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See you back in December.

October 18, 2012
I am going to Germany to cure my cancer, be back in December. I won’t have time to post for a month. Come back to see me in December.  The information I give out what to do to heal and live an awesome life is – awesome! Last year I was stage 4 terminal on the brink of dying from spinal bone cancer and advanced prostate cancer. I refused chemotherapy. Today I am almost cancer-free. When I come back I will discuss behavioural economics at the University of Valencia in Spain on January 24, 2013. Stay tune and learn how to be awesome medically and financially.

ACLU sues a school for students not learning to read.

October 13, 2012

I post this one because I care a lot for the less successful readers of my websites and blogs who have not switched yet to a behavioural approach to life, I mean it, as soon as you have this incredible paradigm shift in your life you will see the difference. Issue will clear up and decision-making will work better. In the example above, the answer is “yes, sue the schools. If you win in court the children will win in the classroom. Teachers will not change obsolete teaching practices unless someone makes them accountable for children learning to read.” In fact, the ACLU should sue parents for “negligent upbringing.” (if you oppose this idea you care less about kids than I do). The issue is not about money for schools, it is about hiring teachers whose behaviour in the classroom demonstrates that they go the extra mile for the kids. Retrain the others or fire them. Listen, education is the only way to the good life for most kids. ACLU, please sue the hell out of the schools until principles, teachers and boards realize that the future of the kids in the playground is in their hands. I feel very strongly about it because if it wasn’t for a few dedicated teachers I wouldn’t be wealthy and happy today. Hey, if you are still against using drastic measures to get teachers to teach better, then you live in an illusion better have a more effective way. Let me tell you as a psychologist, go to my early posting and pick up about 10 postings I had about C-MOR, C-MOE or C-MOB. Why? Don’t you want your one chance on this earth to be your best? Yes, I am a crusader, a crusader for kids. Parents and teachers will do a much better job with kids if they get rewarded for doing the good job – and get reprimended if they don’t. Reward by itself never works, punishment by itself never works. ACLU better find how to reward  the schools that decide to change after the principal, teachers and board pay the fines!

Ryan vs. Biden! Tonight!

October 11, 2012

Why the exclamation marks in the title? For me as a psychologist, this across generation debate tonight is an opportunity (for you too) to observe in-action what one of the greatest psychologists in history said about what happens when a young man faces an older man who could be his father. Freud said, “The antagonism is fundamental, a part of the Oedipus Complex. It is especially intense in politics when throughout history older men had sent younger men to die in battle.”  Well, I don’t expect Biden to slaughter Ryan, afer all they are both civilized and tonight have a higher calling in politics that could backfire only if Biden’s ID overwhelms his EGO or SUPEREGO. Here are my predictions:

1. Biden will act more emotional than Ryan.

2. Ryan will be better with facts, numbers and statistics.

3. Their values differences will show a great contrast. Their expressions will be even more diverse than Obama and Romney!

4. Biden will talk a lot about the past, Ryan more about the future.

5. Ryan may help Romney by a percent or two with the young, Biden will not help or hurt Obama with the old.

6. Biden will appeal to older people but not bring them to vote more than expected.

7. Ryan will appeal to younger voters but not bring then to vote more than expected.

8. The debate tonight will not be polite.

9. Psychologists watching the body language and verbal expressions tonight – bring your note-pad with you for a classic Freudian observation.

10. For you, lay people, the best part of watching the debate tonight will be watching a great political movie drama. Enjoy!

A psychological observation of a congressmen.

October 10, 2012

I took it easy this morning, Wednesday, October 10, 2012, getting up at 11 AM. I turned on the TV and there was a stupid CNN commercial insulting my intelligence, something about a duck. Usually, I switch channels because I consider CNN commercials childish and too long. Who wants to trade a minute of silly quacks for a minute of silly CNN socializing  masquerading as new? That kind of trade is not my cup of tea…. but, wait a minute, who is that handsome man staring at a witness, “No, you answer my question, Mr Smith, and stop posturing!”

Before I analyse the personality of congressman Darrell Issa, chairman of the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee, I have to tell you something about legal immigrants, as an assertive immigrant myself who made it big in the US, I consider most born Americans social push-overs, especially when facing slick government officials who can never-never admit making mistakes. Most congressmen do not  face their responsibilities to the American people. “Mr. Chairman, we at the State Department did our best to protect the life of our deceased ambassador to Libya.” “No, you didn’t, Mr. Smith.” I stared at the TV screen, Who is that Darrell Issa? How dare he pronounce the naked  truth in public, how dare he be himself, direct, not letting those that I pay their salaries get away with banalities! Darrell is a Lebanese-American Christian. His mother a Mormon and his father is Eastern Orthodox, a great combination for religious flexibility. He grew up in a Jewish neighborhood and worked for a Rabbi, a great combination for multicultural understanding. He was an officer in the US military,  served for 10 years and was cited for leadership,  a great way to shed off that terrible American civilian trait of no back bone social deference. He is self-made millionaire, the wealthiest man in congress, and, in his youth he got in trouble with he law, what an opportunity to learn about justice and forgiveness. All in all, in my analysis, if you had a few more congressmen like Darrell Issa, America would get more respect at home and abroad!

