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A Christmas gift from God

December 27, 2013

Dear humans,

I am God. I created you in my image, as it says in Genesis. You got that one right. You liked my image so much that you tried to recreate me in your image in your church. If you succeeded your religion would have been perfect. You see, you created me in your cultural image. You left out the most divine gift that I gave you, your divine ability to distinguish between a sign that I sent you and common signs that you pick up from your environment. Real sad!



Dear students,

My name is Dr. Elior Kinarthy. I taught psychology and parapsychology at a California college for 26 years. My specialty was to teach students how to identify the difference between a signal directed to you from the Universal consciousness and a more common signal that you pick up from the environment. Today I will give you a scientific Christmas gift from Universal Consciousness (UC):  “Dear students, God designed your lungs to breathe about 10 deep breaths per minute of clean natural air. He knew that you’d forget to do so and end breathing 15-20 shallow breaths per minute of polluted air resulting in ill-health, so He gave you a mask and consciousness to remind you.” Start breathing right and let me know within a month how you fee so I can give you God’s second gift. You see, God sent me a signal right now, “Don’t waste my gifts of those that won’t use them.’

Not a riddle about life, just the codes!

December 22, 2013

This posting is for readers who know that I like codes, symbols, abbreviations, key words, key concepts and so on. Good symbols tend to stay in your memory.  I want to establish a record and historical time for a simple list of four commandments, codes,  so you will know that I claim to have created these four codes from a message from UC in case these ever become known for their ability to create what they stand for:

These 4 concepts are doable only if Universal Consciousness (UC) allows you to engage your individual consciousness (IC), which is a part of the UC (I will tell you at the end who is allowed):

i-Love (Veahavta)

M-BEN (Vebarita)

i-BLASH (Veesharta)

C-MOR (Velamadta)

Only those humans who love God at the way the UC wants to be love can harness consciousness. Harnessing your consciousness means the most of your major decisions  from that moment on – work!

End the ignorance about mental illness, segment II

December 15, 2013

I wasn’t going to post a next segment to my “End the ignorance about mental illness,” but I just turned on CNN and watched the painful story about a mother complaining about the stigma her son has to endure because he was labeled mentally ill. For a moment I was encouraged because I thought she would add, “The stigma hurts 10 times worse being a prejudice caused by culture and not a true medical science.” I wish she said, “My son is not mentally ill, he just lacks the skills of coping in this society. Lt’s teach him those skills,”  but she didn’t say that. The mom was part of the belief system too. You can thank Freud for that, who convince psychiatrists 100 years ago that having a tested weak ego that shows difficulty coping is a sign of mental illness. He made a pretty good living as a “shrink” who treated “mentally ill” people – unsuccessfully but rationally.

End the stigma: Please ladies and gentlemen, parents, friends and government officials, please put the so-called mentally ill individuals in what behavioral economists call “Choice architecture” situations where work is available(first free, then for pay) and opportunities to make friends are abundant, and you will see a miracle! You care, don’t you? The only people who benefit from the 100 billion mental illness industry are the insurance companies, drug companies, the psychiatric associations (fully), the psychological associations (in part) and the economy. “patients, get a job and find love and these industries will lose their “shirt.” It is time to get more sophisticated about mental illness, folks. You can’t continue to brand anyone who can’t manage their affairs as good as you do “mentally ill.” Stop being prejudice. They are “behaviorally impaired” and not “Mentally ill.” Give people a break, they need dignity and not a stigma. The time has come to provide jobs to the people you labeled.

End the ignorance about “mental illness”?

December 10, 2013

A long time before I retired in 1998 I visited a patient at Norwalk mental hospital in southern California, let’s call his George. George had mood swings, often overslept, seemed apathetic and at times hallucinating and acting “weird.” He was admitted to the mental hospital in Norwalk with  multiple mental illness diagnoses. Within weeks he started receiving $900 per month SSI and seemed content to stay that way. One day his brother Jim needed a worker in his warehouse for car spare parts. He kind of  “rocked the boat” by visiting George in the mental hospital “day room” and offering him the job at his warehouse, mind you, without first consulting with the with hospital psychiatrists! George accepted the offer because as he put it, “I would be earning $1,200 per month, $300 more than the SSI check pays and I will be doing what I love to do (deal with car spare parts).”  The psychiatrists objected and wrote professional reports about George being mentally ill and not qualified to work, but to no avail. George visited his new work place and immediately liked his co-worker Susan who worked there as the warehouse supervisor-manager. They both were car buffs who could talk for hours about car spare parts. George “lost” his $900 SSI checks because his salary was now $1,200.00 per month. He started a new life.

Dear readers, by answering my questions you can acquire psychological insight into “mental illness:”

First, the statistics:

About 1% of psychiatrists (e.g., R.D.Laing, MD), 10% of clinical psychologists (T. Szasz, PhD, Fromm, PhD and others) and most behavioral psychologists (including myself) believe that purely psychological mental illness does not exist. What exist in the physiological realm is organic imbalance in the brain that can be treated well  with hormonal medication giving hope to patients. What exists in the psychological realm is lack of work drive and skills of sustaining employment and earning income and lack of social skills of sustaining a relationship. These skills are usually acquired in adolescence, but can be learned at any age.

George has been diagnosed as “mentally ill” because society believes that there is such a category in science to describe people who are not successful or have weird beliefs. This kind of thinking would make half the people in Calcutta, India mentally ill! George is now working in his brother’s warehouse for 2 years and is dating Susan, the manager. Is George really mentally ill or lucky to have a good brother? Was George mentally ill at all? Is he now an ex-mentally ill person, a mentally ill patient in remission, cured of the “disease”? I he mentally ill for ever, or has he never been mentally ill, and for the daring ones among you observing this situation; Is it ethical to label people who have problems in living as mentally ill? Would it make their lives easier or more difficult?  Is it a form of social prejudice to label people who act different from you and me as mentally ill? Think!

But, there is hope. Last month a committee of the American Psychiatric Association (APA) voted to reject the validity of many “mental illness” diagnoses in the fifth DSM issue (Diagnostic and Statistical manual of the American Psychiatric Association, 5th addition). Would that help you make up your mind?

400,000 year old DNA!

December 5, 2013

Today’s CNN announcement of a discovery in Spain in a tight cave of a 400,000 years old “human” remains filled with viable DNA material forces me to make a prediction. The DNA will not turn out to be human! My research as a parapsychologist for 27 years shared with my students revealed that during human evolution in the last 400,000 years a new mutated male’s Y chromosome appeared 3-5 times.

Only once at a closer point between 40,000 and 25,000 years ago a completely new Y-chromosome (not mutated) appeared (creating the first male “Adam”). Any Y Chromosome discovered 400,000 years ago will be just another common mutation of the chromosome, not the making of  the male “Adam.” My assumption is that the not-mutated Y-chromosome originated as the result of mating between an unknown male from a newly arrived species and an advanced Neanderthal female, somewhere in a cave in northern Spain. That event was indeed a milestone in Evolution! Mutated Y-chromosome are too ordinary to qualify as a milestone, they are common, occurring at least 3-10 times in the last million years, somewhat improving Neanderthal physiognomy and brain structure by a factor of 1-5% (the last recorded mutated Y-chromosome appeared 70,000 years in Africa).

I am available for consultation. I want to go on record as of December 5, 2013 that the DNA research team analysing the viable 400,000 years DNA Y-Chromosomes discovered in Spain will not find that it was a Cro-magnon man but rather a primitive Neanderthal.