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A Letter of Analysis for Trump to Refine!

November 30, 2015

Dear Donald,

Your behavior is a maverick behavior, like the behavior of a brave Texas cattle rancher we all know about. You say to people, “You need to change your old ways that don’t work anymore to get rich in America. You can do it, pure dude. You don’t need government to “distribute the wealth” for you. Work hard and play by the rules and you can become a “middle class” person with a nice home and family. You can even become a multimillionaire if you are smart and work even harder for 10-20 years. It doesn’t matter if you are a legal Mexican immigrant, an authentic  Syrian refugee, a black American, a latino, you can all make it in America if you play by the rules.” It is a good message that needs to be heard again and again, or they won’t believe you because of their past perceptions. It is a true message and many Korean and other hard working immigrants have done well. But, here is the “gotcha”, Donald, to get elected president you need the votes of alienated Blacks, poor Chicano and misguided democrats. You have to get it! Romney almost got 70% of the white votes, but it was not enough to win. Minorities will fight you because they don’t believe that your style of Capitalism is good for their future. There is enough evidence to show that Capitalism as practiced in history didn’t care about the poor and powerless unless they fight the “system.” Make Capitalism care. As president you can start by doing one effective thing for sure: Focus on subsidising CC trade education in the 50,000 community colleges in America, nudge Blacks and Chicano to go to school, do it with care for their future, it’s OK to tell people that you worked hard and got fabulously rich, but show them that they can accumulate greenbacks too under your leadership. Millions of these people don’t have the entrepreneurship mentality to do it on their own without a nudge from a forceful authority figure. You can get elected president if you can show minorities how they can get into the middle class, not just tell them the truth about how great America can be for everyone, but also that you care (I know you do, but they don’t know it). You and I know that anyone can become a rich legal immigrant within 20 years in New York or Los Angeles if they play by the rules.

You noticed that I didn’t touch the issue of security at all. You are strong there, but focus on economic success for minorities so they can vote for you without fear. Promise them that you will create the environment for that without handing out charity checks like Hillary would do. Show them that democratic paternalism and socialism never work and will make dependent-like children, even more! Don’t alienate Americans who seem to be lost nowadays, galvanize their determinism to succeed as American citizens, to win, even if they have to change a bit of their culture of poverty and alienation. America can be the greatest country in the world for minorities too, it was for me as an immigrant in 1960 and it can be for everyone in 2016. You got my vote, Donald, but please refine your approach, America needs your strong style, a bit more caring and gentle. Remember, you are running for president of a number one country in the world!

Trump, fight back, don’t let your vicious enemies get away with fallacies of thinking!

November 27, 2015

Fallacy of lying and overgeneralizing: Reporters think the American people are stupid. Today alone you heard the following statement repeated on TV stations, “Trump as president will deport all the Mexican immigrants back to Mexico.”

Mr. Trump, sue the hell out of them for that lie and overgeneralization, let the American people know that the reporters had lied. The correct statement should have been, “Trump as president will deport in steps all the illegal immigrants within the US from Mexico and from other countries.”

Fallacy of “Begging the question.”: Reporters, again,  think the American people are stupid and unaware that it is a bias, unfair and wrong to ask “gotcha” questions and questions that assume that Trump is a racist, or a Hitler as the gov. of Ohio implied. Sue them for defamation. People in the media must not “Bag the question” in interviews if they want to stay reporters in good standing. Do you remember the classical example of B the Q from a college philosophy 101 class, “Why are you a thief?”

Mr. Trump, don’t let any reporter or governor get away with statements implying that you are a racist, sexist or against disabled reporters, etc  The racists are the reporters who ask for undeserving “affirmative action” type privileges for their conditions. Treat everyone the same. Don’t let some Americans assume more rights than other Americans.

Mr. Trump, understand that many bad leaders will get vicious against you as you get closer to the presidency. Why? Because they know that “milking” the American tax payers and their children’s future will end with you as president. Keep fighting. have courage, America needs your skills!

One more year and he is gone!