Look at the people who fired Steven Jobs and learn about the people around you!

October 6, 2012


  • A.C. Markkula Jr. = vice chairman Echelon Corp, trustee Santa Clara Univ
  • Peter O. Crisp = various boards US Trust, American Superconductor
  • Philip S. Schlein = Napa wine business, son at Kleiner Perkins Caufield
  • Arthur Rock = venture capital Arthur Rock & Co
  • Henry E. Singleton = died in 1999
  • John Sculley = venture capital Rho Ventures

Let me give you four profound lessons that you can follow on the anniversary of Steven Jobs death (October 5, 2011):

1. Lesson one:Don’t dismiss the dude that acts differently even if you get defensive by his/her behaviour: Open our eyes: The six executives above who Kicked Steven Jobs out of Apple  were smart and experienced CEOs, didn’t they see that they were firing the man who could bring them fame and fortune as executives within the next 10 years? Did you ever get fired by a  so-called smart boss? Let me tell you somthing…sucess isn’t about being smart or experienced. It is about discovering the genius fellow around, the one out of 10 individuals you work with, partner with, marry with or what have you! I call success “living by the 10% rule,” the Chinese invented the rule during the Korean war when they needed the one out of ten American POW who could think (was not the Captain)!

2. Lesson two: Stay away from people at the top who act properly and conventionally: Open your eyes:  People who get to the top the traditional way – are not part of the “10% rule,” they are the conventional 90% of all CEO that move around from company to company milking investors (happened a lot at HP and Yahoo lately). Jerks. Their only mission in life is to keep the status quo so they can feel secure in a stagnant system and secure for themselves the good life…and the hell with the company and new ideas.

3. Lesson three: If you are the Steven Jobs type, act properly and conventionally untill you get to the top and then make the big splash you dreamt about all your life. The people who would fire you, would now love you and follow you (the board that fired Steve, adored him later).

4. Lesson four: If you are just a guy but you want to be incredible, you want to make a difference, you care a lot about yourself and other people,the only answer I have for you is drop everything mundane and follow my blogs and websites until you join the 10% in your behaviour. Don’t work on your thoughts and feelings,you can’t win there, they will change latter by themselves. Work only on your verbal and nonverbal behaviour. Always act positive no matter what they say or do!!! Shakespeare said it all, “life is a stage and we are all actors.” Go for it! I gave you the key to the 10% group. Open the door of your mind and let your soul in. You are worth it!

Predictions: Romney and Obama.

October 2, 2012

Obama will win the debate tomorrow because his body language is superb, voice diction is soothingly exuding confidence and his ideas are not that terrible. Obama will win reelection in November because of Romney’s weakness,… he is too nice of a guy, but doesn’t care about the poor that much. Obama will bomb Iran one day because they won’t budge on anything: compromise is not a word that the ayatollah understand.  Obama could never balance the national budget because he is not out to destroy the middle class. The democrats will continue to be the majority party in the Senate because the voters run out of smart candidates. They have no good choices. Obama will not get you all employed no matter what he says – or does. Obama will win everything he desires with his charismatic rhetoric – and some things with his action.

Romney will lose the debate tomorrow because he is not as dynamic as Obama in his presentation. His body language suites the board room, not the voting booth…or a high stake debating team. Romney will lose the election in November because of both himself and Obama. Romney as president would never balance the budget, but could shrink the deficit more that Obama would. Romney could never bomb Iran, it’s simply not in his personality to bomb anything…his general anger energy level (the thing that motivates aggression) is half of Obama’s. The Republicans will continue to be the majority party in the House, albeit with a smaller number. Romney could not get you all working either. Romney is a too nice of a guy to be a president surrounded by wolves. Obama thrives on having enemies he can make into friends. Romney thrives on pretending to have friends among his business associates.

I am an American citizen. How would I vote? Did you have to ask? You are not kidding, are you? Well,  I couldn’t vote for anyone since Teddy Roosevelt, except for JFK in 1960 and look what happened. Teddy described a good president as someone who would “Walk softly and carry a big stick.” Since we are into that, how would I characterize Obama and Romney, you’d ask? Well, Obama is, “Walk softly and care a stick you’d hope you’d never have to use.” Romney is, “Walk very softly and carry a tough look.”