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Breathing is much more than you think it is!

March 29, 2014

I don’t mean to say that breathing keeps you alive, that’s an ordinary notion that belongs in ordinary blogs. Here, in my extra ordinary blog, I mean to point out that breathing deep (9 breaths per minute) keeps you conscious. Animals breath automatically, humans do too unless they choose to change their breathing pattern by divine (conscious) effort. Exercising this kind of high awareness raises you brain’s spirit (Monads) to the highest living level possible. For example, studies show that people who live longer than 90 years breath on the average 9 deep breaths per minute and people who live shorter than 70 years breath on the average 20 shallow breaths per minute. I was a cancer patient at Medical Center Cologne (MCC), Germany in 2011, when I was asked to demonstrate a unti cancer breathing exercise. Today I am cured of prostate and bone cancers, thanks God. You can watch my demonstration of special breathing at the MCC on my cancer website in Canada,

Altering your breathing consciously makes you divine (animals can’t do it), enables you to improve your free will powers (good for losing weight, stopping smoking, self-confidence, etc.), prolong your life (nine breath per minute do it) and fight lung cancer (oxygen enters dormant alveoli). Go to my breathing demonstration at the German cancer clinic in Cologne. Take a deep breath, then take additional 5 small breaths(to get the good air into the dormant alveoli, the air sacks that don’t get oxygen with shallow breathing and may develop cancer over time). On exhalation, exhale 5 more small breaths to get the last 10% of carbon dioxide out. Practice your new breathing habits in your car, home, office, bed, anywhere, depending on your level of love and commitment for yourself. If after 2 months you find out that breathing deep isn’t catching up with you, hug your self 5 five squeezing hugs saying I love myself five times. Do it 5 times per day times per day, that’ll do it. If after 2 months you find out that you are not doing any of these, go to good counseling, fall in love, earn a million bucks or read what Genesis says about your possible magnificence. Do it!


The 10% rule: Biotin in good for fighting cancer.

March 27, 2014

I just got off Google. I did not find the information I was looking for that Biotin fights cancer, so I researched it elsewhere and I am posting it here for the benefit of my perceptive visiting followers. I am a psychologist, as you know, not a medical chemist, so don’t take my word for it, check out the information I am giving out. Every cancer cell has an enzyme inside called CYP 1B1 (sip one be one) that you won’t find in healthy cells. Every edible plant that isn’t sprayed with pesticides and stays natural  has Salvesterol – a plant fungus fighting substance. When you eat these plants their Salvesterol enters your cancer cell looking for the enzyme CYP 1B1 that turns Salvesterol into a potent cancer cell killer without damaging healthy cells (unlike chemotherapy drugs). Eating food with biotin, for example, Saskatoon Berrie, strengthen your CYP 1B1 so it works better in turning Salvesterol into a cancer cell killer.

This information enters my 10% Rule today because it is not readily available to the public. Go to my 2 blogs, on finance and, the peaceful revolution blog and look up posts that mention the 10% Rule. Following these rules will help you discover how to propel your good life to the top-level of excellence in health, making money and great relationships. You should see my beautiful home I bought by using the 10% Rule asking the real estate agent for the one property he is saving for a special (smart) client! You should see my beautiful wife, the 1 of 10 who was looking in her  life for that special husband! Most women don’t. An ordinary investor friend of mine asked me in 2000 why I bought thousands of Apple shares? I said “It’s in the 10% Rule.” He just looked at me. Now, you will not have to just look at me…you’ll know how we smart dudes make decisions.  Put the “smart brain” in your life! (more…)

Cancer: Behave to get it or behave to get rid of it, it’s your choice!

