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Learn What Not to do From Mr. Toyoda!

February 27, 2010

He agreed to fly from Tokyo to Washington to face Congress and “explain away”  Toyota’s vows. Don’t ever do such a thing in your relationships! Mr. Toyoda’s mia culpa was a ‘disaster’ because he didn’t understand Darwin’s vultures. The “survival of the fittest” is their way of life, the number one consideration is to spin the truth and win while believing they are right! It’s destructive in the long run but it’s very human and it looks good to do it in the short run. Don’t do it in your life if you care for your wealth, health or happiness down the road! Mr. Toyoda should have told the truth that Toyota will improve service and safety, but its cars are still safer than most other cars, in fact, Toyota is  the  safest car in the world. Instead he did a    mia culpa. Hey, my listeners, in this imperfect world, Improve you behavior but never do a mia culpa, never!

Are You for Religious Freedom or Government Control?

February 27, 2010

Some of my readers already know that I am one of the few psychologists offering a free public service blog. I want you before I clarify this important issue to promise me that you will tell about my blog to as many people as possible! Time to get our values straight for the sake of humanity! There is an article this morning in the National Post in Canada, “Hutterites Vow to Reject License Photos.” Sure, the Ten Commandments forbid “graven images” but your photo on your driving license is not a “graven image” by any stretch of the imagination. It is a matter of safety that ‘trump’ any far out interpretation of Scriptures. The Province of Manitoba made a mistake issuing driving licenses without a picture. The solution is simple: Let these driving licenses expire and don’t issue any more. When religious freedom interfere with public safety, which one should give way to the other? Do you want a society that works, or do you want a society where tax payers money is spent on back and forth court litigations as it is now? Hey, dummy officials, make up your mind what is religious freedom and what is not!

President Obama’s Health Care Conference is a stupid war zone!

February 25, 2010

M President Obama, you are a nice man and you mean well. You really care about people. But, you should not have started your very important Health Care Conference in Washington without contacting a psychologist first and studying Persuasive Communication. Bet, you don’t know that we have a 100 research studies on the matter. Mr President, you cannot get your Health Care bill passed through Congress by being social, reasonable, friendly, and polite. You cannot pass a Health Care Bill that would receive may be a “C+” by any nonpolitical Health Care expert. Your health program for the nation should be an “A+” program that would not cost an arm and a leg to the tax payers. And, even then you couldn’t pass your bill through congress unless you were Teddy Roosevelt. Study that president’s style of leadership and learn that in human relationships, the winners are individuals who “speak softly but carry a big stick.” The Republicans “speaks loudly and carry a small stick.” Your Democrats “speak softly and carry even a smaller stick.” Sad to say that in today’s ‘finesse’ world only the Russians and the Chinese know how to use “big sticks” and get away with it!

Infidelity Can be Prevented II

February 21, 2010

b  To my blog friends and followers: Sometimes you have to wait for my response to your questions, or for my next segment on a topic. I do it as a public service because I did not find any other blog that would tell life as it is! Rest assured, that your wait will be rewarded, and that we may even start an educational program on the internet together if you got what it takes!

What is Contingency Management of Relationships? Can it ensure that your relationships will be amazing? The answer to both questions is a resounding “Yes.” CMR is an attitude. Attitude is an ingrained tendency to act consciously in a given way. Thus, when you work hard to acquire that attitude, you then know how to act in relationships with anything; people, animals, God, even trees and the planet! (to be continued).

Infidelity can be prevented.

February 20, 2010

C   Infidelity in relationships can be stopped, but the cost to society will be too high. CNN will lose income, people will lose interest in the news, tabloids will sell less, cheaters will get less sex or romance, lawyers will lose the “Cramer Vs. Cramer” clients, estates will go uncontested, the economy will lose 10% of its gross domestic products without domestic problems. Sure, domestic violence will stop too, but are you sure you want that drastic change in society? Even Obama may object to my suggestion.

Hey, I’m not a teen ager on lover’s lane, I’m a serious psychologist, so you better listen, especially if infidelity infests the lives of your friends and relatives. Learn ONE rule, as I have posted it on Facebook this month – learn Contingency Management of Relationships (CMR), that’s it!

I know, you want me to tell you how to apply the rule. The smart ones checked it out on Google, but that wasn’t enough for knowing how to apply it. Well, get serious about relationships and I will tell you a lot more in the next few postings. You see, relationships isn’t a trivia game, it’s the darn serious game of life! Tiger, don’t turn into a sheep either!

