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A SIMPLE TEST: Is Trump smart enough to be president?

January 29, 2016

As a psychologist I can tell you that there is one hidden test that can tell if Trump is smart enough to be president. The DNC keeps data on all illegal immigrants who live in each State, ostensibly for purposes of issuing driver licenses, work permits, etc. It’s called consensus. The election commission uses the data of how many people are registered in a State, legal or illegal, to certify how many delegates that state is allocated to the winner in the general election. The illegal aliens cannot vote for president but they can determine the number of voting delegates each State gets. Thus, illegal immigrants can determine who win the presidency in a close election.

If Trump can catch this “official fraud” and go to court to stop having illegal immigrants determine the size of the electoral college, he’d be president. If he lets that DNC fraud go unnoticed, he won’t be president. To get elected you must fight for justice on every level!

Judge for yourself who is right about Kelly’s behavior?

January 27, 2016

As a objective moderator Kelly said to Trump during the debate, “You called women you dislike “fat pigs” and “slobs” in the past.”

“Only Rosie O’Donnell,” Trump responded to laughter and applause.

Kelly responded, “for the record, it was well beyond Rosie O’Donnell, you told a contestant on “The Apprentice” that “it would be a pretty picture to see you on your knees.”

Kelly asked Trump whether these statements could hurt him against a Democrat in the general election. Trump responded that the country is in big trouble and one of the biggest problems right now is political correctness. He said that much of what he says is “fun and kidding.”

Analysis: Kelly had 2 biases against Trump that cannot be accepted in good journalism:  She “begged the question.” She should have said, “Did you call women fat pigs?” and, 2,  she shouldn’t have taken out of context  a comedy dialogue on a TV show as if it indicates how an actor feels in life.

There you go, Trump response was mild, I would be furious!

Why Bernie? What’s wrong? How it’s going to end? It’s a serious tragi-comedy!

January 27, 2016

Bernie S. is a socialist from Vermont, close enough to Canada to be afflicted by the Trudeau virus of fraternity, we all know that, so vat?  If BS had run for prez during the McCarthy era Hoover would have gotten him on charges of trying to destroy the capitalist economy of the United States by playing Robin Hood – taking from the rich and giving it to the poor. Don’t get me wrong, Bernie is a nice guy but an idiot who lives in a Marxist past that collapsed long time ago, but so vat? He can have his honeymoon and eat it too in the forever exalted by the lazy left, the Soviet Union, the panacea to all things capitalist evil, again so vat? The only serious reason you should listen to this stupid post of mine is… it brings up to the forefront of the political discussion the question: Millions of young people are voting for Sanders for prez, what is wrong with our educational system? Why so many young people want a hand out from government instead of working hard for their American Dream?

The answer of course is Obama’s assault on the essence of Americanism, the loss of “rugged individualism” by his succession of executive orders, the replacement of America’s old virtues that built the greatest country on earth with valueless Obamism, a cowardly new world of multicultural organized system of paternalism that attract lazy misfits who really hate the American dream because they don’t want to work hard. (the age of eentitlements is probably borrowed from Trudeau’s Canada).

It’s simple: Do you like Bernie,  put Hillary in the WH who will place ex-president Obama dude on the Supreme Court and administer the coup De grad to the “American dream” in favor of a dysfunctional “world village.” Oh, my God!

Please share this important posting with others who care, let’s cure America of its budding Marxist disease!

Trump vs. Jesus: Any similarities?

