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A planet discovered orbiting an Alpha Centauri sun.

August 24, 2016

The news channels today are reporting the discovery by astrophysicists of a close planet to earth. Check out Google for more information on this planet that orbits its star every 11 days. Then, get a head start for conversation with friends on the information that I give you about the planet that physicists don’t have yet! I studied that star system for 25 years! As a scientist teaching parapsychology in college for 27 years I have accumulated data on the existence of a human habitable Planet b orbiting a medium sun in the Alpha Centauri star system. I am excited to let you have my advance information to compare with future discoveries by the astrophysicists. I hope they can catch up with my data which was obtained by studying para-physics sources. The habitable planet b rotates around its axis every 26 hours (one day of planet b). We do not know how many earth-days it takes planet b to orbit around its sun but we assume it less than our 365 days (possibly, one year of planet b is 300 earth-days). Alpha Centauri star system is about 5.5 light years away from earth. Three astronauts from there have visited our earth about 30,000 years ago.  It may have taken them about them  9 month to get here, mostly traveling within our solar system after a hyperspace jump of the 5.5 light years (sounds crazy, doesn’t it?).  The three aliens landed in an Azor island and according to Edgar Cayce,  mated with female neanderthals living in Abyssinian caves. The Azor islands were a 1000 miles long in the Atlantic ocean distance from the Atlas mountains of Morocco (the mythological Atlas was actually a descendent of Poseidon the alien visitor). This main alien astronaut came from Pisidia the Capitol of planet b. The name of the Neanderthal woman he mated with was Cleito. Her father’s name was Evenor ( this information came from a psychic reading by Edgar Cayce). We humans are a hybrid, our father came from planet b where a day is 26 hours, our mother came from earth, a planet with 24 hours day. We function on a 25 hour day (26+24:2=25). Our circadian motion of 25 hour day is the only one on earth. The data had been verified by scientific experiments.

The information that I am giving you today is unusual, to say the least, so wait untill our scientists catch up with my data. Meantime, you have a head start on them. Are you ready to start a next level conversation?

Trump must articulate his position about illegal immigrants.

August 22, 2016

Let’s talk about facts and reality, not slogans. Illegal immigrants broke the law. If you give them amnesty you are rewarding braking the law. If you reward breaking the law you increase crime and chaos. Obama and Hillary already done this. Trump wants to reverse the trend but he doesn’t know how to articulate it. Here, Donald, listen:

  1. People who break the law must serve time, pay a fine or make it up to society.
  2. Illegal immigrants who want to make it up to the American society must quit their American job, go back to Mexico, register at an American consulate and file for immigration to the US the legal way. Trump as president will personally approve their immigration request if they make it up to American society the real way. They can volunteer to join the arm forces of the United States and fight for her.  They can work for free in a Latin-American Services department, private or public (LAS). They can work for free in agriculture for a year.  They can serve their new legal host country in some way that I can’t think of right now (legal immigrants who work hard raise the Gros Domestic Product, for example).
  3. Illegal immigrants can also choose to serve time in jail, labor camp or pay a fine. A judge can help with that choice.
  4. Illegal immigrants can volunteer to help end illegal immigration, something akin to ex-drug addicts volunteering in drug rehab clinics.
  5. What Hillary is suggesting is not ethical and may be breaking the law: Asking illegal immigrants to talk to legal immigrants to vote for her in return for amnesty. With that kind of thinking she should never be a president of the United States.

Being social alivens, being overly social kills.

August 22, 2016

My friend George was social and then he became very social and finally he was so popular that he couldn’t say, “no thanks,” to anything anymore.” He was social, had a sense of humor that the girls loved. He was trim and slim and the girls loved him more. He had it all, but as the saying goes, “Too much of a good thing is not a good thing.” When the cup runneth over it spills. George today is 60 and gone. I once caught him having three parties in one weekend. He laughed when I said, “It is not a good idea.” In each party George drank 4 glasses of mixed wine and 3 beers, not a good idea. Parties make you eat fast food and smoke, not a good idea. George was more popular than I was but he couldn’t say “No thanks” and I could. I am now 80. George was always invited to lunch and dinner by friends. He wasn’t hungry but you know, we all eat socially many times when we are popular but not hungry. Once, I heard that George had 3 dinners in one evening and slept with 3 girls in one weekend, why not order the richest food when you are poor and others pay?  Anyway, I just wanted to let you know, don’t be overly social, it’s not good for you. This quote is from the Torah, the best psychology text in the Universal university, “Kol Hamosif Gorea.”

In defence of Hillary Clinton.

August 12, 2016

Hillary Clinton and Barak Obama were the “founders” of ISIS, said Trump today. Well, not exactly. Let’s correct the historical record: The Founder of ISIS was Abu Baker. President George Bush only “helped him.”  How? The American president conquered Iraq because he thought his father didn’t finish the job (see Freud for explanation of One upmanship). He released Baghdadi Abu Baker from prison who went on to Found ISIS in northern Iraq. He looked all around the Middle East for Arab generals to command the ISIS volunteers and found them in Tikrit. President George Bush “helped” again. He appointed Bremer to run Iraq and told him to fake an election where a Shia PM won and took over. But this Bush’s stupidity in the name of fake democracy wasn’t enough stupidity, he has to do a bigger stupidity. He told Bremer to fired the 100 Sunni generals of Saddam Hussein’s army who were now out of the only work they knew how to do. Abu Baker recruited the generals and offered them the job – to run IRIS. Bush’s stupidity was that he didn’t understand that the Sunnis and Shia in Iraq didn’t get along, after all Bush was only an owner of a baseball team in Texas before becoming president.

