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The psychology of Dr. Gorter Clinic is exceptional!

August 23, 2017

Those of you who follow my blog The Peaceful Revolution know that I have cured 2 cancers, prostate and bone. Those of you who follow my blog also know that I did it with help from the Gorter Model system. My blog also tells you that the Gorter Model is a medical program for treating systemic diseases, especially cancer, located in Cologne, Germany. And most of all it is important for cancer patients around the world to know that the clinic may move from Cologne, Germany to Carnal, India, or to Athens, Greece, or to Tel Aviv, Israel as a result of my presentation of my cancer case study at the University of Peloponnese in Sparta, Greece.

My recommendation as a psychologist and a Gorter Model patient was to open a Gorter clinic in Athens, Greece. That was tentatively accepted by Greek medical authorities in Athens. The process started. Dr. Rober Gorter will be the owner and clinic medical director, Dr. John Thanopoulos may be the clinic international business director and Dr. Iraklis Karageorgos may be the CEO of the medical consortium of hospitals where the clinic will operate from.

Why is the psychology of Dr. Robert Gorter clinic so exceptional? I was a terminal cancer patient of Dr. Gorter in 2011 from Canada. I called the clinic in Cologne, Germany in October for an appointment. They made me feel very welcomed. I arrived Monday morning and was treated like a friend and was helped find a nice apartment with a wonderful Italian landlady who took care of me, even laundry service for a very reasonable monthly rent. The daily dendritic/hyperthermia treatments for 5 months were not only effective but also natural and comfortable. The clinic decor was like a Hilton lobby with Dutch paintings on the walls. The international doctors and nurses were friendly, cheerful and very supportive. We were invited to dinner a few evenings in an Italian restaurant paid for by the clinic. Dr. Gorter let me as a psychologist demonstrate breathing tips for healing and the clinic placed the “demo” on Google! Music and food, coffee, tea and drinks were always available on a fancy table for everyone, free. The atmosphere and efficiency of the clinic couldn’t be better for healing. It was perfect. The place was holistic!

Hope to see you as a Friend of the Gorter Model when it opens in Mombay, Athens or Tel Aviv!


Is Bannon an Antisemite?

August 21, 2017

“Bannon is apparently personally offended by the suggestion he is antisemitic, and often cites his support for Israel as evidence to the contrary. He lobbied hard to relocate the US embassy in Israel from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem.”  I chose this quote from the internet as a classical case of misidentified attitude, worse, a classical case of fake news, worse, a classical case of fascism of the left!

As a psychologist and an Israeli I am more than qualified to tell you that Bannon is loved in Israel and has done a lot for the country. His accusers are not bad people but they practice character assassination without being aware of being bad global ideologues. This is a psychological case of blind  borderline values disorder when you base baseless opinion of a person on your liberal upbringing than on facts about him 30 years later! Yes, Bannon has done for Israel 10 times more good things than he has done for American Jews, so what? That fact does not make him anti-Jewish, or antisemitic or even anti-left. He works for Israeli values of strength and nationalism (and so do I as an Israeli), not withstanding his dislike (and mine) for the political paternalist Globalist values of the 3 WH Jewish staffers, this makes him a strongly pro Israel and anti liberal but not antisemitic at all.

I hope my posting clears up for you the values about what is a human that builds vs. a confused human that destroys (inadvertently). Bannon is a fine conservative who speaks his mind because he believes in free speech at Berkeley University based on  the first amendment of the US Constitution, a fine document about freedom and liberty, not freedom to prevent right-winger from speaking at Universities. Fascism of the left is not “better” than fascism of the right. This century has just as much trouble as the last century!!!!

Why I left?

August 19, 2017

“Between 1948 and 2015, approximately 720,000 Israeli citizens have left the country and never returned.” I saw this quote in an on-line article. I was shocked. I didn’t know the number of “Yordim” was so high. As a Jew I feel that I owe it to my fellow Jews and Israelis an explanation why I left. I left in 1960 at the optimistic age 24 after I failed to get into a university and my parents were doing well economically in New York and California. Looking back now at age 81, I realize that my decision to leave lead to a wonderful life in Canada and – in Tel Aviv! I spend summers in beautiful Canada and winters in sunny Tel Aviv.