January 26, 2016

As a parapsychologist and a college professor let me describe for you a few facts called the truth that is impossible to accept unless you are inspired by higher consciousness, so brace yourself, this posting today is a scary flight that intellectually is difficult to accept – but it’s true. Yes, you know what Schopenhauer, one of the greatest philosophers in history said about the truth: You laugh your head off when you hear it, than you reject it, again and again, and finally you accept it and see your life take off beautifully. Here it is:  Trump has a beautiful Jewish Christian family, Jesus had a beautiful Jewish Christian family too. He married Miriam from Migdal, a town a mile from the Kinneret lake in Israel. They had a beautiful 5-year-old son named Itzhak who watched his father’s crucifixion, who died in the year 80 AD at age 52 (His bones were found in a Usury in Talpiot, Jerusalem) nine years after Vesuvius erupted near Pompei and all the Roman officers who lived there were burned by ash (they were the officers who destroyed the Jewish Temple in 71 AD) (see Google).

Jesus name was Yehoshua Ben Yosef and he was a hated rebel leader from the Galil who tried to depose the corrupted priests in Jerusalem who were destroying the future of their country.  Jesus behaved in locally unacceptable ways violating accepted mores and norms and the “establishment” ganged on him and crucified him. Trump is a rebel leader from New York trying to replace the corrupted leaders of the American “establishment” who are ganging on him ( they will soon get vicious like the people at the time of Jesus got vicious and they will demand the “crucifixion” of Trump as a destroyer of the status quo. The people who killed Jesus were not evil, they believed delusional thoughts about him being the “king of the Jews”. The people who want Trump to disappear are not evil either, they believe delusional things about him being an incompetent comedian jerk. If Jesus won in 33 AD the world would not have gone through hell for the last 2000 years. If Trump wins in 2016 the world would not have to go through hell the rest of this century. Think of it!

According to psychology man is indispensable, it you don’t believe it vote for Hillary and continue to pretend that hope for a better life is just around the corner. If you are a luck fellow who follow special people, for example, you invest your money in companies run by special CEO’s (Besos, Jobs, etc), you are married to a special lady (no pretence), etc. then vote for Trump and make American great again, it’s doable with Trump!!!!

Don’t be a fool!

Flint, Michigan: Who is to blame?

January 21, 2016

American education? Teachers are not trained to teach what the people need to know about water, moral behavior, responsibility and law. Citizens elect water management directors, mayors and governors who do not know how to do things. The people identify with incompetent leaders who learned to talk like Obama, real sleek talkers. I’m not just saying things, let’s take a few things and analyse them. What is the difference between blame and responsibility? Most educated people don’t know. CNN mentioned blame, there is no blame here, the water got contaminated because the leaders there were not educated in water management. You can’t blame incompetent people or their voters. They are responsible for the mess because they caused it,  but you can’t blame them because they didn’t know what to do with water.

American psychology? Teachers of psychology are not trained to teach what the people need to know about human behavior. The people who contaminated the water made bad decisions for 10 years and no one told them that bad decisions lead to bad consequences. They watched Obama for 8 years and saw him make bad decisions while his rating as a great president went up. People realized that personal accountability was not important under Bush and Obama, the bankers cheated us and stole our money and no one was fired. Trump wasn’t there to say, “You are fired.” Obama and Bush had a terrible trait of “I forgive you instantly because you are my friend.”  The American leaders during Bush (Bremer) that caused ISIS to appear got promoted and the general under Obama who won the war in Iraq got demoted! Bet you the Michigan governor won’t be fired. I bet you Flint Mayor won’t be fired. I can’t wait for January 20, 2017 when Trump takes over and ACCOUNTABILITY will become a clean word. You infiltrate from the south and you have to go back, you masquerade as a refugee and you have to go back, you kill a policeman and you have to go to jail. And, by the same token, you go to school and work hard and you can get a well paid job! I know your educational experience makes you not like Trump but he will clean your water, dude!


January 21, 2016

This month has been a period of discoveries for me that are indescribably. You know that I am a retired parapsychologist which means that I know about metaphysics, spirituality, psychic phenomena, Edgar Cayce, the effect of meditation, alternative reality, the paranormal and the astrophysics, all of these from a scientific perspective.

