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Why terrorists are winning against powerful democracies?

August 23, 2014

Let me simplify why terrorists are winning against democracies so when the next election time comes in Israel and the US you won’t vote for anyone on the ballot unless they promise on TV to follow the policies of Menahem Begin, the second greatest Israeli PM and Teddy Roosevelt, the second greatest American P after George Washington! Stop sending into office leaders like Obama, Clinton, Bush, Johnson and the rest of the presidents, you have elected into office dummies who understood human behavior on the junior HS level or below. Case in point:

Obama tells Kerry to pressure Israel to release 900 Hamas terrorists in exchange for one Israeli soldier. Then Obama tells Kerry to release 5 Taliban terrorists in exchange for one American soldier. Then Obama goes on CNN and says, “The United States does not believe in prisoner exchange or ransom giving to terrorists.” Netanyahu does the same, exchanging prisoners with terrorists. Psychologically speaking, terror groups are winning against powerful democracies because Israel and the US give terror groups money, oil, weapons and Western recruits. The bottom line is that you vote for Obama and Netanyahu and they support terror groups (inadvertently) while claiming that they don’t do that – and when it does happen it’s an unacceptable mistake that “we intend to correct.” (nice language). Obama created ISIS by his policies since 2008 and Netanyahu created Hamas by his policies since 1993. These leaders don’t believe in Thorndike’s Law of Effect or never heard of it in College. Psychologically speaking, I see these “macho” ISIS men of Islam saying to each other, “Let these two soft democracies elect Hilary and Tzipi to office and we’ll have more bloody fun than with Obama and Netanyahu.”

The psychology behind police killing of Michael Brown.

August 17, 2014

Police killing of Michael Brown triggered a lot of emotions in people on both sides of the racial divide, none of which would lead to correct observation of what happened to the young man on either side. No future court verdict could lead people to stop and look at the facts that take no sides in this unfortunate event. I am writing this psychological posting not so people will change sides but so intelligent people will understand human behavior in extreme situations. A young black man who had his future in front of him died at the hand of police. If we lived in an educated society that understands, accepts and prevents selective perception from triggering bad behavior, there would be hope that this terrible thing would not happened again – but it will. No one cares about the truth, facts, reality, what happened. Humans anywhere on this planet, even a 1000 years from now, would care only a bout their own way of seeing events (selective perceptions). If you are black it’s racial, if you are poor it’s economics, if you are political it’s the democrats or the republicans that created the problem, if you are the police its lack of law and order in society, if you are society it’s police brutality and if you are God looking down it’s “Where is my Noah?”

Well, there is a simple solution that can prevent young people from dying at the hand of people in authority with guns: Change your schools and start teaching everyone that selective perception can lead to war and racial profiling can lead to killings while behavior profiling saves lives. Teach the police officers to ignore their selective perception and observe the behavior of people before they arrest them or shoot them (in the leg). Investigate, make sure that the selective perception of the white officer didn’t kill Michael Brown.

Are left wingers and right wingers mentally ill?

August 16, 2014

Recently I have read articles that left wingers in politics are mentally disturbed. I have been asked that question with many twists over the years since I earned my Masters Degree in psychology in 1971 from CSUN using the California F-Scale.  Are communists leftist losers? Do fascists turn peaceful demonstrations into street violence? My thesis was on the authoritarian personality of the right and the left. Today is August 16, 2014 and I am retired, but since more people asked me those questions recently than during my working years (!) I decided to clear up the fascinating confusion about this topic for my readers. Are liberals progressive or regressive? Was Nabile Chamberlain, the British PM a liberal? Is that why he said he could peace with Hitler? Who is the liberal leader today who will try to make peace with ISIS? Do leftists live in reality or in illusion?