I don’t really want to get into politics but a Jewish friend of mine asked me the other day if I feel guilty leaving Israel for the US in 1960 and not contributing a hell of a lot to the “miracle” of Israel’s growth and development after 1961. My answer is no! I do contribute. I plant trees in Israel. I spend a lot of money there every winter when I visit. I enjoy the country. I am more relaxed than if I stayed in 1961. I get along great with family and friends in Israel because I don’t spend too much time with them! (Maximum 3 months a year). And, above all, I don’t get frustrated with the terrible Israeli politics! I am not too concern with it, I live in Canada! Too much politics can sicken anybody. You see, my family in Israel were “vatikim.” We followed Jabotinsky, Begin, Herut and now “Bait Yehudi” and the Likud. We did not like what Ben-Gurion did to Menahem Begin. We thought Mapai and labor represented poor national values. We believed that the left was anti-prosperity and defence and made the daily life of Israelis poor and not rewarding. The reason we come to visit Israel every winter nowadays is not the cold Canadian winter, it is the better Israel’s political climate, Mapai is gone, Labor shranked, Begin became a prime minister (brought peace) and Netanyahu is not perfect but he is a better PM of Israel than all past leftist PM’s combined. We are getting close to peace and prosperity with our hostile neighbours, even some of my old leftist relatives and friends are becoming more individualistic, less collectivistic, more investing, less saving, more nationalistic, less internationalist, more really helping poor people rather than putting them on welfare (terrible paternalism), so they can look good to the world and finally, Israelis are becoming more fun-loving than staying Dov Yosef ideologues. I love Israel. I think between 2015 and 2082 more Israelis and Jews will return than leave.

I am back! I need your responses to continue!

August 17, 2017

Dear friends,

I am back. I do not apologize to you my followers for being absent and not posting. I was busy. I spoke at UCLA and at universities in Spain, Italy, Germany and Greece. In Spain and Italy I spoke about behavioural economy, how to create jobs (few professors listened). In Germany and Greece I spoke about my cancer, how to cure it with the Gorter Model (more professors listened. Done). It should be obvious to all by now that my views and values lead to more successful decision making than the views or values of some “experts” in the fields of economics and medicine! I have been called arrogant. I am not more arrogant than Dr. Daniel kahneman who teaches us in ThinkingFast and Slow (Double Day, Canada, 2011) how to make better decisions!

I need your responses to continue. I came as an immigrant from Israel in 1960 to fine tune myself. I was a high school drop-out, had no money and didn’t speak English when I arrived in New York. Next month I will be 81 and I had a great life in Canada, Texas and California. I took advantage of the USA’s manifest destiny and I benefited from it’s constitution and the educational and employment opportunity it provides immigrants. I have a smart and beautiful Canadian wife who is a leader in her community. I have 4 grown up kids (2 in the US and 2 in Canada), a beautiful house in Canada that won awards, a PhD from USC in California and about 20 close smart and creative friends around the world that know how to have fun. I cured my prostate and bone cancer (4 MRI’s, no tumor).

My blogs and website are designed to help individuals, families, communities and governments make decisions that work: Let’s talk about what is in this blog: If you understand and accept the truth of many postings in this blog, you’d be able to solve many of your interpersonal problems and sharpen your useful views. Let’s take the situation in Charlottesville: There were a few side events there, but by far the main event was 2-3 extreme right groups fought 2-3 extreme left groups while the police didn’t stop the carnage, a job they were paid to do! And the news media, they took sides and spread fake news, neither the police or the news media were objective in their behaviour which aggravated the physical and psychological carnage! The extreme right tried to present themselves as moderate homogenized patriotic Americans (Which they are not because they do not support the American constitutional rule of law) and the extreme left tried to present themselves as the people, compassionate moderate diversified globalistic Americans (Which they are not because they do not support the American constitutional rule of law either). Think, if the fascist right takes over (small chance) you get to live in a Nazi Germany again and if the fascist left takes over (big chance) you get to live in Stalin’s Soviet Union Gulag!

The issue is: Should society remove a symbol that offend a changed community? The best answer is NO! If you transfer the statue of Confederate general Robert E. Lee from a public display to a museum because he was a slave owner, you’d have to remove the statue of George Washington also. He was a slave owner too. Museums are not well visited. A society that denies exposure to it’s bad past is doomed to repeat it according to Socrates: life unexamined is not worth living! The worse answer is YES! That is why I stated above that there is a bigger chance that American society is moving toward a disctatorship of the fascist left than it is moving toward a dictatorship of the fascist right. History always tries to create a balance of evil! Caveat emptor!

The Compromise: If you said NO or YES to the issue I presented, the best alternative acceptable answer is a constitutional amendment that says, “Any US community that wants to remove a symbol that the majority in the community consider unacceptable the community must build a museum of acceptable and unacceptable statues or symbols and require all schools in the community to visit the museum and take value classes in American history!