November 26, 2015

Obama saw that ISIS shipped cheap oil from Mosul through Turkey to the world market for oil. ISIS made billions of dollars from this oil business. Obama bombed some ISIS trucks and a building or 2 to look good to France and England. Obama REALLY REALLY don’t like to fight anybody. He is a nice teenager. Putin does fight, accusing Turkey of supporting ISIS! Putin bombed everyone in Syria except Assad. The Turks shot down a Russian bomber. Putin accused Obama for keeping a blind eye about Turkey’s role in indirectly supporting ISIS and allowing flooding the west with refugees. Obama denied. Trump said, “When I am president I will bomb Mosul and the oil fields and finish this charade.”  The democrats (and some Republicans) jumped on him for being too decisive and mean. Hollande flew to meet Putin in Moscow. No one called Obama.

You know, this not-so-smart US president has a year to go in office. Can you image how many more misses in judgement he can make that will lead to more fighting in the Middle East???? He and Kerry are not very smart people. They don’t understand the situation in the ME. Turkey lives between the rock and the hard place. A Sunny country that is forced by the West to fight ISIS a Sunni caliphate, and support Russia and Assad and the Ayatollah, all Shia guys, let alone Iraq. This is too much for Obama’s linear type thinking! Let me suggest that we limit Obama to keep busy making flower arrangements in the White House instead of meddling with morose Kerry in world affair. One more year and they is gone. Be careful, folks, a blind president who is still liked by 60% of the people can do a lot of damage to our world in 12 months. I care about the people who voted for him for good change. Do you think the change in the last 8 years was good for the world???? Think twice before you vote for the next dude in the WH!

The media is biased, no kidding, it’s really bad, you wait and see.

November 26, 2015

non-I am writing a book on the psychological differences between the left and the right. I have discovered something not good that is not psychological. There are brain structure differences between left thinking and right thinking individuals that may (I hope not) affect life badly in the United States for generations! The L and R behavior manifests itself mostly in the love of media. Left thinking is more complex and highly social and these people seek jobs as reporters, teachers and media people more often than any other job in the world. They dominate the media field and tend to malign good people. Most reporters and other media people are left thinking oriented. They hate the right more passionately than the right hate them and they won’t hesitate to use the media to disrupt a nation’s business. I don’t mean causing another Russian or French revolutions, modern life won’t allow for that. But, causing more fights within the United States directly stimulated by the media are expected. Life in my country will not be as beautiful as it was when I immigrated to LA in 1960 to go to UCLA.  I feel alarmed in 2015, alarmed because the leftist media is activated and it affect every facet of life. I will have to stop watching CNN because it is full of false “war” between police and black communities and between false groups in Syria and elsewhere. It is sad because the American people and especially president Obama is not aware that his speeches cause the world to slowly fall apart. The road to hell is paved with the good intentions of Obama and CNN and the NYT and the BBC! Expect life in the USA to become more painful as the election 2016 is approaching. I am finally for strong media regulation so truth in reporting is enforced, but it won’t happen and the other choice is more problems between the left and the right, big problems orchestrated by the media that can’t help itself but be biased, and has to report  the leftist “truth.” And, all that mess is even without the Social Media effect. Add that to the quagmire and living in fear may become the main emotion in life in America. I am sad but I am still an optimist because we have a great Constitution that will prevent Hillary Clinton from becoming our next president that make life even more fearful!

A psychologist believes in Trump!

November 25, 2015

I usually go for coffee once a week in the beautiful Marina watching the wild seals with 3-5 “thinking” friends. Two years ago I did my analysis that Trudeau will be the next prime minister of Canada. I was congratulated over coffee for my ‘wisdom’ accurate prediction last week. A few months ago I also did my analysis of Trump’s chances. I predicted that he will be the next president of the United States (with Cruz as VP) unless he decided to quit or go independent or get killed. A month ago I bet $125 with my friends who felt the opposite. They didn’t think that Trump will win. It was easy to get all my 5 friends to bet me because they think trump is not electable because of his rude behavior in public and because they don’t know that Hillary is her worse enemy and Trump could devastate her in a debate.. I am really enjoy the 2016 election. I love the way Americans do it. The American people  understand that most presidents main job is to distribute the people’s money to their cronies and friends and Trump will not do that. I won’t tell you how I came to the conclusion that Trump is our next president except to say that a few months ago I got it that security will best economics as a reason to vote around election time. It is almost like saying that ISIS’s behavior in the US and France will get Trump elected president. It is a terrific irony because trump is the best man for the WH for many other reasons than security. I guess America is blessed despite of her people’s socialist attitude in 2016. God loves America!

Thanksgiving: The difference between Trump and Obama!