My Rabbi from Seattle stay with us the weekend. He was to speak at the University about Jewish beliefs about the afterlife. Did I attend the lecture? No, I am not interested in what great religious people of all faiths conjured up about the heavens. I am not that primitive. I am a researcher, not a conjurer of “stuff.” Someone asked me, “Do you believe in God?” I said, “No, I have a relationship with Her.” Ah? I know it’s a weird answer. Why can’t I have a relationship with God? Just a belief, yak, I want more than that!? Well, it’s just not real enough to believe – you got to get into the circle. When God comes to visit me I interact with Him through signs and PK movements, I don’t just have a belief and say foolishly, “Hey, you are just the unknown, EinSof” I’d rather die if that is all I can get from God – a priest or Rabbi’s belief. And, I don’t think that God would like it either. I studied God scientifically for 30 years, like doctors can study me. God is made of Monads which are units of consciousness discovered in 1648 by Leibnitz who the church hated more than they hated Galileo! Do you want to get the benefits of a relationship with God? Stop insulting Him with your stupid beliefs.

Do you want the real thing? First, you have to become 100% authentic, I mean, stop the crap that looks good. Then, you have to recognize a system of signal, those from your environment and those from God, they are different signs! Look around in the room, find the signal from God to you among all the signals in the room, and finally you have to connect the dots. That is how I got to speak in Berlin a few months ago how I cured my cancer. I connected the dots. Why am I telling you all that? I am telling you all that so the people around me reading this who are trying to tell me about God, stop! They will be embarrassed by their ignorance! For God’s sake try to have a relationship with God before you try to tell people about Him. And, his name is Yehoshua, not Joshua, but a rose by any other name is still a rose, so you may call Him Jesus, the Messiah, Lord, Elohim, the way, Tau, El or your personal savior. Get going with your knowledge, don’t be left behind in 2016, the year of the Lord in a Bahgavad Gita way!

Authoritarianism of the Left: The common denominator of Trump voters!

January 19, 2016

University of Massachusetts, your research to find out a single personality trait for Trump supporters, to say the least, is flawed. You suggested it was not the garden variety of an expected trait such as racism against Mexicans, sexism, narcissism or ethnic bias against Muslims, that’s true, and that insight may make you smarter than a million simple-minded ignoramuses who think that Trump is plain racist, but Authoritarian??? My God, give me a break, there are more authoritarian personalities of the left (China, Soviet Union, Cuba, EU, Clinton, Sanders, etc) than of the right. Thus, I assume you meant that Trump is an Authoritarian personality of the Left.

Hey, I got my MA in psychology at UCN in 1971 studying Authoritarianism in personalities and PhD from USC in 1976, and you can bet your bottom that you can’t brand a person authoritarian without specifying if the personality trait is left or right (we have advanced since Adorno). Well, you didn’t spacify. As a psychologist I know that you committed a Fallacy of Omission, probably because of a sloppy research methodology. Personally, I am surprised at your poor methodology, representing the University of Mass, one of our best Universities for research, so I will have to assume that it was just one biased professor of political science or psychology who didn’t know left from right! Let me also assume that he may have meant Authoritarianism of the Left because Trump donated money to authoritarian (dogmatic) socialists such as Clinton and Sanders (he had his honeymoon in the Soviet Union.

Listen, scholarly dudes, if Trump is an authoritarian leftist personality than Sanders is a Trozky Communist, shifting the whole stupid political spectrum to the far left, probably caused by a California earth quake that made commentators and researchers of left-right personality stupid. The verdict, I think, is much simpler. The shift made the democrats behave like anarchists who wish for a whitering of the State (Carl Marx), let it all hang up… and the republicans behave like they are all visionaries, each one of them think that he or she can make America great again. Let me tell you the truth, America will be great again when Americans gets tired of being pushed around by idiots around the world who can’t produce a viable economy who live by constraints whether they are austerity programs like is Europe or expectations “give” programs from uncle Donald, Tom or Sam. Get ready to go to work, dudes!

Gloria Borger asked vice president Biden about his son’s cancer.

