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Mckenzie’s commentaries: The Tower of Babylon is destroying hunanity!

March 24, 2016

A stupid Greek “scholar” was assigned by an early Pope or the king of Greece a few centuries before or after the destruction of the second Jewish Temple in Jerusalem in 70 AD to translate the Old Testament from Aramaic mixed with Hebrew to Greek mixed with Latin and then translate it to old English by King James of England. Why all this confusing translations?  The story of the Tower of Babylon in the Jewish Bible tell us of an angry God who was out to punish humans for saying they were smarter than God and disobey His laws.  God decided to scramble their languages so bad that communication would be completely messed up untill the Messiah comes to save them from themselves! As with most important Biblical stories the Jews and the Gentiles didn’t get it and never took them seriously. Today, they still suffer because of it and still don’t get it!

I will illustrate only a few of a 1000 distortions in translations of the Hebrew Bible to Greek and to English, albeit those few that I will illustrate caused more war and destruction on earth than all the others combined, real bad! (Don’t worry, there is hope).

The stupid Greek scholar who was assigned by the Pope or the king of Greece to translate the Hebrew Bible to Greek around the time of Jesus was a complete idiot. He spoke only Greek with a few Hebrew words. How can anyone translate from one language to another knowing only the other? Well, I don’t really know the answer to that riddle. I assume that in those days very few people spoke Hebrew and those who knew the tongue were afraid to speak up because of beginning antisemitism (Yiddish and Ladino were slowly replacing Hebrew, the cursed language). May be the Pope didn’t care for the accuracy of the translation of the language of the defeated Jews, your guess is as good as mine. Whatever is the reason that the sloppy Greek “scholar” was appointed, the first thing he did was invent a “fiction” name for the Messiah, “Jesus of Nazareth” replacing  “Yehoshua Ben Yosef, the ordained Messiah from the line of King David.”

But that distortion was nothing compared to the next 2 mistranslations of the Bible by that ancient idiotic scholar. He replaced the Hebrew word “Alma” with the Hebrew word “Betula,” making Mary mother of Jesus a virgin! (Yehoshua’s mother was not a virgin. He had older brothers). He translated the Hebrew word “Satan” (tester) to “Diabolos,” (hater). (There is no hater of man in the old testament). With a stroke of pen that will change bloody history Satan was changed from a servant of God whose job was to test you, test, test, test, not hate you, hate, hate, hate, to a hater of man whose job was to kill them!  I was shocked when I read McKenzie’s commentaries on the Bible!

Trump’s enemies defend themselves against their own fascism!

March 23, 2016

According to Zigmund Freud, the father of psychoanalysis, psychological projection is a virulent defense mechanism in the hands of politicians on the right and on the left. Let’s look at people on the left who right now call Donald Trump a fascist devil! Why are they so virulent? Because of psychological projection, a powerful motivation to protect sanity! Most leftist politicians and journalists are rigid and hidden authoritarians and love power and righteousness. They would perceive fascistic behavior in themselves as the worse curse. If they realized that they are afflicted by that scourge of the human personality they might commit suicide, Leftists perceive fascism as a terminal disease of humanity. Humans will defend themselves against their own unpleasant impulses by denying in themselves the existence of the “disease.” They will instantly attribute the worse form of it to their worse enemies. That would explain why a leftist liberal who behaves like  an Stalinist or  communist authoritarian may constantly accuse a succesful businessman and family man like Trump of being a fascist. Projection is a form of blame shifting.

Trump exhibits many “impurities” but he is not a fascist. Fascists cannot be successful businessmen in a democracy unless they take over the government. Fascists don’t negotiate and make deals. Don’t be fooled by Trump’s strength. God forbids if Bernie Sandberg becomes president you will  see a “soft” fascist, one that pretends to be “only a socialist.” Stalin will be back! Another  example of a “soft” fascist is Obama who wants everything his way. He creates a mess around the world and project the blame on others. Listen, you can fool the people twice but not all the time. Vote for “earthy” Trump. He is really not politically correct and it is time for real change. Don’t worry, be happy. Be good to your pocket-book for a change, especially if you are a minority person. Don’t get fooled again. Your living standard is more important than your skin color, dude. Did you get projection right? Beware of the projectors in life, they are virulent!