As my readers know I went on to get a PhD from USC in 1975. Today I consider myself an expert on the subject of left and right personalities. Are they just different or there is more to it? Let’s start with 2 psychological rules about the left-right dichotomy in perceptions about life predicaments:

Rule 1: Left wingers and right wingers are 2 distinct personalities with distinct thinking processes. The “L” personality represses and displaces fear responses  and the “R” personality supresses and sublimates anger responses. These diametrically opposing programmed mental software in the head since chilhood are intense and they spill over later into politics, economics (business deals, market place), religion, the military, history, philosophy, language, the workplace, home, you name it. For example, in politics the continuum start from left to right and goes through communist, socialist, liberal, democrat, centrist, republican, conservative, ultra conservative and fascist (most terrorists are fascists by personality). And, like any branch the continuum has many offshoots. In economics, for example, the Chicago school epitomizes the differences between Milton Friedman and Adam Smith (abundance orientation) on the right vs. John Galbraith and John Kinase (austerity, scarcity orientation) on the left, what behavioral economists today call Smithsonian vs. Keynesian thinking (if you want to pursue this topic deeper read the papers I presented at UCLA, 2011, University of Valencia, 2012, and University of Rome, 2013).

Rule 2: Extreme left wingers and extreme right wingers are not mentally ill and have never been diagnosed clinically in any of the 5 editions of the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual (DSM) of the American Psychiatric Association. However, their thinking process exhibit certain mental deficiencies constituting a borderline personality disorder (BPD). Specifically, manifesting itself as a faulty belief system that displaces emotional aspects of reality, i.e., “Believing becomes seeing instead of seeing becoming believing.” They feel so protective (defensive) of the faulty ways they assess reality… that the Socrates dictum, life without reflection is not worth living never occur to them as something they can use for personal growth. They never change. To me the interesting thing is why these extreme personalities cannot be diagnosed as clinically mentally ill. Distorted perceptions of reality, although interfering with rational processing of information, can be diagnosed as mental illness only if the distortion reaches a threshold level of perception that interferes with having a relationship and holding a job.

T, F and B: The differences in feeling, thinking and behaving (verbal and nonverbal) between the “L” and “R” personality types is the prima fascia reason for the discord in human interaction. The world has conflicts, wars, crimes, divorce and poverty because “L” and “R” interpret reality in opposite ways. The “L” says “it’s a head, the “R” says it’s a tail,’ the “L” says it’s a choice, the “R’ says I’m pro-life, and so on. I am a moderate “R” personality and I once I shared an office with an “L” personality psychologist. A hungry young patient came in for an interview, I said, “I suggest you get a job at McDonald’s while enrolling at a community college and learning a trade.” My “L” office partner said, “I suggest you see a social worker first and go on welfare for 6 months to get your mind-set ready for school while looking for a part-time work later.” The patient got a good job and  called in, “My friend suggested that I join a trade union,” he said.  I responded, ‘Don’t, you don’t need one right now.” My leftist partner said, “Do it, you need protection, and make sure the local union is affiliated with the AFL-CIO.”

Over the years I assembled a list of Paired adjectives that describe the differences between the “L” Personality vs. “R” Personality:

*US: Democrats vs. Republicans. UK: Liberals vs. conservatives. Canada: NDP vs. Conservatives. Israel: Labor vs. Likud. Russia: Yeltsin’s liberals vs. Putin’s nationalists.

*LeftBig government (paternalistic, bureaucratic, welfare oriented, scarcity oriented, affirmative action, ideological, pro-abortion, anti capital punishment, internationalist, loose borders, flag burning is consitutional, permissive on crimes and pornography, likes to explain things, mental, gay rights is a political issue, multiculturalism, minorities don’t need to integrate, a country can have 2-3 main languages, diversity, heterogeneous population is good) vs. Right: Small government (big private sector, entrepreneurial, capitalist, helpful but not paternalistic, likes to describe things, behavioral, integrate minorities, one main language, punitive on crimes and pornography, nationalist, flag burning a crime, capital punishment, anti-abortion, closed borders, promote homogeneous population).

