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Law of Instrument and Law of Culture.

April 27, 2013

The ideas of Abraham Maslow the father of humanistic psychology are not as threatening to human culture as Freud’s ideas, but are threatening enough for schools not to really teach them. I am writing this blog posting waking up my pet dream that you might change your voting pattern in the next election and vote for representatives committed to the security of Americans more than they are committed to great explanations when the FBI and the CIA fail to protect us in New York city or Boston. Here is a psychological insight: Maslow’s 1966 Law of Instrument says, “If the only tool you have is a hammer, you see everything as a nail.”  Terrorists are not nails, they use nails. The FBI and CIA are not trained how to use psychology of terrorism instruments. That is a fact that cost lives! Worse than that, in the Law of Culture Maslow says, “Without extensive training you will do only what your culture let you do.” The American culture is not designed to know how to fight terror. To do that, you need to train agents to use thinking out of the box. As I said at the beginning of this posting, would my pet dream for you to vote differently be fulfilled? The answer is No. Take a good example from the Second Amendment. Even when children die, you will not ban assault weapons. Think about Maslow. How nice is would be to take his two Laws seriously!

“Dark matter.” What’s wrong with the investigation?

April 26, 2013

Physics say that dark matter doesn’t interact with ordinary matter. Physicists get their conclusion from a list of human stupidities as long as evolution itself. They cast science aside and go with logic and rationality, the two disastrous intellectual traits that produced a lot of skeptics about avant-garde research. They say, “If dark matter interacted with ordinary matter it would not stay dark.” Wrong. Dark matter occasionally interacts with electrons, protons, neutrons but mostly within quantum mechanics processes (sub, sub atomic interactions). I am not necessarily religious but in the Bible (Genesis) it says, …and God said let there be light and there was light. In physics it would mean that the universe was all dark matter between Singularity and the appearance of photons! Why can’t physicists get it? Dark matter was reduced to 80% of space only after galaxies formed, and the interactions continue two ways, 1) When stars end their fusion, they replenish the dark matter with what’s left of them, and 2) When dark matter annihilate itself (positive-negative cancellation) it is activated by quantum mechanics and turns into ordinary matter – for building new suns!  Now, here is the interesting part. As galaxies cool off and turn into dark matter when the universe will be about three times older than now, the amount of dark matter will increase to a critical point (90%+?) and super gravity will pull the remnant galaxies back into a big crunch. This is the universal law of Reversibility that human stupidity ignores (read Piaget). I could go on and on but I don’t want to upset the astrophysicists. I am an Astroparapsychologist.

The Boston massacre. Think solution!

April 16, 2013

You hear a lot of nonsense on the news that sounds real but it’s not. It’s sensationalism, a subconscious way to present tragedy on the tube to keep viewers on. Let’s get the truth out and hope that your politicians have the “guts” to make a difference (it isn’t Obama, although his talk is impressive). A few terrorists put together 2 bombs and detonated them at the finish line of the Boston marathon. Here is possibilities:

They thought the Boston marathon was a low risk situation: A mass killing target with low risk and  lots of side benefits; create fear, reduce participation in sport, demoralize people.  Symbolically, hit Boston, the old heart of America where freedom comes from. Symbolically, let the American people know how stupid they are that their 100 security agencies can’t protect them diddle shit. I concur on that one. Americans are stupid, willing to die but not vote to seal off their borders. Why are Americans willing to die but not teach the love of America in their educational system. True, if you seal the borders and teach citizens (kids) to love their home land USA, Boston massacres will stop.

I think enough is enough. It doesn’t matter who did it and why they did it (Obama is a fool).   What matters is that you feel pride in your home and you won’t let strangers in unless invited. What matters is that you act smart and send your kids to schools where teachers teach the love of your home land, your free country where millions of infiltrators try to enter because it is so good to be here.  Americans, would you be smart enough demand of your reps to do these two things? They save life.

My response.

April 7, 2013

Dr. Eli Kinarthy • Dear Jorelle,
Your friend is among 90% of the people unconsciously creating a personal stage and acting out a hidden life style common to the majority of folks (Freud, Shakespeare). It is well-known in psychology that a central behavior of Humans from the moment of birth is to seek out meaning to their lives. About 10% succeed. The majority cope with their persistent feeling of “existential emptiness” by pretending in public that it isn’t there.

A transformational change from being in the 90% to being in the 10% is possible but difficult. That is why the 10% hasn’t changed. People who try the transformational change from -1 to +1 have to go through 0 (nothing). They don’t know how to do it (first step is meditation) so they settle for pretending that they got it. As you can see, the issue is not easy to understand. I am a 76-year-old retired psychologist. Look at my face on this recent picture and you will get a sense that I succeeded in switching from the 90 to the 10 years ago. The best that I can suggest to your friend is: Go to and read everything and the “10% rule.” Even better, take it all seriously. Start from my website to get to know me, I help people. Of course, there is one thing that can by-pass all the hard work involved in transformation to the 10% and that is FIND TRUE LOVE, but that is so hard to do that most people who try end pretending that they found it. Self deception is your starting point in life!

India’s health.

April 3, 2013

The Supreme Court of underdeveloped India is protecting India’s poor. Why is it important for us in the west to acknowledge it? It is important for us to know it in case the supreme courts in developed countries will not protect the poor in those countries, which is likely. You see, when the patent on important cancer drugs expires generic drug companies are allowed to manufacture the drugs for pennies and make them available cheap in poor countries. Multinational drug companies shouldn’t mind that because by then they have paid off their R&D loans and made billions of dollars. It is time for the poor to benefit from the successful R&D unless the drug companies are heartless. Are they? According to Darwin’s law of the survival of the fittest sooner of later they will all be unless stopped. Some drug companies chemically modify their original drug enough to be able  patent it again and not allow generic drug companies legal access to manufacture the drug generically for the poor.

Thank you, India, for protecting the poor. Shame on you drug companies CEO’s that don’t allow cancer drugs to be manufactured by generic drug companies when the original patent expired. Please don’t be greedy and hurt the poor. Take your Karma positively.