January 12, 2016

I am a cancer survival who took over his treatment from government to save his life and presented his case study at the University of Berlin (Humboldt). I did it and any cancer patient can do it also, if the disease is caught and fought on time. I did not like Biden’s lackluster response to Gloria Borger this morning on CNN leaving the process of fighting cancer to government and culture and their many institutions and manifestations. Cancer is a systemic disease in an individual’s body, mind and soul and must be dealt with by developing a systemic approach. Apparently, the vice president of the United States of America represents the ineptness of the present system that created the cultural limitation that had crippled  the culture of “ragged individualism” some time in the last century when the struggle between Teddy R. on the right and his cousin Franklin R. on the left intensified.

I described the system of fighting cancer that I have developed on this blog for people who believe in themselves, not for people who believe that “constraint experts” will solve all their problems. Doctors can help you only when you are in charge. Yes, it’s all political, unfortunately. Do you want to win, learn the system?  Public health doesn’t work unless you guide it when you are sick!!!  The democrats in the States and the Liberals in Canada lost it. They really lost it, especially Sanders and Trudeau. The middle class is shrinking not because the rich take their money. Socialism is a dead-end. Don’t follow Bidden. The poor will stay poor untill they decide to stop fighting the system, stop fighting the great American system and instead enrol in a community college and learn a trade. A million community colleges in America are waiting for you, each offers 100 trades to choose from free and a passage to a university!  Jump on the bargain, dude, for a good life. Sanders, Hillary, Biden and Obama will be gone soon, thanks God. Get independent, go to  C college and get a trade, robbing the rich with Bidden and Sanders help won’t do. Go invest in yourself, waiting for others to give you the jobs is not the answer. Send Biden and the democrats to live in the EU where they think like them, what a disaster in thinking. Vote for Trump to make the American spirit initiative great again. Lower your dependence on doctors and others. Don’t watch CNN to pick 10 drugs from great  commercials in one morning, it’s a disgrace. Biden is a nice guy but he is government. Do your own thing, learn to cure your own cancer, change your life style, you can do it. I believe in you because you were created in God’s image to be independent. Start with my posting, God’s diet!

Dr. Kinarthy’s Yin/Yang cancer System and Cure

January 12, 2016

A human body is a biological system that evolved and organized from star material with checks and balances over millions of years. The biological system that evolved is guided by laws of nature and the Universe. The biological system includes organic physiology (body, organs, cells), wired hardware and software (mind) and spiritual community of Monads (soul), subsystems that work in Yin/Yang balance and harmony together to perform a designated living function for the body. The living sacred function is communication, within the system and between the individual’s system and other systems. For example, if you put a human cell and a frog cell in the same petri dish they will soon oscillate at the same frequency!

As with all systems, maintenance is a given, part of nature, designed to self-guide Monads, reignite Photons, repair broken genes, return to their place piggyback chromosomes, repair stacked chromosome pairs and other genetic syndromes caused by mitosis, meiosis, evolution and lost communication.

Cancer in the conventional sense is a disorganized cell system that had metastasized (malignant tumors spread that kill) or organ system in the body that is treated by surgery, photon radiation, chemotherapy and/or drug and hormone therapy. This is the standard medical and cultural system of treatment today. It’s not the worst, odds of survival are 60% of all patients survive 5 years or more after diagnosis, depending on the type of cancer they have. I had all of these treatments between my diagnosis in 2002 and my going “independent” in 2011, except chemotherapy. My search for a better system of treatment started on October 17, 2011 when I remembered what Hippocrates the Greek father of medicine reminded us that the sworn oat of physicians is “Do no harm.” chemo was replaced with immuno!