Thus, Hillary Clinton was not the Found ISIS, as Trump claimed today. She had only enlarged the power of ISIS 100 times over because Obama told her not to worry about ISIS when he appointed her Secretary of State of the United States , “Don’t worry about ISIS, Hillary, it’s going to be fine, they are only JVT fighters!”

The crucial statement today is only: Is something wrong with the American voter decision process? They seem not to vote for the best president for these United States!

Double wammy: History repeating itself…I hope not!

August 10, 2016

At the turn of the Century we saw the war monger Republican George Bush win the presidential election against the peace-loving  Democrat Al Gore. For 8 years Bush conquered Iraq, killed Saddam Hussein, dismissed Hussein’s Sunni Generals and imposed a “democratic” Shia government to fight them. The Sunni generals got together and started ISIS to fight the Shia government. Obama the “retreat loving community organizer” with untested values got elected president in 2008. ISIS saw his leftist tendencies and started killing Americans and others and took over half of Iraq and Syria and declared a caliphate. Obama appointed Hillary Clinton to take care of foreign policy. By 2016 the US lost its power in the world and became the laughing-stock of other nations. Hillary decided to run for president and turn the US into a Globalist, paternalistic enlightened socialist society without borders (my God, don’t!).

The presidential fight between Al Gore and George Bush in 2000 is now repeating itself in reverse as a fight between Trump and Hillary Clinton in 2016. If Democrat Hillary wins the White House in 2016 it will be akin to Republican Bush winning the White House in 2000. Al Gore left to become an environmentalist and Trump seems to prepare an exit also. The disaster that started with a Republican in 2000 seems to be starting with a democrat in 2016! A hell of a balance is coming our way!

If Al Gore won the presidency in 2000, we would have had peace in 2016, instead Bush won and we have wars in the world. If Trump wins the presidency in 2016 we will have peace and prosperity in 2024, if Hillary wins the presidency in 2016 we will have bad wars till 2024 (don’t worry, the media pundits will always have stupid explanations that the public could accept for their  “life of quiet desperation.” You see, ladies and gentlemen, psychology is a political science, political science is not a science!

A letter to Donald Trump from a psychologist!

August 3, 2016

Dear Donald, it is obvious that you are a fabulous businessman. I saw your stylist buildings and sumptuous gulf courses. It is obvious that you are not a politician. I watched your speaking. You are what psychologists call a low self monitoring individual (LoSMI). You say it like it is. You are not a diplomat.  To get elected president of the United States you have to switch to another mode of behavior to being a high self monitoring person (HiSMP). This switch can be done by using consciousness. It is necessary for you to make this switch because most voters can’t predict from what you say and do that you can really make America great again. And, most voters can’t predict from what Hillary and Obama say and do that she may make America suffer even worse than the suffering Obama and her created in the world for the last 8 years.

Donald, you owe this new mode of thinking or campaigning to the future of the United States that had given you everything you have and to your supporters who catapulted you to the door of the White House. You must be able to switch from LoSMI to HiSMP to save this country from Socialism and its EU-like coming austerity programs. Think of Hillary and her ineptness and poor values. You must! Listen this week to your kids and your friends, the former mayor of New York and the former Speaker of the House. You see, Donald, unfortunately, people won’t vote for a candidate that smashes sacred norms (SSN) like you do. Do you want to be a president or do you want to feel righteous later why you didn’t become one?  Uphold the norms and mores of the American people. They love them. They approve behavioral profiling but they hate racial and religious profiling. It is not a rocket science to understand the difference. Do it! If you don’t fully understand my psychological letter, hire a team of psychologists (not me, I’m a retired 80 years old). Remember Donald; image, gestures, facial expressions and body language are important but what you say makes the difference. Look at Obama, he has a terrible value system but he acted as a modern Cicero (a great Roman orator) who talked himself into the White House Twice!

Last nudge to elect Trump president for peace sake!

August 1, 2016

Peace between nations is hard to come by. Peace between leftist nations is almost impossible to achieve. Hillary as a leftist president may cause a proxy war with Russia by falsely accusing Putin of being a fascist (he is not). Trump as president  may bring peace to Syria working with Putin. Israel had leftist governments for 30 years and couldn’t make peace. Begin became the first right-wing prime minister in 1977. Sadat became the right-wing president of Egypt in 1970. Two right-wing governments made peace. They made peace and got the Nobel price. Begin wrote, “This is a very great moral victory. The Egyptian ruler who was at his side, added emphatically, “We agreed that the war of 1973 was the last war between us.”  (Begin: A portrait, 1994, p. 127). The moral of the story: Peace between rightist nations is more likely to be achieved than peace with leftist nations. Vote for Trump for peace and prosperity (ignore his lack of manners). Save lives.