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John Adams: A government of laws, not of men.”

October 27, 2015

The democrats are 60% of the voters and they dislike strict laws, the republicans are only 40% and they like strict laws. We are doomed, democrats, please change. We are already suffering lawlessness in America because the democrats are in government (especially Obama and Clinton). Terrible! The democrats think that breaking the law should be rewarded (take care of illegals, indict law-abiding citizens, etc.), while obeying the law should be punished (legal immigrants get less assistance than illegal immigrants). Make corrupt public financing legal, says Clinton, Make sure CNN doesn’t lose all the money from private Trump commercials. Breaking the law should have good consequences. The thinking of republicans is not that twisted: Breaking the law should be punished and obeying the law should be rewarded. This is the law and order concept. The”great chill” reported by CNN this morning shows that YouTube sent the police a message:  All over the USA police have reduce their law enforcement activity by about 25%, (the effect of private YouTube filming of police work on criminals that in turn complained that police broke the law – instead of the other way around!! Stop working against the law-abiding citizens. This is just the beginning and the democrats are leading the corrupted way. People commit crimes, the police don’t arrest these people and the democrats call it protecting “civil rights. Mexicans infiltrate through the US border, the border police don’t stop them and the democrats welcome the infiltrators and give them jobs , driver licenses, and college education, illegal registration of illegals aliens to vote (padding the electoral college) and say again, “This is universal, multicultural civil rights, we are all immigrants, screw John Adams.”

Look at life in the USA already, yours has already been effected and if you are a democrat you think it’s other big reasons it’s affected, not what John Adams had said. Let me predict, if Clinton gets to be elected president more laws will be broken to the point that even you will notice the terrible difference. If  Trump gets elected president you will see John Adams smiling. Only the democrats will not understand why… because they learn from Obama how not to connect the dots.

Should I give up on you?

October 27, 2015

I really don’t understand cancer patients. I cured 2 cancers in my body, stage 4. I spoke about how I did it at the ISSS conference in Berlin (Humboldt University). I wrote a 16 page research paper that you can find  somewhere on the internet. I am angry. No one contacted me. What is triggering this spontaneous posting is the cup of Matcha (Matsu) that I am drinking. There are about a 100 things that you need to do to cure your cancer (not in the last-minute). This is one of them, a small one. This Matcha green tea powder is one of them, it taste good, it’s a ground tea leaf that delivers cancer fighting ingredients, it cost about $28 for a 100 gram, what’s your excuse? Money? As a psychologist I can tell you what is your problem. It isn’t what you think it is. It isn’t that you never heard of this tea powder. It isn’t that you don’t know what to choose because there so many teas, and it isn’t that your doctor never told you about Matcha. I know how cancer patients think – I was one of them ( Too much on “stuff.” Try Dr. Kahneman’s book on fast and slow thinking. This 2002 Nobel price winner nailed it on the head when he said “People think heuristically because they are too lazy to think scientifically.” Go to Check out System 1 and 2 and you will know.

How did I cured my cancer? I used System 2: The doctors told me to go to Photon radiation treatment and I went instead to Proton radiation treatment and reduced the number of treatments – much better results. They told me to take 4000 mg of Abiraterone per day and I reduced gradually like a pro . They told me to get lots of cat scan and I chose a few MRIs instead. A neuropath doctor told me to drink green tea, but none of the teas were Gyokuro, Matcha or mencha, and I still drink these trio babies every morning! They kill cancer cells. To make the story short, you can win against cancer but you’ve got to change your attitude, not because I said so, not because your mate says so, not because your son said so. Not because you think that it will work for you. You need to change your attitude 180 degrees because God really loves you and he/she suffers when you don’t really love him/her but you believe you do. If you don’t understand what I am saying because this generation of humans has a disconnect, there is nothing anybody can do for you – you are on your on! Please wake up to the universal spirit that you didn’t know you gave up on! Your second chance is waiting. This universe is good but not too patient!


Joe Biden: I want to eat the cake and have it too, if Hillary is not that hungry!

October 21, 2015

He announced an hour ago standing proud in the White House garden next to president Obama on his right and his wife Jill on his left that he is not running for president of the United States but insinuated that he would take the job if offered . Psychologically, what he is saying is, “I want to be president but first I don’t want to mess it up for my friend Hillary Clinton in case she is winning the race against Trump, but if she is not winning in the major polls next year I am available to fight the “evil” Donald.”  Second, psychologically, he is saying,  “I am tired at 73 to face another big fight for the WH, I lost all my tries before and I am afraid take on more losses. ” But mostly, Joe Biden wants to eat the WH cake (he is a bit jealous of Barak Obama’s success) and have it too. By making a ‘presidential’ speech from the Rose Garden he is opening a possibility for a ‘draft Joe’, that way he might become president without hurting his friend Hillary if she is losing, without burdening his family with tough campaigning while staying lazy on the sideline and still becoming president by – default.

Personally, as a psychologist, I can say that Joe Biden is smart if he assumes that his “coolness” could withstand the onslaught of Donald Trump during a final debate better than Hillary Clinton’s “fragility” could, if she had to face Trump. It is a fair assumption, but the results of any debate between Trump and Clinton or Biden depends on no hold bar  – Trump. Can he keep thinking big and kick ass? So far, he is not a gentle Ross Pero phenomenon, Trump is up in the polls from the beginning and with Black surgeon Carson on his right and latino Cruz on his left, he can bake the cake and have it too in the White House dining room!

Paul Ryan for president!