*”L” personality beliefs (mental, paternalistic, home is not sacred, absorb illegal immigrants, likes to distribute the wealth by grants, minorities don’t need to integrate, restrict markets but not regulate them, love Clinton’s submissiveness, like unregulated trade unions, guided by social ideology, sees racism where non exists, family less importance, loyalty less important, friends more important, less religious, critical of police, dislike submitting to authority, dislike packing order, less law and order policies, Freudian, more antisemitic, more rehabilitating terrorists, diversity, more permissive,  fear orientated (Stockholm syndrome), gay behavior is a political movement, abortion is acceptable, eliminate capital punishment, forgive (don’t enforce consequences), Covert racism, see grey (in between) a lot, belief placed before fact, physical appearance less important, does’t like uniforms, porno OK, see gay as a civil rights issue, “Right makes might,” more Jews than Christians (ratio), permissive values lead to chaos, tolerant about rigged elections.

*”R” personality beliefs (behavioral, libertarian, home is sacred, rejects illegal immigrants, values loyalty, minorities must integrate, accepts legal immigration only, tax everyone progressively, free markets (regulated), Loves Reagan and Teddy Roosevelt, regulate trade unions, guided by pragmatism, religious, supports police, legislate gun control responsively, submit to authority, law and order, sees things as black or white, personality is not fear oriented (unaffected by the Stockholm syndrome), personality is anger oriented, psychologist Skinner is a model, less antisemitic, more Christians than Jews (ratio), gay behavior is a personal choice, physical appearance is important, likes uniforms, restrict abortion, limit porno, instate capital punishment, fight rigged elections, “might makes right.”

To be continued,


Tenants vs. Landlords: Why tenants almost always win.

August 14, 2014

I was walking to my favorite coffee shop with my wife this morning enjoying the tingling sensation of the fog in Paradise. I sat and read an article by  Cassidy Oliver, The tenant who won’t leave, in the Business section of The Times-Colonist from Yesterday, August 13, 2014 (Page B1).  The article triggered in me a feeling of loyalty to my readers to give them a few rules about how to function in a – Democracy, not just in Canada but also in the US, actually in any democracy where Judges are “Leftists” and agencies are autocratic. These rules may help you “win” “cases” if you live in a democracy. Here are the psychological rules about living in a democracy:

1. Landlords: Never rent an apartment in a democracy based on the observation that a potential tenant behaves nice. Call “Dead Beat, Inc.” and pay a few bucks for the listing of tenants who didn’t pay the rent in the past 5 years, were dirty, damaged the place or misbehaved.  If you can’t find “Deadbeat, Inc” in your community ask the potential tenant for 3 reference letters from past landlords and 3 references from employers. I know you are eager to rent the place to cover your expenses as a landlord, but be suspicious, read the article by Oliver Cassidy and it will cool you off.

2. Tenants: Never rent a place if you can’t pay the rent in the future, keep the place clean and abide by the expectations of decency, respect for ownership, and so on. I know you got to have a place to live in but don’t exploit others, it’s bad Karma! Go to the appropriate government agency and get help. Repeating unacceptable behaviors will affect your good fortunes and eventually you pay dearly for your mistakes, even in a permissive democracy that doesn’t care about you.

3. Judges, courts and agencies: In a democracy Judges tend to be political, liberal, powerful (final judgment) and too permissive (Italy may be an exception). Court decisions don’t follow their own laws and most decisions are ethically wrong. The paternal liberal personality of most judges will usually decide against property owners (unless they have big lawyers) and for underprivileged violators of laws. Living in a democracy you can get away with criminal behavior if you are smart. For example, in our courts if you are guilty of a crime but you plead “Not guilty” chances are that the verdict against you will be lenient, much less punitive than if you pleaded “guilty.” A good example is O. J. Simpson, very smart Hall of Famer for selecting a jury trial and not a trial by a Judge.

4. Cases: In some communities in California the police will give you a ticket and you will have to pay a fine if you park your car in the street in front of your house instead of on your lawn or in your garage! In Irvin if you leave an apartment you own empty too long, squatters can move in and the police will refuse take them out. You cannot evict a squatter without a court order. The worse of all in a democracy is a legal contract, business contract, prenuptial agreement, and so on. They are not enforceable! Any judge can decide to nullify a legal contract you have if he/she decides that the contract is “not right.” Decision making based on a Judge’s liberal personal beliefs is very common in democracies!!!!