Breathing Depression Away!

February 18, 2010

b Welcome to the best blog in the world. I know, you think that I am boasting. Backtrack to 200 postings and you will know that if you follow me, your life will improve. Today, for starters, take one St. John’s Wort and breath “consciously” for 10 minutes. You will start seeing the difference. Some of you have a resisting mind, so you’ll have to find your “Breathing style” to make it work, and do it until it does! This technique works 100% if you persist and do it right. Why isn’t the technique “famous”? Because what I “dig” to put on my blogs is the top 1% of useful information that gets lost in the shuffle of psychology and medicine. Keep tuning in because you want to live a great life! 🙂 🙂

My response to physicist Dr. Jon Kelly on Spirituality.

February 17, 2010

As a well-known Professor of Physics, your description of Spirituality is strictly within my domain of Psychology or Parapsychology – surprises me.   Our roles have been reversed. I have lectures on Spirituality for 25 years in the domain – of Physics!

Since the discovery of Neutrinos in Physics, called Psitrons in Parapsychology, spiritual energy has been identified. There is no more need to “explain” Spirituality as philosophical “stuff.”  The energy is in the heart of the Photon, lodged in our brain’s Frontal Lobe, with meridians to the Pineal Gland and elsewhere. The brain phenomenon called Spirituality is the only independent type of energy in our human system (there are 3 types). I have harnessed that energy. It is an amazing Force to work with. It has what we call ‘consciousness’ manifestation in lab experiments, just as predicted by Albert Einstein. The energy is ‘highly interactive’ and respond well to scientists who understand  what happens at the “point of singularity.” Physicists today are ‘lost’ without the help of Parapsychologists. A good place to start your spiritual re-education  is by reading Arthur M. Young, The Reflexive Universe.

Do you want to form an Internet Spirituality Group (ISG)? I am tired of the ‘spiritual’ definitions of Spirituality. The force is real energy particles, for Gods’ sake!

Live beyond your wildest dreams!

February 16, 2010

I mean it. It isn’t a joke, a ‘may be’ or something you have come across in the literature or the media before. It’s a sure thing. I live it every day…but there is a catch. I was a poor immigrant in new York city in 1961. My fame and fortune did not arrive with my PhD or even the EST training with Werner. It materialized only after I mastered about a 100 simple psychological rules of conduct, many of them don’t make any sense to the conventional thinker. For example, about instant wealth, there is only one rule: Find the right IPO and invest! About Relationships: If he is close to his mom and you are close to your dad – it’s a match. About health: Nutritional food, the right supplements, exercise, less stress and more fun – and you live for a 100 years. About cancer: The answer is medical Existentialism.” And, so on.

What is the catch?

The catch is that a lot of information out there in the world is politicized and doesn’t work  as it should. The only place where you can get it as it is, is  on my blog For example, Spirituality; did you know that all the definitions of the word Spirituality are false, except one? Perfection: Did you know that if you have no flaws you cannot be perfect! Hey, if you have the intention to learn a 100 new rules of living and be transformed (re-born, re-defined, be self-made), I’ll be there for you. To live beyond your wildest dreams, you can’t stay cynical to believe that you have heard these grandiose promises before.

Happy Valentine’s day to you.

February 14, 2010

Today is the day for romance, flowers, whisper in her ear. A relationship is worth having if it’s exciting, rewarding, ego stroking and spiritual. Follow my websites and blogs to the good life. Relationship is all about the rules that you make for yourself how to treat your partner. Make those rules amazing and satisfying and reap the rewards in love, respect, affection, fun, parties, dance, travel and being your new you. Valentine’s day is a day of renewal and the best renewal is the renewal of personal rules of conduct. I  love you. 🙂

One Young World: What are you up to, kids?

February 13, 2010

These 2 individuals had their chance and did nothing. How can Bishop Desmond Tutu and the  former head of the UN create a new world order if they are the people who shaped the old world order? The idea of a London Conference of young, under 25-year-old, representatives from all the countries in the world is fantastic, but how do you create a new world order with old world ideas of inaction? My massage to the OYW organization is: Have one of the young leader of this august conference – EMAIL ME ( There is a way to save the world but it is not with just the enthusiasm of youth who think they know the way.  Twitter and Facebook will help change the world, but not with their present content. Do you REALLY want a new world order? Organize the next conference ONLY on how to replace the present educational system in every country!!!!!!!!!!!! I will speak at that conference.

All other topics in your conference are just for fun! Enjoy! Dr. Elior.