October 10, 2015

Of course I am kidding, but he is a smart guy, says Trump. How about voting for him Speaker of the House, the 3rd most powerful position in the US government? Well, Trump put it the best way, “I’ll take Paul Ryan as speaker if no one tougher shows up.” Well, Donald, no one nowadays is as tough as you are. No one will show up. These generation of Americans are expected to be kicked in the ass by losers around the world but are not expected to kick ass back. President Obama the weakling made sure of that! And DT will not be able to change the zeitgeist unless he become president. The idiots won’t vote for you if you kick asses. I suggest you play sweetly like old fart Clinton and start kicking asses around the world ones you are in the WH. The idiots will then  cheer you up but won’t vote for you now because you don’t call McCain a hero (he was not a hero, great guy but what he did was not heroism).

To sum it up, Paul Ryan is smart but is not tough. To be tough you have to take risk and kick ass. Vote for Trump and against Ryan for a tougher America that will be feared around the world. A feared leader gets things done. I was a psychologist for 30 years and today in retirement I speak in universities around the world. Let me tell you, you are being pushed around by friends, mates, associates and strangers. Do you want to feel really good? Make a rule for your behavior: “I will say and do things that will make everyone around me slightly anxious (about 5%)” It keeps people on their toes around you, they become so nice and loving and they don’t know that you did it.” Go for it, remember, 5%, not 50%, don’t be a loser!

Obama apologizes for bombing the hospital.

October 7, 2015

The president went to the Oregon community college where a gunman murdered 10 students to speak about gun control. The president apologized for his bomber planes bombing a hospital in Afghanistan. Democrats would say he  is a compassionate president because they don’t care for real change. To me it’s like sending Christmas cards. Some of those who get a card from you would say, “This person is my friend or that person cares about me.” I am sorry, but I want from the president more than word or a card sympathy. I want him to take the leadership, like Trump did last week, and offer by presidential decree to train free 1000 good college teachers, give them registered guns to protect themselves and their students if necessary. I want him to take us out of Afghanistan NOW so we won’t bomb hospitals and kill doctors and kids again – by mistake. I want him to work on peace in Syria with Putin and not fight that strong leader of Russia. I know he won’t do any of these things I suggest. I want from president Obama to leave the White House as soon as possible. Do you count the days? I do.

Did Obama bomb a hospital building? Did Putin bomb an ISIS building?

October 7, 2015

The news media says that Putin bombed the free Syrian army base, not an ISIS terrorists camp. The same media says that Obama bombed an Afghan hospital full of doctors without borders staff by mistake, not negligence. Are we ever going to know the truth? Probably not. Is it important? Probably not. What is important to know? That we are where we should not be and that we fight who we should not fight. The psychological facts: The free Syrian army fights Assad, if they win we don’t benefit the Middle East will continue to have wars! Assad is bad but that is the best they have got! Obama loves the organization called doctors without borders, they are his political brothers, it’s definitely a ‘mistake’ that he bombed them. He must be very very upset. These doctors save lives, but  while saving lives they spread a Marxist ideology of creating chaos by melting borders between countries (they believe a multiculturalism utopia will save lives).

2017: A blessed year for peace in the world, Obama is gone, ‘mistakes of war’ diminish,  Trump is in, works well with Putin and Netanyahu, Syria gets a participatory election, the Afghans get what they deserve –  the Taliban, Iran must give back the money and stop killing Americans, Mexico get back their illegals, Germany can breath again, Iraq get democracy, the US gets peace and freedom again, and the democrats… they democrats get Hillary and her husband to make bad decisions again (but they can’t bomb people again), America becomes again the greatest feared country on earth, while the idiots still think they are the smart ones, oh well…

Rabbi Eita Henkin and his wife Naama murdered.

October 3, 2015

There are 2 kinds of Jews living in Israel, Return To Historical Judaism (RTHJ) type Israelis and shtetl Jews (SJ). The first group loves Donald Trump, think big (they started 10,000 successful IPO’s in Tel Aviv alone!) and kick ass hard back (KAHB) when kicked. It matters where they live in Israel and it matters whether they are Orthodox, conservatives, Reformed or Secular, but this interesting demography is a subject for another posting only if you ask. I hate writing for indifferent people (I am a successful psychologist, cancer lecturer who spoke in Berlin, economics specialist who spoke in Spain, a writer who expressed his views at UCLA,  but my insightful postings received only about 10 replied to 500 incredible postings in the last 5 years. That means that most people live the life of quiet desperation and can’t understand the real issues in their lives, as Trump would say). About 70% of Israelis in 1948 were shtetl Jews, Jews why expect to get murdered by antisemitic men as collateral damage. Today it is only about 30% in Israel because with each generation in Israel the shift to historical Judaism mentality increases.

Rabbi Eita Henkin and his wife Naama were shtetl Jews. When the 2 Palestinians approached their car and shot them dead, they prayed Shema Israel Adonai Elohainu Adonai Ehad, and somewhere in their subconscious mind they thought here comes the expected pogrom. They left 4 kids in the back seats. At least 2 of them will grow up to be shtetl men, not making the switch. The other 2 will. Let’s say these two are now  30 years old sons who are driving the car. They pass the spot in the road where their parents were murdered 30 years earlier.  They have a good trigger happy mentality living in the west bank all their lives. They look at the 2 sons of the previous murderers approaching. They shoot and kill their assailants (rest assure that history will repeat itself in Bergen-Belsen, Hebron, even Paris, untill there no more shtetl Jews left anywhere in the world). At that point in human history there will be peace and prosperity on earth. Amen.