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Summary of my cancer presentation at the ISSS convention in Berlin, August 2015.

July 31, 2015

I am presenting a new yin/Yang cancer treatment system guided within a greater framework of a 3000 years divine book of I Ching, the book of change from the Chinese Zhou Dynasty. Change from a disorganized state to an organized state required holistic transformation. The outcome must be greater than the sum of treatments.  This successful case study from 2002 to 2015 can form a global fundamental shift in cancer management because the treatment model is all-encompassing, ccomprehensive orderly, integrative, balanced, an integration of holistic and reductionist systems.

Cancer as other models of treatment consider it is a “disorganized” group of body cells that metastasize. Translating the above to Yin/Yang action system we added to the treatment of physical cancer also the eradication of cancer of the mind and cancer of the spirit. That means an approach greater than an  ordinary holistic approach.

To achieve the above success, System 1 and System 2 decision-making process, as described by professor Daniel Kahneman, a 2002 Nobel Prise winner, is implemented, including effective treatments that are usually not a part of any cancer protocol, such as Chi imagery, Prana breathing, mime, Chi gong, a daily lemon slice, facial expressions,Turmeric, Ginger and many more elements that cleanse the inner environment and can change a cancer life style.

To be able to regulate all treatment orders effectively, the new system requires an Yin/Yang trained advocacy. Such a person will know how to implement allopathic/holistic integration, research and how to apply liaison skills and be an expert in the art and science of making changes. Needless to say that social skills, personality, warmth and strength of character to face skeptics are needed for effective cancer advocacy.

And , finally, the new yin/Yang cancer treatment system must be comprehensive and balanced. We as care givers can not by-pass the best cancer treatments because they are not part of the zeitgeist and are ignored inadvertently today all over the world. I call it neglecting the 10% Rule. Cancer is a systemic disease and we cannot any more over look the best 10% of all treatments, such an immunotherapy, hyperthermia, tai chi, vitamins, special foods, effective exercises, different counseling, meditation, dendritic therapy, etc.

A human being in the I-Ching book is more than the sum of a few major Yang treatments. He/she are divine healers.


Would congress reject the Obama-Iran nuclear agreement?

July 24, 2015

Yesterday afternoon I was laughing my head off. It was a sunny and peaceful day at the marina, the seagulls frolicking trying to “steal” frozen fish that children have bought and were feeding to the wild seals that have adopted the human habitat around the boats. The serenity of the place engulfed me with a feeling that maybe the world was not on the brink of a war between the US and/or Israel with Iran over a North Korean “ghost” bomb. Three friends were sitting sipping tea discussing the nuclear agreement, one, a professor of law, another one, a community organizer (better than Barack) and the third, myself (a retired psychologist eager to practice something). Is the world inching toward a global war at the coffee shop overlooking the yachts at the marina.

“Let me tell you guys that the Republican Congress will definitely defeat the Obama nuclear agreement with Iran,” They looked at me instantly (wasn’t it obvious, now I know why burly blond presidential candidate DT gets so much attention with his statements).

“…but the republicans will not be able to defeat a Obama veto!”  That was not obvious, and, this time my reputation at the coffee shop was on the line, but I know that my friends would forgive me for my math. if not my psy. if I am wrong. As for myself, if after a a text-book analysis of the power and influence of the UN, EU, Democrats, political dynamics, momentum and the love of Obama by the masses didn’t pull off a narrow win for the president, then I would quit analysing political behavior and go back to doing marriage counseling.

You, my readers, do your own analysis, take a position on the Obama/Ayatollah deal, do it like it is not a gamble, the smart ones win!

I can’t help it, here is another one, Donald Trump sucks up to the stupid system (SSS) and stir up the “nest” of the stupid beehive in Congress but I don’t thing a sting from the street could project DT toward the WH. I am not laughing anymore. Now its your turn. Pass this one on. I think it’s funny.

The most effective and the most ignored psychologist ever!

July 23, 2015

His name was B. F. Skinner and he wrote Waldon II, the most ignored book ever about how to build a great society! His Co-up experiment failed because he never took the Likert Scale seriously.  How to measure and apply rewards and punishments? We psychologists forgive him because there is a saying in psychology that the person who starts a movement tend to leave filling in the details to his followers. B. F. Skinner was the Father of Behaviorism.

The BLS today is not used. Is the Behavioral Likert Scale (BLS) difficult to use by the average person? No, it isn’t used because it takes schooling. Can learning and applying the BLS improve your finances? Yes. Improve your love life? Yes. Improve your health? Yes. Improve your happiness feeling? Yes. So, what are you waiting for?

Learning a few rules that may be taught today in only 1 out of 10 Psychology PhD programs in Universities could help, 1) Reward increases behavior and punishment decreases behavior. So, if you don’t make enough money ask yourself how you punished your behavior that may have led to wealth? If your friend gives attention to others more than she notices you, ask yourself, “how do I punish her attention giving behavior to me, inadvertently?, And so on, 2) The “punishment must fit the crime.” If you go to the dentist to fix a tooth and the pain of the fixing is greater than the pain of the cavity, you will end with many bad teeth, if you often spank your kid or reward him for stealing cookies from the cookie jar, you are in the business of making an obese person, if you tell your kid, “Dad will punish you when he comes home from work for what you did this morning in school,” you are creating a psychopath, and so on.

The business of life improves with awareness (consciousness) of antecedents and consequences (be aware of what you say and do).

This posting is one of the best advice that I have ever given you !