November 25, 2015

President Obama just made a charismatic short speech trying to convince the American people his administration is doing the best possible job of protecting the American people during this flying holiday, “We are doing everything possible to keep us safe and protect the American people during this festive holiday.”  People travel a lot to  be together with loved ones. Most people who travel had voted for this president twice, for 8 years in office, he owes them safety!  Are they really as safe as their vote of confidence in him showed? Or, are they as safe as the people in New York City were under president Bush? The real question in: Are the heads of departments of homeland security, FBI and CIA, appointed by Obama, are the best appointed leaders? Is Susan Rice the best appointed leader for her skills in protecting the American people? What was the skilled background of Obama’s appointees?

Presidential aspirant Trump said, “I will appoint the most skilled leaders to protect the American people.” Did Obama say that 8 years ago? 4 years ago? Are all his appointees the best security experts or are they like Mr. Bremer who made the pivotal mistake in Iraq? I’m sure you remember him? If the American people get attacked this season, I hope Obama doesn’t say, ‘We can’t guarantee everything 100%. Or, if I am “dreaming” he might say, like Socrates, “Decisions reviewed is worth living.” “Where did I go wrong with my appointees? You are fired!” Or, will he give another eloquent speech that explains the circumstances so he could look good no matter what!? As a boss, would you fire a crony who didn’t deliver your orders but had perfect circumstances to explain why?

The difference between Obama and Trump is in who they would appoint to head important departments of government and fire them if they don’t do the best job possible for the American people. That’s it! Bush was known to fire no one no matter what, that was Bush. Obama is known to keep poor appointees on for as long as possible and then ask them to tell the American people that they leave for personal reasons because their family need them home. Trump as president will hire the best people. Why? Because these people will know that they will be fired if they come up only with the best explanation why they couldn’t do their job as well as president Trump would do his! Only Obama can get reelected to a second term when the world and America are falling apart! He has a gift: Eloquent speech.

Have a happy holiday, my nice friend.

Losing weight: 3 reasons why it’s hard hard and 1 reason why it can be easy easy!

November 24, 2015

I wrote about weight control for the National Enquire magazine for 10 years. I run a weight control workshop for LA County, Whittier hospital, a college and many clinics. Let’s you and me get to business, it’s free: Listen, dude, it is very hard to shed pounds because we sit down to eat and toward the end catch ourselves overeating and it’s too late in the meal to stop right. In one experiment I asked participants to pour 3 oz of serial into a bowl, participants pours 5 oz unknowingly, 33% more breakfast cereal than they tought they ate. Worse, we eat out too often because we are social beings and can’t pass an opportunity to be with friends. Also, eating is a pleasure and we believe in eating to live instead of believing in living to eat, yes, the oriental dude lives to eat. Chinese guys live to eat, go to any good oriental restaurant in Chinatown and you can see and hear the laughter and energy spreading around round tables (roundness of furniture increases IQ, energy and consciousness). We Americans sit confronting each other and eat to live while complaining about our looks and preoccupation with food.

In as minute you will find out that it is easy to lose weight if you use a trait that Freud called real awareness. He proclaimed that humans are rarely really conscious while they say that they use this “C” trait a lot – Consciousness! What is real consciousness? Consciousness is focused thinking that is expressed. Only automatic thoughts come from most minds. FT comes from the spiritual environment, choice! If you start practicing it within a few weeks you will noticed the effect. You will be able to stop a meal any time you choose! Now, sounds easy, yes, if you do it but research shows that most people don’t exercise their consciousness. In terms of Dr. Kahneman’s System 1 Heuristic or System 2 Conscious, most people go heuristic thinking they are conscious. The mind resist consciousness because it doesn’t want to lose its power over you in favor of free-will. You see, to use your consciousness to lose weight is easy to do but practically you have to ask your mind for permission. Let’s say that you are the 5% of the people who are really stronger than their mind so you start living consciously right now (For example: choose to do 10 things about food in the next hour that you usually don’t do). Can you sustain it? Good luck!

Can refugees be trusted? Should the US accept them?