March 27, 2014

I will write this post in such a simple way that even kids can understand where cancer comes from, what is it doing and where is it going? Cancer is a colony of terrorist cells. They are called “disorganized cells” in Oncology. They are born and raised in a chaotic household without protection, guidance, love and discipline. The biological authority called government (chromosomes and genes) gave up trying to control the cancer gang’s (tumor) behavior rampaging (metastasis) through the body’s nice, organized, happy, neighborhoods, killing everyone in sight, taking their “space” ( homes and property) and eating their food (energy). The healthy body eventually dies without energy because terrorists cells eat everything and live longer and are always on the move looking for nice neighborhood to invade and destroy. We humans create our cancer by mistreating our body, smoking, eating junk food, breathing polluted air, creating stress in our relationships and micromanaging our systems. Cancer cells thrive on being “disorganized” in such environment. Terror gangs can’t build organs (cities) or run an economy (distribute wealth). They need your cities, bodies, systems, etc.

Now, Let’s get a little technical so you will know that I am not just creating an interesting story to read. What I say is the truth. Take, for example, the food we grow to eat.  Your vegetables are depleted of selenium because there is no law to prevent farmers from buying cheap fertilizers to save money!  Salvestrol protect plants from pests and kills cancer cells in the body. You don’t get it unless you eat organic, which cancer cells hate. And, when you get cancer your oncologist gives you chemotherapy which cancer cells love because it helps them kills healthy cells (Cancer cells die too: Terrorists always expect “collateral damage.”). At the end the person dies needlessly.

The solution: There are enough special enzymes in your body (e.g., CYP 17) that can turn certain organic foods into powerful cancer killers, yes, it’s true, but there is no chance you can master it without doing your own research, like I did. I got cured of two cancers at 76! Now, with that statement you would make a big mistake interpreting what I said as just, “Oh, well, a “crazy opinion.” Yes, cancer can be cured if you know how to study enzymes and plants!

The Malaysian plane: A case of murder or gap?

March 24, 2014

Chinese relatives of the passengers who vanished with the Malaysian 777 flight 370 from Kuala Lampur  to Beijing accused the airline and the government of Malaysia of such negligence that it practically meant murdering their loved ones. Do they have a legal a case? Can they win in court? I don’t know, I’m not a lawyer. I am a psychologist and I have to tell you: What you have seen here is a clash of two civilizations:Efficient Chinese with their high-tech and their great expectations and poor Indonesians who haven’t entered to modern age yet. The Chinese don’t understand the civilization gap between them and expect the Indonesians to handle the flight problems with high-tech efficiency. The Indonesians can’t even run their country efficiently. It is not their fault. Their culture is a chaotic mix of east and west and religions and corruption.  They didn’t murder any Chinese. They just never thought about checking out the state of mind of their pilots. and, they didn’t know how to run the radar system effectively in a difficult situation. And, telling the Chinese that their relatives are dead before there is 100% proof was plain cultural insensitivity. Do you want security, efficiency and safety, fly German Lufthansa or Israeli El Al airlines. Every time you fly with a plane ran by a third world country you are not safe, even a second world county is a compromise of your safety. We live in two worlds: Those who built the 777 and those who misbehaved flying it.

I hope that I brought to your awareness to choose carefully next time you fly: Who are your pilots?  Which country the airline is from?  The passengers that vanished were not murdered, their Indonesian care taking was not up to Chinese standards. Forgive them until their culture improves and raised up to Chines standard.


Believe in yourself!!!!!!

March 22, 2014

Why should you choose to listen to what Dr. Kinarthy says to you? There are 100 “shrinks” you don’t ever remember what they wrote or said. You should listen to me because I have proven that I know what it takes to find love, be happy, successful, healthy and live a meaningful long life. I know what I am talking about! I took a boat from Israel to the US in December 1960, I came with nothing, my shoes had holes in them and the snow froze my feet, I had no brains at 24 to even know how to spare a buck for a hamburger in Manhattan, negative attitude,  but I had huzpa to tell people off who questioned my dream, will it come through, my dream! I had a dream to get a PhD in behavioral psychology and define my life by what I do right, not by what I think wrong!