Genesis 12:3. In thee shall all families of the earth be blessed.

March 22, 2016

This wonderful promise, “In thee I will bless all the families of the earth,” made by a Hebrew Messiah Yehoshua Ben Yosef called Jesus of Nazareth by a confused Greek translator, was preceded by another promise, a scary warning by God himself who continued, “…but I will curse all those who curse thee.” Now, has God fulfilled these 2 promises? Well, skeptics would like to say, “Only time will tell.” I would say, “Let’s see.”  We need no other proof than to look at history. Are most of the nations on earth that truly love Abraham in word and deed flourish?  It certainly appears that way. Are most of the nations on earth that hate the Jews and appear to curse Abraham descendents are cursed? It certainly appear that way too. Based on history may be it’s time to change to peace and respect for the descendents of Abraham before it’s too late. I will list no names of those who should change their hehavior. People can look at their own countries and they could guess who is miserable and need to change. Good luck. Loving Abraham is a blessing.

Trump: Less money for NATO (and the UN), right on!

March 22, 2016

This posting is from this morning after the bombing in Brussel and the stupid remark on CNN that no expert in the world can secure airports! I have added  “and the UN” because it is coming soon too when Trump gets elected president. The case of NATO’s support for Ukraine for me is personal. NATO supports Ukraine against Russia.  My father’s Jewish family who lived in Ukraine for 200 years suffered during a particularly bloody pogrom of antisemitism in Ukraine and had to move fast to Russia for protection. How would you feel if you live in a country for a long time and suddenly get uprooted.   NATO doesn’t care about people, only politics. NATO has a foreign policy dictated directly by the anti-American EU and the UN… and paid for by the American tax payers (me)! I feel like a fool.  Thank you, DT, for hitting the nail on the head, for suggesting less financial support for NATO untill they get their act together, their priorities straight. Kerry’s the idiot secretary and Hillary the stupid one have got to resign from politics and the UN have got to split in two. I will vote for Trump in November for many reasons besides that I as an American citizen who don’t want Obama to finance “hate for America” around the world with my tax money. Enough is enough. Let me suggest, Mr. Trump, more money for NATO only after you are elected president and after you have replaced all the European “socialist” corrupt, low-energy  leaders of NATO who don’t know what they are supposed to be doing with our money!

SEGMENT THREE: What is a true religion? Is it wonderful to have?

March 22, 2016

A true religion is that part of your religion that is scientific, that allows you to learn to conduct a verifiable process by which you can communicate with your God. The other part of your religion is cultural, social and spiritual and provides you with meaning and Joy but you cannot communicate with God through your culture, only pretend that you can and have faith. Do you want the real thing? How can you truly communicate with God scientifically? What is a true religion? The 2 best methods to communicate with God are available only to a single person, never to a group. They are, 1) Signal detection or learning to distinguish the one signal in your environment, out of many “normal” signs, that comes from God for you, and 2) Psychokinesis or asking God to move an object in a predetermined way that will answer a yes/no question. I taught scientific parapsychology for the state of California for 25 years, no joke, 3 credits were transferable to UC Berkeley. I also taught Seance and produced a 3 dimensional Hologram devoid of Chi, but that was nothing compared to communicating with God verifiable!.

