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What psychological message does the royal wedding sends humanity?

April 29, 2011

You judge: We are being told incorrectly by the media that the British monarchy has no real political power. But, of course it does, otherwise how could Buckingham Palace exclude a British prime minister from being invited to attend the royal wedding while inviting a host of blood thirsty war-like leaders from repressive countries to celebrate the wedding! The psychological message is clear. The wheel that squeaks get the oil. The royal wedding is being used to placate repressive regimes the British worry about (The English are good at injecting politics into royal weddings throughout their history). Worse, pomp and ceremony by the rich and powerful while millions around the world are butchered or are dying from starvation smacks of Neo-Darwinism, the survival of the fittest, or the lucky ones. My, God, how more fortunate would be William’s sperm than a billion other sperms on the same night!

I wish the royal couple a goof life. The British monarchy can exercise psychological power through the media to help humanity live better – more freedom, food and medical care. But, I don’t think William and Kate will measure up to my standard of care for humanity. After all, the very existence of the royal British monarchy is due to their amazing skill of oiling the wheels of foreign dictatorships that Squeak, while making sure that the British voter that foots the bill sees the royals as the fittest to unify England and the Commonwealth. Salvation for Humanity is not going to come from England, just pomp and ceremony!

Your goal is to be overweight!

April 28, 2011

Back from a month vacation in Spain, Holland and Israel, my spirit is refreshed and ready to resume guiding you people to the best life. I know the smart ones among you are waiting eagerly for that. In today’s world where true guidance is scarce, my blogs and websites are beacons to the perplexed.

Today’s message is to the obese among you. I love you just the way you are – and I want you to lose weight! But, before we start with incredible rules that can accomplish that task, let us look inside and accept two super insights:

1. Your goal is to become overweight, not slim. Returning to normal weight for your hight and built will kill you! Celebrate this news! Don’t just sit there! Do something that shows that you are celebrating the shedding off of a burden!

2. Your goal is to slowly burn more calories than you are taking in, without counting calories, that’s it. All weight reducing programs and calorie counting plans will kill your spirit! Celebrate this news! Don’t just sit there! Do something that shows that you are celebrating the shedding off of a chore!

Incredible rules:

Eat healthy low calories goods and drinks, avoid high calories foods and drinks. Reduce consumption of processed food. Avoid eating edible portions of animals with access fat showing. Eat less salt too. Make a list of good food and place it on the refrigerator’s door next to pictures of loves ones to remind yourself not to eat any dairy products with fat content higher than 4% and replace sugar with a little honey and avoid all artificial sweeteners. This manageable change in life-style will show results shortly (use a bathroom scale to monitor your weight reducing and encourage yourself to continue) and  be a gift you give to yourself, your kids, your wife or husband and the friends who will ask you, “How did you do it?”

I love you!