November 21, 2015

The answer from a psychologist is obvious; no one knows if they can be trusted. No one knows if they will go to school, get a job, contribute to the community. No one knows. All we know is that the odds are against them because they come from an unstable places. But, the question if they can be trusted and accepted are easy to answer. The answer is “We don’t know but we can find out! Give them psychological and situational tests. Develop a program.” Cost about $10 per person. Can be done before they arrive. I would assume that about 50% will pass and be approved. Immigrants built this country. Most will fit it fine. What about the 10% that won’t? The tests and the program will take care of that. When there is a will there is a way. When they is wisdom, there is a good program. If you yourself have relatively trusting good life you would probably vote for Trump next year. If you carry a bag on your shoulders filled with all kinds of problems, you’d probably vote for others such as Hillary, Bush, etc. Life under them will add to your problems and gloomy expectations of life. You’ll take in the refugees and hope for the best, like in Paris, there is always a collateral damage if you are not as smart as Trump! Good luck with your vote. Human being can be tested and their behavior can be predicted, if you are smart. Life can be good and compassionate if you are smart. Good luck!

Republican candidate Donald Trump: Barak Obama is insane!

November 18, 2015

I am a psychologist. In 2011 I wrote a book how to make money during the incoming Obama administration. The market doubled as expected but I didn’t know that my book would be prophetic about something else. I wrote, “This book is subversive. It insert a rebel mind in your head about politicians, the economic crisis, the recovery, and your struggle in the midst of all this mess. A revolution in thinking is in the offing, a tsunami of kind around a “sweet talking” new president and his flaws, laws,  assets and liabilities. He is into changing everything – government, race relations, energy consumption, the health system, international relations, Wall Street, Main Street, the World. You better know how to play his new game! ” (page 4). In Chapter 4, The Truth About Barack Hussein Obama (Page 44) I wrote”Obama will try not to adulterate the truth but only time will tell if he will succeed.” (page 44).

He did not!

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump, who is a builder, not a psychologist, called Obama insane after inviting Syrian refugees to come to American a week after one of them killed 150 Frenchmen in Paris. Is Obama’s behavior insane? You can say that, but, well, as a psychologist I don’t think his behavior was insanity. He tried not to adulterate the truth as I called it in my book from 2011 but he failed! Why? Because he may have a borderline personality disorder called delusional conflicts. Why? Because Obama crave to change the world for the better but he can’t analyse situations correctly and make rational decisions that work because of passionate conflicts. Most of his decisions since elected president adulterated the truth because of conflicting feelings, from Obamacare to Iran’s perceptions meaning his mind creates wish-fulfillment delusions and he goes and does something stupid believing it’s rational and will work.

The world will suffer a lot after Obama leaves office in a year because reigniting wars, spending trillions, creating a delusional health care system, bringing dangerous refugees to America and giving nuclear capability to Iran are delusions whose effect will linger, especially if Hillary Clinton get elected president. All hell will break loose. Then, we will be on the edge of the classical Armageddon of well-meaning delusional decisions brought about by voters in the midst of conflict  who will regret their vote!

The road to hell is paved with good intentions will be Obama’s legacy (Kerry and Clinton too) of leaving a world with unbearable pain brough about by unthinking misguided democrats who wished the world well. Sad!

Donald J Trump: Crippled America….but what about the French?

November 16, 2015

Having heard yesterday the French president saying “France declared war against terrorists,” It reminded me president Bush saying 20 years ago, “Mission accomplished,” in his war on terrorism speech, or president Wilson saying in 1916, ‘This war is the war to end all wars.” You can easily conclude that Americans and European democracies choose leaders who appear to be delusional, really delusional about reality. They were elected by politically naive voters who believed they knew P reality.

I am so afraid that in the next election in 2016 delusional voters will ignore Benghazi and elect another delusional person, Hillary Clinton, believing she is nice and rational. This outcome may be even worse for America, even worse because we have available Donald Trump, a strong rational leader that naive delicate people (System 1 heuristic) may brand him delusional rude. I heard 100 people say, “No one can’t fix the illegal immigration problem.” (That is definitely a delusional statement). But, you know something, this posting is really meant for the stupid French president, who is highly delusional. The French should impeach him, but they won’t.  He just released from prison the brother of the leader of the terror cells that killed 150 Frenchmen. That just one delusional decision out of about a 100 that he made. Yet, the French hold president Holande in high esteem because he said the right political words after the massacre. It reminds me president Bush who said the right words after 911 and president Obama who always says the right words after delivering disasters. In fact, many of you believe that the mess the world we live in has nothing to do with Obama or the western leaders (another delusion)! You know, I am for democracy and voting rights, but from now only people who would pass a reality citizenship class with a minimum grade of B or better would be allowed to vote. I am sorry, folks, most of you make better decisions about your marriage than about politics or economics! (more…)