5. Ladies and gentlemen, I am not against democracy. I am against overly permissive democracy where political orientation decides everything while masquerading as democracy. For example, do you think the 9 judges on the supreme court of the United States interpret cases on the basis of the US Constitution? Or on the basis of being Liberal or Conservative? Or both? Probably a 25/75 ratio. Back to tenants vs. Landlords: people, get smart. If you live in a faulty democracy like Canada or the US it’s almost a requirement to get smart in order to live well with less stress. Get smart!

How many moral people or nations do we have in the world today?

August 12, 2014

Very few. Why? Is morality a difficult issue? No. Then why don’t we have a moral world? First, let me summarise for you what is moral behavior and what is not a moral behavior. I will use the research by Dr. Jean Piaget and his student Dr. Lawrence Kohlberg, the main leading researches of moral behavior in science. Later, you can read how Google complicates the issue (we need a Law of Parsimony for Google). The reason why we don’t have a moral world is that educators in Europe and America in the 19th and 20th centuries refused to incorporate morality education into their curriculum and thus brought us to today’s level of immorality and injustice all over the world.

Human beings are facing with many moral decisions that they have to make every day regarding their children, pets, neighbors, strangers, enemies, taxes and who to vote for in government. They have no real education to guide them because Piaget’s research had been rejected first in Switzerland and European schooling and from there in America as threatening to the right of people to choose their moral destiny, good or bad, right or wrong. Life is full of moral dilemmas and most folks have no skills to solve them, many situations end in wrong behaviors of injustice, lack of care for the weak and children, abuse of animals and the environment. Humans have no respect for the environment. If I suggested that the UN force every school on earth to educate children in Piaget moral behavior, I believe most of you will oppose it because “It is not right to force people to be moral.” Of course I disagree with you, but who am I to say.

The culprit is the following rejected truth by most societies: Moral behavior is based on belief in intentionality and productivity.  People who are not moral believe that right and wrong behavior are not based on intentionality and productivity but on Outcome! Outcome alone is the king. Well, it happened to be Piaget childhood stage of concrete operations, age 7 to 11! Thus, most people on earth when it comes to moral behavior appear to think like 7 to 11 years old children in their moral development. Interesting, they grew up in many ways but not in their moral reasoning skills. Sad!

Hamas and others: Behavior is controlled by its consequences.

August 12, 2014

Netanyahu said, “Please Hamas, Israel has given you cash, credit, free electricity, gasoline, water services, medicine and food, please stop importing weapons and shooting rockets at us.” I used to give counseling to parents who raised kids with bratty behavior. I remember one very generous mother who said to her son, “Johnny, your dad and I bought you a car when you turned 18, please stop hanging around your friends who drink and take drugs and enroll in the local community college.” He didn’t listen. Now, that lady was smart. She came to see me, “Doctor, what am I doing wrong?” Netanyahu didn’t even answer my letter. Ladies and gentlemen, I taught Introduction to Psychology, Human Growth and Development, Personality, Mental Health 10, Personal and Social adjustment, Abnormal Psychology, and Parapsychology. I was a board member of the psychiatric technician program and the Child Center. I know what I am talking about. Contrary to what many people believe a reward for good behavior is not a bribe and a reward for bad behavior is not generosity. The first one is good parenting and the second one is poor values or even a suicidal ideation.

You are all my internet students now. I want you to choose a random day and walk around the mall or elsewhere where people gather and count how many individuals break this cardinal psychological rule, (It is called in Psychology Thorndike’s Law of Effect), mostly rewarding bad behavior in themselves or others.  Over the years about 30 churches in the United States quoted me from an article I wrote in the National Enquirer and other magazines (about 40 years ago) that the average parent makes 500 mistakes per day in raising their children! So, if you ever are in a group and someone says, “We need to find a way how to improve life in Americana,” I gave you that way this morning, “Reward good behavior and punish bad one, and know the difference.” By the way, don’t even get into this business without knowing the difference. About half the people think that good behavior is bad and bad behavior is good because they have a thinking mind, it all depends how you were raised. Good luck improving life in America! Start with yours! Don’t reward bad behavior in anyone, including yourself! Good luck!

