower than before and eat it all except real fat stuff. Share your results with me next year today. Good luck!



Air Canada sucks!

February 6, 2014

I know that I am over generalizing from my one lousy  experience Sunday to all flights with Air Canada, but I want to suggest to Air Canada to improve their flight schedule coordination with others and public relations and customer service, all three in one. I flew in to Vancouver  from Europe on British Air and had to pay extra $150 to get a flight to Victoria 6 hours after my scheduled paid for flight took off!!! This is not acceptable. From now on I avoid flying with Air Canada between Victoria and Vancouver (I requested a refund). I will fly another airline to Toronto. Air Canada, improve your treatment of your customers or you will lose our business!