Now, the conditions required for successful communication with the Spirit of God are: Authenticity, skill of thinking, feeling of love for the spirit and having patience, especially the PK, sometimes you have to wait 2 hours for the “thing” to move! Both signal detection and PK are taught at some colleges in California, The fact that these special classes are not well-known is because humans of the 21st century tend not to take weird classes designed for the 22nd century. Sad, but most people do not think outside the box and cannot escape their Zeitgeist. I assume that most of you by now are skeptics about what I am saying. Nevertheless, a true religion is activated by love energy directed from a person’s pure thinking to the Monads in his frontal lobe through the pineal gland (the sacred gland that secretes melatonin and serotonin). If you do it right (not easy) you’d be amazed at the results. 33 years ago I was depressed after my divorce I asked God to introduce me to a beautiful and smart soul mate for life. He did because I did the communication process His way and today she is the mother of my 2 grown up kids.

Do you need a religion in your life?

March 21, 2016

SEGMENT TWO: A religion is a place you go to for rehab, a “half-way-house-between the mess you made and sweet home, the place you go to find out what you did wrong and how to make decisions that work and get you back on the road to God. Humans have souls that provide veracity and purpose for living, manifesting itself in consciousness and a prime desire to learn to relate to a “protective” and “loving” supreme being. Having no science to guide them to God, they come up with interesting “stories.” Sociology and culture enrich their lives but can’t provide a truth path to God. They get disappointed, unless they make a living form it!

Religion starts with a man having a “divine” experience. The Jews find Moses, the Christians find Jesus, the Muslims find Mohamed, the Hindus find Brahma, the Buddhists find Buddha, and so on. Houses of worship spring up everywhere, each doing its meaningful thing with rituals, music, dance, culture, food and sex…and services to the needy. Religion gets A+ for good music, get together, good food, pot luck, trips to shrines, a complete cultural phenomena, so well-organized that elders usually are the first to deceive themselves that they are really doing God’s work,  relating to God. They are not. They are relating to their cultural perception of God. Is that OK? Yes, as long as you know that you can’t get God’s benefits unless you become authentic. Hidden self-deception is OK untill you get the information you need to move on. Pretence has become so real that most people who attend a house of worship really feel that God is listening to their problems.  Religion prevents you from reaching God. No soldier with PTSD would ever commit suicide if he went to a church created by God and not by man. Is that possible? Yes, but man will have to create a “cultural church” alongside a “healing church,” each with its own rules of behavior, one from the soul and the other comes from the mind, working together to feed humanity activities for fun and truth for healing!  Religion has failed to take man to God. He now lives for the “stories.” SEGMENT THREE will be about What is a true Church?

Can your religion fullfil for you the vision and mission of God as intended?

March 21, 2016

This posting on the peaceful revolution blog was inspired by Steve Rose’s analysis of the delicate issue of war and suicide. I have always wanted to write about what can religion really do in our daily lives and now I found the “stimulus” to start. It may take a few segments of very difficult knowledge to digest through the censure mechanism of culture and religion. Here is the first one: What is God, really?

SEGMENT ONE:  I will not describe or explain what people believe is God. My blog is not about repeating beliefs or tradition or what people already think they know about. I am a scientist par excellence (not very humble). If I did describe what my Rabbi thought God was it would not be more valuable to you than asking you what you thought my Rabbi was, or minister or priest were? You can hear that nonsense or  grand opinions in any religious service of any denomination!  God is a “father in heaven” only in the remote chance that Neanderthal females were impregnated by alien males from Alpha Centauri, planet B!  God is scientifically an Energy form of Universal Consciousness. You want me to be more technical about it? OK, God is all the “love energy” in the a Universe called Monadic manifestation of creation (“big Bang,” ) described by by Leibnitz (1675 AD), the father of Calculus, who was destroyed by Newton! A Monad is a unit of consciousness with its own veracity and purposiveness, a Monad is a link in Steven Hawking “String Theory.” Strings (closed and open loops) occur when Monads “hold hands.” A portion of High Monads, about 100 Sextilion units of them make up your Soul in your frontal lobe and neocortex, emanating from your pineal gland (Descartes, 1700 Ad). The soul gives you awareness of higher truths, the mind is just a glorified “software” that elevated itself to “protector” and “controller.” If you understand what I just described you may acquire the cosmic ability to develop “free will,” in time. And, if you are an authentic person, your may develop a relationship with God in your head instead of having to pretend that you have one with “father in heaven” because you are ordained. Knowing that God lives as Monads in your healing soul in your brain and not in your depressed mind in your skull is step one toward the prevention of suicide! SEGMENT TWO soon when I am ready.

