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Darrell Issa for president!

October 31, 2013

I wrote a book in 2011 on Obama and your money. In my book, “The Psychology of Investing during the Obama Years,” on page 16 I wrote “Is Obama a true Messiah or the Antichrist? Please take the question symbolically. On page 16 I wrote, “Jesus entered Jerusalem on a white ass.” Today, November 1, 2013, I can answer my symbolic question, “The antichrist entered the White House on the vote of confidence of many asses.” By the time he leaves in 2016  he would have caused enough damage to the economy, status of the United States in to the world and to the world itself that may not be reversible. In 1916 we will need a person that can clean up the mess economically, politically and personally. That man is Darrell Issa, the incredible congressman from California.

What is his chance of winning in 2016? Zero. Why do I say that? Because the American people have demonstrated time and again that they vote for nincompoop dudes (Obama, Bush 1, Bush 2, Clinton, Ford, Nixon, etc.). Then, why do I write this piece? Well, I write it just in case it triggers in you a movement. You know, some of you may decide to take me seriously. A lot of people did when I was a moderator for the Foreign Policy Association in a California College years ago! Take care.

Obamacare website. He really tried!

October 24, 2013

I mean it, Obama, I know that you really tried to design a good healthcare program for the American people, and this president really tries to hire a competent website company to set up the Obama care on-line system for the American people. The problem is that as a trained lawyer president Obama you were not educated in Science. You really need to set up a pilot study and replicate its results before you spend other people’s money to implement the Obama care program. You can’t just trust your instinct that it would work, especially when using other people’s money. And, regarding the website company that you hired to build the Obama care website, you can’t just pay them and expect them to do a great job after being paid. You see, Obama, it’s not your fault, you were never a businessman, you didn’t know that if you pay someone before they do the work, you can’t really run things well. Well, the American people elected you twice knowing that you were not a scientist or a businessman, so they got fooled and you lost their money. We all know from psychology that the people cannot be better than their leader unless there was a divine intervention. So far it happened in the Soviet Union ones and at the Vatican recently. We sure need a DI in America before it gets worse. You simply can’t trust a leader without education is business and science! in.

What causes the gridlock in Washington?

October 8, 2013

You know that I always tell the truth in this blog regardless of consequences because I am wealthy and I don’t need side income. Abraham Maslow, the father of the school of psychology called Humanistic Psychology and the creator of the self-actualization pyramid said, “Your vote is only as good as your culture let you act.” The American culture doesn’t educate you to vote for the candidate with the highest governing values for the people, although our leaders are better behaved than the leaders in most other countries. In fact, to vote based on values might be unconstitutional! When I was a professor of psychology on a hiring committee, we got a directive from Sacramento stating that we cannot ask candidates value questions or personal questions. Once we interviewed a candidate for a position of assistant professor of psychology who it was clear to me considered female students inferior to male students. I was not allowed to ask him any questions about personal values as if the personality of the instructor has no effect on students and is irrelevant to teaching in public schools. The same cultural directive you get when you enter the voting booth, “Don’t consider the personal values of the candidate you are electing to office.” (I never voted, went into business with or chose as friends negative people. I had too many in my family). You the voter created the gridlock in Washington that is affecting your life but it not your fault, only your responsibility (You are not taught in school about the huge difference between these two words either). Do you want a better life? Next election you will have to pull yourself up with your own bootstraps. You will have to ask the candidate before you decide who to vote for the simple question, “Is Obamacare gives you the best medical care for the buck”? If the congressman says “Yes, but I didn’t vote for it” he is plain stupid. If he says, “No, but I voted for it” through him out. If he says “No, and I didn’t vote for it” elect him again. Do you want a better life? Start looking for candidates that can answer the question “Please explain to me how Obamacare violate the cost/benefit rule”? Vote for him if can describe the answer well, and if enough of you do that, the next congress will get you a health care program that covers everyone at a reasonable cost!

This posting will be a short one.

October 7, 2013

The struggle between observation and logic going back to Galileo woke me up not only to speak about it in three Universities since 2011 but also to look at my life since 1998. Do I want to really enjoy life, like about 10% of the people do. Or do I want to continue to pretend that I enjoy life, like the other 90% do? Since then I  I lost weight down to 78 Kg and I enjoy my work 100% (part of it is writing this liberating ideas). I think I got a glimpse of it the day of my retirement as a professor of psychology in 1998. Today, it is the simplest thing in the world to do. The Chinese got it in 1949. I hope that you do in 2013!

What is it?

Try for one minute to guess what it is, did you get it? That would be rare anyway. It is an observation, not logic. The Chinese will win it all in 50 years because they live to eat and work while we are in declining west  we work and eat to live. Don’t try to figure it out, it’s not logical, it’s just works that way. Hey, you 10% who are listening, live for the joy of eating and lose weight and live for the passion of working and be a happy millionaire to be!

Lucrative fish story.

October 4, 2013

This story is for those of you who live their lives unaware of opportunities to save. Do you live with someone who gets upset with you that you can’t save money on groceries like he does? Tel him that he can’t do other simple things that you can. We are human.

“Honey, how could you bring yourself to pay $9.56 for that small beautiful piece of fresh salmon filet?”

“What’s wrong with it?”

“It cost $39 per kilogram.”

“I didn’t look for the cost per Kg, should I ?”

“It’s in small print on the left side of the label.”

“How much did you pay for the delicious salmon filet you brought home last Friday?”

I paid $9 per kilogram and carved 10 beautiful pieces of fresh salmon for your cost of one!”

“I am sorry, darling, From now on I will always check “price per Kg.” I didn’t know that’s more important than the actual price on the package.”

This is a fish story about two grocery stores, the successful one and the one that will soon fail. The thriving grocery store exploit the gullibility of innocent shoppers. 90% of local customers in North America pay twice to three times higher price for fresh salmon than savvy immigrants do. The fresh salmon is shipped to the stupid grocery store and is filet and sold. I buy it for $9 per Kilo. i am an immigrant. I think the store makes about $5-10 per fish.

Another fresh salmon gets to the smart grocery store and the fish carver gets to work. The fish is cut in 2 and each piece is filet horizontally into two-three thin layers, each about a third of an inch thin. Ten pieces at $10 each, the fish creates wealth!

By the way the person who bought salmon for $9 per Kilo is not smarter than the person who paid $39 per Kg. In Kahneman system of thinking that fish buyer uses System 2 while the other person uses System 1. It all boils down in life to the use of consciousness. Most people live automatically and should be automatically forgiven their lack of awareness of simple opportunities.