What’s happening to the world?

August 9, 2014

We are entering the third and final world war. It is different from the first two. It is more global, deadlier, prolonged, generic, religious, high-tech and game changing. It is more Biblical, Koranic, Nostradamus, cruel, media oriented, cosmic and deceptive. This is the war that president Obama is starting inadvertently by retreating from regional wars in the world as a reaction to Bush starting them. Bush didn’t understand the world we live in by believing that America could win insurgency wars by conventional means. With that short sight he joined Nixon and Johnson, but Obama? I thought he was smarter! When he got elected president in 2008 I thought that he was even smarted than Mandala and Gandhi who believed wrongly that Muslims and Hindus or Muslims and Christians or Muslims and Jews could live together in peace in one country. It turned out that Obama was dumber than all the other leaders combined. Not only he believed that Sunni Muslims can live in peace with Shia Muslims, he also believed that bad behavior doesn’t have to end in bad consequences and good behavior doesn’t have to end in good consequences. Obama doe’s not believe in Karma. Yet, hat is the biggest mistake that Obama did? Memorize it because it is still happening and will affect your economic life. He said in 2008 that he will make sure that the United States, the only superpower left in the world will act humbly like just another player in world affairs, like Singapur, France, Brittain, Rumania and Belgium.

As soon as the dictatorships on earth found out that Obama meant it they tested him and true to his belief that bad behavior doesn’t necessarily lead to bad consequences he asked Iran, Hizbullah, Irak, Hamas, Syria, Afghanistan, Israel, Elqada, Egypt, the Muslim brotherhood, North Korea, China and at least 10 countries in Africa to “please be nice to your neighbors and minorities. I told you that repeatedly. Your behavior is not acceptable, don’t cross the red line again, or else,..all my options are on the table!!!

Today, a new group called ISIS declared, “The flag of the Islamic State (ISIS) will soon fly over the White House. The glorious Caliphate is back.”  The next day Obama really dropped two bomb on them, “All options are on the table fellows, please don’t test my patience.” he said.  That is what Roosevelt said to the Nazis who sank American merchant ships in 1940. well, guess what? The Japanese, not Hitler or FDR, started the second world war. Guess what again, of all the names that I mentioned above, who do you think will start the third world war? No, it’s not Israel, dummy…it’s _________! (more…)

A. L. Luttrell: Jesus and the Path Back Home

August 7, 2014

This posting is by Dr. Elior Kinarthy:

It may be a good title for a book or a big article in the New Yorker, but it is not a book or an article. It is a comment by A. L. Luttrell in his blog about the flight of the children from Guatemala sent by their parents to America with the hope for salvation. Earth is the beautiful home that the Lord created for man but it is also the miserable place that man created for his children! I decided to comment on Luttrell’s posting because he asked: What would Jesus do about these abundant children?

Imagine Jesus visiting and we say to him, “Please Lord Jesus tell us what to do with these children?”  How would LJ respond? Well, I think he would have to say, “We must be able to speak the truth before we are able to solve any problem. Please address me by my birth name given to me by my father and not by the name someone in Athens gave me later.”  Now, let’s say that somehow we are truthful enough to be able to find the true identity of our Savior and then we ask him again, “Yehoshua (Joshua) son of Joseph, what do we do about the children from Guatemala?” He would probably smile and say, “Take them back home to their brave parents and open a trade school requiring that the kids go to school to learn how to make a living in their culture and help others.” Well, you are smart, so you think for a moment and you say, “Lord, Son of Joseph… and who will guarantee that the school plan will be done?” I believe that Jesus would certainly respond, “Christian and Jewish folks who believe in me and do my true work, there aren’t many but go and find them.

True to the secrecy of the holly text I may add a riddle, “A Rabbi from Bagdad before he died at 106 asked Jesus in a vision how he would identify himself when he physically comes back home. LJ said, “Yarim Haam Veyochiach Shedvaro Vetorato Omdim.” Now, go and figure that out this riddle. It may be a fiction or it may be the truth, but to really know you must study the old and the new testament for years in a way it has never been studied before. The path back home is full of michsholim.