How to prolong your life!

March 20, 2016

I promised the readers of the last posting to give them “information” how to prolong their lives. I know the older you are the more interested you’d be to read it, the sicker you are the more motivated you’d be to read it. What I don’t know is if you remember what I told you 700 posting ago – that my blog will usually give out information that other bloggers don’t know about or would be turned off knowing. The more unique my blog is the more people will be turned off by it. Why? because people are gravitated to the center, to logic, regular stuff and less exotic data. My information today is from the 10% Category. If you don’t know yet what is the 10% Rule search and find the 10-20 postings that explain the 10% Rule.

You can prolong your life by knowing information hidden in the top 10% of date not available yet to most people, either because people withhold that information from you or you can’t get it because it is stored in a future century’s data. For example, it would be stupid of me to offer a computer to a cave man! Oh well,  let’s try anyway: In your brain in the area called neocortex and the frontal lobe, there is a huge Ley line to the pineal gland (Descartes 1700) in the center and many secondary Ley lines to all organs in the body and outside (similar to Yin/Yang meridians and the Chi energy chakra distribution). The description is a primordial purposive energy system with its own veracity. Humans try to reach its healing and longevity powers through prayer and meditation for 1,000 years now to no avail, but humans can’t get it that the system called “M-System” does not respond to thoughts that come from the human mind because, as scriptures say, “They are calculating.” The “M-System” respond only to human authenticity, what ever that means. I think “human authenticity” means “True love or pure thought or..who know?” Try to be authentic and see what happens. In a class that I teach 2 students were authentic” and they got 2 unexpected gifts within a month! I don’t know how, really, this area of thinking is from the 25th Century and it is not that clear to me. I am working on this spiritual clarity for 10 years now and I am getting close to it, it’s something to do with true love as an energy. I hope that I helped you! I tried my best. This posting may be clearer with inspiration from the energy itself if it so chooses.

T sense of assertiveness or the sense of humility?

March 20, 2016

Very few psychologists retire and open a free blog to help people make this world better. Very few psychologists of my caliber and assertiveness level open a WordPress free blog to help people insist on having a better world. Very few Jewish psychologists of my knowledge and experience in relationships, science and spirituality open a great WordPress blog to really lead people who listen to understand “Tikun Olam.” this Great God Given Glob (GGGG) we live on. The first rule I want you to adopt is the Rule of Clarity: The human Mind is the place where lack of clarity about life has accumulated from the moment of birth, the more humility your parents had the more uncertainty you feel.  The growing human Self or Soul is the place where crystal clarity always exists as the clarity of God about his creation. Did you ever experience a situation where you should have said, “Yes, I would love to see you tomorrow at 7,” and instead you blurted, “I will try to make it, it depends….”  Oy Vey, try to lift a book, you can’t, you can either lift the book or you don’t. The word “Trying” means to the subconscious of the other person that you really don’t want to see him/her. You made a “whishi woshi” decision.  You lost something that could have been great. People with a personality permeated with humility always lose something that could have been beneficial. Lack of clarity and assertiveness is a ticket to all kinds of deprivations in life. It’s funny if not pathetic that people who experience life as Scarcity always believe in poor Austerity programs to fight it, not clarity! And they exhibit a sense of deep humility and envy when they meet assertive people to the point that many say they met an arrogant person (As a psychologist I meet a lot of people on Boards, even on VCRC, my board, who called me arrogant!).  Jealousy hurt relationships, but please, bless your assertiveness, it is worth a lot more in life than changing into humility. The second rule you want to adopt is The Rule of  Black and White: The human Mind is the place in the head where the experience of lack of clarity always leads to a belief in “gray areas,” a doubt about making decisions that work! In other words, people with a mind full of the sense of humility will always lack the assertiveness of making decisions that work. For example. I am very very assertive personality. In 1987 after seeing the movie Toy Story and reading the biography of Lucas and Steven Jobs, I was certain that Pixar and Apple were big winner. I bought shares for $14 each. The rest is history. The belief that life has shades of gray comes from having humility that prevent you from researching the additional information you need to see clarity that the situation is actually black or white. Most people live a life of “quiet desperation,” (check out the term on Google) and start living big time, with clarity, assertiveness and making decisions that work. By the way, in his book “Slow Thinking, Fast thinking,” Dr. Daniel Cahneman, Nobel Price psychologist, 2002, says, “Humans are lazy, you have to nudge them to research things before they decide.”  OK, Daniel, I am nudging my readers, “Hey, dear reader, push your gray areas to the side and find the clarity you need before you decide the major decisions in your life: Who to marry, how to love, how many kids to have, how to raise them with clear values, what clear career to build your life on, who to clearly choose as your 1-3 best friends, what physical activity is clearly the best to do for health and finally, be clear what food and drink to have to prolong your good life (read my next posting too, you’d be amazed).


