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Emotion that kills!

January 5, 2014

I Don’t know how you feel about the first murder in Genesis and the explanation of it in Psychology, but in both of these profound human expressions jealousy appears to kill, the grand destroyer of the good life. This finding of research certainly reinforces  your desire to have a better life by staying away from making emotional comparisons between you and others – if you are aware of them.  The bad new is that making comparisons between those above you and those below you on any human scale is a sublime mental state and the hardest thing in life to repress its expression, even harder than repressing sexual desire or hiding unhappiness, anything!

Now that I told you the most awesome truth of the relationships trade, the only reason you are not jumping with “Aha!” off your seat screaming “My God,” thank you, Dr. Kinarthy for solving my problem! is that you didn’t get the full impact of this truth on your life. I really want you to get it right because if you do you would know within a short time why a bad thing happen! Example, a woman left her husband after 7 years, no kids. Her best friend said “it’s your 7 years itch, Mary.”  Having read this article, they went out for coffee and dug deeper into the split and found the jealousy (you fill in the rest, who, where, what, when, why, etc.).

Let’s say that half of you got/agreed with what I am saying about jealousy and half of you didn’t. Those that got it and happened to be fired from your job recently or even 5 years ago, now know why! Those divorced recently or even 10 years ago now have the insight, those who hurt someone or were hurt by someone now understand it, jealousy of a person, a race, a religion, a country, a neighbor you deeply dislike, Americans, First Nation people, Jews, Blacks, the wealthy, the titled, and so on,  know now that the culprit for all your resentful feelings in life is jealousy, it’s a cobra with a thousand heads. You can drop all your “theories” that are not “fed” by jealousy. Now you know not only why Cain killed his brother Abel, why almost everyone on earth has been Antisemitic for 2000 years until they got a decent job,  and why psychologists urge you to accept those you see as better off than you and be careful how you help those you perceive as worse off than you (stump guilt out). Kill them or feed them…is that the best you can do? May be personal resourcefulness is better for the future of humanity than death or dependency.  Start teaching in K-12 how to raise your kids without jealousy if you want the human race to succeed.