My system:

Cancer in my unconventional sense is a disorganized, poorly structured cell system that had metastasized and will eventually kill me unless I kill it first with a more organized system than what is available today. Being a professor of psychology and parapsychology and a researcher for 27 years, it was easy for me to organize a better system of cancer treatment based on Universal laws (the I Ching, the book of Zen change, Yin/Yang, the Universal Chinese philosophy of required practicing of balanced behavior between  harmony and order in any system and cancer being systemic itself, meaning inherent to the human system (we all have 4-5 cancer cells at any given time), my system had to be comprehensive, meaning making the environment of the disorganized cells that I called “the invasive Sartan,” so uncomfortable that the cancer tumor would “ask” the body permission to leave! ( You need imagination to practice the new system).

The key to winning was Immunotherapy, the Gorter model in Cologne, Germany.

Want to know more? Click “Dr. Kinarthy, Cancer” on Google and watch my Yin/Yang presentation at the ISSS Systems conference sponsored by Humboldt University in Berlin last year. I assembled the maximum number of Yang and Yin treatments in harmony and in order (The list and Tables are available in the 16 page research paper I left with the Institute, available for publication, the list even include Sencha, Macha and Geukuro teas, Ginger powder, turmeric powder, Abiraterone pills, etc, a complete life change to a high Chi level). In you are a serious researcher you may email a question to my website

In my case study I played “Patient E.” and “Patient E nurse advocate). My system requires you to have a trained advocate, a “job description” to be developed by a University. The job of that cancer nurse would be to work with the conventional oncologists to improve the system to fit Dr. Kinarthy’s system). The nurse is the only new ‘job description” needed in the enlarge system. Any good psychologist added to the team can work with the cancer patient’s motivation to learn and do his/her part. Many practices will have to change in the new system, for example: MRI instead of cat scan, Proton rad instead of photon rad, reduce abiraterone dose with food, green tea, special breathing exercise, God’s diet (more rice products, etc.), supplements like alpha-lipoic, critinine, the list of changes is dramatic!




Crocodile’s tears?

January 6, 2016

Some in Social Media think that Obama’s speech on gun control was bogus when he shed a tear or two talking about the 22 children massacred in one of many shootouts by “crazies” during his administration. I think not! Obama’s tears were a genuine expression of sorrow by an unaware US president. Obama cares, his road to hell is paved with many good intention, his problem is not that he doesn’t care. His problem is that he doesn’t take responsibility for the bloody state of the world during his administration, caused by his decisions. Obama has always believed that an US President has very little power to affect the world. Obama’s problem is his belief system., his values! He is wrong in his decision-making much more often than being right. He was elected mostly by black Americans who wanted peace and jobs and not a better world. He and them didn’t understand that America has always been the “Policeman of the world.” Obama’s behavior is no different from a police department chief that withdrawals from a violent town and then sheds tears when kids die all over the town. But Obama is not stupid, he is just not aware of reality. Obama is an isolationist at heart paving the way for Trump who wants to a world policeman, something Obama would have done consciously. Obama said once from his heart, “Trevor Martin could have been my son,” an innocent remark, a real tear for a young black male, an offspring that Obama  would have liked to have. The riots that ensued afterwards are attributed to that statement, but a truth that Obama could have never accepted. Add that to a 1000 innocent trigger statements that he made for 7 years, from Cairo to Kenya, from Detroit to Washington – and the world is on fire…and he cries! No wonder Trump thinks that Obama and Hillary are the worst leaders elected by Americans. Let me say it again, Obama didn’t shed Crocodile tears for the world he, Clinton and Bush have created for us, he shed real tears because he thought the republicans have created the mess. Let me simplify the psychological issue here. Democrats believe that being nice to terrorists improves their behavior. Republicans belief that being nice to terrorists make their behavior worse! You decide!

The truth about Obama is that Obama has to protect his sanity, he couldn’t live with himself if he accepted responsiblity for having messed up the world and created the pain. He is not to be blamed for it because he was not smart enough to monitor himself by understanding the influential power of his position. Obama is not evil, he is a naive president with confusing values. I count the days, he and the Clintons play only only only golf!