How to win or lose debates and arguments.

August 7, 2014

I chose this topic because I just watched a “bad” person “winning” a zero-sum political game against a “good” person on CNN. I walked  diligently to my computer and started writing because the topic of psychological power in conversations reminded me some of the “hot” topics I used to cover for 10 years as a psychological consultant to the National Enquirer magazine.

First, let me define for you good and bad people: According to the great psychologist Jean Piaget good people judge you by your intentions and the good stuff you produce, bad people ignore your good intention and minimize the good stuff you produce. Intentionality is a higher state of mind than concrete operations is on the moral and cognitive hierarchy of Piaget human scale

Now, what irritated me about the good person on CNN was his absolute refusal to get personal (pick at) his opponent who seemed to be indifferent to human suffering and showed no sympathy or empathy for human rights. Ladies and gentlemen, let me give you a great verbal weapon against cold and non caring individuals that you sometimes have to deal with in the media, your personal life or in your business: DON’T LET BAD PEOPLE GET AWAY WITH IT. The world will be more pleasant if you make bad people a little uncomfortable.

Please memorize: Bad people are much more sensitive to psychological needling of their negative characteristics  than good people are. As soon as they start their “bul…” develop the courage to get personal with finesse. I want you to develop examples, but here are a few that can get you started. The good person on CNN, at the right moment, could have said, “I am surprised that CNN allowed you on the air with your views.” Here is a good “begging the question,”  “Why do you like to distort the facts?” Here is a fine ad hominem,  “Do you even look at what you say?” “Do you read the name of the authors of the books you read before you read them?” “”You seem less informed on the subject at hand. Do you want to talk about something easier to understand?” And so on. Be creative and improve your skill of stepping on the psychological toes of bad people. I wish you watched how I interact with bad people. They seem to love to be polite and silent around me, I wonder why? Hey, if you are a good person I give you permission to go out and get respect, as Rodney Dangerfield used to say!

Ebola and Generals: Behavior is controlled by its consequences.

August 5, 2014

Ebola is a deadly disease without a cure at the present time. American doctors treating patients in Africa were infected by the Ebola virus. These careless doctors and other members of Doctors Without Borders who worked with dying Ebola patients in Africa have just arrived in the United States (one was even interviewed on CNN). Why the United States? Do you think it is right to expose Americans in their nation to possible Ebola infection that can spread and kill millions? Don’t you think that these people should be treated in the very caring European Union and let into the American homeland only after they are cured of the disease, if at all? Endangering American lives, whether with possible exposure to the Ebola disease or death in war seems to be in fashion (an American General was murdered in Kabul today!) a hallmark of the presidency of Barack Obama. What’s his problem? Well, this president believes that behavior should have no consequences. This is a ticket to disaster for the American people. The head of the FBI spied on US Senators and Obama said, “I have full confidence in him.” Did you know that the people who brought the 2008 recession on us were not asked to resign! How long do you think this country can do well without accountability by its leaders?

I wrote 3 books. I have 3 websites and 3 blogs. My second book, on Obama and your money, came out in 2011. Here are some quotes I made that will help you understand why the US is in deep trouble internationally under Obama. I was right to bet my financial fortunes on Obama as CEO. I wrote in 2011, “Everything about Obama is different, destined to create wealth or disaster in his path, nothing in-between.” (Page 4). My prediction came true, he created wealth domestically and disaster internationally. In 2011 I wrote,  “Is the US president a possible world savior or destroyer? (Page 48). I knew something bad was coming, “Is barack Hussein Obama, the forty-four president of the united states, a potential antichrist or a second coming on the stage of history?” (Page 49). You can come up with many theories to explain why the world is a big mess during the Obama years of tears, but I hope I have convinced you that you can simplify your observation to the following sentence, “Obama does not believe that behavior should have consequences.” Why else he would let Ebola patients into the State of Georgia and expose American Generals to assassins in Kabul. I rather believe that this president does not believe in psychology than to say that he is just a careless leader about his nation! (more…)