The second rule I want you to adopt

You voted for Bill twice, his lack of awareness let in 19 terrorists, what would his wife let in?

March 19, 2016

Bill and Hillary Clinton lack awareness of crucial reality. 19 terrorists practiced for the 911 massacre in Bill’s “home” during his 8 years in the WH. His low IQ couldn’t pick up and connect the dots that anyone who chooses during flight training to learn to fly but not to learn to take off or land is sending real bad vibes. Not only Bill had no awareness of crucial reality, the Lewinsky affair and his impeachment by the House shows that the president had also no self-control when it comes to sex with a pretty WH intern. Why did the American people vote for him as president twice? Why? Well, you know why, Bill Clinton is a charming person, may be even more charming than Obama is a charming speaker.

Hillary was the Secretary of State when her best friend the ambassador to Libia was murdered by terrorists. Her low IQ couldn’t connect the dots that the attack in Benghazi wasn’t caused by a – cartoon inflammation! Her private emails “laundered” state secrets and her low IQ couldn’t connect the dots that her behavior was Palouse and dangerous to her country. This mentality of lack of awareness of crucial realities also existed in Obama. He described a vicious ISIS attack as a “Junior Varsity Team” reaction. And president Bush, the republicans are guilty of blindness too, he read children stories to kids instead of working his ass off for 7 months in office before 911 happened to secure the safety of the United States. That was his real job, not to read stories to kids. He mixes his priorities. His declaration of “Mission accomplished” was another lack of awareness of crucial reality. We all know now why Bill, Hillary, Barak and Bush lacked awareness of crucial reality, this posting isn’t about democrats and republicans, it’s about personalities and IQ’s. The Americans voters also lack awareness of crucial reality when they vote!

A case in point:  Trump would make a “protective” president because he does not lack awareness of crucial reality. Do you think most people are aware of it? They don’t.  They are not aware, for example, that anyone who can manipulate the media to give him a 3 billion dollars worth of free coverage during an election is a – genius. You’d want such a person in the WH to get “free” things for the American people too! Also, any “flexible” candidate would do what DT does, “Cherry Pick” ideas from the left and the right in order to run a better country, it’s great to “cherry pick” and “conservatives” condemn it! Wise up, Trump is not stop-able! Become aware of crucial reality and connect the dots. The 2 states with the most delegates are waiting for Trump, New York is already in Trump’s camp.  California will be a crucial reality battleground that will sharpen Donald’s wits for Hillary against 2 Calif senators that had never connected their crucial dots!