Believe in yourself!!!! I am now 77 and my dream has been fulfilled years ago! I’ll tell you that you don’t need to get a PhD in anything to believe in yourself!  Make your life big time by pretending that it is! What you need to do is learn to behave right, that’s it!! Behave! Yah, as simple as that! positive Behavior ! Never tell the truth to anyone if you can’t do something. Believe in yourself 100% and in your behavior 1000%. Show others that you are worth it, no matter what!!! Got it? No matter what!!! Pretend if you have to play Shakespeare. If you don’t feel right about yourself, make sure that no one knows! Pretend again and again! Dr. Jerome Bruner the great psychologist said it all when he proclaimed, “Lie in the service of the truth, buddy, pretend that you are OK.  Be alright because you say so, don’t tell the truth if it’s bad, follow Shakespeare’s Life’s a stage and I am an actor. What else can I tell you: Believe in yourself  in your behavior, not in your mind, there you never will win, no one does except when they pretend what they do. Self confidence is an appearance that sips in, it’s a behavior. My study shows that you start laughing as soon as you get what I say in its depth. The truth about life makes you laugh. I know, you won’t get sympathy if you pretend to feel great. I quit smoking 40 years ago by pretending that it was easy to do and got no sympathy. That is how my dream turned into a reality, through a pretended behavior! If you don’t understand what I am saying to you, that’s OK. My old dream is a reality. I live in a palace. I conquered stage four prostate cancer and bone cancer. I have a beautiful aquatic instructor wife who is smart and loves me. I have four kids. Hay, you can do it too, show that you believe in yourself through verbal and nonverbal behavior only, that is all you need to do. Do you still feel that you want to know why? Hey…get out of here…

The Zombie plane: The case of the disappearing 777 V

March 22, 2014

I want you to understand how the news of the disappeared 777 plane unfolds into multiple dead ends. Today is Saturday, March 22, 2014, two weeks after the vanishing act of the Malaysian jumbo jet with 240 screaming and texting people in it. How is that act possible in our age of electronic surveillance?  The “experts” on CNN today uttered a verbal behavior that said it all,  “It is hard to establish eye contact with pieces of debris in the Indian ocean in order to identify them.” (This stupid statement belongs in the 16th century). But that stupid statement is pale compared with the new theory floating on CNN by an “expert” whose name will stay “hidden.” He says that it is possible that the electricity went out on the plane, oxygen evaporated and the plane with the dead flew untill it went out of fuel and landed somewhere like a “zombie plane.” (This behavior of a plane is improbable).  The fact that editors decided that this is “news,” triggered me to decide that it is zombie news. Ladies and gentleman. In the 23rd century we will have one credible editor who allows only valid new that will replace the multiple sources of zombie news, but not today. Why?

Zombie news sell commercials! I want you to understand how successful news station stay successful: By fabricating “zombie news” that keeps you watching commercials (and me posting) that make money for the news companies. That’s it! Money talks! Think money! You got it! If the news reported was only valid (like in WW2) this generation of sensationalism seeking cartoon minds would tune out and CNN would lose its income. So, if a so-called expert come up with a zombie theory it is instantly news because it brings in commercials, not because it is really news! Do we have a solution to this phenomenon? No, we don’t, short of turning off the TV set, a good behavior. The age of sensationalism creates a zombie news that brings in the cash. I love it because after all I am a cynical psychologist. I will get serious when you, yes, you, adopt Behavioral Aviation strategy (BAS) to find a disappearing 777. Meantime, have a good zombie flight of fancy!


March 18, 2014

Wait til they find oil or gas in the Crimea and you’ll really have a war there! The Crimea is an island connected to Russia by a mile or two of land and to the Ukraine by 3-4 miles of land, slivers of land good enough for trains, roads,  a strong commerce or unity with either one, sure better for flow of goods and services than the distance between Alaska and the US.  Geography then is not a problem for Crimean alliance with either Russia or Ukraine. But, ethnically the vast majority of the people in the Crimea are Russian speaking because the territory was Russian till 1954, so this 26,000 square km island should be returned to Russia. Furthermore, Ukraine parliament tried to ban the Russian language from an officially an equal status with the Ukrainian language in the Crimea, pissing off the Russian population there (Can you imagine if  Quebec  banned English?). The people went out demonstrating for independence, after all the Crimea was part of Russia until 1954 when  Khrushchev, the had of the Soviet Union at that time, who was born in the Ukraine, gave the Crimea to the Ukraine (He thought that the Soviet Union would exist forever so why not give Crimea as a present to his homeland).  Now, the question for you is: Should you agree with Obama who ignored that fact of the gift? I don’t. I think that if my grandfather gave part of my home to his best friend as a present I would claim the place back for myself after my grandfather died, wouldn’t you? Well, I am not surprised with Obama’s decision. He is almost always on the wrong side of history (2 more years only)