Dr. Hawking, thank you for starting a conversation about God and Aliens.

July 21, 2015

Let me share with you my scientific knowledge about God and aliens, probably the closest analysis to the truth based on my training as a scientist:

GOD: Dr. Hawking, you say God does not exist. You are wrong. According to the Science of Consciousness as taught in psychology and parapsychology courses in Universities all over the world, God is called “Primordial Energy Universal Consciousness.” (the word God is not used for obvious reasons)  There are 3 kinds of primordial energy cells of universal consciousness discovered by a mathematician, Dr. W. G. Leibnitz (1648), a friend of Dr. Isaac Newton who also discovered Calculus. A third of these entities have their own veracity and purposiveness and humans anywhere in the universe can communicate with these entities through PK if they learned the signals and have the right attitude, I am one of them, though it take a lot of unusual training.

The reason you and most people never heard of Leibnitz is because you havent’ search the internet for it, and the reason you don’t search the internet  for it is because this “Scientific theory of God” is not taught in any school (Why? Leibnitz was ridiculed by the church). The only reason I know about it is because the State of California approved my college course in Parapsychology because of student demand to know more in 1979  (I am retired and the course is not taught anymore).

ALIENS:  Dr. Hawking, You say that we don’t know scientifically about aliens. You are wrong again. Part of science is to have axioms and hypotheses and calculate probabilities (read about System 2 by kahneman, the Nobel price winner in 2002). Let me be short about my knowledge unless you ask me in the future: 1) There are a million habitable planets within our vicinity alone, 2) We think we know when Alpha Centauri and Zeta Reticuli humans from plant B have visited earth. 3) We are not ready to relate to them (there are no social psychologists trained at SETI). We are only interested in radio signals, not communication. We are not multicultural as a species!

A massage to Dr. Steven Hawking from out of space

July 21, 2015

You said, “A civilization reading one of our messages could be billions of years ahead. If so, they will be vastly more powerful and may not see us as any more valuable than we see bacteria.”  This ridiculous statement from the author of brief history of time needs psychological analysis: A civilisation that could read our radio messages would not have the intelligence to read our interstellar messages if it thought of us as bacteria-like creatures. Your quote is more a reflection of how you feels about us or himself, it’s not good psychology and its bad physics. Another ridiculous point you made,  ‘…a civilization billions of years ahead of us…”  There is no human on earth, including you,  that can even imagine what a civilization  that older than us could even be like!!!

Dr. Hawking, you were a great physicist untill you started meddling with staff you have taking a single course in college about, that is, psychology, parapsychology, and what’s beyond Singularity. You have the right to speak nonsense, of course, but I am happy that people have the right not to take you seriously anymore!

American: Is it a weak national will?

July 9, 2015

We have elected Obama who made the situation in Iraq worse than Bush did, made ISIS stronger, made the situation in Syria worse than anyone could have done, spent so much money to protect an Afghanistan government that allows the enslavement of their girls, and here at home can’t even put in jail a 6 times infiltrator from Mexico who committed a capitol crime. These are just a few examples of strong weakness. I wouldn’t call it a weak national will like someone on CNN said this morning. You can’t have any national will with an American “nation” that demoted its greatness for 8 years by valuing its internationalism greater than its nationalism and looks up to the even weaker European Union more than its own identity. Let’s face it, Obama was elected twice by 2 US minorities that value paternalism more than Americanism. Blacks and Latinos care more about escaping poverty than seeking liberty. Do you want a strong national will that will get America the respect she once had, elect someone in 2016 that acts like Teddy Roosevelt. Do we have one like that? I don’t know. I do know who is the opposite of TR, it Hilary C. and Jebb Bush, the 2 front-runners. Funny, the strongest nation on earth is behaving like the weakest and sweetest nation on earth. Stop thanking those that kicks you in the ass! Stop blaming yourself for being good to no good others. Shame on you, Obama, what you have created here…though I must say, the domestic economy is not bad, the rich get richer and the poor is not starving with public jobs. One more year!

What would you do if you came from the future? (I am serious!)

July 3, 2015

I am going to speak in Berlin at the ISSS Conference on August 2-7 on how I handled my 2 cancers (It is a scientific case-study). My last 3 papers at UCLA, University of Valencia and Rome were about how to become wealthy, how to create a great economy and how can Spain solve it’s 25% unemployment problem. You’d assume that out of 50 professors who attended at least one would ask a question, no one did! Seriously, I need your help to figure it out, what would you do if people make you feel like you came from the future where our century problems are solved? The reason I switched my writing for now from economics to medicine is because I think in Berlin in August 2015 maybe some oncologists at the lecture place would ask a question.

Dr. Abraham Maslow, the father of humanistic Psychology, said many years ago that most people cannot rise above their century! Orson Wells the actor said in a commercial, “No apple will ripe before its time.” What do you say? Am I destined to not be able to help my fellow humans with my knowledge? What a dreadful thought, I have 2 relatives with breast cancer who opted for chemotherapy. In October 2011 I was scheduled for Chemotherapy myself (stage 4) and opted for intensive immunodendtitic therapy plus change in life style and here I am going to speak in Berlin on an yin/yang cancer treatment system. I promise you that I am not going back to the future before I am done, I will continue to bring the future to 2015 to us, but I am afraid to think that Abraham and Orson were right – do you believe that it is very difficult for humans to think outside the box in 2015? For life’s sake all you cancer patients, keeeep trrrying!