Behavioral profiling: The case of the disappearing 777 IV

March 18, 2014

CNN just reported that the aviation authorities may consider using psychological tests of pilots in the future. This is a move in the right direction, but the authorities will certainly screw it up if they don’t form a committee of behavioral psychologists to decide what test to administer to whom. The psychologist interviewed on CNN mentioned the Rorschach, TAT, MMPI and a few other tests, none of  them behavioral. This means they will avoid effective but controversial valid tests such as Fanatic Religious Behavior test, Extreme Attitudes test, the EPPS, the Interview Video Analysis, Psychodrama and behavioral (Moreno) and so on. Again, the most predictive test for normal behavior of pilots is behavioral observation over a period of a year or more, analysed by a special app with a score passed or not passed. The test is great and will be unconstitutional therefore we would need congress to get in on the act. Ladies and gentlemen, don’t raise your hopes too high, humans are too political about everything, especially other countries passengers lives!

Behavioral profiling: The case of the disappearing 777 III

March 16, 2014

This is the third segment of this mystery. I am encouraged because it seems that the investigators are not totally inept. They have began to notice the importance of behavior in solving the problem. what amazes me is that they discovered that the airplane itself has a “behavior” too. It continued to fly (behave) for 4 hours after someone in the cockpit turned off (behavior) the radar. The plane veered sharply to the left and continued to send engine signals (engine behavior). So, it seems that the investigators noticed various ‘behaviors” of various elements that I predict will help them solve the mystery. These behaviors indicate the following, 1) The plane did not behave like a sick person or a dying person (no mechanical failure), 2) the pilot and co-pilot misbehaved (terrorist connection, only very skilled pilots could divert such a complicated plane from its flight plan), 3) The airport personal behaved in a clumsy risky way letting possible terrorists aboard.

For the reader of my blog: Study behavioral profiling of different things untill you become an expert on your behavior (body language, gestures, face expressions, etc.), machine behavior, robots, animals, planets and God. As an immigrant to the US I became a dedicated behavioral psychologist for 40 years (for the last 12 years I became a successful behavioral economist, speaking at Universities in 3 countries). Master behavior and you will be happy, rich and healthy. You will also be able to solve the mystery of the disappearing 777.

Behavioral Profiling: The case of the disappearing 777 II

March 15, 2014

The authorities investigating the disappearance of the 777 are inching toward looking at the behavior of the pilot. This is 1% of what they need to do about checking behavior of people to get at the truth!  BP, thanks God, is here! They are visiting the pilots’ homes, checking what they do and did recently and they are checking the pre-boarding behavior of suspicious passengers. But the problem remains and will remain until YOU the so-called “educated” people of the world start learning how important is to study the mind that triggers the behaviors of pilots. This subject is not taught in schools or academies except in Israel. The stability of the minds of Israeli pilots is checked regularly and corrected. Sure, the 2 pilots of the 777 had a through physical check up, we know that, but nothing, zilch, nada, zero about their mental state and behavior. People on airplanes die because it is unconstitutional to discriminate in hiring the mentally unstable. Employment on the basis of checking mental states is prohibited. Anyone who passes a physical check up and a pilot school can be hired to fly 235 passengers at risk. No one checks out behavioral risk. Humanity is still primitive. Teachers who hate students are hired in schools because you are not legally allowed to ask mental questions. A rich man can buy a TV station and tell lies to the public and he is protected by the first amendment (free speech). Ladies and gentleman, your life is at risk because the people you vote appoint people in Aviation and pass laws that the people who fly you around the glob are immune from psychological tests! How farce safety and security had become! How gullible you have become to believe in lip service to how safe and secure you are. All these will continue untill you learn how important is BP to your safety and security and risk reduction in all areas of life.